a year in selfies


for munday, some of my fav selfies over the past year !!
i’m the blue haired nonbinary u need to be scared of bitch
been feeling a lot more confident recently so <3
female or neutral pronouns as always

BIG MOOD: PEPPERMINT AND TRINITY’S FACES WHEN I TOLD THEM THAT THEIR SCRAPBOOK WAS ENTIRELY CREATED OUT OF FAN SUBMISSIONS ♡♡♡♡ honestly, i can’t thank y'all enough for taking the time to submit your beautiful artwork and writing heartfelt letters for this project!!!!!! it goes without saying but without your contributions, this wouldn’t have been possible. i’ll admit i was stressed af about it but their gaggt reactions and just sincere appreciation for the gesture made it all worthwhile. LIKE it made peppermint get so emotional she was just GASPING and trinity’s face even MOVED and she smiled and everything jsjsksks we did it kids!!!!! i can’t stop crying!!!!!!

Left taken end of february 2016, right taken today on february 26, 2017. Officially about a year into this whole process of changing myself for the better. A year ago my life could be summed up in one word: settling. I settled, all because I believed my self worth was pretty much non existent. I didn’t think I deserved much out of life, love, or myself for that matter. But I woke up one day & simply made that choice to change. 2016 was one of the worst years for me, honestly, but one of the biggest years of growth for me. I can only hope I grow even MORE in 2017. Love life & it’ll truly love you back - I am living proof.


I now understand why women wear makeup have a bitch feeling like a queen for where some basic lipstick… I may have created a monster. I really can’t afford to have a makeup obsession. BROWS. MASCARA. LIPSTICK.

tell the boy on the left thanks for not killing the boy on the right  ✌