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Initial Thoughts: Tiger Philanthropist

This episode marked a change in the way the story in SU would be progressing from now on. Many times it’s been pointed out how the Gems are ill-equipped to be Steven’s caretakers, and how usually, they themselves are the ones for whom Steven needs to put his own needs aside. 

The Gems have deep personal issues that they refused to acknowledge for a very long time, centuries in fact. Their suddenly being guardians of a teenage boy was not going to make those things go away. So early Steven spent a lot of time being ignored and left behind. It’s a fact he brings up in Rocknaldo. While we’ve been analysing it and pointing it out, it’s more than clear that Steven has been aware of it himself.

As the Gems engaged with him more, he found himself in the middle of meltdowns, arguments, and panic attacks. And we’ve seen how having to put aside how he feels has worn him down and given him issues of his own, about never being a good enough Crystal Gem, and never matching up to Rose.

These feelings culminated in the latest Steven Bomb (Bomb 5), when Steven decides to put his feelings first and refuse to listen to the Gems, instead seeking out Blue Diamond. What he realises is that doing to Greg and the Gems exactly what the Gems did to him was not going to make things better.

But I think it was a wake-up call for the senior Crystal Gems as well. Their becoming more accommodating of Steven has been a long, slow process. In this episode, Steven actually feels comfortable enough to tell Amethyst how he felt about wrestling, that he disagreed with her decision to quit, or at least the way she quit. 

And that’s something relatively new, because Steven doesn’t often talk about how he feels when he’s with the Gems. Instead of making light of it, Amethyst engages him on the same level. She tells him about wrestling’s personal relevance to her at a particular stage in her life. 

When Steven goes back to the ring, we expect he can take down human beings easily. When Amethyst appears, we know it’s not to save the day. That is how much our expectations of the characters changed. It’s a far cry from season one in which we believed Steven couldn’t defend himself.

Contrast to episodes like Joking Victim, Amethyst didn’t just stand by and let things happen. She washed her hands of wrestling but went back because part of her knew Steven had unfinished business. And she put aside her own desire to quit so that Steven could have closure.

I would say they end the match on their terms, together. Wrestling was never about feeling like he was good enough. His reason for doing it was to spend time with Amethyst. He was hurt because she decided on quitting without telling him, as if those memories didn’t matter.

In a turn of events, it is Amethyst, not Steven, who makes the speech that says exactly those things. In what I hope becomes a more common occurrence, someone who cares about Steven pre-empts how he feels instead of his having to do it the other way around all the time. 

What Amethyst gave him was assurance that the memories he treasured of their being together meant something to her too. And it implied that finding something else to do was always going to be an option. Wrestling had gone stale for them, but their relationship did not.

I’m glad this kind of shift occurred in a daily life type of episode. It is small acts that people decide to do every day that make them who they are. Becoming a totally different person in a dangerous or extreme moment loses the meaning of the act if only because the change is not as organic and nothing sustains it after the adrenaline fades.

I hope that this shift continues on. It was one thing to begin to care about Steven, but I find it significant that the Gems are also learning how to care about Steven, because it does make a difference.

United World Wrestling Partners with OlympAfrica for Development of Wrestling for Youth of Africa

United World Wrestling has partnered with OlympAfrica for the development of wrestling for the youth of Africa.

OlympAfrica was founded based on an idea expressed by the late HE Mr. Juan Antonio Samaranch, former President of the International Olympic Committee. The foundation is owned by the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa and supported by the International Olympic Committee, United World Wrestling and other partners, for the development of sports at a recreational and grassroots level in 46 African countries.

In collaboration with the National Olympic Committees of Africa, OlympAfrica has set up centers dedicated to sports activities, workshops, HIV prevention, coach education and much more. The aim of these centers is to involve the youth in sports and activities that are good for their future development once they have finished their day at school. It’s an excellent talent identification tool, particularly with the introduction of the Youth Olympic Games in the Olympic Program.

Two projects are planned to take place in 2017 for the centers of Ivory Coast and Togo. Thanks to the administrative support of the National Olympic Committees of Africa and OlympAfrica, UWW is able to provide equipment to the youths training at these centers.

UWW is delighted of this new collaboration with such an important foundation for the development of sports in Africa.

Rest in peace, George “The Animal” Steele
[1937 - 2017]

Yesterday, it was reported that popular wrestling superstar of the 1970s and 80s George “The Animal” Steele was placed on hospice care. Today, it’s been reported that Steele passed away overnight. He was 79.

Steele began his career in Detroit as a masked character known as The Student. Most wrestling fans will remember his run in the WWF, especially his affections toward the lovely Miss Elizabeth. Steele was often referred to as something of a missing link by commentators, often making odd sounds in interviews and rarely speaking coherent English. Steele was known for his trademark green tongue, for biting and disassembling turnbuckles, and for his antics that made him a beloved character for wrestling fans of all ages.

In 1988, Steele retired from pro wrestling due to developing Crohn’s disease. In 1998, Steele returned to the WWF as part of The Oddities, but the stable didn’t last very long. Steele also had a starring role in the 1994 film Ed Wood, where he portrayed wrestling legend Tor Johnson. In 1995, Steele was inducted into the WWF Hall Of Fame.

I wish I could say I had the pleasure of meeting George in his lifetime. I have several friends and brothers who did that said that Steele was a wonderful person with a heart of gold. I have an easy time believing that. George was an interesting character, one that will never be forgotten by fans who got to experience the joy that his presence created. Rest in power, George. Say hi to Hot Rod for me.


Not many people know that United World Wrestling has annual scholarships available to wrestlers around the world! It’s one of the many ways the organization stays focused on what’s most important: wrestlers.

lol i really have zero time for these people who apparently don’t understand how pro wrestling, storytelling, character development, fandom, shipping, fiction in general, etc. works. like, sometimes i see shit in the tags that annoys me and i want to send them a message to fuck off with their bullshit, but yeah, it’s so much simpler to just block/mute them and pretend they don’t exist. it’s just 5 seconds of my life wasted that could be spent looking at beautiful sights like this:

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The Colorful Masks and Music of Lightning Bolt Drummer @chimpendale

To see more of Brian’s colorful creations, follow @chimpendale on Instagram. For more music stories, head to @music.

Brian Chippendale (@chimpendale) is into masks. There’s the blue balaclava-like one that stretches out over his face, and the magenta one attached to two giant severed teddy bear heads. These days, Brian prefers his “tiger mask,” a multicolored stitched shell he wears while drumming for his band, the noise-rock duo Lightning Bolt. Inside it is a contact microphone, which picks up all the guttural vibrations, rumblings and sweat that accumulate during a show.

“Wearing a sweat-soaked rag on your head an hour a day helps dispel inhibitions,” says Brian, over the phone, about his facial disguise. “It’s funny because people are just like, ‘It must be so disgusting.’ But I wash it every night that I play.”

Washing may disinfect it, but it doesn’t keep it intact. The more laundry cycles it goes through, the more it starts to shred and fall apart, the more it begins to turn into another one of Brian’s growing pile of tattered creations.

The Rhode Island native’s tradition of designing and wearing his own costumes began some time in the 1990s. Back then, he and a group of artists were shacked up in a warehouse in Providence known as Fort Thunder, a collective art space where they played shows, drew comics and held wrestling matches. Then some developers came in and tore the place down to make way for a parking lot. So Brian packed up his stuff and, after living in a new space for a couple years, eventually moved down the road into the third floor of an old mill, which serves as his current home base.

“I miss Fort Thunder days in the same way I miss my 20s,” says Brian. “But I am also really happy where I am in my life now. If I had the option to go back, I wouldn’t. We had like eight cats and one litter pan. It was pretty ridiculous in its filthiness, and [there were] tons of roommates, which is so awesome and horrible at the same time.”

Brian is an artist-musician, or possibly a musician-artist. It’s hard to say which comes first. Drawing a comic comes just as easy to him as providing a steady backbeat on his two-decade-old kick drum. His group Lightning Bolt began in 1995, around the time Fort Thunder was getting off the ground. Since then, the duo has released seven official records, including its latest, Fantasy Empire. The new album has the same piercing dissonance and guitar shredding from the group’s previous efforts. But this one sounds crisper, due to the band utilizing the full digital technology of a studio for the first time.

The music wasn’t the only thing they approached with a fresh perspective. Lightning Bolt album covers, which are handled by Brian, have always included bursts of color. But this one is more minimalist––a black-and-white collage redrawn with a small pen.

“A lot of our covers are these colorful, aggressive things,” he says. “For this one I wanted to go for more of an atmosphere and an air of mystery.”

Like all of his projects, Brian worked on the cover while parked in his current studio in Providence. The building spans almost a city block –– 8,000 square feet (743 square meters) of wood and brick and a broken elevator, which makes loading gear for tours a bit of a pain. But the space is very much his own. There’s a room full of shredded paper for collaging, a room for silk screening, a room to record Lightning Bolt material and several rooms to draw in. There are also spaces filled with junk and other knickknacks he’s dragged up there over the years.

“An old roommate came over here once and started rummaging around in some room that I don’t really go to,” he says. “He pulled out an entire windsurfing board and I had never even seen this thing.”

The building switched hands a few years ago to a new landlord, but unlike Fort Thunder, Brian doesn’t think he’ll be kicked to the curb any time soon. There’s too much stuff to get him to leave –– art materials and toys, a couple of printing presses and his drum set, and maybe even that two-headed bear suit from the Fort Thunder days, languishing in some hidden corner in a box. Worst-case: If he gets evicted, Brian will just set up shop somewhere else.

“I am an artist and a musician just because I can’t do anything else and I won’t do anything else.”

–– Instagram @music


Summary: Jude and Connor are friends over the internet, and they’re both starting college. But surprisingly, it turns out that they’re roommates! As great as it sounds, both Jude and Connor are wrestling with developing feelings for each other, and close proximity may be the last thing they need. Will they fall in love? Or simply fall apart?

A/N: So here’s Chapter 15, and as promised, I dive right into Josh and Tyler’s relationship in this chapter, and there are also significant development in Jude and Connor’s relationship here…it wasn’t quite as fluffy as I originally had thought it would be but I think it’s still a good chapter.

Just an FYI so no one is confused, Jude and Connor will always be written in third person POV and Josh and Tyler will always be in Josh’s first person POV.

Chapter 15

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Meet Isaiah Bird

“My name is Isaiah Bird. I have no legs, but that’s okay, because God made me that way. I’m a Gladiator, and there are no excuses.”

His father has spent significant time in prison, and his parents have previous domestic violence charges against each other. He lives in a homeless shelter in a church in Glen Cove, NY, with his mother and younger brother.

Miguel Rodriguez, his wrestling coach with the Long Beach Gladiators, has more roles in Isaiah’s life than one could ever imagine. Rodriguez serves as Isaiah’s guide through a heartwarming and miraculous journey.

He carries Isaiah into the car each morning, brings him to get breakfast, assists him at school, and shelters him with food, warmth and safety each night.

Rodriguez spends each day with Isaiah at Lido Elementary school in Long Beach. As his teaching assistant, he’s remains with him in the classroom, at lunch, in the library and, of course, on the wrestling mat.

Rodriguez has learned to use Isaiah’s excitement for wrestling to help him develop academically after starting school later than most.

Isaiah, who was born in East Meadow, placed third in his age group and weight class at the New York Kid Wrestling Championships at Bay Shore in March, then finished sixth in a national tournament in New Jersey known as “War at the Shore.”

a new era.

since the merger, wwe had grew substantially and absorbed all the talent that professional wrestling had to offer. the shows tripled in size, the talent roster consisted of all the favorite wrestlers from the past ten years, and the monopoly belonged strictly to the world wrestling entertainment family. fueds developed quickly and for people like, dolph ziggler it was far too easy to make enemies.  in the past, he could easily fuck his way out of whatever trouble that came his way. there were few people in the ring who rivaled his impossibly muscled ass, fat and perky, bouncing with every single move he did. he would spread his legs for pretty much anyone but he needed more than his tight hole, he needed muscle. unadulterated, raw muscle, to keep him safe and satisfied while on the road. thankfully, jesse godderz was just the type of meathead that dolph could rely on.

hey big guy, you looked impressive out there. zack ryder didn’t stand a chance.” the blond approached the taller male in the locker room, unashamed as his flicked his platinum blond hair back, bringing his hand up to the other’s bicep, squeezing the muscle softly. dolph was dressed for competition himself, clad in his white ring boots and a newly updated version of his already tight shorts, these however wedged up between his ass, more like a speedo with his signature slogan on back and zero fucks given about how much of his meaty flesh he exposed. “it really had a guy like me thinking about a proposition. one that could be very beneficial for the both of us.


Summary: Jude and Connor are friends over the internet, and they’re both starting college. But surprisingly, it turns out that they’re roommates! As great as it sounds, both Jude and Connor are wrestling with developing feelings for each other, and close proximity may be the last thing they need. Will they fall in love? Or simply fall apart?

A/N: So this is an early/unexpected update, but as I was writing Chapter 13 I was struck with the thought that a backstory for Josh would be really interesting, and after an anon from Tumblr asked for a backstory as well, I decided to do it. I’ll be honest, the story sort of got away from me as it’s almost 7500 words but I really loved this backstory I created. This is also the first piece I’ve ever written in first person POV. This technically is a side story but I would not recommend skipping it as the other character I introduced here, Tyler, is going to become a big part of Roommates.

Chapter 14 - Josh’s Story

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I don’t care if Roman is boo’ed out of the US.

What annoys me is people that completely ignore the match that’s going to happen, just to focus on the reception it’s going to get. 

Who cares? 

I’ve stuck with Roman since the beginning. And unlike a lot of other’s, I didn’t drop him like a hot plate all because people began to sour on him and I felt pressured to jump on the bandwagon of someone who was universally loved. Fuck that. 

Roman taught me that if you love something, you stick to it. It doesn’t matter what other’s think. What matters is what YOU think. 

  • Who managed to have the Chicago standing on their feet after booing during his match with Big Show? Roman Reigns. 
  • Who managed to have Philly chant “You deserve it!” after getting booed out of the building by that same crowd? Roman Reigns. 
  • Who had Boston to chant “Thank you, Roman!” after booing him during his match with Sheamus? Roman Reigns. 

Know why? Because of the performance. They were so wrapped up in following the trend to boo Reigns, that they didn’t even consider how it would turn out. 

I’m not worried about if Dallas cheers or boos him. I’m worried about the wrestling, the characters, the development. That’s what I’m here for. 

Not some juvenile popularity contest that this fandom has turned into. 


Summary: Jude and Connor are friends over the internet, and they’re both starting college. But surprisingly, it turns out that they’re roommates! As great as it sounds, both Jude and Connor are wrestling with developing feelings for each other, and close proximity may be the last thing they need. Will they fall in love? Or simply fall apart?

A/N: I have nothing to say about this chapter except prepare yourselves, it might get a little angsty.

Read all previous chapters here!

Chapter 11

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Roommates Masterpost

Summary: Jude and Connor are friends over the internet, and they’re both starting college. But surprisingly, it turns out that they’re roommates! As great as it sounds, both Jude and Connor are wrestling with developing feelings for each other, and close proximity may be the last thing they need. Will they fall in love? Or simply fall apart?


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Cesaro: “I still believe in wrestling.”
[November 16th, 2015]

WWE Superstar Cesaro appeared on the Raw pre-show last night in what I believe was one of the most telling appearances he’s had. In it, he answered questions from fans, and shared some insight to his beliefs in pro wrestling, not just sports entertainment.

Cesaro’s statement, bold as could be, was that he still believes in pro wrestling. Where character development is something that fans seek for in today’s pro wrestling landscape, Cesaro is as pure as can be as a professional athlete, polished as they come and persistent on being the best. Last night, much like many of Cesaro’s encounters, he had a fantastic match against Roman Reigns. Though Cesaro would suffer a loss in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament to Reigns, Cesaro’s statement from the pre-show was solidified by the match as it was professional wrestling at its core. Hold-for-hold, strike for strike, as clear as a pro wrestling match could be.

In professional wrestling, a common misconception of a wrestler’s loss is that the athletes are being “buried” simply because they didn’t win the match, and frankly, that isn’t correct. The fact that Cesaro had such a crisp match against someone who advanced in the tournament, and who many believe is going to win the tournament, speaks volumes about the “Swiss Superman”. Reigns got the victory, yes, but he had to go through Hell in order to advance, and Cesaro was as formidable an opponent as they come.

There is no burying here. There’s no “jobbing out”. Cesaro’s loss to Reigns made Reigns look like a superstar because he defeated someone with true professional wrestling talent and ability. There’s a phrase in pro wrestling that a wrestler “doesn’t need the belt” to be a top dog, and currently, Cesaro is that guy. That being said, I, like everyone else in the CESARO SECTION, want to see “The King Of The Swing” with gold around his waist!

Pro wrestling is more than just that stupid question - “is it fake?”. Pro wrestling is an art form! It enables one to become stronger and better, then to travel the world and become a star. Its what you put in. Its about passion and heart, skill and uniqueness. Every wrestler has their goals - sometimes we win or sometimes we lose. For some pro wrestlers winning a championship title, does not define a winner in their eyes. We pro wrestlers want to master our craft and find the true wrestler within us - that why we live in a suit case, search far and wide for that person - That pro wrestler! Its now time for South Africa to witness Pro wrestling as the developing art, its turning out to be all over the world!  - Nathaniel Govender