a young girl with a basket of flowers


Greece Fashion Week: Photos from Greece 1920’s (Part 1)

1. Women filter water taken from riverside pools to use for drinking, near Jugoslavian Frontier
2. Young woman sitting in a garden of flowers, Corfu
3. Artist from Mt. Athos stands next to painting of Saint Nicholas
4. Women and girls in the garden of a country home, Deka, Corfu
5. Peasant women, Delphic Festival
6. Prior and his monk stand next to well at Europulus monastery, Corfu
7. Three women sit and do needlework, Crete
8. Girls stand on a stairway of a house in a Greek fishing village, Benizze, Corfu
9. Three women pose with children on stone steps, Corfu
10. Two women with baskets used for gathering olives during harvest, Deka, Corfu