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         It appears we have a traitor in our midst


4CC 2017

Tessa & Scott (top right corner) doing The Lean™ during the gala [x]

Dedicated to @cuteiceprincesslove <3

How I write
  • Me: Alright let's get some shit done *put on glasses dramatically*
  • Also me: *stares at the blank Word for fifteen minutes*
  • Defenitly me: *While writing* I don't know where this is going but IT'S GOING.

Small Bond

This makes me feel nice draws Goth and Palette. I better give them a nickname… But, I dunno what I am gonna calls them. Currently I needed this XD Anger and Nekophy is my inspiration this is why Goth and Palette’s new AU has born, now I am their mother ~ for now on they going to babysit their ORIGINAL, while I am working on the their stories <3 

EDIT: also I am going to draw a portrait TH!Goth’s parents and TH!palette’s with them.

TH!Goth and TH!Palette belongs to me

Goth belongs to @nekophy

Palette belongs to @angexci

It’s amazing how no matter how fucking alone I am in running this blog all my popular shitposts always come around some way and find the Holy Quartet of Junkrat-related blogs only to be worn out by the time it gets to them and all acknowledgement of my existance is withered away

I wonder…
I wonder if they know

anonymous asked:

in your tags from the rikyako q&a post, you said smth abt her being okay for the kimikoko solo. what happened with that before?

Anchan and Rikyako were seriously out of breath for their duet in Kimi no Kokoro wa Kagayaiteru kai? in all of their previous performances (January Event, Numazu Live, Christmas Mini-Live).

Yesterday they finally performed Kimikoko again and…

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I wish to say, Congratulations to my two wonderful friends! I am so happy for you two, and I wish you both the best and bright future!

I love you both, and I wish you a wonderful day

@rinhtimidating @imou-..i mean @takara-kaede-chan