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You Need to Eat.

“You have to eat, honey. You need your strength.”

But 13-year-old Adalyn didn’t want to eat, never again. Nothing stayed down anymore. She had been unable to keep food down for years. Just the smell of the homemade chicken soup caused a fresh supply of bile to rise.

She pushed the bowl away and closed her eyes. “I don’t want this,” she said. “Where’s the nurse?”

“She left 30 minutes ago while you were still asleep.”

Adalyn tried to move to a comfortable position, something almost impossible to do with the IV and all the tubes hooked up throughout her body. She groaned and tried to lie down.

“Don’t do that. You need to eat.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Your lack of hunger is what got you here. Everyone is worried about you. It’s wrong to starve yourself.”

Adalyn sighed. She knew better. Even if she wanted to eat she couldn’t keep anything down. She could never keep anything down, not since she was a little girl.

“Everyone is so worried about you.”

I bet they are, she thought.

The nurse walked in, to Adalyn’s relief. “Hello, sweetheart! How’s our patient?”

“Fine,” she said without enthusiasm.

“She’s doing much better,” her mother said as she applied a fresh coat of dark lipstick, “but I can’t get her to eat.”

The nurse looked up from Adalyn’s chart and then placed it back in its spot to the side of the hospital bed. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Anderson. We can put her on a controlled diet here. You don’t have to keep bringing stuff in.”

“But she’s had severe food allergies,” her mother broke in, “and I can’t be sure what you all give her won’t make her worse.”

Adalyn observed the exchange. They had been through this before. She had never been allowed to have hospital food. Why would she get lucky this time? The nurse gave her a glance, and Adalyn looked at her with desperate and pleading eyes.

“Really,” the nurse went on, “we can take care of her if you want to go home and rest for a few hours.”

The veins in Mrs. Anderson’s face bulged out. “Are you insane! I am her mother! There is no way I will leave her side!”

The nurse shrugged and left the room.

Adalyn blinked back her tears. It was always the same thing. Her mother pushed the bowl of soup toward her again, only this time she wore a look of frightening authority. “Adalyn Nichole Anderson, you need to eat and eat now. Don’t make me tell you again!”

She reached out with her bony arm, now noticing as if for the first time just how frail she had become. Adalyn picked up the spoon full of soup and raised it to her mouth. The smell of household cleaner mixed in brought on fresh nausea. By now her mother was busy on phone.

“Yes… thank you for your prayers… I know, but having a sick child is my cross to bear…”

People are pissed that Warped isn’t featuring any of the usual main stage bands this year, but I’m actually kind of stoked? This is one of the most eclectic and heavy lineups I’ve seen in a while and I’ve heard some of the side stage bands are actually pretty banging. Change is good guys.

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Name: mon…something
Nickname: mon/soup
Gender: lol
Star Sign: virgoo
Height: 5'1 ;;
Sexual Orientation: bi
Hogwarts House: hufflepuff !!
Favourite Colour: yellow !!!!
Favourite Animal: theyre all the best,
Average Hours of Sleep: like 5 HAH
Number of Blankets I Sleep With: 1
Cat or Dog Person: HAH
Favourite Fictional Characters: the entire adv time, gravy falls + ace attn casts, probably
Favourite Bands/Singers: this harder than i thought itd be 🐱
Dream Trip: japan or paris wld be nice actually anywhere wld be nice
Dream Job: my answer changes every 5 seconds so ive decided that i want to be Everything
When Was Your Blog Created?: 2009 or so iirc but only used it like 2012+
Current Number of Followers: 36,980something idk i shldve checked first but im on mobile 🐱
What Made You Decide to Go On Tumblr: peer pressure LMAO jk all my friends had one and i wanted to be a cool kid too

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[CAFE] “This is LOOПΔ♥ The Happy Lunar New Year is here!🐰🐱🐦🐸 ”

안녕하세요 !!
이달의 소녀 입니다♥
여러분~~ 즐거운 설날이 왔어요!

모두 가족들, 사랑하는 사람들과 함께 즐거운 설 연휴 보내고 계신가용??😉😍

저희도 사랑하는 사람들과 맛있는 음식도 먹고 설날 하면 빠질 수 없는 떡국도 먹었어요!!

여러분들도 떡국 많이 드셨나요?

아! 그리고 모두 새뱃돈도 많이 받으셨나요?ㅎㅎ

한 해의 시작을 알리는 연휴인 만큼 2017년에 이루고 싶은 소망이나 목표를 구체적으로 세워보기도 하고, 그 소망을 이뤄내는 뜻깊은 해가 되었으면 좋겠습니다!
팬분들 모두 2017년에는 건강하시고 행복한 한 해가 되시길 저희 이달의 소녀가 간절히 기도할게요~!
2017년도 이달의 소녀와 함께해주실거죠?! 추운 날씨에 감기 조심하시고 항상 건강하세요 ㅎ♥

새해 복 많이 받으세요~♥

Hello !!
This is LOOПΔ♥  
Everyone~~ The happy Lunar New Year is here!

Are you spending the enjoyable lunar new year holiday with all your family members and the people you love??😉😍

We’re also eating delicious food with the people we love and  we ate the rice-cake soup you can’t go without on Lunar New Years!!

Did all of you guys have a lot of rice-cake soup too?

Ah! Also, did you all get a lot of Saebae money as well?hehe

We’ll make our goals and wishes we want to be granted for 2017 real, like the Lunar New Year holiday that started off this year, and we hope it’ll be a meaningful year that’ll grant those wishes!
We, LOOПΔ, will sincerely pray for 2017 to be a happy year where all our fans will be healthy~!
You’ll be with LOOПΔ for 2017 too right?! Please be careful of getting sick from the cold weather and always be healthy heh♥

Have a very happy new year~♥

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Lunar Newt Year

Title: Lunar Newt Year (hehe puns)

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 698

Warnings: some cussing, burning, fluff

Summary: You are tirelessly preparing for the Lunar New Year but Newt feels excluded and arguments arise.

A/N: Finals are finally over! I’m going to try to update more, though I do have a lot of reality type burdens I need to take care of in order for my life to not plummet. Anyway, Happy Lunar New Year! It’s one of my favorite holidays I celebrate and so whipped up a little fic last night. Hope you enjoy! :)


“Newt, you know how important my family is! This is tradition!”

“I thought I was your family, too! You’ve been neglecting me since the beginning of the month!”

You huffed a breath, lifting the massive steaming cauldron of soup off the stove. It was Lunar New Year tomorrow and you were doing your best to prepare half a feast to help your mother. You were pulling your weight in between the preparations and work, so much that you hadn’t been spending as much time with Newt. But, boy did you have a short temper.

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