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'Tomoaki' and 'KENN'
Maeno Tomoaki, KENN, Arthur Lounsbery
'Tomoaki' and 'KENN'

Arthur: (Reading out listener’s message) With the childhood friends pair Kuga and Toraishi and how they call each other, Kuga calls Toraishi by his last name, but Toraishi calls him by his first name ’Shuu’, doesn’t he. Maeno-san, KENN-san, normally in your private lives how do you call each other? Like would KENN-san call you by ‘Tomoaki~!’?

Maeno: He doesn’t, he doesn’t!

KENN: Name, huh? I have to admit, it’d be pretty embarrassing.

Maeno: Eh? You don’t want to call me [by my first name]? (´;ω;’)

KENN: …That- no, wait-!

*All burst out laughing*

KENN: YOU! You- I didn’t mean anything like that!

Maeno: But it seemed like it had that kind of undertone to it!

KENN: N- No, wait, umm, it’s not quite like that… It’s not like that, I mean I’d be okay with calling you 'Tomoaki’…

Arthur: Pft!

KENN: But! Like, it’d be-

Maeno: But it’d be kinda weird, it’d be weird. 

KENN: It’d be weird…

Maeno: It’d be creepy.

KENN: In the beginning, at the beginning, I called you by either 'Maeno-kun’ or 'Maeno-san’…

Maeno: That’s right.

KENN: And then, in our private lives I gradually left behind ’-kun’ and ’-san’ and just call you 'Maeno, Maeno’ without them… 

Arthur: You just call him by his last name with no honorifics.

KENN: Yes.

Maeno: I call you in a pretty normal way with just 'KENN’.

KENN: That’s why if I were to call you 'Tomoaki’ starting from now, it’d be super embarrassing…! Definitely.

Maeno: Ah, but I call [Matsuoka Yoshitsugu] just by 'Yoshitsugu, Yoshitsugu’.

KENN/Arthur: Ahhh.

KENN: But we’ve known each other for so long now, and I’ve always called you by 'Maeno’, and so to start from now… Like, for instance, if I was to suddenly go one day, “Yo! T- Tomoaki…”, you’d probably go, “What’s wrong with you, KENN?! It’s creepy!”

Maeno: I’d be like, “What happened to you?”

KENN: You’d probably be like, “What happened to you?” That’s why it feels like I can’t change it now.

Maeno: It’s natural this way.

KENN: I like it when people call me 'KENN’ (without any honorifics).

Arthur: Your senpais?

KENN: Anyone. Well, I have the nickname 'Kennu’, and so when people call me 'Kennu’ of course that makes me happy since it’s my nickname, but when I get called 'KENN’ every now and then it makes me go “( 。• ω • 。) …!!”

Maeno: Kenn. Kenn. …KENNNNN!!!!

*All burst out laughing*

KENN: You’re so noisy!

Maeno: KENNNN!!

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btw here exactly Aliya Mustafinas quote about Tokyo 2020 :) sportfm(.)ru/news/mustafina-na-100-khochu-poekhat-na-oi-2020-v-tokio(.)html P.S. they asked her , would she comment Euros in Cluj for Russia and she said time will tell and mysteriously smiled :P

‘Mustafina: I 100% want to go to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

I can’t make assumptions, but I really want to go to Tokyo. Can I get Olympic gold on bars? Knowing it’s a complex event, it’s difficult to predict what will happen on uneven bars in three years. But I am determined to go to the Olympics and perform for the team. I 100% want to go to Tokyo.’

Here the full Aliya Mustafina video-interview to radio , she so humble and kind person it’s so adorable to listen her voice))) www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=K3wITW06eY0            

Thank you for the updates!!!

.The Tear Jerker.

Summary: How would each beyblader portray their emotions when they’re watching a heart breaking movie together. Would they cry? Would they runaway? Or would they just laugh it off? [Co-Written with other fanfiction members who I adore so much].

Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12548422/1/The-Tear-Jerker

P.S: Wanna get involed with writing a character? Send me a PM. :D

urata's laugh

urata started laughing in his namahousou because he messed up on his poll and, instead of asking “which one?” on the top box (where the nama host usually comments) and having the poll options being “boy” or “girl”, he had “boy” on the top box and the two options to choose from was “which one?” and “girl” www

urata: Boy, which one, girl ww Why ww why is there 36.1% for “which one” www

His laugh is too precious ;w;

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looking up that Bree girl, whosdatedwho actually has Lili as his rumored gf, lol

Heh. Teh awesome….

Even better: Cole is now #14 on that site (even in his Harry Potter pic) and Lili’s is next to Bree’s—and the picture is from her peach fuzzy shoot, so she looks absolutely adorably delectable!


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