a year in selfies


So i was tagged by @tillsunbeamsfindyou and @cakepopart to post 7 selfies from 2017, so here you go (wow i do V sign way too much yikes)

I dont really have a lot to say about my 2017 as its been a mostly calm year on my part after finishing school, and everything seems like a quick blur. I did get some incredible friends tho which im very greatful for.
Now im looking forward to what 2018 has to bring, and i already have multiple things awaiting me in the near future

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anonymous asked:

since we're almost ending this year (not yet but still) can you make a top 5 of your favourite yoonmin moments from all this year? :)))

Gladly! I’m tingling with excitment to make this jdskkscf. Ok, here we go.

1. moment of all moments, very recent one - mama 2017 

2. comeback special for ‘her’  - jimin holding yoongi’s pinky

jin exposing yoongi that he just wants to hold hands + bangtan calling yoongi blue mold and jimin calico cat

3. ‘’manggae tteok isn’t too bad’’ (video)

4. roommates in hawaii (and that mysterious bottle of wine *cough* drinking buddies *cough*)

5. jimin telling yoongi he looks like a baby and calls him second mochi - POST

And I just need to add this soft hug 😢💕💕💕