a year disposable

Hey y’all, my little doggo had dental surgery today and he came out of it just fine, with clean teeth minus one messed-up old pug tooth that they had to pull, and the vet said that he was “a very good boy” and a “charmer” for her and the techs so I am very pleased with my pal. :3

(I have been legit losing a lot of sleep over the thought of something happening to my Special Boy, so I wanted to relief-post. More dog pics coming soon when he’s feeling better and can be out and about and eating solid foods, and also when Tumblr lets me upload image posts(?????).)

They only like being ignored,
They only want you when you’re bored, and you’re so boring.
Well I told you: “you have the sweetest smile,”
Then you hung up and told me you got tired.

Tired is a better place to rest your weary head,
But when I showed up at your doorstep holding flowers,
You never even answered.

I only like being ignored, I only want you when I’m bored.
And I when I told you I’d like to stay a while,
I had to hang up because I knew it was a lie.

The plans we’ve set have turned irreverent.
The times we’ve spent have made me sick of this.
And I don’t know what to do with you.

If I think it through, I want nothing to do with you.
My point of view is something you never knew.
If you see this though, I’ll have nothing to do with you.
I’ll answer to anyone except you.

You, Leaving//Burglary Years

I’ve booked my driving test. AAAAAAAAAAAAA i hope i do good. mum’s bringing the car up the following day and i already love it and want it to be mine forever and want to be able to buy multiple tins of cat food without having to carry them all home.


Taken with disposable cameras, the surreal stills of Voyage Book 2 document a photographer’s solitary travels abroad.

In 2013, Valentine Ammeux traveled through South America, inspired by a reading of Gabriel García Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. She decided to travel sans laptop, smartphone, or digital camera, so along the way, she stopped at kiosks to buy disposable cameras and develop her photos. “Overlays, spills, burns and faded tints, the prints certainly bear the mark of the place where they’ve been revealed!” she says. 

Now, to accompany an upcoming exhibition of the photos, Valentine wants to share her photos with you. Support the photobook and see more images here