a yank in the r.a.f

Let You Go

Genre: Angst, mentions of sex

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Word Count: 1175

Summary: Jaebum can’t stop thinking about you.

A/N: This is my second installment of my Never Ever Drabbles series. I wrote this based on my screenshots of the MV and what they made me think of/feel. This one was particularly fun to write; and there is a smutty part two! (the link is at the end of this one)

He felt so stupid. So fucking stupid.

He knew you would be there, yet he went anyway. He knew you would be with that new guy, but he didn’t care. He was sure he could win you back. His ego possessed him entirely and wouldn’t let up until he at least tried to sway your heart in his favor, one last time.

Jaebum now speeds away from the lavish party in his BMW with a vice grip on the steering wheel, teeth gritting to the point of pain.

Oh, how wrong he was.

He tried to not think about you in that dress-that tight little red number he bought for you last summer. He tried to not think about the curve of your wine-stained lips or the sweet scent of your perfume-the one you both loved the most. He tried to not think of the how that new guy’s name left your lips in the most endearing way, the way his own name used to.

He saw you had posted on your social media that you were en-route to the annual company gala. That picture of your delicate, manicured fingers laced with someone else’s triggered a rage in Jaebum that he didn’t know he was harboring. Without much thought, he quite literally raced against time in his car to beat you there. He wanted to confront you boldly and honestly in hopes that you’d see how serious he was to earn your forgiveness. He was in no way prepared for this high-end event, wearing only a basic sweater and a pair of ripped black jeans.

Upon arrival, he forwent the valet and parked his BMW a block away from the hosting hotel. His legs carried him swiftly past the paparazzi and around an alleyway adjacent to the front entrance. He entered through a side door and hid himself in a dark corner of the foyer, waiting for any sign that you’d arrived.

His heart skipped several beats when his ears picked up your name leaving the paparazzi’s mouths in shouts.

“Y/n! You look gorgeous!”

“Who are you wearing, Y/n?”

“Where is Jaebum?”

“Who is this new man?”

“Y/n, what happened to Jaebum?”

What happened to Jaebum, indeed.

He couldn’t hear your responses to their prying, but something you did caused their cheering to amplify tenfold. He figured that was the perfect time to confront you. With bated breath, he emerged from the shadow of the corner to be met with the crushing sight of your lips locked with your date in front of the cameras.

You and Namjoon were smiling into the kiss, your fingers teasing the back of his purple hair. He pulled you closer and dipped you down slightly, both of you having a little fun in entertaining the hysterical crowd. At least, it was fun, until you heard their gasps of horror. You broke the kiss in confusion and glanced around until your eyes finally pinned the poor soul in front of you.

He wore a look of absolute anguish on his features, his eyes flitting dejectedly between you and Namjoon.

“J-Jaebum?” your voice cracked.

The crowd fell dead-silent, eagerly anticipating whatever drama was sure to ensue.

Namjoon wrapped a possessive arm around your waist and sized Jaebum up with a smirk. Shoulders tense, brows furrowed and hands clenched in solid fists, Jaebum’s glare became deadly enough to kill a man. He probably would have lunged for the purple-haired one right then if you hadn’t spoken up again.

“Jaebum, wh-what are you doing here?”

He tore his eyes from Namjoon to you. As enraged as he was, he couldn’t help but appreciate your beauty. He allowed his eyes to trail up and down the length of your body for a moment, before settling on your face. The look you gave him, that familiar mixture of confusion and heartbreak, was the final nail in the coffin. It was enough to send a panic through his veins. It was enough to make him leave- just like he left you before.

And so he did.

Here he is now, sitting idly in his driveway after another frantic bout of exhaustion on the tires of his BMW; his mind is plagued with thoughts of you.

Jaebum tries not to think about you, wrapped in that new guy’s arms, consumed by that new guy’s kiss. He tries not to think about where that new guy’s hands have touched… sacred places only he used to know. He tries not to think about how you moan that new guy’s name as he ravishes you, the way he used to have the pleasure of doing. Hell, that new guy is probably fucking you right now- making you scream his name, feeling you writhe against him in pleasure until you finally come undone with those sweet whimpers and moans…

Jaebum slams his hands hard against the steering wheel. In a huff, he exits his car and flings the door shut, almost hard enough to shatter the window. His fingers stretch and contract back into fists upon entering his house, rage boiling over and finally causing him to force his right hand through the wall near the front door. He lets out a shout of equal amounts of pain and despair.

Shaking his hand to numb the pain, he takes in the dark kitchen area before making a dismal path to his cabinet. A large, unopened handle of soju sits on the top shelf, waiting for him to drown his sorrows.

“I can’t let you go.”

He slumps haphazardly onto his couch, using his uninjured hand to twist the cap off of the liquor. He pulls a large gulp from the bottle, eyes squinting from the unforgiving burn of the room-temperature liquid.

“I can’t let you go…”

One hour passes. Then another. A third of the liter is in his stomach, intoxicating his veins now.

“I c-can’t let you g-go…”

Words slurred. Eyes drooping. Another hour gone. Bottle half empty.

“I can’t… I can’t…”

He’s barely coherent now, so much so that he almost doesn’t notice the knocking on his front door.

“WHAT!?” He heaves, annoyed at the interruption of his brooding.

“Jaebum. Open the door.”

His ears perk up, and his head drunkenly bobs forward, trying to get a clear look of the door in the darkness.

“Yn,” he mumbles in disbelief. “This isn’t r-real… I’m too f-f-fucked up-p.” He steadies both hands on the couch at his sides before hauling himself off of it, catching himself on the coffee table to avoid falling. He hears another knock, it’s more urgent this time.

“I’m coming! Fuck!”

It takes him a few tries to reach out and grab the door handle with everything in his vision being doubled and tripled. Finally, with a half-assed yank of the door, he’s met with the sight of you, looking just as inebriated as he is. You’re leaning against the doorframe, struggling to keep from falling forward.

“Jaebum…” your eyes light up upon seeing him.

His breath hitches in his throat.


Part 2


Destiny Sentence Starters

“ wtf- I just tried to revive that Dreg. “

“ Oh shit I thought that vandal was my teammate. “

“ That shader looks like- “ *Flips table* “ SHIIIIIT “

“ Yeah, my ghost ended up having to pick 8 inch thorns out of my bare ass. 

((^ Continued)) “ It picked THORNS out of your ass or THORN out of your ass ??????? “

“ I swear to the Travler i’m going to yank you by that cheap ass helmet and hurl you off this tower. “

“ What do you think the purpose(s) is for Xurs tentacles? “

“ I have been trying to get that armor for d a y s. And you get it on the F I R ST TRY !??? “

“ I shoved a - uh - whole bag of - uh - strange coins up my ayuss. “

“ You ever wonder if there’s any cannibal guardians? Like they could just eat you and you’d come right back. “

“ I pity the poor souls at the bottom of the tower when we tower jump. “

RED GHOST ! *PUNCH* ((idk how many ppl have ever played that game, but usually whenever you see a specific thing you pick out you punch the other on the arm, but guardans probably punch each other in the face * Also this part doesn’t go with the  starter. ))

“ Cayde (or someone of your choosing) just sat there and stared at me. I think he was asleep, but I couldn’t tell. “

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Can I have some advice? I was recently called out on being racist for saying that AOS demoted Nyota from an strong, intelligent, independent character to Spock's love interest. I just at want to know, was she right? feel absolutely terrible if I was promoting racism, but as a member of the LGBT community I feel robbed of a couple that's been icons to sci fi loving members of the LGBT community like myself. Her argument was that she went Scotty's (a side characters)love interest to Spock's.

No, you are not racist.

Originally posted by gfycat

The pairing was forced.

F. O. R. C. E. D.


It was implied earlier in the first movie that Jim had a liking to her. And she didn’t seem interested in him as seen. AND SHE DIDN’T BLINK WHEN GAILIA WAS NAKED. Which means she is not straight. And sorry for not replying earlier I was watching I wish for Jeanie tv show. Anyway, Star Trek promotes diversity and independence. These insulting fans do not promote this.  Turning  Nyota into a love interest for Spock made her feel like she was only there for his emotions and yanking them out WHEN NO, JIM WAS MADE FOR THAT. He takes them out, safely, without doing it forcefully and those light touches. He doesn’t smog Spock in a kiss right after he lost his damn planet. Which is insulting BECAUSE HE SHOULD SPEND IT IN A HUG NOT A KISS. Spock deserves time alone with a loss like that in the first 24 hours without people demanding that he express grief. Everyone grieves differently, Spock included. Jim carefully extracts them around Spock when he intends not to extract emotions. McCoy is the one who is all “HEY, POINTY EARED COMPUTER, CATCH THIS FRISBEE!” And Spock getting hit by it and not emoting. Spock either amused or flattered.

Which is a hilarious scenario with poor Spock.

NYOTA UHURA IS A STRONG, INTELLIGENT, INDEPENDENT WOMAN NOT MADE JUST FOR THE SAKE OF A MAN’S CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. IT’S THE OPPOSITE OF WHY SHE WAS MADE AND A DISGRACE TO HER CHARACTER. She was essentially robbed of being her own independent character for 2 movies with scenes that didn’t revolve AROUND SPOCK OF ALL PEOPLE.  Until Pegg wrote her right (god bless Pegg and Jones). Until that movie, she was only known as Spock’s girlfriend in those two movies. If they could accurately write a relationship between  Spock and Uhura without turning her into “Spock;s development” then I will be perfectly fine. Racism is saying “No, you can’t do that because you are colored” I don’t know why everyone thinks being racist is splitting apart a disgusting, horrible betrayal of both LGBT+ icons and putting them to their rightful pairing. Jim and Spock are not white people, SPOCK IS GREEN and JIM IS WHITE.


Does anyone not realize how humans in star trek were probably racist as fuck toward Vulcans before the united federation of planets were established? How Vulcans were treated by bigots, racists, bipobic, homophic, and people of all kind until they were brought together by space? And got over their differences? I have to admit, in star trek there are still likely some xenophobic people who do not represent humanity because THESE XENOPHOBIC people are the minority. Consider how T’Pol and Tripp dealt with becoming a couple on Earth, holding hands, and the stares they probably got onN Earth. I had to bring this argument up because they are both two different colors. Humans are pink/white. Vulcans are green. Do you see my analogy? Spock is not green in AOS for some stupid reason that I don’t know why. Now to the next pairing that is interacial relationship!

Nyota Uhura and Christine Chapel share a interracial W/W relationship. Christine Chapel appeared in the first star trek aos movie in the background as does Geoffrey M’Benga. They are a canon couple according to star trek tos episodes. Nyota values beauty over male attraction. She also kissed Christine on the lips. She also called T’Pring lovely. AND OH, NEED I SAY THE LOOK SHE GAVE JANICE IN CHARLIE X EPISODE?

So wonderfully gay. <3

Scotty and Uhura, in TOS movie, were brought together because they are sweet and I think Shatner probably forgot about Christine or–wait, he does not ever watch anything with him inside in it so there is a good chance he didn’t watch TOS and went off his memory. It was the logical thing to do on his part. But either way, they were cute and they were relatable. Dedicated to their job. They were married to their job. They represent people who were in the same career who gradually fell in love over decades. I consider that timeline with Uhotty as something that happens in the canonically TNG prime timeline due to Tryla Scott. Nyota and Christine probably raised Tryla’s grandparent when Scotty was stuck in the transporter. Scotty and Uhura started out as friends. One pairing is not interested in the captain and loves the ship but also cares too much about his friend Nyota. Nyota cares about her teddy bear engineer, very, very much. She is bisexual in that timeline. The other pairing, captained by James T. Kirk, is highly in love with Spock and the ship.  And is pansexual.

If I sound insulting, please tell me because I do not mean to. 


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Requested by at least 10 people <3
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I know he’s there… he’s always there….waiting…

“And how exactly do you plan on controlling a schizophrenic, Waller? Don’t get me wrong, the idea is very appealing, but is it even possible?” The unnamed man asked, his narrowed eyes staring directly into the depths of Amanda’s, “Because from what I’ve read about this… (Lastname) is that she sees the devil.” There was a menacing smile in his voice, though it quickly fell as Amanda smiled.

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Imagine the squad meeting Holt and Jake at the airport terminal and Amy’s ahead of the group and tackles Jake in a hug first, ofc but Charles and Rosa and Gina catch up with her and all pile onto the hug, and the Hitchcock and Scully joon too, and then Gina yanks Captain Holt in and he goes “very well, just for a moment -” but that’s right when Terry decides to just grab the whole group in a hug, pinning Holt in between Gina and Rosa and nearly lifting everyone off their feet

I’m crying,


01. A Yank in the R.A.F. (1941 / 20th Century-Fox) (Sweden). The poster design by Gösta Åberg. (KlaatuCarpenter).

02. Unfinished Business (1941-R'50s / Universal) (Sweden). The poster design by Gösta Åberg. (KlaatuCarpenter).

03. They Died with Their Boots On (1941 / Warner Bros.) (Sweden). The poster illustration by Gösta Åberg. (KlaatuCarpenter).

04. The Wolf Man (1941-R'43 / Universal) (Sweden). The poster illustration by Gösta Åberg. (KlaatuCarpenter).

05. The Black Cat (1941 / Universal) (Sweden). The poster illustration by Gösta Åberg. (KlaatuCarpenter).

06. Superman (1941-R'40s / Paramount) (Sweden). The poster illustration by Gösta Åberg. (KlaatuCarpenter).

07. Sun Valley Serenade (1941 / 20th Century-Fox) (Sweden). The poster illustration by Gösta Åberg. (KlaatuCarpenter).

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C, F, H,O, Z :D

C: A color that you think your bias looks good in?

R E D. This is not a question I had to think about. All my favorite looks/hair/outfits involved red. YWAF red streaks, strawberry hair Dae, and that A+ red leather jacket look from Carnival era. Heck. Daehyun rocks red real hard. Don’t get me started on the red suit for his last Shadow stage. ❤A❤

F: The first group you loved?

BTS dragged me into the kpop pit but I didn’t know love until B.A.P grabbed me by the heart and yanked me into their orbit. Like y'know how you think your first crush in your life is The One? You feel something in your chest and your young and dumb heart is like “THIS IS IT, THIS IS LOVE” and then someday years later you get slam dunked and you find out what Actual Real Love is and you wonder how you ever thought you knew what it was before then? B.A.P.

H: The best hairstyle your bias has ever had?

This is so hard. I have a lot of feelings about a lot of Daehyun hairstyles and I truly believe he’s pretty much never had a bad era but I’m probably the most weak for Cotton Candy Daehyun™

O: Another occupation you could see your bias being?

This question hurts my heart because whenever he’s asked, he looks so lost like he’s never even thought to consider it. But tbh I think he’d make a good teacher. Let him be the center of attention and hear himself talk all the time and have people be forced to listen and I think he’d thrive tbh.

Z: Not related to Z, but… Your favorite Kpop blogs?

@daehdream - if ever there’s been a blog on my wavelength!!!  I can basically go here for all of my Daehyun needs (HANDS!!!!!!) including being emotionally accosted by the autoplay, which I usually end up just leaving open to loop for hours. You are super cute and friendly and pls never change.

@zainbap - I love this blog with my whole entire heart like go read this amazing person’s fics (best absolute puppies owns me body and soul) and witness his overwhelming love for Bang Yongguk and B.A.P in general, it’s truly a blessing. Zain just oozes love and pride and support in every post and tag it’s a beautiful thing.

There are so many more but I’ll be here all day if I start listing them. Those who have interacted with me in literally any capacity, y'all make me feel real at home in this community and I love you to death, thank you for that. You know who you are. <3

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Cn y write something w lil blur, m hlp fl better nn👻

how about lil grouchy blur, running away from josh at bedtime. josh has to check in all the rooms and the backyard until he finally finds him under the desk in josh’s office, huddled against the leg of the desk chair.

“blur, baby-”

“no!” blur reaches out, yanks the chair closer so that josh can’t get at him. “wan’ spend time wi’ dada. he makes me feel better.”

“are you not feeling well?” josh asks gently.

blurry just pouts and shakes his head.

“why didn’t you tell me?”

“because ‘s stupid. jus’ feel sad f’r no reason…”

“blur. angel.” josh sighs and blurry lets him wheel the chair out. then he lets josh take a seat next to him and pull him into his arms. “talk to me, baby.”

“jus’ feeling sad. wan’ my dada to rub my back ‘n gimme kisses ‘n feed me.”

josh runs a hand through blurry’s hair and blurry closes his eyes on an almost wistful sigh. “you want your bottle?”

“mmh, yes please.”

so josh gets blurry into the kitchen, sat on the counter and swinging his legs. he heats him up some warm milk with honey and then holds him so close and bottle feeds him as blurry blinks sleepily up at him.

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I really love that there are people of color in your game, I'm just wondering if Aberford takes place in the southern USA or the northern USA. I would guess northern, because less people were racist there.

Yeah, we’ve set the town of Aberford in Ohio because we wanted to tackle the racism on a more insidious, modern level. It’s easy for people to say “Well, we don’t have regular lynch mobs and separate bathrooms anymore, so racism is over”, and we wanted to avoid that. Instead, we’re focusing on an area that’s not “legally” racist, but where the majority still holds the minority to an unfair standard. There’s a quote from Chris Rock that kinda sums up the angle we’re trying to take:

“In my neighborhood, there are four Black people. Hundreds of houses, four Black people. Who are these Black people? Well, there’s me, Mary J. Blige, Jay-Z and Eddie Murphy. Only Black people in the whole neighborhood. So let’s break it down, let’s break it down: me, I’m a decent comedian. I’m a’ight.  Mary J. Blige, one of the greatest R&B singers to ever walk the Earth. Jay-Z, one of the greatest rappers to ever live. Eddie Murphy, one of the funniest actors to ever, ever do it. Do you know what the White man who lives next door to me does for a living? He’s a f**king dentist! He ain’t the best dentist in the world…he ain’t going to the Dental Hall of Fame…he don’t get plaques for getting rid of plaque. He’s just a yank-your-tooth-out dentist. See, the Black man gotta fly to get to somethin’ the White man can walk to!” – Kill the Messenger (2008)

This is our angle with Betty. Betty is everything a 1950s woman was expected to be and then some, and yet outside of a small circle of friends, she’s ignored, overlooked, and treated as if she’s somehow inferior to other, less accomplished women. It holds strong relevance both to our 1950s setting and to our modern audience.

With Mary and Alejandra, we have slightly different angles. For Mary, we get into the idea of “who’s really an American”, even through she’s a third-generation American. It has ties to the treatment of Japanese Americans during WWII and the more modern “identity crisis” that America is going through. For Alejandra, we look more at the apathy people have towards her plight due to her race and the language barrier.

Far Far Away - Part 6

Hey everyone!! So… don’t be mad at me for this part. That’s all I’m going to say. 

Part 6:

She had been in the reception hall before, but never like this. The door stretched into the second story with intricately designed glass windows surrounding the entrance. Rae took a slow, deep breath, counting to ten in her head before she proceeded.

She could hear the music coming from inside. Leave it to the literature department folks to fit the setting with the right music. The sound of classical music filled the air as Rae slowly pulled the door open to step inside. It looked magnificent. The whole room was aglow with the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and the largest windows she had ever seen in her life.

The whole scene felt like it had been taken from the pages of a regency era novel. There was a grand staircase leading down to where the ball was being held with flower arrangements strung around the bannisters.

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