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What I wish I knew in High School:

Adult here. Write this down. If you have a weird hobby and your parents have said that you should quit because it’s not “marketable,” consider that there are real people, some of whom I know personally, with the following jobs that make real cash money:

Science writer (me)
Cosplay and prop maker
Stuffed animal designer
Dog artist
Political activist for LGBTQ rights
Political activist for affordable housing
Music licenser
Fan video mixer
Bone cleaner
Sports photographer
Digital hat maker

Last Straw

This is how I imagine Rick, Michonne, and Jadis’ next meeting will happen.

Rick stepped inside the dark cell, Michonne quietly standing behind him. “Why are you here?” His hard voice echoed against the cold walls.

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Good-Morrow to Our Waking Souls (Call the Midwife fic, s2)

Summary: Patrick falls in love.

Notes: I’ve always thought we must have missed some key interactions in series 2 to get Patrick and Sister Bernadette from where they were at the beginning to where they were at the end. This is an attempt to fill in some of that. PG, canon-compliant.

Good-Morrow to Our Waking Souls on AO3

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was it just me or was Emma's coat in this ep really ugly? Not even just the complaints about floral patterns making her look too girly/weak (which I do agree with), it's just an ugly coat IMO.

Sorry to disappoint, anon, but I happen to really like it and her new style. I like & appreciate the thought that Jen has put into Emma’s wardrobe as a symbol of growth. Emma Swan is the most beautiful she’s ever been in six years and I’m so happy and proud of her that it shows.

Since when are flowers/femininity (”girliness”) signs of weakness?

- kelly


i was tagged by @chokemeseokjin and @2awake to do the bias selfie tag 💕💕

 i know yall tired of see my face and my big ass 5head… cuz im tired of seein my face and my big ass 5head shskShdish 

 my boys went on vacation and left me at home… but its ok cuz they got to relax and they facetimed me every night 🤢💖

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we had a big group watch of the DNH supercut and if you’re wondering do i still feel WAY TOO HARD about it

obviously. obviously i do, and my current feel is that i’m so unhappy about how many people just like. straight up breezed past this FUCKED UP COWORKER TECHNICALLY-KINDA-HIS-BOSS-I-THINK BULLSHIT MANIPULATION

why doesn’t his mom see how unhappy he is that ian’s at dinner with them and that he doesn’t wanna go with him?! why doesn’t the flight attendant hear ian saying “do you really wanna do this here? we can talk about this now or later, when we’re alone.” in a CLEARLY THREATENING WAY to a guy who is visibly terrified and nearly crying and not think, “hey, should we do something?” why doesn’t the boss lady who suspends them both not talk to ruben on his own and say, “so looks like jason (who, again, is maybe some kind of your boss or definitely at least higher up in hospital staff and also has a clear physical advantage over you) threw you into the wall while you were running to get away from him and tried to actually choke you and now we’re finding out he’s been taking unauthorised drugs that you’ve been helping him make, has he maybe been taking advantage of his position and manipulating you and literally physically abusing you? do you need help? should we call someone?”

im GENUINELY upset. 

It’s Time

He wakes up and the sun is blinding him. He slowly opens his eyes and squints because of the light that has made its way into the house from the window directly in front of him. He sits up and tries to remember where he is. He blinks a few times and takes in his surroundings. The place seems familiar but doesn’t feel familial.

His mind catches up and he remembers that he’s in his house and Hinata will wake up any moment now to make breakfast.

His heart constricts and he tries to regulate his breathing before he breaks down again.

So it was all a dream, right, Sasuke?  

He clenches his fist a little too tight for comfort to keep himself in check. God knows how many times he’s had the same dream for the past decade or so.

He finally gets up and goes to the bathroom to splash some water on his face. The icy cold liquid helps a little but not as much as he would have liked. He finds himself looking at his reflection on the mirror, his hands gripping the sink forcefully.

He takes in the little details of himself. He looks at his hair and his eyes, his cheeks and back at his eyes. Even he can see how paler the blue of his iris has gotten, how much emptier his eyes look.

Something feels different this morning. Maybe it’s the dream. It was more vivid, it had felt so real.

Maybe it’s finally time to wake up.

Maybe it’s finally time to stop lying to himself.

He exits the bathroom and goes towards the kitchen. There is a chance he might be able to make something to eat and leave before anyone wakes up.

He hates himself for doing this to them.

For doing this to him.

It’s a never ending cycle of pain and maybe it was finally time it stopped.

His movements freeze as he considers this. Perhaps it is time.


It is afternoon and the kids won’t be home for at least two more hours. He thinks that maybe now it’s time.  He left the Hokage tower to talk to her and he never was one to cower away from a promise he had made. These days though, more like these years, it felt like he was but a pitiful shadow of his once bright and honest self.

He dares say that he misses those days.

Shaking his head lightly, he opens the door slowly and steps inside. He still feels awfully out of place in the house that’s supposed to be his.

And that’s exactly why he needs to do this. He sees her in the kitchen, probably preparing lunch. He clears his throat to make his presence known and she turns around, surprise evident in her eyes.

“Naruto-kun. Why are you here?” she asks, confusion painting her voice.

“Hinata, we need to talk.” he closes the door and heads towards the kitchen. She seems overjoyed for a moment before she sees his expression and loses her smile.

For a second Naruto considers forgetting about all this, forgetting about the dream, forgetting about the ghost of Naruto Uzumaki that greets him every morning in the mirror.

But he can’t. He can’t pretend he’s okay anymore. He can’t pretend that being apart from him isn’t killing him. He can’t pretend everything’s alright.

He knows he loves her. That he cares for her.

Just not the way she wants him to, the way everyone wants him to. He loves her the same way he loves all his friends and cares for them. But not the way a husband is supposed to love his wife.

He had hoped that her love for him would be enough for their marriage. He had thought that he could live with the pain, that he could love her back one day.

Deep down though, he always knew who held his heart as fiercely as he held theirs.

“We need to stop this.” He says and there’s no hesitation in his voice. He doesn’t expect it when understanding shows in her face and she nods slowly. She turns around with her expression unreadable and continues her cooking.

“I guess I had hoped you would come to love me at least a little like the way you love him.” She says quietly after a few seconds of silence pass. Naruto’s eyes widen and he wonders how she knows. For how long she has known.

“I’ve known since the end of the war. I’ve known for so long yet I chose to be selfish and took you away.” Her eyes seek forgiveness but Naruto doesn’t know what to feel anymore.

He closes his eyes firmly and tries desperately not to think of all the ‘what if’s and all the things that could have gone differently had he not married her. He has already done that enough times, has beaten himself up too many times to count.

But all these thoughts come back full force to haunt him with Hinata’s words.

The pain is there and he tries to suppress it like every other time.  

He wants to break something, he wants to lash out.

He wants to run and he wants to scream.

He wants to find him and tell him that they are both stupid. He wants to hug him to his chest and never let go again.

Hinata is now looking at him and a sad smile decorates her lips.

“Go.” She tells him and she knows how much it will hurt her but it will hurt him even more than she already has if she keeps him here.

Naruto’s eyes widen and he hugs her.

“Thank you.” He utters and then he’s out of the door.

“I’m sorry.” She whispers after he has already left. She only wishes both of them can forgive her.

He runs as fast as his legs can carry him and as much as his lungs can help him. He runs and runs and wishes, hopes, he’s not too late. God knows how many times he has been already.  

Sasuke is supposed to be leaving today and Naruto can’t let him go. Not this time. Not without telling him.

He can see the gate in the distance and wills his legs to move faster. He can’t see him though and his heart constricts. No. He reaches them and looks around. With his gaze frantic and his heart going a thousand miles per second, he falls on his knees and his hands come to cover his face.

Too late. I’m always too late. Always letting him slip from between my fingers.

Maybe he should care about someone seeing the Hokage breaking down in the middle of the street but he can’t.

His mind goes back to all the fights, all the memories and tears fall and he can no longer hold them in. It’s been years and all the pumped up pain, all the heartbreak he tried so desperately not to show is spilling out.

The fake smile finally breaks.  The mask he has been wearing for so long crumbles and the pieces are sharp enough to cut him.

Gone is the stranger that the village’s people came to know as Naruto Uzumaki.

And gone is the real one, leaving only sorrow in his place.

I want him back. I need him back.

Please don’t go. Please don’t leave me all alone again.


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One thing that bugs me about this fandom is that Mani can't have one thing for herself. For example dwts the girls already performed yet some want them to again and I'm like why it's not needed. Chrissy followed Mani on Twitter and someone is talking about hope Mani can get the group a collab with John. Lastly Nicki maybe Nicki wants to collab with Mani who said it has to be the group if it is ok cool.when the other girls get their follows/connection no one says it has to be for the group.

Normani is highly scrutinized and criticized. It’s minute details that send this fandom off the deep end, like a follow or interaction on social media. Now if we were discussing concrete things like pictures or videos then maybe, just maybe –you know what no it wouldn’t. The group has already said that they plan on partaking in solo endeavors. She has already shown, more than anyone else, that she has the ability to multitask like no other. Most people don’t respect her position or existence in this group thus they don’t think that she deserves anything else let alone respect as a member. She’s doing exactly what every one else is doing. Who else can make everyone mad purely based off of speculation? A legend in the making.


Not bnha/my art related but


I cannot express how disappointed and angry I am to see such an amazing person like @arikafd get so much hate for such a long time. 

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I’m like, going out this afternoon to watch the 1925 seven hour silent film remastered in colour with live piano accompaniment? Oh, you’ve not seen that? How odd, I would have thought a real fan 

[this is REALLY HAPPENING but I’m not actually going to turn into an insufferable fandom hipster. I hope. Let’s check back in this evening.]


some more anon replies, again under the readmore, cos u all are good & sweet

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kaosstar  asked:

OTP Questions! Blakk & Der!!!

(Omg hahaha. See, this is PROOF that YOU are continuing this crack!ship!)

(omg this is so hard, like this is way too domestic for either of them hahaha.)

1: Who spends almost all their money on the other?

Blakk has zero savings and very little credits on hand because most of it has gone to weaponry and tech upgrades.  When and if he does buy something, it would probably be something practical, and it would also take up almost everything he has, because he doesn’t have much. XD

2: Who sleeps in the other’s lap?

Der is CLEARLY the big softie in the arrangement. >_> And Blakk will sleep anywhere, so it’s Blakk who falls asleep in Der’s lap.  Der thinks he’s cute, like a little black kitten. <_<

3: Who walks around the house half-naked and who yells at them to put on some clothes?

Der walks around half-naked just to get a rise out of Blakk.  It works. ;)

4: Which one tells the other not to stay up all night and which one stays up all night anyway?

Blakk stays up late to work/train, and I imagine Der has his own late nights. But if someone says something, it’s Der, along the lines of “Go to sleep, idiot.” Blakk will then continue to stay awake just out of spite. :P

5: Which one tries to make food for the other but burns it all by accident and which one tells them that it’s okay and makes them both cookies?

Blakk can definitely NOT cook.  He thinks ration bars are the way to go for a meal, but he might have absorbed some of the anti-ration bar sentiment he gets from everyone and their akk dog, and try to improve upon a real meal™ by adapting (and cooking) ration bars.  Needless to say, it doesn’t go well and Der will probably not make cookies, but order takeout for both their sakes. XD

6: Which one reads OTP prompts and says “Oh that’s us!” and which one goes “Eh, not really”?

They will both look at prompts, recognize what’s them, blush horribly and refuse to acknowledge it.  Bonus: Blakk will specifically point out embarrassing prompts that are definitely just Der.

7: Which one constantly wears the other’s clothes?

It’s Blakk wearing Der’s clothes, because DER APPARENTLY HAS FUN THAT HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH BLAKK’S CLOTHES AND A KNIFE.  So it’s a practical matter for Blakk because he has nothing left. :P

8: Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?”

Both of them do, and both of them forget, and both of them accuse the other of being stupid. XD

9: Which one drives the car and which one gives them directions?

They fight over who gets to drive, and whoever doesn’t is the annoying side-seat driver.

10: Which one does the posing while the other one draws?

In another life, Blakk is actually rather artistic.  But not in this one.  Neither of them can draw any better than stick figures (unless it’s a blaster).

11: If they were about to rob a museum, which one does backflips through lasers and which one is strolling behind with a bag of chips?

Blakk does backflips through lasers. Der criticizes him the entire way and eats popcorn in anticipation of a mistake (also he enjoys the view). ;)

12: Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?

Blakk doesn’t drink, but when he does, it doesn’t take much to overdo it.  Der might make him stop drinking. Or he might just enjoy the results. :P

13: Which one likes to surprise the other with a lot of small random gifts?

Depends on the gift.  If it’s something embarrassing like kitty ears, a collar, and a leash, then it’s Der. :P  (I know your kink Der, don’t deny it!!!!)

14: Which one keeps accidentally using the other’s last name instead of their own?

Blakk will occasionally call Der, Kanner.  Mostly when he’s angry.

15: Which one screams about the spider and which one brings the spider outside?

Blakk says that Der screams about the spider because he’s a wimp. :P  Blakk will not bring the spider outside, but kill it.

16: Which one gives the other their jacket?

Der will have to give Blakk his jacket, because Blakk’s will not fit Der, hehe.  But Der will zip them both up in it instead.

17: Who keeps getting threatened by the other’s overprotective older sibling?

So far, Der’s older siblings have pretty much stayed out of it … and Blakk doesn’t have any.  So far, so good!

18: Who’s the first one to admit they have feelings for the other?


19: How good would your OTP be at parenting?

On a scale of 1 to 10, they would be at -1,000,000,000.

20: Which one types with perfect grammar and which one types using numbers as letters?

Blakk types with perfect grammar, because he had a proper Imperial upbringing. Der takes all the shortcuts.

21: Who gets attacked by a bully and who protects them?

Blakk would probably be the one attacked (he has been before).  Der would either kill or seriously maim the attacker.

22: Who makes the bad puns and who makes a pained smile every time the other makes a pun?

They try to outdo each other on bad puns.  Blakk will sometimes giggle at Der’s and Der will sometimes smile.

23: Who comes home from work to see that the other one bought a puppy?

Blakk does, and he is horrified, hahaha.

24: Which one gives the other a piggyback ride when they’re tired?

Although only Der is strong enough to lift Blakk, the answer is neither.  Der would make him walk and Blakk would never ask. XD

25: Which one competes in some sort of activity and which one does the overzealous cheering?

Blakk will (eventually) compete in swoop racing, and Der would start out completely impassive and eventually be the loudest (and most aggressive) cheer-er in the crowd. XD

26: Who takes a selfie when the other one falls asleep on their shoulder?


27: Which one would give the other a makeover if they asked?

Neither of them would have the faintest idea where to begin, and neither would ever think to ask.

28: Which one owns a pet that the other is absolutely terrified of?

Der, ahahaha. If and when he gets a pet. XD

29: Which one holds the umbrella over both of them when it rains?

Der. But sometimes he makes Blakk hold it because Blakk is shorter and would find it more awkward.  Blakk responds by bumping the umbrella into Der’s face by “accident,” until Der snatches it away.

30: If your OTP went on vacation, where would they go and what would they do? Who would take the pictures?

Even though Blakk would campaign long and hard for Tatooine, they would probably end up on Rishi.  Check out the pirate scene, race some swoops.  Neither would remember to take pictures because not leaving evidence behind is too ingrained as agents.