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Yunjae Fly Away Compilation

Jaejoong 2004 – (Sung) I Believe I Can Fly x

Jaejoong 2008 – (Wrote/Composed/Sung) Wasurenaide - I want to become the wind and envelop you in my arms, I want to fly to the world you’re in

Jaejoong 2010 – (Sung) For You - Because I’m dangerous, because I love you, I will leave from you, I will leave for you

Jaejoong 2013 – (Wrote/Composed/Sung) One Kiss - At the narrowed crossroads, you put wings on me, You showed me the way to go to heaven


       Jaejoong is always the one who is flying away


Yunho 2014 – (first published song Wrote/Composed/Sung) November With Love -Then I let you go, let you go in the wind, Where the wind blows, wherever that is, I can meet you


       The first song Yunho shares with us Yunho lets his love fly away



Perfect performance of ONE KISS omg. I’ve missed singer!Jae so much and he’s looking so fine like woah. All tanned and muscular.


(Eng subs)

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Apr 1

Yunho said that he personally loves the song Even Though I Loved You. I wonder who else kept singing this song


I’ve loved loved loved loved you more than anyone else

I was always thinking that I’d risk my life for you

The most precious one is standing by, 

I cannot forget my special one

The starless night, Sayonara, 

I wish that I wake up and find it all a dream 

-Yunho (A Boat Tied to a Pier)

Actually, I’m scared

That you don’t know me even when you’re looking at me

We will turn back our love

Ask for each other’s names with racing hearts

We need to have our first loves again

In heaven where there is no light

-Jaejoong (Heaven)