a year in monochrome



Belle et Heureuse année 2017/ Happy New Year to Everyone !

Photo:Robert Frank- Untitled [Children with Sparklers in Provincetown],1958. 


Happy new year!!!!!
The first time I drew Jikookiemonster, there were tears, but now, it’s only laughter and happiness.

Haha you’d think I didn’t draw a kookiemonster when I did vhope and yoonmin, and u rite, it’s jikookiemonster.


Nearly 10,000 years of time enough to change a lot of things, Enough to let Mount Qomolangma rise 30 meters, the sea temperature decreased 5 degrees,Let all of the North American continent mammoth extinction,but not enough to domesticate cat.
So it is not human beings have a cat, but a cat willing to accompany in the human side

For you,@dashingicecream


Juuzou Suzuya (鈴屋 什造)
Associate Special Class
3 years later