a ziall masterpost

fic recs june 2015 - january 2016

* = favorites

** = absolute favorites


You’re An Asshole (But I Love You)  85k **  Louis is a frat boy with a drinking problem who doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life, and Harry is a psychology student who always takes care of him and might just be exactly what Louis doesn’t want, but really needs.

Let’s Fall in Love In a Place You Want to Stay 134k *  A George of the Jungle / Tarzan AU where Louis is a model who meets Wild Man Harry in the Congo. He was raised by apes and barely speaks a word of English and turns Louis’ life upside down.

Wild And Unruly  123k **  Harry is a cowboy sitting on the biggest oil reservoir in Wyoming, and Louis is the paralegal assigned to pressure him into selling his land.

Work Me Over  51k   The only luck Louis has ever believed in is the luck that comes from working. He’s never really believed in love, either. In this world, if something is too good to be true, it’s because it’s a con.

don’t tell the gods (we left a mess)  71k **  After a misunderstanding with Liam’s mother, Louis agrees to accompany his best friend to a family wedding and pretend to be the world’s best boyfriend. But their simple plan goes awry when he learns that Harry, ex-boyfriend/ex-love of Louis’ life, will also be in attendance. (aka: fake!boyfriends with a twist ft. bromance, romance and cake.)

bring out feelings in me i never show   24k   Louis accidentally hires a felon to be his fake boyfriend for Thanksgiving. Or, the fake boyfriends au no one asked for

Escapade  146k ****  In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

Uncharted Shores  111k **  he plane taking the boys to LA crashes and the boys are left alone and alive on a deserted island. They’re the only five survivors on the plane. As time passes, they find that they will most likely never be rescued and go about settling down. (OT5)

Two Steps Behind 38k *  Louis is two years younger than his neighbors, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn, and he grows up bending over backwards to get their attention and acceptance. Especially Harry’s.

one shots:

wish i knew how to break this spell  6k * Maybe it should be more of a surprise to open the door and find Harry wrapped up in about a dozen blankets, face pink from the cold and soft from sleep. It isn’t.
Harry, Louis, and a cabin. It’s cold outside.

Orange Canvas  25k *  A spring break (kind of) fake relationship AU

I Think I’m Addicted To Your Light  9k  Louis is just zipping back up when the door swings open with a swell of noise and someone shuffles up next to him, shoes tapping loudly against the tile floor. Louis turns to see who’s walked in and just violated the code of the men’s toilet by taking the urinal next to him and is met with wide, green eyes and red lips stretched into a brilliant smile.“Happy new year,” the guy grins, shaking long, curly hair away from his face. “You look sharp. Sorry, do you mind holding this for a minute? I don’t really have any place to keep it and it’s kind of a hassle, getting out of these things. Don’t want it to fall in.”He indicates his legs with the hand clutching a pale pink phone, and Louis’ gaze drops. Speechless, Louis takes the phone, eyes locked on the guy’s legs. His gorgeous legs, clad only in a pair of black thigh-highs held up by a silky black garter belt.

of faith and trust and pixie dust  4k  “So, you and Nick, you fuck, right?” (STYLINSHAW) 

Won’t See It Coming Till It’s Already Gone  12k “Tell me that this is a fake,” Peter says, slapping a handful of papers against Louis’ chest. He says something else, something loud and demanding, barely even pausing for a breath, but Louis doesn’t hear it. All he hears is the sound of his own breathing, the sound of his own heartbeat.Because this - this looks like a marriage certificate.For a minute, everything stills, quiets. Louis drags his eyes up, meets Harry’s gaze, fixed on him.Then the noise is back, shouting voices clamoring to be heard over each other, and Harry is still staring at him.The ring that Louis hadn’t been able to stop noticing in the loo weighs heavily on his hand. His left hand.

Ocean and waves and wires between us  8k   Niall wants to meet his online girlfriend, Veronica, and enlists the help of MTV’s Catfish to do it. He doesn’t get quite what he bargained for, but it works out alright, really.  (ZIALL)

fire and rain  4k   Harry and Louis have been known for hating each other, but one day at a party that Harry was dragged to, they play spin the bottle and end up having to kiss.

led by your beating heart  29k **  AU where Harry’s in One Direction, Louis isn’t, and they reconnect over a game of ‘Call or Delete’.

slow to aknowledge the knots in our laces  14k ** He turns to Liam. “We could come up with a points system, we don’t even have to do anything outside of what has set points. The interviewers would hate it. Or, are you too… chicken?“Liam rolls his eyes, but smiles and gives Louis a pointed look. "No, Louis."And that’s the end of it.Until a week later. (LILO)

Will Kiss for Cash  4k  The boys decide to play gay chicken. Harry and Zayn, as always, take it a step too far. (ZARRY)

Even Mountains Crumble Into the Sea  4k   the one where they are all in the Bungalow and plays truth or dare and Harry gets dares to put on some panties Niall found.

I Think I’m Kissing Louis Tonight  4k   Harry can’t believe Louis picked him over everyone, and Louis really wants to kiss Harry.

Wicked Games  4k *  Zayn gets mad about Liam’s tweet and challenges him to a game of gay chicken.

let me make a thing of cream and stars  24k **  Louis is a Radio 1 DJ and Harry is a pop-star he interviews.

We’re Like Bumper Cars  31k   the AU where Louis and Harry are rivals of the century and Cross Country competitors before things get complicated and they play pretend.

Mine Now   32k ***  This is the story of how Harry finds himself pouting in Louis’ passenger seat with a raging boner on the way to seduce his ex boyfriend.

Tuesday: The Apocalypse  32k ***  This is the story of how Niall finds himself listening to Harry’s presidential opponent wank for five minutes straight before he understands what’s happening. (Sequel of “Mine Now”)

Glass Table Boys  6k   Louis is a go-go dancer at a gay bar. Zayn is a DJ, and Louis’s roommate. Harry is a hot stranger. Naturally, a threesome ensues. Guest starring Nick Grimshaw as a sassy bartender. (ZOURRY)

we are honey and the bee  41k *  au where harry plays rugby at uni, louis needs to hire a nanny, and life is one big cliche.

give you my fever  10k   x-factor era. harry’s never had an orgasm before, louis gives him his first

Hit the Spot  9k   Louis Tomlinson unlocks the secrets of time travel to fuck his younger self and boyfriend.

everything i can arrange, every part of me you change  10k *  [Harry needs a big spoon and Louis refuses to let anyone steal his position.

Being Held Down  4k   Everything changes when they start noticing how much weaker Louis is compared to them. (OT5)

Never Had a Chance  22k   the one where Harry wants Louis, Louis wants to lose his virginity, and a camping trip is exactly what they need to sort themselves out.

walk my days on a wire  38k   when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

Help! ( I Need Somebody)  2k   Liam’s prank backfires spectacularly.

not just a phase  22k *** “Great!” says Liam. “I’ll, um, I’ll set up a time.”“Not now?” Niall deflates.Liam shakes his head. “No, well. We thought, maybe, you and Soph should go first?”Niall scrunches his face up. “Like…an icebreaker exercise?”“Yeah,” says Liam, shaking his head fondly at Niall, which Niall thinks is a bit rich coming from the guy proposing get-to-know-you sex before a threesome. “Just like that.” (NOPHIAM)

‘til you’re screaming and you’re sore  5k   Louis is gay. The other four are straight, but curious. Louis offers to help them. (OT5)

Picture This  2k   'Niall secretly watching and jerking off to Harry and Louis having sex. They are unaware they’re being watched and don’t find out.’

hoping this cold blue water scrubs me clean and spits me out again  17k   "Stay,” Harry whispers desperately, pressing his lips to Louis’ temple like he can somehow ease the pain that’s blooming there, but he can’t make the pain stop and no matter how hard he tries he can’t make Louis stay.

Wrong Side of Love  37k  Zayn and Liam wake up in each other’s bodies.

In Dreams  23k   AU. When Harry moves to a new city, his new flat come with a number of sweet, anonymous gifts and surprises that brighten his days. Could it be a friendly ghost? Another friendly presence in his new building is his tattooed neighbor, Louis, who seems determined to put a smile back on his face.

Have You Coming Back Again  31k   He’s got Harry’s schedule memorized, more because the guy keeps following him around than anything, so he doesn’t bother looking around before climbing behind the wheel and setting his bag on the passenger seat. It’s a Monday, which means that Harry doesn’t even get out of bed before noon unless he’s planning on harassing Louis.

Okay so I spend so much time reading One Direction fanfic that I feel the need to organize all my best readings in this post and let here for reference. This probably will be so f*cking long cause I read most of the ships. So here we go.

Honorable Mentions: 

I’ll update this post later to add more I’m tired now LMAO


Quick little masterpost of all of my One Direction fanfictions. 

My writings page can be found here!

You can prompt me here!

!indicates smut

+indicates angst

*indicates fluff

#indicates drabble


!+Arcadia- Anxiety stricken Niall Horan is the newest infatuation of the University’s resident bad boy Harry Styles. Includes possessive punk Harry and innocent sweet Niall.

+*Three Musketeers- Niall Horan, a previously abused and neglected 2 year old is adopted by Liam and Louis. This is their story. 



All By Hand series- Soulmate AU the one where Niall knows way too many Harry’s, but only one that really matters.


*+Sleep-deprived- “Harry could not for the life of him ever sleep on plane trips. It didn’t matter if he was all cuddled up with Niall and dead tired, something about the vibrations of turbulence kept him up the entire time. And as everyone knows, a tired Harry is a grumpy Harry.”

!#17 Again- When Niall wakes up to find himself 4 years younger than usual, his boyfriend just won’t fool around with him. 

#*Lost in the Crowd“You’re afraid that you’ll lose me in big crowds so you always hold my hand but now you just hold my hand when there’s only, like, five people around and I’m getting very suspicious”

*The Usual- Punk AU Niall is a shy barista who is only a little bit scared of the hot punk guy that always flirts with him. 

*Muse- Model AU Harry is known for his amount of professionalism in his work as a photographer. It’s just, Niall is the reason he went into photography, can you blame him for unintentionally acting like an idiot all day?

*PDA- Harry and Niall are no strangers to Public Displays of Affection. They really need to get that under control.

+*!Mate(?)- Niall is an alien from another planet and he’s 99.9% that Harry is his new mate.

+*Lucky Charms- Stripper AU Surprisingly, Niall’s true aspiration isn’t actually to be a stripper for the rest of his life. This is simply… a pit stop.

*!The Straight Issue“I’m going to make you cum.” Harry says. “And then you can get back to me on the whole… ‘straight’ issue.” 

+*No Sense-  Punk AUNiall and Harry are kind of dating. It’s one of those relationships that might not even actually exist but the love between them is so real and undeniable that the word ‘boyfriend’ doesn’t even describe their feelings.”

+*Gold-Digger-  Businessman AU “She called me a gold-digging whore…” Niall said, a confused look on his face .Harry rolled his eyes in remembrance. “Yes, and I’m not going to let people call you that.”

+*Feeling- Soulmate AU “Most nights, when Niall is writhing in pain, the blonde wonders if his soulmate even cares that he’s in pain, that he’s even there on the other side.” 

+*Can’t Breathe- Harry is no good at speaking his feelings and Niall really can’t deal with being in a one sided relationship any longer.

+*Enemies- “Him. Harry Styles” He nods towards the glaring boy who’s eyes narrow as both of their glances land on him. “You don’t want to make enemies with him.” The boy warns and Niall gulps.

!*One trick ahead of disaster- Homeless AU street rats harry having high!sex in an abandoned warehouse 

*+Picture-Perfect- High School AU “His name is Niall and he is perfect.” a.k.a. the one where Harry is the popular high school jock who is 100% head over heels in love with the lonely artist boy.

!*+Genius- College AU Harry didn’t know exactly why, but he absolutely loathed the blonde boy that always sat next to him in his Sociology II class. OR Harry and Niall are both geniuses, and Harry’s having a really hard time figuring Niall out. 

*+Tattoo Roulette- What if in James Corden’s interview Harry’s box was labeled ‘SAFE?’ What if Niall was forced to get the tattoo?

*+Man-Eater- Zombie AU In which a group of survivors learns that you don’t mess with Harry Styles’ things.

*+Support- Support Group AU Deep down Harry knew that there had to be something wrong with Niall. Everyone in that group has problems. He just didn’t want to believe it. !!Trigger Warning!!

!*For You- Footballer AU “I just want you to know, that this game means a lot to me…” The Irish boy breathes, digging his nose into Harry’s neck, making the brunette shiver, wondering if this was actually even happening. “And if you win this… for me… I would do anything for you.”

*+Man’s Best Friend- Werewolf AU Niall’s severely depressed and Harry’s the giant wolf dog that nuzzles his way into the Irishman’s heart. Oh, and Harry’s also a werewolf, of course. 

*+!Sadies- High School AU “Niall’s jaw clenches and he sighs as well, “I don’t want people to hate me.” He says sadly. “Every girl is so obsessed with you, everyone’s going to hate me when they know that- that I’m with you.” 

*+Broken Promises“Wasn’t Harry always the first one who’d text Niall on his birthday? Wasn’t Harry the one who’d stay up till midnight just to make sure he could leave Niall his first ‘Happy Birthday’ message, even if they were sleeping in the same bed? Harry was that person, but this year seemed to be different.”

*+Prince Charming- Prince AU “But what his father didn’t know was that Harry would rather give up a thousand pounds of gold, a thousand princesses, and, more importantly, a thousand thrones before he’d even think about giving up Niall. And even then, he’d never actually give up the blonde boy.”

*#Elevator Love Letter- Just your typical “2 strangers get stuck in an elevator together and one of them just so happens to really freaking hate elevators” kind of story.

*+10 Things I Hate About You- AU In which Niall is Kat and Harry is Patrick and there are more than a few things Niall hates about Harry…

*+Sad Blue Eyes- Homeless AU “To the rest of the world, Harry had no qualms with being an absolute asshole but when it came to Niall, all bets were off.”

*+SeaWeed Rings- Merman AU Basically just human prince Niall and Merman prince Harry growing up together 

*PB&Js- High School AU “People still whisper things about the loner and the stoner and how they’re probably fucking, but the two barely notice enough to care.”

*+The Badger and the Lion- Harry Potter AU “To be perfectly honest, Harry was a bit offended that this kid didn’t know his name. Not that Harry knew the blonde’s name, but that was besides the point.”

*+Bachelor Nation- The Bachelor AU In which Niall and Harry are competing for the same girl and somehow still end up together 

*Better Person- Punk(ish) AU Honestly, Harry didn’t know how it happened. One minute he was a regular guy who hated everyone, the next he was in love with a blonde that somehow made the world a little brighter. 

*Dog Days- “Hey, um, my name’s Harry Styles and I think I found your-” huge, terrifying, awful beast “-dog?” He says into the phone, hoping that he got the right number. 

*+!Changes- “He loved Harry more than the Earth itself when he left and none of that has changed, but Harry has. Harry has changed and it freaks Niall out because he still feels like the same boy that was just crying at the airport two years prior, sending his boyfriend off to fight a war he knew nothing about.”


Savior series- Punk AU Zayn saves innocent underaged!Niall from an incident and Niall’s parents don’t approve.

!*+Savior- “Now, Zayn isn’t much of a people watcher, but when cute blonde boys drag themselves onto the subway with bruises around their faces, he gets a bit curious.”
!++Opressor“Zayn wasn’t really sure what he and Niall were doing. Well, Zayn was pretty sure Niall would call it “dating”, but Zayn wasn’t too sure about that.” 
*+LiberatorIt had been a year since Zayn had spoken with Niall.A year since he had heard that cute little giggle leave his mouth and a year since he had even seen the boy smile. But he had seen his boy.

#Always- Zayn will Always be with them no matter what.

+*Shut UpHe’s so busy grinning at his own tattoo that he doesn’t even notice the smile slipping off of Zayn’s confused face. Zayn immediately drops his hands away from Niall, and that makes the boy look up. Niall’s exuberant smile then drops as he takes in the disappointed and somewhat angry look on his boyfriend’s face. “Um…” Niall says, voice nervous. “Surprise?”


*+Of Fires and Kidneys- In which Liam is a firefighter with kidney problems and Niall is his “tough” boyfriend


#*5′9- Niall just can’t accept that he’s the shortest of the group. Louis makes sure he understands that it’s okay to be short.


*Oblivious- Punk AU In which Harry is the new kid and Louis and Zayn are both in love with Niall and Harry doesn’t get it.


!*Ours- Omegaverse The one where Harry and Liam are both alphas, Niall is an omega, and sharing is caring. 


#*+The Zoo- The boys don’t like for Niall to be involved in all the drama surrounding Zayn and he-who-shall-not-be-named vs. Louis. Clearly, the only way to do so is to take away him phone and whisk him away to look at animals. 


*+Migraine- Niall just really fucking hates hospitals.

!Bite me- Omegaverse Niall’s parents go out of town and he finds out he’s an omega going into his first heat… at least 4 of his teachers are there to help out

+*Hideous, Disgusting, Fat- Niall is insecure, and the boys know it. They just don’t do enough to stop it before it becomes a problem. !!Trigger Warning!!

Claim- Prison AU where everyone wants Niall to be their pretty little bitch

Pet Series- Mafia AU There are rules for a reason, Niall just doesn’t always understand the rules.

+*Sir(s) [prequel]- How Niall became ‘pet’.

!+*Pet- How Niall continued to be ‘pet’.

!*+Amazing Year- High School AU Though it definitely didn’t turn out the way Niall had planned, this year had been absolutely amazing- aka Niall tries to get a girlfriend, but ends up getting four boyfriends instead.  

*+Worth It- Paramedic AU Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn are working a normal shift as paramedics when they get called in to help some kid whose knee basically split open.

*+New Guy- Spies AU Where entities = families and Niall’s just trying to find his place in a world where guns, explosions, and torture is far more normal than being the new guy.

*+Feel Again“I’m not–” He tries, but his voice is so weak and gravely and he has no idea what he could say. ‘I’m not going to let you break up with me? I’m not going to let us stop living in misery because I’d miss you?’” 

*Hesitation- In which Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry are all world-famous and decide to adopt a hybrid

Zayn Malik Masterpost

These are all the gifs of Zayn I have collected over the past few years. This is a celebration to all that is Zayn Malik. Words can’t describe how much we will all miss him but all that matters is he is happy. 

These are “Funny Face/Reactions” gifs

Zayn and his amazing Dancing

A few OTP gifs

I never realized I had so many so I will be making a part 2 tonight.

“Larry Fics You Should Read if You Haven’t Already” Fic Rec

I know it’s not Sunday so this is really random for me to post, but I’ve been wanting to do this Fic Rec for a while! Basically, this is a Masterpost for popular Larry Fics that are MUST READS. I know that there’s a lot more than just what I’m putting on this list, but hopefully it will cover enough for now! 

1. Escapade (146k) by dolce_piccante

In the grand scheme of things, finding a date for a wedding should be no problem for Louis Tomlinson. He’s rich. He’s handsome. He’s reasonably well behaved. But when the wedding is for his lifelong best friend (and former boyfriend), and is happening in under a month, finding a date for the ceremony and accompanying festivities becomes more of an adventure than he ever could have planned for.

2. Fading (202k) by tothemoonmydear

Louis knows about beauty; the combination of qualities that pleases the aesthetic senses. He creates that combination every day in the garments he designs while studying fashion at uni. The cut of the design, the color of the fabric, the intricacy of the stitching; it all comes together to create something beautiful. When the science student with the long legs and dimpled smile agrees to model for him, Louis decides he’s found beauty personified. Harry just thinks Louis needs someone to show him how beautiful he is.

3. Young & Beautiful (227k) by Velvetoscar

Louis, to his horror, attends an elitist university in which the name Zayn Malik means something, Niall Horan doesn’t stop talking, there are pianos everywhere, and Harry Styles, only son of a drug-addled, clinically insane ex-rocker, has a perfect smile and empty eyes.

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Ziall Is Real: The Masterpost

This is just a masterpost proving that Ziall is real made by yours truly, shipziallharderthantheyfuck. This post will be broken up into many parts.

TweetsStaringHugsHand HoldingKissesDeclaration of LoveComplimentsSharing ClothesThree PokesMeeting FamiliesSexual StuffJealousyZayn Carrying NiallMisc.

Okay, let’s go.

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in which zayn has been protective/possesive 

prepare yourselves

first of all, let me start out by saying zayn is the absolute most caring, unselfish, angelic person in the world and really protective over the people he loves most ok lets go


zayn’s usually very shy and quiet but when it comes to defend harry’s name HE’S YOUR GUY



“love you forever” shut up ya little shit im trying to be heartless and you’re ruining it

*heart eyes emojii*

harry what are you doing, he’s zayn’s and zayn’s only

he pries harry’s arm off jeez zayn protective much?

zayn puts his arm around liam and liam literally opens his mouth and nibbles/pecks zayn’s arm???? aka zayn marking his territory 

we get it zayn he’s yours


you’re always saving someone aren’t you zayn

“Zayn is a very protective guy. Especially when it comes to Niall.” 

ziall love is mutual and everyone loves it


“who’s hotter you or me? nah we both hot as hell”



External image

zouis “partners in crime”

zayn did you forget there was a camera the fond



this is cute and all but remember when louis was such a twink

“we rolling one tonight”

“zayn not in front of the children”

External image

ok so basically zayn hates when anyone messes with his family and he loves them all to death and yeah it all started thanks to x factor bless simon cowell

External image

no matter how painful it is too look at this pic (o god) this is where they became bros ride or die

in conclusion


he’s so great, i love him

…or masterpost about ziall. A VERY RANDOM ONE. you can’t possibly systematize zayn and niall, they are just love and happiness and love and protectiveness and caring and did i mention love?

so, anyway, let’s just talk about ziall for a while. i don’t know where they stand now and neither does anyone here, so let’s talk about what we know and what we have seen alright happy ziall

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Why the NBC Special was so wonderful in so many ways

You knew it was going to be great the minute they stood like this:

A very long masterpost reliving some my favorite moments from this golden nugget of television :-D

First, there was that wonderful segment from the South American shows

Niall giving us his Spanish accents

Harry being stopped in his tracks by Niall, laying out across a ping pong table all gloriously shirtless

Hearing them warm up with DFWYB…I wish we got more of them singing this way…but then at the very end…Ziam just had to go all harmonizing and riff and just..wow. 

And of course, THIS :-D 

Next, was the good ol’ staple WMYB…and look at Narry (well really Harry) in the beginning!


Then there was the wonderfulness that was the roller coaster trivia

Oh, but wait, before that…we can’t forget this lovely moment ;) 

Wait..pause that…


That entire roller coaster segment was just fun and hilarious…and gave us this gem

And as if he couldn’t top that…

Yes, that hair LOLOL

P.S. How did Liam NOT get sick READING while riding a roller coaster (multiple times)! Mad props to him for that! 

Then time for another intro piece..but look!

Next, I thought the part where they surprised the fans was adorable.

But not as adorable as Niall dressed like this :) 

Louis dressed in Hogwarts gear (OMG fandom obsessions colliding!) (BONUS side…Harry speaking the intro to the little Louis segment)

Then in addition to performing SMG and Night Changes (as usual from “Four”) the other “NEW” song they performed from FOUR was “GIRL ALMIGHTY!!” 

I already made a gifset here

But here’s Zayn :) 

So the boys want to go out and see the sights…problem is the fans are so crazy outside they have to “sneak out” of the hotel. 

How do they do that, you ask? Well stick them in the back of a bread van of course! 

Yes, stick them in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS all squished together…being all OT5…in a tiny, confined space, on top of PILLOWS, squished TOGETHER…

(And the moment all OT5 fan fic writers died as their deepest fantasies were possibly about to come true)

Louis: “Can I come in and cuddle you Niall”

Harry: “The important thing is, is that we’re all in this together” 

And of course Harry just HAD to remind us

Oh wait…let’s look at that again…and slow it down a bit…

Who is that next to Harry?? In a tight, confined space, on PILLOWS? ;) 

Moving on…

Do you Zayn? Do you? I’m sure you do :-D

It was so awesome to see some OT5 time OFF stage too!


Next was “Night Changes” and did you notice this wonderful piece of editing?

Now I KNOW he wasn’t actually blowing that kiss to Louis…but it was still a nice edit :) 

Before I go to the ultimate crowning glory moment that I swear was the death of me that night…how amazing was it that we were able to see some of the recording process..and also get to hear the guys sing without any music or production? 

And now..without further ado…the BEST moment IMO of the ENTIRE special *breathes*

So Zayn is just recording

When out of nowhere…

Now of course Niall just HAD to come in, in only his underwear, while ZAYN was recording ;) 

And then…while Niall is in his underwear…they start to sing…TOGETHER

(Look at how Zayn points it “back” to Niall!!)

And then after watching that…this was me

So that, my friends, are my personal highlights, memorable moments, and favorite things from the NBC special. I’m so happy it turned out to be such a wonderful event, and I’m sure, like you, wish it was longer than just an hour! 

Hope you enjoyed this little (well actually long) post combining many of the great moments in one! :-D

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As you can see, Harry/Louis are in 55,8 % fanfictions about One Direction, whis is just, wow. 

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I Love when Niall gets Jealous and wants zayns attention to himself.

its just so amazing


gets me…

He just tries to play it cool and look friendly but he is jealous man

catching zayns.. attention


im dying right now


the first part you can see here   http://nialljamesmalik93.tumblr.com/post/90772636635/jealous-zayn 

so here i am ~~~
i gathered some gifs, and decided to create a new masterpost. Jealous Zayn - is a relevant and topical, and we can talk about it foreveeer 

lets go

>>>  <<<  

harry tied niall’s shoes and kissed it. pretty cute but at the same time intimate narry moment. but if you think that zayn didn’t notice anything, you are mistaken. It’s impossible! and as you can see, he periodically jealousy watched them

zayn ‘jose who?’ malik 

and when niall said that this is jose mourinho, zayn immediately replied - oh, ok

as from the heart was relieved, aren’t you, zayn?
by the way, niall hurried to clarify that jose is just a friend, so zayn could finally calm down.

he’s so obvious, when gets jealous

when niall injured his knee, harry helped him up the ramp, holding his lower back. then zayn reached to the niall and noticed  where harry’s hand, so he immediately grabbed niall and further helped him to overcome the rest of the way

niall and harry whispering on the side, so zayn jealousy and anxiously glancing at them

niall was having fun with louis, zayn for some reason didn’t like it. he aggressively grabs him by the back of his neck and possessively pulling niall to himself     

nouis having fun again and zayn is again discontent. he just hit louis on arm and louis knowingly missed zayn forward for niall       

look at zayn, when he turned to nouis. he’s like - wtf louis, get off of him  

Mr. Malik is outraged by the harry’s behavior. what the hell, styles! don’t touch zayn’s boyfriend !

zayn immediately looked at them

doesn’t allow him to look at louis and liam  

zayn, why are you looking at narry so jealousy? 

and at nouis

It seems like zayn doesn’t approve of such a cheeky dance of his boyfriend   

and this reminds me of this. remember when zayn spanked him for his cheeky dance 

~ and some old shit from tmh tour ~ 

zayn is hanging out around and visibly nervous. then he moves to the louis direction as if urging him to release harry from his boyfriend 

and agaaain … look at the zayn’s expression  

harry during speech glanced at niall and delayed, he’s even stops talking and stares at niall. zayn notices this and … well, just look at his face 

and then you can see how niall guiltily looks at someone. at zayn obviously   

i think zayn ready to kill josh      

I’m not sure zayn approves his obsession of aerobics. at least when they’re are on stage and niall  knows it but continues to provoke zayn

see how he looked at zayn

niall and louis are flirting, and zayn tries to hide his emotions, but in vain

he so jealous 

~ and oldschool jealous zayn~ 

at first zayn pretty clearly believes that nialler is gonna call his name and he has such a funny expression on his face when niall calls louis name
he’s like - what?! not me?!
further niall goes on to say why he chose louis, etc. so now just look at his discontented face