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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 1]

New Series!!! Request by an awesome anon that inspired me to turn it into a series :) hope you guys enjoy!

Series Genre: Angst/Smut/Fluff

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New Year, New Beginnings

“You’re at sort of a crossroads now. Things are going to change,” my mom assured me over the phone. I was bawling. You know, the ugly crying that makes your face puffy and your eyes bloodshot and your sinuses full of snot. I cry once or twice a year, and rarely do I ever have one of these ugly cries. 

I had just hung up with Dr. S, my mentor whose job I took over in 2015. It was a really awkward conversation in which I just blurted out, “I don’t really know how to get into this, but I need you to know that I’m really not happy here.” I told her I was very grateful for the opportunity to take over for her and for everything she had done for me, but this job is killing me and I need to leave. We ended up having a lengthy conversation where I outlined all the reasons why I could not stay. 

The next day I talked my other partner. He seemed angry, though he wasn’t entirely surprised. I wondered: if neither of them was surprised that I was unhappy, why had neither of them addressed it with me before? Why had neither of them asked me how I was doing or asked what could be done to make the job better? 

Both of them were understanding, but they were both patronizing in their responses to me. I think they both think that I’m still in the naive pre-med mindset and that I don’t realize that this job is hard. They both even implied that my loneliness here was entirely my fault and that I wasn’t participating in community events (you know, because going to funerals, visitations, local restaurants, church services, civic club meetings, festivals, and freaking pig shows don’t count as participating in community events). I was also told, “don’t think any other job is going to be any easier,” and “family doctors don’t make much money anywhere in this country,” as if working 60 hours a week with no support for a bottom 5% salary is the norm… It has also been suggested that my goal of practicing full spectrum family medicine (which I did in residency) is really unrealistic.

“You need to focus on you now. Don’t worry about them. Find a job you love and move as soon as you can. I don’t like seeing you like this.” I know my depression and dissatisfaction over the last year have really worried my mom. I think my ugly cry that day was really the release of a great burden. I already feel more free knowing that I have more options than staying here. 

I came here believing God put me here for a reason. I still believe that. I have come to realize that God’s reasons aren’t always to make us happy in the short term. But by bringing me here, he has certainly taught me to depend on him more in my loneliness and sadness, and he is continually teaching me to work on my boundaries. I think this experience is going to make me a better doctor and stronger person in the long run, even if it was a miserable desert of a year. 

“Behold, I am doing a new thing;
   now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
I will make a way in the wilderness
   and rivers in the desert.”

Isaiah 43:19


jiyong is so lovely and precious in every way

Tennessee (Usnavi x Reader)

Word Count:1,691

 Warinings: Swear words, Rejection, Fluff

Authors Note: My first in the heights imagine! hope you guys like it. Also to the anon who requested: Thank you for requesting! loved the prompt! REQUESTS ARE OPEN SO PLEASE REQUEST. ALSO I LOVE IT WHEN YOU GUYS MESSAGE ME ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS ON MY FICS, SO KEEP THEM COMING! 

Request: Could I request an usnavi x reader fix where they meet for the first time and the reader flirts with him and he’s being oblivious. 

“Nina you really didn’t have to invite me over…” you began. “Nonsense, you’re my best friend! And besides, you’ve been dreaming of New York for too many months Y/N” Nina replied with a smile on her face. It was true, you loved New York. You and Nina had met your first year of college at Stanford. After weeks of cramming for tests, and crying over finals you had made it to summer. Well, kind of, Nina had dropped out and had asked to stay with you in your apartment. You happily agreed, as she was one of your best friends. Being roommates with her just sealed the deal. As a way to repay you, Nina had promised to take you home with her for summer break to Washington Heights. And so, here you were, taking in the sights of the big city before hopping on the subway to her neighborhood. “Wow, I can’t believe you get to live here!” you squealed getting on the uptown subway. “Really Y/N, it’s not that great” Nina laughed as she watched you admire the aura of the big city. You got off at 181st street and walked to her family’s dispatch where she was greeted by her parents with a big hug. “Ah, and you must be Y/N” her mother said. You smiled and waved when you were pulled into a hug. “Thank you for taking care of NIna” she said holding onto you tightly. You laughed “I think she’s helped me more times than I’ve helped her” you responded as her mother let go of you. “We were just about to go run some errands, Nina.” her father began as he and Nina’s mother were headed to the door, “We’ll have a celebratory dinner when we get back!” he exclaimed as he left the building. Then a head popped out from behind the corner. “Nina?” a tall, buff male figure walked into the dispatch. “Benny!” she exclaimed. They hugged for a quick embrace when he turned to you. “Benny this is Y/N, Y/N Benny” Nina introduced. You stuck out a hand. “It’s a pleasure” you said smiling. “Well, we’re gonna go out and say hi to the others in the Barrio” Nina said to Benny as she grabbed your hand to drag you out. Benny’s face fell. “I’ll see you tonight?” he questioned. “Yup” Nina replied with a smile she couldn’t hide. As soon as you exited the dispatch you turned to Nina “You didn’t tell me the guys here were so hot!” you exclaimed. Nina doubled over laughing before she should say a coherent sentence “hey, keep your hands off of Benny. He’s mine.” she said in a teasing manner. You wiggled your eyebrows teasing her back, when your stomach grumbled loudly. “Wow, I guess I’m hungry” you said. “Let’s go to the bodega, we’ll pick up something to eat there.” Nina said leading you to a small corner store. As soon as you walked in, you headed straight for the chocolate aisle. When you reappeared from the aisle you headed to the cash register as you saw Nina talking so someone. You made your way to the register and set your multiple bars of chocolate on the counter when he turned around.  

Holy shit, Usnavi had never seen you around before. If he had, he definitely would not have forgotten. You two stared at eachother for what seemed like a couple minutes when Nina stepped in. “Usnavi this is Y/N, Y/N Usnavi” she said from behind Usnavi giving you a smirk. “Um I’m Usnavi, Hi” He said. You giggled at how awkward he was. He was adorably cute… scratch that he was actually pretty hot. He had dark facial hair, and these eyes. His eyes were so dark and deep you felt like you were looking into a bottomless well. Uh oh, you were staring again. You awkwardly shifted and put out  hand. “It’s nice to meet you Usnavi” you said trying not to blush. Nina was basically taunting you from behind Usnavi making kissy faces, and wiggling her eyebrows. “Usnavi actually makes the best coffee” she said. “Really! I love coffee!” you said excitedly. “Well, I’m gonna go back to the dispatch to see how Benny is doing. It was nice to see you Usnavi” She said before she turned to you. “Take your time Y/N” she said before winking. Before you could resist she was out the door. You slowly turned back to Usnavi pulling all of the pick up lines you had in your head. You were an effortless flirt. Never purposefully flirting, but your personality made everyone drawn to you. You always managed to get a few guys without trying, but when you wanted somebody, your flirting went from 100 to 0. Your brain shut down at trying to impress Usnavi. You reached for your wallet to pay when he stopped you. “It’s on the house Y/N, any friend of Nina is like family.” He said pouring you a cup of coffee and putting your chocolates in a bag. You reached over and touched his arm thanking him. No reaction. ‘Damn it’ you thought it usually worked when you touched them in casual conversation. You began to try to make small talk with Usnavi twirling the ends of your hair. Mid conversation about how he makes his coffee he noticed you playing with your hair. ‘Score!’ you thought. “We have a salon next door, if your hair is bothering you I’m sure Carla will be able to fix it up for you” he said motioning to your hair. Your self esteem deflated like a balloon that had been stabbed by an axe. ‘Last resort’ you thought. “So are you from Tennessee?” you began, but before you could add on to the corny pick up line (which was “because you’re the only Ten-I-See”) He abruptly cut in. “No, actually I’m from the Dominican Republic…” You had officially reached your flirting limitations, silently giving up on Usnavi. He was too hot for you anyways you thought. When he had finished ranting about the Dominican Republic, you waved to him before walking out the door heavy hearted.

Usnavi had followed you with his gaze until you turned the corner. He sighed just at the thought of you, you were absolutely gorgeous in his eyes. Not only that but totally out of his league. He was interrupted from his thoughts when Sonny came out from the back room clapping slowly. “Wow, good job cous.” he began. “What do you mean?” Usnavi questioned. “Dude, she was trying so hard to flirt with you, but each time you shot her down. You know that?” Sonny said trying not to crack up. Usnavi’s eyes widened as be began to realize each one of your attempts. He had surely thought you were off the market and you were purely being nice. “Shit what do I do Sonny?” Usnavi asked slightly panicking. “I dunno man, but you’d better catch her before she leaves again” Sonny replied before disappearing into the back room again.

You had finished getting dressed up for Nina’s celebratory dinner. You were wearing a flattering dress and some heels with a little extra makeup to make up for  the fact that you had just gotten rejected a few hours ago. “I can not believe Usnavi does not want to tap that” Nina said next to you as she put on her final coat of mascara. “It’s whatever, he’s probably out of my league anyways” you replied trying to forget about him. You dug around your makeup bag for your stick of deodorant. “Shit” you said as you realized you had forgotten to pack your deodorant. “Hey Nina do you have any deodorant?” you asked. “No, I was just about to go to the store to get some. Could you go for me? My mom wants to take pictures.” Nina replied. Horror struck you once you realized you would have to face Usnavi again. Reading your mind, Nina said: “Don’t worry, Usnavi is probably on his break. It’ll probably be Sonny”. You reluctantly took the $5 Nina took out of her bag to go buy the deodorant.

Thankfully Nina was right, Usnavi was nowhere in sight as you checked out the deodorant. A much younger boy was putting your purchase in a bag as you gave him the 5 dollars. He gave you the change and you headed out thanking the boy over your shoulder. As soon as you stepped out of the bodega, you ran into a person. Usnavi. Of course. You were so close of avoiding this situation. “Umm, hey Y/N” he said helping you up. “Usnavi” you acknowledged before hurrying past him. Before you could get more than a few feet away from him he grabbed onto your wrist, tugging slightly so you would turn around. You looked at the sidewalk unable to meet his eyes. “So… um earlier today, were you trying to flirt with me?” Usnavi asked. Oh god, you were not ready for this confrontation. “Yeah I was, you obviously weren’t into me, and I got the memo Usnavi. I’ll stop bothering you.” you said coldly starting to walk again. This time you didn’t get far at all before he stepped in front of you. “Hey Y/N?” he asked. “Yes.” you replied. “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only Ten I See” He asked sheepishly looking at you. You slowly met his gaze and cracked a half smile before bursting out laughing. “What? Did I do it wrong?” he asked panic evident in his voice. You looked at him dead seriously and said: “you’ve got a little something on your face”. A crimson blush rose to his cheeks and turned away brushing at his face. “Here let me get it for you” you said  using your finger to swipe his face toward you before you planted a kiss onto his lips. When you pulled away, he looked at you with his dark eyes, resting his forehead on yours. “I definitely caught on to that one” he whispered. You laughed softly. “Hey Y/N, I think you missed a spot.”  

Imagine lil tiny 5 year old simon trying to make friends in the playground and him going up to introduce himself like holding his hand out and saying “hi I’m Simon what’s your name?” With a huge grin on his face but the other kids run away screaming because there’s fire coming out of his hands and he’s not normal then they laugh at him for looking so happy when he’s such a monster and then Simon gets upset because he just wants to make friends so he goes to sit by himself and Baz sees him crying and comes over to him to try and cheer him up by telling him that HES a monster too and simon starts giggling because who on earth could look like such a nice monster

Piece by Piece

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Request: Juice imagine based on ‘Piece by Piece’ by Kelly Clarkson


You sat on the pavement of your street, tears streaming down your face as you watched your father drive away.
He had finally left, after another fight with your mother. You had begged him to stay, begged him to love you, but he had pushed you aside and thrown his suitcase into the backseat and drove off, without a second glance.
Sobs took over your body and you sat, your little white dress getting dirty on the ground but you didn’t care.
Juan Carlos Ortiz looked out his window and saw the girl from his class, crying on the street.
He bit his lip before walking into his garden. He looked amongst his mothers flowers before plucking a pink rose from the bush. His small fingers ran over the delicate petals and he smiled to himself before running around the side of the house.
He approached you slowly, suddenly unsure of himself.
You didn’t notice your neighbour approach, it was only when he cleared his throat that you looked up through blurry eyes.
You wiped the tears away clearly and looked at the boy from school, a perfect pink rose held out in front of him.
You took it gently and smiled warmly at him before holding it in your small hands.
You studied the petals and Juan sat on the pavement next to you.
You both sat in silence, both of you looking at the perfect rose as tears dried on your cheeks.


“Juan!” You called out as you placed the bowl of chips into the centre of the table.
Balloons hung from each corner of the room and you smiled to your self as you looked at your work.
Juan ran into the room, a wide smile on his face.
“Did you do it?” You asked.
Juice nodded eagerly and you both grinned at each other before running to the window and peering out into the street, where Juan had tied a bunch of balloons to your letterbox.
And you both waited.
You waited for hours, and still, he didn’t show.
After three hours you sat on the floor, your hands in your lap and your heart defeated.
“Its okay, (y/n), we can still celebrate your birthday.” Juan said.
You looked up at him as tears filled your eyes.
“He promised.” You said quietly as a tear rolled down your cheek.
Juan nodded slowly and slid down the wall next to you.
And once again, you sat in silence as you sobbed. Juan put his arm over your shoulder lightly as you cried. Once again, let down by your father.


Cheers filled the room and you tossed your cap into the air.
Hundreds of graduation caps rained down on you but you laughed joyfully.
Your eyes scanned the room and you met your mothers eye, and couldn’t help the disappointment that filled your heart when you saw the empty seat next to her.
But Juan nudged you and you grinned at your best friend and threw your arms around his neck, hugging him tightly.
Half an hour later you both walked out of the school hallway for the last time, huge grins on both your faces as you walked down the front steps.
“Are you gonna come to the grad party tonight?” Juan asked you.
You nodded.
“Yeah, i think Deans gonna pick me up at seven, mom wants to have a ‘special dinner’.” You said and rolled your eyes.
Juan laughed and nudged you playfully.
“Do you want a ride? I could ask Dean?” You asked.
Juan scoffed and shook his head.
“No way, I’ll find my own ride.” He said and you nodded sadly.
Juan had never gotten on well with your boyfriend Dean. You weren’t sure why, but Juan tried to be as happy for you as he could. He really was the best friend you could ask for.
“I’ll see you there, kiddo.” Juan said and ruffled your hair.
You punched him softly in the gut and you both laughed.
You smoothed down your hair and waved goodbye to him as you walked towards Dean, who leant against his car waiting for you with a scowl on his face.
Juan glanced around the party, his eyes scanning for you as music pumped through the speakers.
It wasn’t like you to be late for a party and he hadn’t seen you turn up. The party had been in full swing for more than an hour now and he checked his phone. No new messages.
Juan frowned and took a sip from his cup before moving through the crowd of drunken teenagers.
He walked outside to get some fresh air when he spotted Dean leaning against a wall and talking to his friends, plastic red cups in all their hands.
Juan frowned and walked closer.
“Wheres (y/n)?” He asked loudly.
The guys stopped talking and looked at Juan. Dean shrugged his shoulders.
“Fuck knows.” He said and his friends laughed.
“We broke up, Juan. She’s all yours.” Dean said and his friends sniggered.
Juan glared at them and walked away, tossing his cup to the ground as he moved.
“Is she home?” Juan asked your mother as he stood at your front door.
Your mom nodded and stepped aside, letting him into the house and closing the door behind him.
Juan practically ran to your bedroom and threw the door open.
You sat on your bed, hugging your pillow and tears down your cheeks.
You looked up as Juan stormed into the room and you met his eye before breaking down into sobs again.
He walked across the room and sunk onto the bed next to you, his arms wrapping around you and you sobbed into his chest.
His hands stroked your hair and he rocked you gently as you cried.
After a while you sat up and wiped your cheeks, and laughed awkwardly.
“Sorry, Juan.” You said quietly.
“Hey, don’t apologise.” He said and stood.
“Come on, theres a movie on and i have just enough cash for a bucket of popcorn.” He said and reached out is hand.
You looked at your best friend and smiled warmly before taking his hand and standing, tossing your pillow to the bed.


“What the fuck, Juan!” You screamed as you followed him around his room.
He ignored you and continued shoving clothes into his bag.
“You cant just leave!” You yelled and tugged at his arm.
Finally he turned to you and met your eyes.
His big brown eyes were full of sadness and you felt the anger left your body.
“I have to, (y/n). I cant explain but I.. I have to leave. Today.” He said quietly.
You stared at him and swallowed deeply.
He looked so lost and you felt your heart begin to break as you looked at him.
“Okay.” You whispered quietly.
He raised his eyebrows and looked at you questioningly.
“Okay?” He repeated.
You nodded slowly and ran your hand through your hair.
“Okay.” You said again. “But Im coming with you.”
Juan shook his head immediately.
“No way.” He said firmly but you ignored him.
“You cant leave me, Juan. I love you.” You said.
Juan sighed and rubbed his eyes.
“(Y/n), its too dangerous. I cant let you get hurt.” He said quietly.
You stepped closer and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Ill be hurt if you leave me, Juan.” You whispered.
He met your eyes and his hands held your waist gently.
Finally, he nodded.
“Okay. We’ll go. Together.” He said.
You grinned and reached up on your tip toes before planting a kiss on his lips.
He held you tightly and kissed you back deeply.


Laughter filled your house as Juice tickled your sides and you squealed.
He hovered over you while you lay on the sofa, his hands tickling your waist and both of you laughed loudly.
“Juice, stop!” You yelled and he did, standing straight while both of you laughed.
Juice lifted your legs off the sofa and sank down next to you, letting your legs drop into his lap.
He looked at you, his wide smile reaching across his cheeks, and his eyes filled with love.
You sat up and ruffled his dorky mohawk.
He chuckled lightly.
“What time do we have to be at Gems?” You asked.
“Around six.” Juice said and you nodded before swinging your legs off the couch and standing straight.
Juice pouted and you laughed.
“C’mon, Juicy boy, you can help me make salad.” You said and he leapt up with fake enthusiasm, making you laugh again.
A knock on the door caught your attention and Juice left the kitchen to answer it.
You continued to slice the potatoes in half and hummed along to the radio as you worked.
You heard the door open and thought nothing of it, until you heard Juice speak.
“What are you doing here?”
You frowned and put down the knife, and reached for the tea towel.
You wiped your hands as you walked to the front door, and once you looked up you were frozen in your place.
The towel fell to the ground as you looked at the man that had left you crying on the sidewalk 19 years ago.
“Hey princess.” He said, a small smile on his face.
Juice glared at him and you gulped.
“Wh-what are you doing here?” You asked and you moved forward to stand next to Juice.
He wrapped his arm around your waist protectively.
“I wanted to see my little girl.” Your father said and smiled warmly at you.
“Look at you, you’ve grown up so fast.”
You opened your mouth but no words came, all you could do was stare at your father, the man who had left you so many years ago. He had never made an effort before. He had missed every birthday, every performance, every game, your graduation.
“You know, nows not a good time.” Juice said and pulled you back so he could close the door.
“Please, I..Im sorry.” Your dad called out before the door closed and you looked at Juice.
“Its okay.” You whispered and kissed his cheek softly before opening the door and stepping outside, closing the door behind you.
You sat on the front step next to your father, unsure of what to say.
He asked you questions, what you were doing, how your mother was.
You answered robotically.
“Look, princess, Im sorry. I know I haven’t always been there for you. But Im here now, and Id love to get to know you.” Your father said.
You sat in disbelief as rage began to run through your body.
“You think thats enough?” You said angrily and leapt to your feet.
“You think you can just turn up like nothing happened?!” You yelled now, your hands trembling.
Your father stood and smoothed down his suit.
“Look, princess, I-“
“Dont fucking call me that!” You yelled.
His eyes widened and he backed away slowly.
“Yeah thats right, dad, run away!” You screamed and tears began to fill your eyes.
You watched as your father turned and walked down your driveway and out of your life once more.
You sunk to your knees and sobs took over your body and you didn’t notice that Juice had come outside until his arms wrapped around you and he rocked you gently.


You smiled as you watched Juice chase your daughter around the park and you leant against the park bench.
She was three years old and you had both fallen in love with her. She was as sassy as you and as cheeky as Juice and neither of you could say no to her puppy dog eyes that were so close to her fathers.
Isabella had been a blessing to the both of you and you smiled as you watched your family playing, your hand absentmindedly rubbing across your baby bump.
Soon, you would have another addition to your family, a little boy, and you were both ecstatic.
You couldn’t be prouder of Juice. He was an amazing father, and you wouldn’t have been able to get through both pregnancies with out him,
Juice waved out to you and you waved back and laughed loudly as he chased Isabella across the park and towards the ice cream stand.
You didn’t notice the man move behind you and it was only when he sat down next to you that you looked up.
“Hey, princess.”
Your breath caught in your throat and you stared at your father.
“What are you doing here?” You asked him angrily.
“Please, give me a chance. I just want to get to know my grandkids.”
You scoffed and crossed your arms over your chest.
“Why, so you can walk out on them?” You snapped and he sighed.
“Look, i just want them to have a good life. I can give you money, whatever you need, whatever they need.” He said.
You turned to him, your left eyebrow raised.
“You think i want your money?” You asked angrily.
Your father shrugged and straightened his suit jacket.
“Well I’m sure your biker boy doesn’t earn much.” He said.
You stood angrily and glared at him.
“Dont you dare.” You snarled.
Your father looked at you and shook his head.
“You really think this is the best life for you and these kids? Hanging out with some outlaw? You think these kids deserve a criminal for a father?” Your father scoffed and you suddenly smelt the alcohol on his breath.
You scoffed and shifted your bag onto your shoulder.
“Fuck you. Don’t you dare tell me Juan isn’t a good father.Especially coming out of your mouth.”
Your father stood and faced you angrily.
“He is an outlaw, (y/n).”
You stepped closer to your father, your body shaking with rage.
“Yeah, well atlas he’s not a drunk!” You spat angrily.
“Hes not going to leave me the way you did, and he’s not going to break that little girls heart. Cause he’s not like you! He loves her.” You yelled, your finger pushing into your fathers chest.
“Dont you dare, tell me how to raise my kids, when you walked out on yours.”
You said and turned, walking away form the man that broke your heart, and towards the man that fixed it.

Future Kids 2: 03 (drabble)

pairing: seokjinxreader
length: 1049 words
genre: fluff
summary: a series of drabbles in which all the members have kids. 
(A/N: dedicated to seokjin’s birthday ^.^)

jungkook | hoseok | seokjin | namjoon | taehyung | jimin | yoongi

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“Jagi! wake up.” You felt a warm breath tickling your ear as your eyes were closed, “If you don’t wake up, I’ll do something.” He whispers again, your face became flushed as you knew what he was going to do. You could already feel him making his way down there. You grabbed his wrist quickly. Not today.

“Later.” You murmur. Seokjin sighed and left the room, it was peaceful for a few minutes long. Pulling the covers back over you, you took the few minutes of silence in the room to try to fall asleep again.


“Eomma!” Your eyes flashed open and pulling yourself into sitting position, your eyes saw your 3-year-old daughter crying as Seokjin carried her into the room.

“Why did you wake her up!” You snap at Seokjin, taking your daughter from his arms you started to rub her back gently. “Appa is a bad person, don’t worry.” You glared across to Seokjin, who was currently pouting in a cute way.

“You weren’t getting up. It’s my birthday, jagi!” A grown man jumping up and down in front of you, excited for his birthday at this age. If you told anyone this they would thought you were telling lies.

“I know it is. You’ve been reminding me constantly for the past 3 months. Jagi my birthday’s in 25 days… jagi it’s my birthday in 21 days.” You had just mimicked Seokjin and you couldn’t of been more proud of yourself and couldn’t help but burst out into laughter.  “So I’ve decided that we are not going to celebrate your birthday until  I say so.”

“You’re the definition of cruel.” Seokjin mutters.

“You won’t be saying that later.” You could promise him that. For two things. One his big surprise and two well everyone was dumbfounded if they couldn’t figure out number two.

“We’ll see about that.” Seokjin narrowed his eyes and picked up your daughter, who had somehow fallen back to sleep from all the commotion that had happened. But this was casual married couple fighting.


“Can you give me a hint to one of my gifts?” Seokjin question as you sat down at the table, picking up your chopsticks you pondered on what you could fool him with.

“Another baby.” You reply. You watch as Seokjin’s eyes lit up and smile bigger than the sky, you felt a little bad that the gift wasn’t true. You had been trying to have a baby but there had been no luck so far.

“Your pregnant?” He asks.

“No… I just liked seeing your reaction.” You giggled a little, another giggle came from your daughter’s lips. You looked over to her seeing as she had copied you, ah… she was too adorable sometimes. “See, even our daughter likes to fool you.”

“I’m in a house full of girls.” Seokjin sighed to himself.

“But… you’re a girl too sometimes.” Looking down at your phone buzzing in it’s place, reading the caller ID Jimin. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Answering the call you walked away from the table.

You: Is everything set?
Jimin: Yes, everything is ready for 5.
You: We’ll see you then.


“Why do I have to wear a blindfold!?” Seokjin complained, you were carrying your daughter as well as guiding Seokjin to the right position. Only the street lights could direct you the correct way, seeing a few figures in the darkness you had realised you had arrived.

“We’re here.” You say, “Countdown from 5 out loud and then remove the blindfold.” Instructing him, you made sure he was okay before carrying your daughter over to stand with the others. All of the members and their wives had accepted the invitation to come, as well as Seokjin’s family and friends. You were surprised at how fast something like this was pulled together.

“Aish! 5..4..3..2..1.” That was it, the sounding of all of the lights and rides turning back on. As everyone stood there proudly and shouted surprise to Seokjin.

He looked up at everything, his eyes widening once he realised where he was. A theme park. To be exact an empty theme park, that was open just for his birthday. “Do you like it?” Walking over to Seokjin, he pulled you into his embrace squished your daughter in between the both of you.

“Like it. I love it. Thank you, jagi.” Seokjin presses his lips quickly against yours before he started to walk into the theme park.

You started to walk into the park still carrying your daughter in your arms, “What shall we go ride on?” You ask your daughter, she squirmed trying to release herself from your grasp. Then she took your hand pulling you over to one of the rides.

A few hours later you had finally managed to reclaim Seokjin as your own, both of you had met at the Ferris wheel. You leaned into Seokjin, resting your head on his chest as he wrapped his arm around you. “Where’s the baby?” Seokjin whispers.

“She’s with your brother, I couldn’t pull her away.” You mused lightly.

“Ah, we should just let him take her home. We can always have another baby.” Seokjin replied in a soft whisper, his voice so warm and gentle you could forget about the whole world and not even notice.

“Did you have a good birthday?”

“It was the best birthday I’ve ever had.” Seokjin presses a soft kiss on your head. “Isn’t it time for me to finish up what I tried to start this morning?” Seokjin questions, you giggled to yourself. 

He hadn’t forgotten.  

“On a Ferris wheel?” You almost wanted to burst out laughing, then again you felt the Ferris wheel come to a halt. The lights above you started to flicker before they eventually turned off. 

“We’re experiencing technical difficulties, we should be about 20 minutes.” The workers down below used a megaphone to inform the people currently on the Ferris wheel, you could sue people over this but there wasn’t much point. Things like this happened all the time.

“Well I brought a blanket and we’ve got 20 minutes to spare, that’s plenty of time to finish what I started.” Seokjin placed the blanket on the ground, this wasn’t the craziest thing you’d done.

 It was his birthday after all. 

(A/N: 9 months later… a baby arrives)

It Must Be Mine

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean somehow survived Metatron’s attack, but the Dean the reader knows and loves isn’t the one standing in front of her.

Word Count: 1,919

Warnings: Language, implied smut, Demon! Dean

A/N: This might turn out to be a series. I’m on a break from school for like a month, so I got the time. We’ll see. This also goes slightly off canon, but I guess that’s why it’s called a fanfiction.

(Gifs are not mine)

You thought Metatron had killed Dean. You watched him stab the man you loved into the heart. You held him as he was breathing for the last time whispering, begging over and over again for him to hold on, and you finally admitted to him that you loved him. You had been in love with Dean for years but were never able to admit it to his face.

You thought Dean was dead. You watched him die in your arms. You had passed out from crying so hard, still holding his dead body against your chest.

And when you woke up the next morning, you could still hear his voice.

“Y/N,” You heard Dean’s faint voice, from outside your room in the bunker.

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What if to Brendon, Ryan is the sun. He once called him a golden god afterall. That would make The Impossible Year a very very Ryden song. Here we go:

 There’s no sunshine- Ryan is gone, no more sun
Only black days and sky grey- the day and the night make golden skies, without Ryan the days are nights (black days) and the sky cannot be golden
Just typhoons and monsoons- the northern dowpour has become a wretched storm
Just a beachfront of bad blood- Cape Town is where things are assumed to have gone awry, making the beach bad blood  
There’s no you and me
This impossible year
- the year after Ryan left, having to face the fans alone and not show any bitterness or sadness over Ryan leaving him, keeping things purely professional and not having that same spark anymore
Only heartache and heartbreak- Obvious
And gin made of tears- Bren likes to drink, and usually people cry when they break up, hense some tears probably fell in his drink
That tattoo, your last bruise- read the lyrics to diamonds and gold, and Ryan once painted a black eye for Brendon
These nightmares always hang on past the dream- the dream was being with Ryan, the nightmare was letting other people know the dream

Orphan one-shot series pt. 2

Here’s part 2, wherein Prompto finds a smart, yet traumatised, toddler during his time hunting in the darkness! This is all fluff btw- very little angst and soooo different to ‘Until I See You Again (Noctis)’! The response to Noct’s part was PHENOMENAL by the way- so thank you all for reading! And sorry for making ya’ll cry huhuhuhu! Enjoy this fluff as compensation :)

Can We Keep Him, Please? (Prompto):

You stare out of your small apartment’s window, worry lining your face as you wonder when your boyfriend will be back from his latest hunt. It’s been almost a week already, and even though you knew he was essentially on a search and rescue mission, you could not help but worry about his safety. Over the years, since Noctis had disappeared into the Crystal and darkness engulfed all the land, Prompto had become an adept warrior. Sure, his techniques were a little unorthodox, but Cor had approved of his battle-field mettle so you also trusted Prompto’s ability to protect himself as well.

You let out a troubled sigh and stare longingly out at the darkness. It has been four years since Noctis’ disappearance. The people of Eos were losing hope- whole families were being wiped out, their stories silenced for eternity. You were scared. You didn’t want anyone dear to you to die. But in a world such as this, it was inevitable. And so, you could only hope that your dearest Prompto would survive- at least until he got to see his best friend once again.

Lost deep in your thoughts, you leaned your head against the uncomfortably cool window. Your eyelids grew heavy and you let out another shaky sigh before your tiredness carried you off to a restless sleep. You fell asleep wishing for Prompto’s warm embrace to protect you from your inevitable nightmares.

You’re not sure how long you’d been asleep, but you’ve been roused by the sound of your front door opening. Familiar footfalls shuffle into the room and you hear the tiniest sniffles fill your silent apartment. You immediately bolt up from your place at the window, ignoring the painful crick in your neck, and make your way towards the front hallway to greet Prompto.

“Sunshine,” you call out tiredly, “is that you?”

“Yeah, y/n. I’m home.” Prompto calls back, though his tone does not hold its usual rambunctiousness. You raise an eyebrow and hasten your pace to meet Prompto in the hallway. As soon as your blond boyfriend in visible, you pause and double-take at the small boy standing beside Prompto, clutching onto your boyfriend’s hand like he was the only thing he had left in the world. The little boy stares up at you, his eyes clouded with tears, and he hiccupped adorably.

Immediately, you push your wariness away for the time being and kneel down so that you’re eye-level with the little boy.

“Hey there,” you speak in a hushed tone, “what’s your name?” you ask the impossibly fragile looking boy. You take in his matted auburn hair hanging over his small ears, and his shiny teal coloured eyes. The child is beautiful, but he seems incredibly broken. The boy’s pink lips part slowly to answer you.

“Cirrus,” his soft voice sounds like an angel’s voice, and you are absolutely in love with the small miracle grasping onto Prompto’s larger hand. “I’m three. I’m a big boy,” he continued, fresh tears streaming down his red cheeks. You can’t help but coo and breach the small distance between yourself and the boy. You gently wind your arms around his small figure and envelope him in a tender hug, in an attempt to soothe the poor darling’s tears. Prompto tries to withdraw from the two of you, tired from his travels and keen for a bath, but Cirrus whines and maintains a death grip on Prompto’s thumb.

Prompto sighs, a bright grin on his face despite his travel wariness. “Alright kiddo, I’m not going anywhere. I just need to get myself cleaned up. Then I’ll come back and we can get a bath started for you too!” Cirrus whines in protest and shakes his head. You card your fingers gently through the small boy’s messy hair and frown when you notice a wet substance in his locks. You pull your hand away from his hair and gasp loudly out of shock from the traces of blood on your palms.

“Prompto! Grab the first-aid kit! He’s bleeding!” You can’t help but panic as you pull yourself away from Cirrus and try to check the silently sobbing boy for any more hidden injuries. You barely notice when Prompto moves to kneel beside you and moves to pull Cirrus away from your panicked hold.

“Relax! That’s not his blood- I found him hiding underneath a rotting behemoth carcass. Kid’s pretty smart- even daemons know not to go anywhere near a behemoth. Lucky for us, daemons aren’t the brightest bulbs in the world, so they stayed clear of our little adventurer- isn’t that right?” Prompto cheers, although his voice is gentle and quiet. You can’t help but smile fondly as Cirrus nods quickly before burying his nose into Prompto’s chest- seeking his warmth and the safety the older male can surely afford him.

Prompto kneels on the ground with Cirrus in his arms for a few more minutes, and you soon notice a change in the boy’s breathing pattern. He’s no longer sniffling and holding in sobs. He’s now fast asleep, his breath moving in and out with the deed rise and fall of his tiny chest. Prompto smirks and you feel an overwhelming warmth engulf your chest as you watch your boyfriend press a lingering kiss on the top of the boy’s filthy head. Prompto’s sky-blue eyes meet your own gaze and you have the clarity of mind to throw him what you hoped was a stern look.

“We need to talk about this. But first, go clean him up with you. He might cry when you wake him, but it’s important he’s cleaned first. He could get sick from the chill caused by the damp blood…” You shiver as you speak about the young boy’s sorry state. To your relief, Prompto doesn’t protest- he simply shoots you a thankful smile and turns on his heel with Cirrus in his arms, absolutely ready to shoulder the responsibility of bathing the adorable, yet traumatised, three year old boy.

While the two boys in the house are cleaning up, you decide to make yourself useful and begin to prepare a simple dinner of rice, soup, and vegetable side dishes. That was all you had the energy to cook. You felt a little bad for Prompto and Cirrus, but you figure you can whip up something better the following day when you’re rested up well after spending a whole night cycle in your boyfriend’s protective embrace.

For the next half an hour while you cook, you hear giggles and shrieks emanating from the bathroom- both from Prompto and Cirrus. You shake your head and dish out appropriate portions of food for each of you and place the food on the small dining table. You then take your seat and idly take to reading a random book Gladio had left in the apartment after his last visit. Soon, Prompto and a much brighter looking Cirrus join you at the table. You immediately break into a sweet smile at the sight of Cirrus, and gesture towards his bowl of food.

“Hope you’re hungry sweetie, I made you something to eat!” Cirrus’ teal eyes widen before they crinkle into upside-down half-moons. He smiles brightly your way and it is then that you realise you are in love with this little boy. There was just something so pure about him… you already thought of him as yours. You glance at Prompto and tilt your head at his bowl of food with a soft smile lingering on your lips. “There you go, Prom. Dinner’s kind of simple tonight- sorry.” Prompto shakes his head and immediately spoons some of his food into his mouth. He hums in bliss and shoots you the universal ‘okay’ sign from across the table.

“This is perfect, y/n! Thanks- hey Cirry, dig in! It’s the best food in Lestallum!” You gasp in mild shock at Prompto’s bold statement as Cirrus carefully places a spoon of food into his small mouth.

“Don’t tell lies! Ignis is way better than me…” you trail off, letting your gaze settle on the little one’s movements as he devours his food with adorable concentration. He spills a few spoonfuls of food onto the placemat you set out, but overall he is a highly coordinated toddler. You can’t help but be impressed and proud of the boy. Noticing your gaze on him, Cirrus raises his spoon at you and squeals happily. You can’t help the way your heart flutters at how absolutely adorable the auburn haired boy is.

“You wouldn’t understand,” Prompto suddenly says after swallowing his food, “food tastes TOTALLY different when a girl cooks for you!” You roll your eyes at Prompto’s overly used line, but you can’t hide the tiny flush that makes its way up from your neck to your cheeks. Prompto is really too sweet to you sometimes. The three of you soon finish your dinner and Cirrus’ eyes start to fall shut at the table. Prompto immediately hurries over and takes the sweet boy into his protective arms and cradles him close, swaying to-and-fro. Your gaze softens and your heart absolutely melts at the sight- Prompto was SUCH a good father…

You pause your thoughts, eyes widening. Father? Where did that thought come from? If Prompto was Cirrus’ new father (you correctly assume that Cirrus is an orphan, otherwise Prompto would be in a LOT of trouble for kidnapping), wouldn’t this whole ‘situation’ make you Cirrus’ mother?

You feel a sense of peace wash over you as the thought of being Cirrus’ mother enters your mind. You envision living your life alongside Prompto- watching your son grow into a wonderful man… watching the first Dawn after the eternal darkness’ long plague of the lands…

You want to see the Dawn. You want to see it with both of them.

You catch Prompto’s eyes with your own gaze and he shoots you a lop-sided smile. He leans down to press another kiss to Cirrus’ cheek, and you can tell that Prompto’s absolutely smitten with fatherly affection for this boy.

“Hey, y/n?” Prompto asks you, in a hushed whisper. You nod quietly, maintaining direct eye-contact. Prompto flushes a light pink and he cuddles Cirrus closer to his well-muscled chest. “Can we keep him? Please?”

You nod immediately, stepping towards Prompto and Cirrus before taking the time to place kisses on both their cheeks as you joined their embrace. Standing there, holding each other together… you felt like a whole family. You felt warmth. You felt safe. You weren’t scared any more. You had something to be brave about now.

“He’s ours now. We’ll protect him. We’ll do it together.”

Lunatic Love

@hardcorewwetrash I’m gonna tag you in my fics as I’m still so new to this hope you don’t mind

Dean Ambrose x Reader

You wake up gently smiling when you feel your boyfriends arm around your waist. Letting out a contented sigh you turn over to face him burying your head into his chest and snuggling closer.
You’ve been dating Dean for a year happier then you ever have been. He’s a far cry from the cocky, self assured lunatic shown on TV. He treats you like a princess always buying you little gifts just to show you loves you. There’s nothing both of you like more then cuddling on the sofa just happy to be together.

You’re thoughts are interrupted by the feeling of Deans arms wrapping around you holding you tight while he places a soft kiss of your forehead. “Morning princess” his voice is heavy with sleep, you tilt your head up kissing him on the lips smiling when he deepens the kiss slipping his tongue in to explore your mouth.
He pulls away with a cheeky smile and you can tell he’s got an idea. He quickly rolls you over before settling on top of you resting himself between your legs.

“What are you doing Mr. Ambrose” you giggle knowing exactly what he has in mind. “Just wait and see princess” Dean replies giving you a quick kiss before kissing down to your neck his hands reaching under your pyjama top to run over your stomach. You tilt your head back giving him more access already feeling heat starting to pool in your belly. Dean nips gently at your neck pulling away to lift your top over your head before returning to your neck his hand coming up to cup your breast. “Fuck Dean that feels good” you cry out when his hand gently pinches your nipple. Dean replies by kissing his way down to your other breast sucking your nipple into his mouth. You moan arching your back silently begging for more feeling wetness pool at your core. “Shit Dean need to touch you” you breathe out desperate for more. Dean let’s your nipple go a whine leaving your mouth at the loss. He smirks at this before reply “I don’t think so baby this is about you.” You go to protest but stop when Dean starts kissing down your stomach tugging your shorts down with one hand.

When Dean reaches your pussy he stops placing a quick kiss to your clit causing you to inhale sharply. Dean gives you a smirk before running his finger through your folds moaning when he feels how wet you are. “Fuck (Y/N) you’re soaked already! I cant wait any more need to make you cum princess.” her exclaims before quickly burying is mouth in your pussy tongue pushing inside  to taste your wetness. Your hands goes straight to the back of his head tangling in his hair trying to push his tongue deeper inside you. Dean pulls his tongue out immediately replacing it with one of his fingers licking at your clit harshly. “Shit Dean just like that fuck you know just how to make cum!” you cry already feeling overwhelmed by the sensations your pussy gushing with desire. Dean responds by adding another finger curling them to the left to hit your special spot making you cry out his name and clutch his head tighter. He increases his pressure with his tongue thrusting his fingers in and out of you harshly. He carries this on for another minute before you cry out “Dean please I’m so close don’t stop.  Dean doesn’t let up with his fingers and sucks your clit into his mouth the sensation causing you to explode screaming Deans name.

Dean waits until you come down from your high before he removes his fingers licking your release off them and looking you in the eye as you lay panting on the bed. You can see how hard he is in his boxers his cock almost bursting out of them. You reach for him pulling him into a kiss tasting yourself on his lips and tongue. You shove his boxers down his thick cock bouncing out to slap his stomach as he kicks them away. When you reach out to touch his cock Dean slaps your hand away smiling at your puzzled expression.
“I told you princess this is about you, now lay back and let my cock make you feel good,” Dean says lining up with your entrance and sliding in gently. He thrusts gently not wanting this to be a hard fuck. You moan at the  slow pace loving the feeling of Dean being inside of you. Deans lips covers yours in a gentle kiss full of meaning before resting his forehead against yours staring into your eyes still thrusting gentle but deep. “Fuck (Y/N) you feel so good I love being inside you.” Dean cries covering your lips again in a passionate kiss. The kiss continues until you break it moaning out Deans name as you feel yourself reaching your peak again the pace driving you crazy. “Shit I love it when you moan my name princess want you to shout it when you cum,” Dean moans reaching down to play with your clit again feeling his own orgasm close. You throw your head back so close to cumming. Dean attaches his mouth to your neck biting gently but enough to throw you over the edge.

“Fuck Dean I’m cumming DEAN!!!” you shout unable to control yourself your pussy clamping down on his cock causing him to lose control and cum inside you. “(Y/N) shit fuck me too” Dean cries thrusting hard twice before stilling and resting his head in the crook of your neck breathing heavily. Once you’ve both recovered Dean lifts his head up kissing you sweetly before saying “(Y/N)  I love you so much, I’m so lucky to have you and I’m gonna try my best to keep you happy for the rest of my life.” You beam at him kissing him gently before replying “I love you too Dean, I want to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as I am being with you.” Dean smiles leaning down to kiss you again knowing that you truly are perfect for him.

You, my dear BB, are extraordinary. You helped her so much, and stuck with her until you physically couldn’t manage much more. You’re a stubborn fighter in the face of crossing over, but your time here physically is completed. It’s okay to let go. I’m thankful to have met you, if only for brief periods in your life. Hopefully you forgive when I was a child, and got in your face. I still remember your claws across my eyes, and you looking very offended. But no grudges are held, and you taught me something that day. Even if it was followed by 3 year old me crying and screaming.

You are loved. And I’m sure we’ll meet again.

Random things I associate with the signs

Aries: setting off fire crackers in a parking lot, jumping off trains, water skiing, midnight walks

Taurus: flowers blooming, valentines day cards, a blank canvas, your favourite snack

Gemini: colourful balloons, laughing till you cry, sharing the same interest with someone, intense cardio workouts

Cancer: ocean waves, small town churches, reading diary entries from 5 years ago, your favourite blanket

Leo: waking up with perfect hair, planning your travels, Halloween parties, expensive Perfume

Virgo: a memory board, finally texting your crush, sharing ambitions and life goals, star gazing

Libra: classic 90s diners, throwing a surprise party, cheek kisses, feeling happy

Scorpio: massive unorganized book collections, over 1000 songs on iTunes , black clothing, hard rum

Sagittarius: rock climbing, a messy bed, broken mirror, trying on lots of clothes without buying anything

Capricorn: resting bitch face, sandy beaches, texting two boys at once, harry potter

Aquarius: alternative music, bean bag chairs, messy but clean rooms, really good speakers

Pisces: cotton candy, shy smiles, butterflies, homemade sweets

DIVED IN TOO DEEP || Sirius x Reader

A/N: angst, but also fluff, friendship, hinted Sirius x Reader.But some things are best left unsaid.”

“Please Lily, don’t cry, don’t cry!“ You said, furiously wiping away a few of your own tears. 

A year ago, when you walked through the big, wooden doors and into the entrance hall as an exchange student, you never would have guessed that saying goodbye would end up being this hard. Even if it was only a 12 month long visit, it was the time of your life. You found friends you couldn’t imagine being without anymore. You fell in love, and you never said a word about it.

A quick glance over at the boys and their serious faces, their sad eyes and especially Sirius’ rigid and tense body, told you that now wasn’t the right time to confess it. But then again, was there ever a right time?

“I’m sorry, I’m just going to m-miss you s-so much!” Lily cried out and flung her arms around your neck. You staggered backwards but automatically wrapped your arms around the red haired girl. You never really had a friend quite as special as her. “I will miss you, too. Promise to write me whenever you can, okay?” You mumbled into her hair, trying hard to stifle the sobs that wanted to escape your lips. You heard her sniff and then she pulled back and gave you a weak, watery but honest smile. “I promise, I swear, I can give you the pinky promise.” She laughed through her tears and you couldn’t help but join in. The pinky promise was something the two of you developed fairly early in your friendship. Without hesitating you held out your finger and hooked it with hers. “You’re my best friend.” You whispered and looked into her familiar green eyes. That sentence held so many words left unspoken, so many thank you’s and so many memories that Lily burst into tears again. “I love you.” She replied, always having been more vocal about her feelings. With a lingering kiss to her cheek and a last smile you turned to the others.

Remus, Sirius, James, Peter and Alice stood about a foot away and watched the scene unfold with mixed feelings, none of which were positive. They let you into their hearts so quickly and now they had to say goodbye. Everything felt surreal to them.

Peter and Alice were the first to step forward and hug you goodbye. It wasn’t as long lasting or as painful as Lily’s goodbye, but you were grateful for that. You hugged them both at the same time and thanked them for the beautiful moments and let them go so they could join Lily and try to cheer her up.

James was the next to walk up to you and without a word he pulled you into his arms and pressed a kiss to your hair. “Stay safe, little one.” “Don’t call me that.” You protested weakly, secretly loving the nickname. “Keep an eye on Lily, okay?” You mumbled and looked into his eyes, needing his confirmation. “I would never let anything happen to her.” You smiled at him and slapped the back of his head gently. “Tell her how you feel, James.” The faint hint of a blush could be seen on his cheeks but then he nodded. “I will soon. What about you though?” “How did you know?” You looked at him with round eyes, surprise flashing across your features. “I saw the way you look at Sirius, little one. He’s my best mate, I’m bound to notice.” He grinned and flicked your forehead lovingly. “It would just make everything worse don’t you think?” “Unfortunately, I agree. The two of you would have been a dream team.” James sounded as sad as you felt. With a croaked out and broken “Goodbye James ..” you kissed his cheek as well and then made your way to Remus.

Remus smiled at you, refusing to let the sadness get the better of him. Not yet, not as long as you were still here. “Watch out for yourself, okay?” He mumbled into your hair, as soon as you stepped into his open arms. You nodded and told him to do the same. “I need you to be happy Remus, promise me you will try to be happy ..” You took his face into your hands and rested your forehead against his. Out of all the boys, as much as you loved all of them, you always had a soft spot for Remus. He’s been through so much and you never failed to remind him that he deserved so much more. “For you I will try.” His voice cracked at the end and he buried his face in your shoulder for a few precious seconds before lifting you up and spinning you around. Both of you laughed a little and then he slowly let go of you and met your eyes. “I ..” He couldn’t finish the sentence but he didn’t need to. “I know, I love you, too.” Now the sadness was overwhelming and he knew he had to leave or he would cry. You nodded, understanding him without words. “Go, it’s okay.”

At the same time as Remus left in the direction of the lake, you reached Sirius. He looked down at you, his storm grey eyes full emotions. “Do you really have to leave? Are you sure the year is over?” He asked half-jokingly. “I wish it wasn’t.” No other words were shared, as if you were one being with one mind, you stepped into each other’s arms. You wrapped yours around his waist and hid your face in his chest, while Sirius nuzzled his nose into your hair and rubbed your back soothingly. None of you knew how long you stood there, none of you cared who was still left to watch. After what seemed like ages you let go of each other. “There are so many things I want to say.” You breathed out, hands still resting on his hips, not yet ready to let him go. “I know, me too.” He stroked a curl of your hair behind your ear and leaned down to press a lingering, gentle and loving kiss to your forehead. He had to close his eyes as pain surged through him so intense that he felt it almost physically. “But some things are best left unsaid.” He finished his sentence and finally let go of you. You thought that nothing you ever experienced in your life, hurt quiet as much as this moment.

“No, I am done.” She said with flames dancing in her eyes.

“You’re done?” He asked.

“Its just not fair. I spent five years crying over this guy.” Her voice wasn’t coaxed with sadness, more like regret. “Its his loss. He didnt choose me. He didnt want me. So why should I be the one crying? Its him who lost me when he could’ve had me.”

A small smile grew on his face. “And it took you this long to realize that….?”

—  You could’ve had me// excerpts from a book I’ll never write #6 // via (stuck-in-laughter)
why, why did you have to do that? it’s been over three years since we last spoke, a lot longer since the last time i’d seen your face. and then: poof. you request me as a friend on facebook, your name on my screen threatening to ruin the progress i have made over these past few years. my hand shook as i hit accept; i never was able to say no to you, could i? and now i’ll get updates about how happy you and your girlfriend are, while i’m sitting alone in my room, trying not to cry. now i’ll have to grasp the last thread of my progress as i will it not to break.
Take Me Far Away From Here - 2 (Damon Salvatore/Reader)

Part One

I feel like this is a rushed mess and I hope it all makes sense! Love you guys!

Originally posted by the-vampire-diaries-gif

Damon sighed staring at you in his bed. In all the years of wondering what had happened to you…what could have been…never had it crossed his mind that this is how you would end up in his bed. He leaned back in his chair shutting his eyes.

He still had dreams about you. Not as frequent in the last hundred years, but enough that he never forgot about you. The way you smiled and how your eyes would light up like the stars.

He wiped a hand over his face before looking back at you. Your open eyes startled him, “…”

“You can see me?” You teared up.

 He felt the lump in his throat as he reached over forcing a smirk as he touched you. He always had a hard time seeing you cry, “I can do more then see you.”

You swallowed staring at his hand holding yours, “How long have I been asleep?”

He took a deep breath in through his nose, “A few days. We…Stefan managed to get a saline bag to get some fluids in you. It seemed to help.”

“It’s a side effect.” You told him, “I’m surprised I’m awake to be honest…then again medicine is far advanced from where we use to be.”

“Yeah…” He leaned back taking his hand away. Your eyes met his as you watched the feeling of betrayal slowly seep back in, “So I’m just going to come out and say it, as I’m not one to beat around the bush anymore…how are you here? Where did you go?”

You sighed sitting up slowly putting a hand to your head. That’s when you realized you weren’t in your own clothes, “Wh…did you…”

He looked away, “My friend Elena…she helped me…I was worried the corset was going to affect your breathing. You were quite pale.”

“Thank you.” You stared at him noticing from being with him for so many years that it was in fact his clothes you were wearing, “To answer you question, I was cursed by my family. They didn’t think it was a wise choice for me to remain here…yet they kept me from home to teach me a lesson so I’m not exactly sure what they accomplished. Probably more damaging bonding me to you then teaching me a lesson.”

“Right…so they…bound you to me?” He leaned forward a little resting his elbows on his knees, “To what end?”

“To torture me.” You frowned as you pulled at a thread on his comforter, “Their intention no doubt was to have me watch you grow old and happy without me, but they didn’t count on Katherine.”

“Your curse was bound to my life?” He made the connection quickly, “But I did technically die.”

“My family plays by a different rule book.” You told him sighing, “We…are the very essence of the supernatural.”

He stared at you for a long moment, “…what?”

You took a deep breath in, “It is incredibly difficult to explain…we are the source…I am the source…I…”

“Just spit it out.” He finally snapped as you struggled to find a way to explain.

“I’m the moon.” You looked at him, “And my family are the stars. Leo, Gemini…all of them…family.”

He stared at you in disbelief, “You really expect me to believe that.”

“Damon…” You looked at him taking a deep breath,”Ask Bonnie. She’ll tell you that in the last 200 years there as been a drastic shift in the supernatural world. The balance is off and it’s because I’ve been with you…and now my siblings have died…”

“So your…the moon…what does that even mean?” He stood up his fist clenching as he tried to remain calm.

You looked down at your hands, “You know how witches channel energy…I grant them that. Many cultures worship me as a god or goddess. My siblings were minor gods. They’d pray to me and I’d hear them, I would help them if I chose to.”

“No one has ever described a person like you helping them. Believe me I’ve done the research.” His eyes narrowed on you.

“I know…I was there with you.” You nodded slowly looking at him, “We normally exist on a different plane so no one can see us. We reach out and offer our power out…on occasion we take a human form. The day you met me…was just chance.”

“You didn’t divine intervention it? Make it happen from your own will.” You watched him move around the bed trying to find fault with you.

“Damon there are much bigger things then I…” You told him, “I don’t control fate.”

“Then why?” He pointed at you, “Why did you stumble into my life? Why become human at all?”

You smiled at him a little, “Humanity is so fragile…we experienced it so that we could understand how much influence to give. Balance…we work in balance not chaos. As for stumbling…I didn’t mean too…I didn’t mean for any of it.”

He watched your head hang. He could see the sincerity in you. He knew you weren’t lying. You’d never been good at it, but he wished you had been. It would be so much easier to be angry then what he was feeling right now.

Taking a deep breath in through his nose, “So…you’ve been with me…this entire time.”

You looked at him as the realization that he had an audience his entire vampire life sunk in. Every kill, every romantic liaison, everything had been seen by you a woman he’d once loved. You looked down nodding slowly.

“Damon, I tried…I tried so hard to find a way back to you.” You looked up at him a tear falling down your cheek, “For years…and I watched Katherine…and I knew what she was and her intentions because I was there when she became who she was…I knew… and I could only watch…”

His face softened as you put your hands to your face crying, “Damon…I’m so sorry…I couldn’t save you…I couldn’t protect you.”

After a silent deep breath he sat down next to you in pulling your head to his chest gently. His arms settled around you as you cried just over and over saying how sorry you were until you fell asleep again.

He sighed listening to your slow calm breathing. He looked down to your face letting his fingers brush your hair away, “What have gotten I myself into now…”

  • boy: why are you crying?
  • boy: Nana that was 40 years ago,that show is so old.
  • boy: Oh god.....