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Deanee on Regular Girls EP.32

Hello to all, guys. Sorry again for the delay: these days my blog will be a bit special. Chester is dead, I still can not believe it. My idol, Linkin Park … I’ll talk better later, but yesterday I didn’t really want to hear a podcast and in the meantime have my mind gone.
So let’s start.

Renee talked about Jon when he exercised in their gym in the garage. She tells that a few days ago, he went to her and told her “I want a sauna”. So, without notice.
Their house is very large, so a sauna could be there. Theoretically. In fact, Jon proposed putting it in the bedroom that they didn’t use and wants to put on beautiful chairs, candles, to give a look of SPA.
And Renee says he can decorate it if he has all this desire.
Then aromatherapy… Dean has a lot of fantasy and wants to do things in his home HAHA
If Stacey realizes she has drunk too much, she goes away. Only Brendan stops her before.
Then they talked about some things that happened on Instagram, as something that allows the transfer of money, I didn’t understand.

Renee misses Canada but she would not return to live there. Renee also has no friends in Vegas and she’s not even interested in having them.
She talked to Jon about how to open a theater in Toronto where they will do a theatrical work and how Vegas does not have this initiative. The discussion ended with Dean and Renee who, having drank some cocktails, decided to do their “own theater”.

Once, Jon and Renee had guests at home and they had put music in the background. This music was raining and everyone was convinced that it was raining. Even Dean and Renee were very happy about it, but then nothing happened haha

When Renee published the photo of the skateboards … it was because she was bored.
Stacey is frightened by roller skates, but Renee is confident of herself and wants to try them.
The hypothetical name of Renee would be Pearl Jim. (It makes me think of Dean when I talk about “pearl Jam”)

Renee is officially RENEE GOOD 😍

Okay, I just got Paige’s action figure! How beautiful ❤️
That’s all, if I forgot something, just say that ❤️

Next time!