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i feel like lance and pidge’s friendship isn’t appreciated enough so….. here are some lance ‘n pidge things that are def canon

  • pidge will seek lance out just to sit on him, even if there’s plenty of empty room on the couch
    • especially likes sitting on his back or on his legs if he’s laying down
  • always asking for facts about the other’s special interests (lance’s is fish, especially sharks. pidge’s are lizards and robotics)
  • sometimes when pidge is hyperfocusing lance will stick random things in her hair like pencils and paperclips
  • likewise, if lance is hyperfocusing pidge will put things in the hood of his jacket
  • constantly trying to give each other wet willies. CONSTANTLY.
    • pidge has set up really elaborate situations, sometimes involving allura and shiro pretending to need lance for something important, just to lead him into a wet willy trap
    • lance on the other hand will just chase her around and try to get hunk to grab her when she runs past
  • lance, every time he’s sitting on a couch with pidge: *sticks bare foot in her face* lick it
  • pidge sleepwalks sometimes and lance has gone into the kitchen looking for a snack at 2 AM and found her rifling around pointlessly in drawers 
    • he just. quietly takes her by the arm and leads her back to her room
  • lance: hey pidge if i decide to [insert really bad idea] what’s the probability that [insert incredibly unlikely but positive outcome] pidge, not looking up from laptop: i’d say there’s a 0.5 to 1% chance of that working out in your favor lance, already doing the thing: good enough for me
  • lance and pidge both stim by chewing and they both LOVE chewing pencils
    • back in the garrison days lance would buy packs of pencils specifically for him and pidge to chew on while studying
    • they can get through a pack of twenty in like an hour
  • pidge also likes to stim by zipping and unzipping things, so sometimes lance will let her borrow his jacket so she can just zip away
  • lance dissociates when he gets very stressed and pidge is always the one to get him some cold water and stay with him until he starts coming back to reality (also to make sure he doesn’t do anything weird like get into his lion for no reason)
  • talk to each other about their families when they start missing them too much

Ramen friends zip hoodie

Pre-order date: 24th Apr
Pre-order dispatch date: 3rd May


Ramen friends ‘we dont eat alone’ ZIP HOODIE

4 colours screen-printed ramen friends illustration on the back. 'Ramen friends’ letter print on the left sleeve. Small ironed on patch (BUNNY or KITTY ) in front. 

For pre-orders you can choose which character you would like from the five (BUNNY, KITTY,  ALIEN,PIGGIE or YTR ) also you will also receive another ramen friend (patch) as a present. 

80% Cotton 20% Polyester.

Available in unisex size (baggy fit): 

  • S/M (uk size 6-10)
  • M/L (uk size 10-14)


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nice to see you back !!

It’s nice to be back! I think this return will be permanent!! My dormant daily blogs may also become active again. 

Ult charge, ult chARGE, ULT CHARGE

Zenyatta, bless your ult being ready.


Erwin had dragged Levi to his suit fitting. They were in Oxford Circus anyway “It won’t take long” Erwin assured. Levi hated, hated! Saville Row. It was too posh and stuffy filled with the rich bastards who had so much money they could buy whatever they want. Levi curses at himself because, well, he and Erwin are those people now. He remembers when he was little his mum saved up money for months in order to buy him new school shoes. Most of his clothes were from charity shops, so getting brand new shoes was amazing. But now, he sits with his Louis vuitton and tom ford shopping bags not even thinking about the money. 

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Living With The Murderer Pt 2

Originally posted by fluffyzelo

Title: Living With The Murderer.

Genre: Angst, gangau!, slight trigger warning but it doesn’t go in that direction.

Member: Zelo.

Word Count: 2593.

Description: He didn’t even have to do much, you were sure this wasn’t the angriest he could get but he scared you. Because now you knew he wasn’t as friendly as he appeared to be.

You hadn’t even begun to unpack your things, your suitcase sat by the wall, opened and only touched enough to get the things you needed out of it. Zelo had asked you if you wanted him to give you a hand, to do the deed of helping you settle in. that was over a week ago that happened now and you had declined, the same as you do every time someone makes a comment about your barely moving things.

And Jesus Christ why did they have to come into your room so much? It gave you headaches just knowing you were living with the killers of your own family, your only family. And when they barged into your room like it wasn’t your private area you considered pulling out the gun from under your pillow.

One that you hadn’t stolen, as a matter of fact, it even sent a shiver down your spine knowing there was one in your presence, and god knows how many more there was in this house. You were starting to think Zelo must be some sort of mind reader, he was always arrived with whatever you were thinking about in his hand not long after you had the thought.

“Um these areas can get pretty dangerous, and I know you want absolutely nothing to do with us or our lifestyle, but I want you to be safe, especially with us”

Zelo was kind, maybe a little too kind and maybe trying a little too hard to warm up to you, because who jokes that they’re going to give you a weapon and allow you to try and use it against them if you ever wanted so desperately to do so?

So now you had a gun under your pillow and every time one of them entered without knocking, got too close to you or commented on your things, Zelo’s words echoed in the back of your mind.

“You might just wanna use it on us, trade an eye for an eye. Probably better to say a life for a life this time around though isn’t it?”

You considered using it on the giant splinter then and there, you knew for a fact that it was loaded with as many bullets there could be shoved in the device. And you knew for a fact that he had no audacity to talk about your parent’s murder in such ways because it hurt, and he was the asshole that pulled the trigger in the first place. So you took to ignoring them, it seemed that this was Zelo’s house, but the others didn’t really like to leave and go to the land of their own homes, they spent most of their days lazing around here or going out to do things you didn’t care about.

You never ate with them, you were sure they probably kept getting confused if you were still here, it’s not like you hadn’t tried to leave, you had just been caught every time. Everyone but Zelo seemed to see how badly you wanted to leave and it was as if they laid in waiting for you to try and make a grand escape. They weren’t afraid to drag you back into the house, but it did seem they were afraid to tell the tall man about your continuous attempts to leave, and you really wanted to know why such a seemingly harmless giant was being kept out of such information.

Dinner would be getting served any moment now, not that you were keeping track of time as you made sure all of your things were tightly crammed into your suitcase and your bag was filled with your things. You didn’t pay any attention to the sound of footsteps making their way down the hall and coming to a stop in front of your room. Your body naturally jolted in shock as the door opened and Daehyun gave a scoff.

“Are you really trying to do this again?” He asked as your heard flicked in his direction, thinking he would throw your things out of reach or tie you to something so you couldn’t leave.

“I’m always going to try” You responded and Daehyun sighed as he shut the door behind him.

“And what’s the plan this time? Strap your things to your body and jump roof to roof? Or will you tie the sheets together and climb down through the window?” He asked and you glared at him.

“What, not gonna grab me or my things and hide them again? Or will you lock me in here once you hear my plans? Or would you rather hear my plans and let me get my hopes up so you can drag me back inside by the scruff of my jacket again?” You snarled and Daehyun shook his head as he sighed.

“To be honest, I’m rather sick of having to drag you back just because that kid wants you here, I’m not gonna stop you this time. But I can’t guarantee the others, especially Zelo” You stared at Daehyun, not having anything more to say and he stared back, smiling and reaching for the door once he believed his words had an impact on you. He left the room and you sat staring at your things you zipped your suitcase up and crawled over to your bed, throwing your body onto it and sighing as you drifted into your thoughts.

“Y/N, are you coming out to eat tonight?” It was useless to ask but Zelo still made the journey to your room to ask you the same question every night.

“Will you ever knock?” You asked as he came over and sat at the side of your bed, causing you to wriggle away from his body.

“Touché” He nodded as he leant onto his hand, his eyes travelled over to your packed things as you rolled to face away from him.

“You know, you should really come downstairs and give those guys a chance, you don’t even have to acknowledge my presence, just I think it would be the best for everyone if you did. Come and at least have a small conversation with one of them, maybe then you would figure out not everyone is as horrible as you think they are”

“Oh no, we are horrible, we’ve killed the ones she loved the most in life after all” Zelo looked over to the door and you even sat up to see who it was making such a dick move to say something like that in front of you.

“You see that little bag in the suitcase? My razor is in there and I’m not afraid to end your life with it asshole” You snarled, almost hissed at the one you believed said such a thing and he shook his head as he, then four more men walked into the room with plates of cooked food in their hands. One of them walked towards you, holding out one of the plates they held to you and you blinked at them expressionlessly as they gave you an apologetic smile.

“Don’t listen to Himchan, he doesn’t know the difference between the right and wrong thing to say. I’m Jongup, I believe I didn’t get to tell you that yet Y/N” Jongup’s eyes gestured to the plate he was still holding out to you and you watched as Zelo gratefully took the food that he was given and took to making himself comfortable on your bed.

“What are you all doing in here?” You asked, slowly taking the plate and sitting it on the mattress as you stared at them all.

“You wouldn’t come down to eat with us, so we’re coming to eat with you” One of the younger looking ones shrugged and you looked down at your food as they all began eating and talking amongst themselves.

“You might want to start eating, otherwise you’re going to offend Youngjae” Zelo leant over, having noticed the said males heated stare on you and the plate you were just staring at. You looked up as he whispered to you and finally realised you were being watched.

“What a dumb thing to be offended about” You muttered back before stabbing your fork into the meat and shoving it in your mouth, effectively taking Youngjae’s eyes off of you.


It was one in the morning when you heard the last noise made in the house, and it was half past one when you crawled out of the bed, still in your clothes from that day. You slipped into your shoes and put on a warm jacket before shutting your suitcase. You hoisted your bag over your shoulder and looked around the room to make sure you didn’t forget anything.

You contemplated as if you were choosing life or death as you stared at your pillow. Under it, the gun still awaited some sort of use. After biting down on your lip hard enough you brought yourself to the decision of shoving it down the side of your pants, letting the waistband of your jeans hold it and the length of your jacket hide it. You opened the door, you didn’t care about making noise, because Zelo just had to be his apparent so kind self and take everyone’s plates downstairs after you all ate, and Daehyun spilt the beans on you wanting to leave again. And everyone held no hesitation in agreeing that they had enough of you disturbing their sleep.

They weren’t going to stop you anymore, and you were going to run for it before Zelo could figure out you were leaving.

You forced yourself to walk quickly down the hall and you ignored the creak in the stairs as you dragged your things down to the first floor of the house. You sighed and tightened your grip on the handle of your suitcase.

“Where do you think you’re going?” You heard his voice, it was so curious but you only paused in opening the door for the shortest moment it wasn’t even noticeable.

“I’m out, bye” You muttered, not looking back as you rushed through the door and shut it behind you. You could actually sense the way something snapped within Zelo, and he didn’t even have to swing the door open for you to know he was going to march after you in a fit of rage.

“Y/N!” He snapped and you forced your legs to work faster as you ran away from him. Zelo had never felt such rage as he watched you pull your things down his driveway, the way you were so determined to leave his sight fuelled something within him that made him sprint that distance to be in front of you.

“What makes you think you can leave?!” He exclaimed, snatching the suitcase from your grip, he threw it behind you, back up his driveway and his hands clamped down on your shoulders as you tried to go back for it and continue making your escape.

“I’m not staying with the people that murdered my parents!” You screamed in his face as he bent down to seethe at you.

“In case you forgot Y/N, you don’t have a choice anymore, you were brought here by the government, the one you keep claiming won’t allow such things to exist!” He snapped back at you and you fought his grip, waving your arms and slapping your hand down with a clap coming from your hand whacking against his naked chest. Zelo growled as you continued to fight him and his hand reached under you jumper as you screamed.

“Let go!”

“Where the hell did you think you were gonna go with this Y/N?!” Zelo waved the gun in your face and you flinched away from it, letting out an animalistic growl as you continued to fight against him.

“Unbelievable” He hissed. You screamed once again as he took you in his grip, roughly forcing you off the ground as he carried you and your things back to the house. Zelo kicked the door open as you continued to writhe in his arms.

“Put me down, you insolent gangster!” You screeched and Zelo laughed bitterly as he dropped your things to the floor and marched up the stairs with you in a tight grip.

“That’s a new one. Now be quiet, we can’t have you waking the others up” He deadpanned as you continued to fight against his grip, hot tears rolling down your cheeks as you grunted angrily.

“Where are you taking me? Put me down you asshole!” You slapped him again but it was as if Zelo didn’t even feel it as he opened the door to a room you had never been in before and used his foot to slam it shut behind him.

“You can’t be trusted, can you Y/N?” You gasped as he dropped you on the bed and his own body followed suit. You stared at him with widened eyes as your breathing came to a crashing stop and you watched the way he stared down at you. His hands were on either side of your shoulders, stopping him from putting all of his weight on you as one of them travelled down your body. You shook nervously, your voice had made a run for itself and you were unable to speak, to tell him not to touch you again.

Zelo pulled at something and you let out a squeal as the sheets you had been laying on were pulled out from underneath you. Zelo collapsed next to you, covering the both of you in the blankets and putting your body in a vice-like grip with his arms.

You shook in his arms and blinked owlishly as Zelo pulled you closer and stared down at you. His warm breath fanned over your own shaky breaths of air and there was still a dark look in his eyes.

“If you can’t be trusted to stay with me Y/N, I’ll just have to watch over you” He muttered, you could hear the anger in his voice and you could only look away from his eyes, forcing your own shut and mentally scolding yourself for feeling such fear against him. It felt like he was still staring at you, even as his breathing became even and his arms just weighed down on you now. But there was still something within you that caused your shaking to continue as you forced your eyes to remain shut so you didn’t have to see the situation you had been put in.

Instead, you pulled the blankets closer to you and hoped you would be able to sleep through this.


You didn’t know how you had managed to fall asleep but when you woke up with a start, you looked around at the room you were in and forced the dead weight holding you down off of your body. You got out of the room as quickly as you could and found your way back to what was could your room. When the door was shut behind you, a sigh fell from your lips and you found yourself momentarily relaxing as you walked towards the growingly familiar bed.

You hid under the covers and closed your eyes as you breathed out a breath of comfort. You may have been caught and ridden into fear, but this was just another night where you got caught trying to leave. Which meant one day you would successfully escape and fly away to make your own life again.

On Casual Commitments

Summary: Nearly ten years after graduating from Tōtsuki, Erina is 100% over hooking up with him at weddings (but she still does it anyway)

Everyone who was anyone knew that Nakiri Alice, the new head of Nakiri International and owner-chef of haute cuisine restaurants like Vapor in Tokyo and Deconstruct Denmark, did not cater. Ever.

Every dish she created was an individual jewel of innovation, a gastronomical research project in miniature. Her work simply couldn’t be mass-produced. But after a series of unforeseeable events that included shameless begging, international politics, and first-row tickets to New York Fashion Week, Alice had catered a platinum wedding. Her food, of course, had been the highlight of the evening. But in her opinion, everything else about the festivities, though obscenely expensive, had been disappointing at best.

“You should have seen it, babe,” she said as her former aide drove them back to their Copenhagen penthouse. “The bridesmaids were all in this swamp green color, and their dresses weren’t even the same. And don’t even get me started on those floral arrangements. I could have planned one so much better, don’t you think?”


“At least say it with some more enthusiasm!”

At this Ryo sighed, mostly focused on the road ahead—much to his long time girlfriend’s irritation. “I’m sure you would have planned a better wedding because you excel at everything. Happy?”

“It’ll do,” she said. And normally that would have been enough to appease her, but later that evening as they reclined in bed, about to turn in for the night, she started up again.

“You know, Ryo,” she said, gazing up at him through bleary eyes. “The toasts at the reception were so boring. Our friends would make much better toasts.”

“What does it matter?”

“I don’t know.” Alice shrugged, closed her eyes, and tried to sleep. But in a few minutes she was up again, commenting on everything from the rings to the vows to quality of silk in the best man’s tie.

Needless to say, neither of them got much sleep that night.

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“Dean. Dean… Dean,”

It wasn’t Sam’s repeated calling of his name that finally broke him from his reverie. Dean’s mind was always on subconscious alert for when Sam was in trouble or he really needed his attention, and he could effortlessly separate the urgent tone from the it can wait one without even acknowledging it. The truth was, he’d probably heard each and every individual uttering of his name in the five minutes Sam had spent calling it. So having it repeated with a flare of increasing annoyance didn’t do much to break him from his spell.

No, it was the abrupt clicking of fingers right in his face that lingered a vague smell of coffee there that did it. Dean felt rather than actively actioned the slow raising of his head to look up at Sam where he loomed over him in full bitch-face stance with a glower that could cut rocks. But Dean’s mind was firmly elsewhere, not noticing the frustration that set across Sam’s shoulders or the scowl that spoke of his glimmering impatience. In fact the one and only word he could bring himself to sluggishly rouse into existence at that moment was one that would prove to infuriate Sam further still.


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Imagine #61 || Request #39

A/N: So I’m now done redoing this request because some of the imagines I was going to post (as well as the gifs I use) went missing. So right now, I’m struggling with retrieving them back as well as redoing all of them *cries* hopefully this is fine and will do, sorry for any mistakes, hope you guys like this one :)


“You’re late again, Ms. Y/L/N.” The homeroom teacher, who was also your teacher for your second subject said. A sigh of disappointment sounding from her lips as she marked you on the attendance record booklet she has with her always as tardy, some of the students in the classroom snickering and rolling their eyes at you. And all you can do was cower in embarrassment as you hurriedly went to your seat and not meeting anyone’s gaze.

“Another tardy and you’ll be kicked out of this class and repeat on the next semester.” The lady up front didn’t stop with her nagging as she only crossed her arms over her chest before proceeding again with the lessons for the day. Another round of tongues clicking with disappointed looks came your way as the students heard of your consequence, and all you wanted to do was for them to ignore you and stop staring like you were committing such punishable grave sins.

When you were finally in the zone of listening, and taking down notes, you heard a ‘psst’ sound coming from behind you and heavens know you wanted to ignore it so bad because you don’t want to catch the pain-in-the-ass teacher again and call you out.

Feeling your phone vibrate in your pocket, you took it out carefully so as to not get caught and read the notification that you’ve just received a text message.

Where were you? The message came from Stiles who was right behind you and you’ve guessed that it was him making all the ‘psst’ sound. When you ignored the messages and locked your phone, your attention went back to listening on the lecture not before hearing a frustrated sign from behind.

Hey Your phone lit up with the message, before a few more ones followed.

Don’t ignore me.


What happened this morning?

A few more questions followed until you replied with I’ll tell you later that made Stiles finally stop.

And by the end of the class, he didn’t waste time in asking you as you packed up your things and zipped your bag close.

“I woke up late,” you replied shortly before slinging your bag on your shoulders and headed out.

“Yeah right, as if I’d believe that lame excuse.” Stiles rolled his eyes.

“Well believe it because I really overslept and forgot to set the alarm.” You added, walking out of the classroom with him trailing behind you.

“Okay, fine.” Stiles was now walking beside you towards the cafeteria where the rest of the McCall pack were waiting for the both of you. “Let’s say I believe you.”

“What made you overslept and forget to set the alarm?” he asked again.

Arriving at the table where Scott and the others were eating, you sat beside Lydia who has just finished her lunch while Stiles sat in between Scott and Isaac, the blue-eyed werewolf from across the table looked at you worriedly. He tried to read the tired expression on your face which you only masked with a bright smile that would hopefully reassure him that you were fine, he only stared longer before looking away and listening to whatever insight Scott had on the druid wreaking havoc in Beacon Hills.

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With the conclusion of that chapter and Volume 3, I think I have to admit that I’m just really not enjoying the manga at all. Even the odd moment here or there isn’t offsetting my overall feelings toward it, and it’s only getting worse the further we go. When I started this, I told myself that I’d reexamine when I got to the point of using #jet wolf versus the manga about as much as I wasn’t. And so here we are.

I don’t think I’m really bringing anything that needs to be brought, at this point. I’m not even motivated to particularly embrace or expand the parts I enjoy, so it’s just vague “this was okay” alongside “RAAAR”, and it’s just not a fun experience.

Plus I’m on edge waiting for the drama to come and smack me full bore in the face rather than flitting around and taking potshots, and jesus wept, no thank you.


I’m going to stop liveblogging the manga, in the more traditional sense of my liveblogs. We’ll still keep to this schedule of the manga (Tuesdays/Thursdays), and that’ll be happening every week until I’m done with the whole series. Please keep telling me when I should slot in the side stories!

But for the most part, those liveblogs will be silent. I’ll post the title page so you’ll know where I am. If there’s something I truly compelled to talk about, I’ll make a post. And when I finish the issue, I’ll write up a summary of what happened in my own words, sort of how I did for the end of Act 14. THEY MAY WELL NOT BE FLATTERING WORDS, but my feelings will be in one easily skippable post.

I’ll also stop reading the manga an hour or two earlier on its scheduled days than I might have otherwise, and instead spend the rest of the day focusing on Asks pertaining to the chapters I read. If there’s a plot point or panel detail you guys want me to talk about, I’m happy to! Don’t hesitate to send me questions (positive or negative) and point me where you’d like me to WORDS.

Otherwise, I think the liveblog process as it currently stands is just going to lead to frustration and upset for most everyone, including me, and there isn’t enough no thank you in the world. I’d rather just zip through the thing and move to something I can enjoy.

Any questions, just ask! I hope everyone finds this to be a smart move all around, but feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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Hey there girl! How ya doing? I hope things are going alright for ya~ So, here's the scenario: Sonic has to work as a spy for GUN to save the world and this gets Amy pretty swoony and giggly lol. Sonic notices and teases her, making it a bit fun with some British mannerism here and there (here we go down that AU route! Vroom vroom! XD) I can't wait to see what make of this x'D sorry if it's confusing! (Ily hehehe)

(x)I hope you don’t mind, I’m going SO AU with this XD

British mannerisms, omg, I got this on standby, let me just pull it out real quick and-


“Sonic, you’re the only one that billionaire will trust inside his deluxe super suite. Since you’re famous, and an animal, he’ll be more likely to trust you than a normal human. We’ve equipped you with-”

“A dapper lookin’ suit.”

“….Ehem, with specialized gadgets and a microphone in your ear. This way, we’ll have constant communications-”

“You can have constant communication with your eyes alone~”

“…W-who is that?” The woman turned to a man behind her, who briefed her on who Amy Rose was, and why she was in the crowd.

“She’s his escort into the party, where were hoping only Sonic gets the invitation to go to the targets floor…”

“R-right…” she turned back to Sonic, seeing him standing and looking pretty sharp, a confident, egoistical look on his face, as one eye was drooped and the other looked ready to hear more briefing, but getting bored of just standing around with his hands behind his back.

“Well, Sonic. You’ll be entilted to all the rights of a spy, meaning all the dangers too.”

“Ehem, s’cuse me? I heard a rumor of espionage and I’m pretty sure my badge is fake. Could you have your new recruit search me for concealed weapons?”

The woman twitched an eyebrow up, having it quiver for a moment before anger marks flared on her forehead, and the man behind her sweat dropped.

“We need you to feed us direct link while alone with him, get as much data as you can-”

“You can be a fly on my wall~”


“You can track my every move, so long as you promise to take me out quietly~”

“OKAY, THAT’S IT!” she pulled out a gun as the men swarmed her, trying to keep her calm as Amy giggled.

Sonic rolled his eyes, “I got this.” he puffed up his suit jacket’s collar a bit and walked over to Amy in the crowd, leaning on the rail.

“Miss Rose, you’re making my mission rather difficult. I would highly advise you to keep your facts to yourself.” he winked to her, giving her the best british voice he could as she swooned, before jumping over it and taking her arm, waving to the people with another wink.

“Got it! Dangerous, super stealthy, and keep Amy under control. I’ve got this.” he shrugged, and then took off for the mission.

Walking into the party, Sonic kept up the act of ‘super spy’ as he talked in his headset.

“Amy, do you copy?”

“That melodious british accent is starting to take it’s toil on my delicate nature~” Amy placed a hand to her heart, before sipping a bit of her drink and looking around, distant from him.

“Heh. You’re far more bold than I would suppose a proper lady to be~” Sonic dropped his voice a bit, melting her even more with his deep, suave tone.

“Emm… Has anyone ever told you you’re quite the charmer.” Amy did her impression of a british woman, as he had to cover his chuckle and place his hands together and lean on the bar, closing his eyes as his smile was perfectly hidden behind his hands.

He opened his eyes, “Have you spotted him yet?”

“Not yet, love. But patience always kept the bird’s up before morning break.”

“What? Do they queue all day for that nasty little worm?” His british was spot on then, and Amy had to hold in a squee, even hearing the british word for ‘waiting in a line’ made her think Sonic knew more accents than she did.

“How did you do that so well?” she chimed, walking around now and pretending to socialize, as she suddenly spotted the man.

She flipped her beautifully dress to the side, walking away from him but acting like she was high aristocratic, dragging her trail around.

“You look positively radiant.” Sonic saw her at the corner of his eye as he was also searching, but hadn’t spotted her yet.

“You saw that little flare, did ya?” she went back to her american accent, before smirking and tilting her head to the side, “He’s that way.”

“Bbbzzz, Sonic? Do you read us? The party’s almost over!”

“Don’t worry, we’ve got this.”

Sonic maneuvered himself through the crowd, getting to the man.

“Excuse me.”

“Oh, pardon me.”

“Ah! Are you..?”

Sonic smiled, waiting for it.

“Sonic The Hedgehog!”

“The one and only.” he bowed, politely as Amy listened in on their conversation, turning her back to them and ordering another drink of water.

“Wow! I would have never thought my invitation would reach you! Well, considering you don’t truly own an address.” he gestured out, before turning to his friends. “I had to send it to each of his friends, for good measure.”

They chuckled like gentlemen, before he pulled Sonic in under his arm a moment, “I have an exciting proposition for you! But before I get to that, you must show me your moves with women!”

“W…Women?” Sonic sweat dropped under his arm-lock a bit, speaking through a gritted smile that looked completely faked and forced.

“Why yes! Someone as dashing and charming as the one known as the ‘hero’ of the whole planet must have some good pick-up lines!” The man patted his back, as the G.U.N soldier spoke again in his ear.

“Bbbzz-Sonic? This is clearly a trap. He’s trying to determine whether to use you or get rid of you. You have to prove some form of loyalty, go ahead and impress him! bttzzz…”

“Ehem.” Sonic cleared his throat, before looking nervous, that’s when Amy’s voice also cleared on the microphone.

He looked over her way, as she stuck out her leg with her high heels, and positioned herself to look very appealing.

Sonic smiled, and turned confidentially to the men.

“Do you see that pink delight? Sitting up near that table over there?”

Sonic flicked his head her way as the men stared, before their eyes caught her leg and stared a moment.

“I’ll have her madly in love with me by the end of this dance.” he took a waiter’s drink, drank it, turned around and spat it out quietly as he hated the taste and put it back on the tray, before walking through the crowd to her.

“I hate to intrude~” Sonic sat by her, letting her leg stay up on the chair next to her.

She grinned to him, motioning her drink in a swirling motion.

“Are you going to have me in love by one dance alone, Sonic?” She dipped the cup over her face to make her look alluring, before drinking it and letting the mystery carry over for the onwatchers, knowing they were looking.

She moved her upright leg down and moved to the seat it was once on, closer to Sonic, and put an arm around him.

“Is this too fast?” she seemed to worry a moment, but Sonic just wrapped an arm around her waist, making her lose her feminine touch of british grandeur and blush.


“I am fast.” 

Getting up, the two walked to the dance floor.

After almost forgetting the mission from how much fun they were having dancing, Amy having to same him from some bad footwork that she then made look fancy, Sonic brought her over to the man.

“Gentlemen, meet my new friend.” he looked down to her, as she shook out her quills and laughed, hanging off of Sonic like her usual love-sick doting.

The men were amazed, she was fawning like normal, but they didn’t know that.

“He’s quite the man, Mister.” she lowered her voice to be more mature, suddenly putting Sonic’s mind in a bit of bafflement.

He stared down at her as she performed her little illusion.

“He’s quite the treat for a party. Tell me, are you planning to keep him around?” she looked back up at his eyes, enchanting the men at how dearly in love she looked.

Sonic smiled, genuinely this time, because he knew that look was pure Amy, and not some act.

“You are a sight.” he shook his head, speaking in a lower whisper, but seeming slightly touched at her honesty in how she was swooning for him.

“Hee.” she giggled, before leaning closer and being just loud enough for the men to hear her. “That’s not the only sight I can offer…~” she then moved closer, letting him know the implied meaning before whisking herself away, hearing the G.U.N soldier applaud her before telling her to get out of there.

Sonic was frozen a moment, before the Soldier shouted out for him to speak and get a grip.

“Ehem, quite the woman.” Sonic tried to continue, but his mind was racing on how Amy had never acted that way before. He put his hands in his pockets after scratching his head a moment, looking off after her as the men actually opened their mouths in amazement.

She was dolled up alright, but the fact that her usual ‘innocent’ nature could so easily be twisted by her made his brain almost stutter at the new.

If she wanted to be… she could be quite…

“Splendid, Mr. Hedgehog.” the man, almost looking slightly jealous at how well that went, drank his drink to avoid the slight frustration in his voice. “I won’t lie, I was hoping for some form of struggle from her.”

“Most do try, but as always, they fail at truly hiding their… excited… feelings.” Sonic nodded, before stepping closer to the men. “Forgive me for intruding on the topic with another of my own, but… Wasn’t there something you’d like to discuss with me?” he was trying to be smooth with the transition, even going for an overall appeal, but his abruptness made the men stare a moment, as the man he was targeting put his glass down on the bar.

“My, they weren’t kidding when they said you were restless. Zipping from one thing to another and unable to remain quaint and still.” The man was leaning on the bar before getting up, motioning his finger in a zig-zag to show how Sonic lept around so much.

“Manners, Hedgehog! bbtttz…”

“You’ll have to forgive my quick nature, I’m not one to queue around for an answer.” he kid, as his charm got the men back on his side.

The target laughed, “Alright, Mr. Hedgehog. Then we’ll move straight to business! I wouldn’t want to keep you from your … charming new conquest, now do I?”

The men put an arm around him and led him up to the target’s floor… just what G.U.N wanted.

“Be safe… Sonic.”

Amy’s voice was in his microphone, going back to her usual self, as Sonic thought about her a moment but couldn’t talk back to her right now, not in the mist of danger…

“I’ll be waiting for you… like I always do.”

He closed his eyes as he walked into the elevator.

Thank you… Amy.


In which Adrien doesn’t realize just how possessive he is of Marinette until she starts getting unwanted attention. Hair makes a big difference.

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Ladybug was used to the attention from the opposite sex. After all, her skin-tight suit didn’t leave much to the imagination. So there was always that one guy, or two, or many—whistling and hooting her as she swung around the city. Chat Noir was less than pleased whenever it happened, claiming that catcalling (of course, pun-intended) Ladybug was his sole right. She honestly couldn’t bother with it since it was so simple to just zip away when things got annoying or uncomfortable.

Marinette, however, was not.

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Max Domi #1 - Lucky Sports Bra

Originally posted by kevinhayes

A/N - i love max so much omg. any boy on the 2015 team canada world juniors will forever have a special place in my heart. dream team forever and always

for the anon request:  Hey I was wondering if you could so a Max Domi one where is girlfriend plays for Canada in the worlds tournament


“Can you pass me that pile of sports bras beside you?” you asked your boyfriend, Max Domi, who was sitting on the floor of your bedroom pouting while you were trying to pack.

“No” he countered just to be difficult. You turned to face him from where you were trying to shove all your clothes that you were taking to the Women’s World Hockey Championships where you were competing in two weeks.

“Maxiee….” you whined and put your hands on your hips, “You know I wish you were coming with me to Michigan but you have a job too, remember? One that involves playing hockey of your own for way more than three times the amount of fans.”

“…I know. But you are going to be gone for so long. I’m going to miss you.” he continued to pout at you, matching the expression of his diabetic-alert dog, Orion, who was currently making puppy dog eyes at you as well while resting his head in Max’s lap.

“You can’t even try that excuse mister. We work on entirely opposite ends of the country during the season and you are always on the road so you can’t even complain to me about being lonely while I’m on the road. Also I’m pretty sure that I am going to be even closer to you now than when I’m playing in Connecticut.”

He opened his mouth to protest but you cut him off, “And do I need to remind you that if Canada wins I will be getting a nicely paid bonus that is not exactly easy to come by in women’s hockey.” you threw a balled up sock at him playfully, “So shut your mouth Mister Domi and help me sit on this suitcase.”

“Fine.” he sighed dramatically before grabbing the stuff that you still needed to pack in your bag and handing it to you. You hummed your thanks and pressed a quick kiss to his lips before shoving the clothes into your already exploding luggage.

“I think you over-packed….” Max chuckled from beside you.

“I mean I am gone for a month so I think this is totally appropriate.” Max wrapped his arms around you and hooked his chin on your shoulder. “Come on lover boy, make yourself useful and use that hockey ass to smush my clothes enough that I can zip this thing up.” you teased

“Wow, this is the only reason you are dating me isn’t it.” Max laughed, “You just use me for my body.”

You gave his bum a smack when he bent over to get on top of your luggage on top of the bed. He yelped in outrage and you just continued to laugh, “Yup.” you agreed, popping the ‘p’.

Next came the hardest part, as much as the added weight of your none-too-light boyfriend helped in compression, your bag refused to close properly. It took the next half hour of you and Max adjusting, squeezing and really desperate attempts to get the zipper done up before it fully closed. By the time you were done, the both of you were embarrassingly sweaty from your efforts considering that you were both professional athletes and shouldn’t be getting this tired doing such a menial task.

You both stood back and huffed at the finished product once it was moved out to your living room: your hockey bag and five sticks taped together was resting up against your big luggage bag and your carry on back pack was perched on top of that.  

“All set?” Max asked you.

“I think so…” you peered around at your stuff and went through the mental checklist in your head. “ You put in my lucky sports bra right?”

Max raised a single eyebrow at you in question, “You know, the red one with the white maple leaf on the boobs and the strappy back with ‘true north strong’ printed on the back?” you were gesturing semi frantically at Max as the panic started to rise in your chest, “THE ONE THAT I NEED TO WEAR FOR GAMES OR ELSE WE WILL LOSE.”

Max’s eyes widened, “I never had it, I thought you packed it!”

“No! I had it witht he rest of my bras!” now real fear was rising into your chest,

Max quickly stepped over to you and grabbed your arm to keep you steady, “Hey, it’s okay. It’s probably just still in your dresser.”

You practically ran through your house to your bedroom and started to tear apart your dresser while Max searched through your closet.

“Shit! I can’t find it.” you said after awhile, holding a hand over your face to try and calm yourself down.

“Are you absolutely sure that it isn’t in your bags?” Max asked you.

“No I definitely don’t remember seeing it when we were refolding all my stuff.” your breath started to quicken as you walked back into the living room with Max following on your heels right behind you.

“Okay, well let’s double check that again, just to be safe.” you marched into the living room when all of the sudden Max started to laugh.

“I swear to god Max, if you are playing a prank on me I will castrate you! This isn’t funny!” you whirled around to face him.

He simply continued to laugh and walked over to where Orion was lying down on his bed. When you looked over at the dog, you could see just a sliver of that familiar red fabric poking out from under his chest. Max reached out and grabbed a hold of it, and pulled it out from underneath Orion with the flourish fit for a magician’s assistant.

“Ta da!” he smiled triumphantly at you, “Looks like I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want you to leave us.” he looked pointedly at Orion who had a distinctively guilty look on his face.

You laughed of relief from where you were about to unzip your luggage. Max threw the bra at you and you put it in your carry on for safe keeping.

“Now are you all good?” he asked as he sat down next to you.

“Yup.” you smiled and leaned into his shoulder. Max wrapped his arm around you, pulled you into his lap, and started to pepper kisses across your nose and cheeks.

“Lucky bra and all?” he asked


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