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btw here exactly Aliya Mustafinas quote about Tokyo 2020 :) sportfm(.)ru/news/mustafina-na-100-khochu-poekhat-na-oi-2020-v-tokio(.)html P.S. they asked her , would she comment Euros in Cluj for Russia and she said time will tell and mysteriously smiled :P

‘Mustafina: I 100% want to go to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo

I can’t make assumptions, but I really want to go to Tokyo. Can I get Olympic gold on bars? Knowing it’s a complex event, it’s difficult to predict what will happen on uneven bars in three years. But I am determined to go to the Olympics and perform for the team. I 100% want to go to Tokyo.’

Here the full Aliya Mustafina video-interview to radio , she so humble and kind person it’s so adorable to listen her voice))) www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=K3wITW06eY0            

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OOC || Mother & Son Desu

Pre-Awakening Naeva and Robin (so they are a few years younger) under the cut.

It is the roughest of sketches so please don’t expect anything nice or polished. If magically I find the strength to face this again, I may finish it one day www.

I adore @i-nsubordination‘s interpretation of Robin’s mother so much. She has managed to breathe life into a character that was essentially mentioned in about all of two lines in the entire game script www. She also seems to enjoy gathering Robins like little ducklings which it always a pleasure.

By some strange coincidence the design used for Naeva was drawn by an artist whose My!Unit is painfully similar to the one on this blog (from to many of their appearance choices down to common assets and flaws so creepy) and it was something that I thought was a bit amusing.

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Well. I did it. I wrote the first chapter about my character Lena Winters. 

Its super hella long because i basically went along with the “Selection Day” episode to get the ball rolling. I’m pretty excited about it! I hope you guys will read it, I love a good student/teacher fic. because I’m trash. But please let me know what you think if you do read it! 

I just adore Hecate Hardbroom so damn much. 

https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12690865/1/A-Simple-Charm … There it is! 


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