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I haven’t got this many questions in probably a year or so, so thanks guys LOL. It really means a lot honestly, I really appreciate it. I’m glad I’m starting to get closer to a lot of people and people are talking to me and sending me asks again in general. I feel like you guys learned a lot about me already again, and that’s why I loved answering asks.

Digital painting of Martin Freeman!

Against my better judgement, I decided to spend 80 hours staring at Martins face, and this is the end result! Turned out quite nice, and I think my hand deserves a break now, haha!

Created with ArtRage 4. To get a glimpse of the process, click here.

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I’m Davenport! I’m Davenport… I̼͉͍͉̦̼͜'̛̥̦̯̝̣̮ͅM̻͍͞ ̩͎̹̣͕̹̰͝D̨͍͍͠A̵̤̖̫̰͈V̱̝̼͔͓̭͘ͅE͕̳̰̩͞N̵̦͔͝P̺̦̬͚̤̭̻̕O҉̴͔R҉̺̤͙̯̤̫ͅT̩͓̻͉̦̝̹



This took me around 6 hours (?) to make, so please don’t piss on me if I accidentally missed you okay <3 Because I probably missed some, just hit me up w a message or something and I will make you your own edit, which is most likely way better quality than these lmao. 

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Last time Bellarke experienced such a big disappointment/betrayal (aka Hakeldama), they literally spent the rest of the season trying to get it right, finding their tune again. Through small touches and tender words they were slowly letting each other know they were together again. They spent almost an entire season on this, letting the other in again: mutual need, trust, belief.
Now, together is a clan thing. It’s bigger than the two of them, bigger than the Sky People. It’s humanity. Bellamy and Clarke, on the other side, are at a point as far from together as it’s possible for them. What brings me to this question: how are they gonna find their together again when there’s only 24 hours to the end of the world (just two episodes)? They already spent one season on (not so) subtle acts, brief moments of caring and stuff. With the current lack of time and imminent hurry of apocalypse, I can only think that a big impressive gesture will do it. Hand holding? Check. Hug? Check. Cheek kiss? Check.
Mmm… Is there any huge display of affection missing on the Bellarke story?

bedhead ereri and morning kisses!!
(i hope you like it ahh)


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can I request a bulletstory where the reader is unwillingly one of lotor's generals (say, her family or village is held hostage) and as voltron fights them, shiro starts falling for her? sorry if that's too complicated!

Bulletstories are meant to be long but I hope I didn’t bore you with everything!! I have so many ideas (especially with the whole Kuron theory) but I decided to write this idea instead :) Story under the cut and if you can’t see it (especially on mobile) do message this blog to tell me :)

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I went back to see for the 69th time Ouma's L.Hotel scene and I think he goes into his neutral sprite when Saihara says 'didn't u say my feelings didn't matter?' And he answers that he was lying about that. This hurts when you take in count what happened in ch4 post-trial, when Saihara's words hit him like a meteor. Had it been other member of the gang who said those words to him I honestly think it wouldn't have destroyed his facade. It hurt like hell because IT WAS SAIHARA. I'm depressed now.

You’re right, anon! He definitely starts making his neutral sprites when Saihara begins actually getting upset in the love hotel scene and pointing out that Ouma was saying his feelings matter. To Saihara, Ouma’s inexplicable switching from one mood to another and his flippancy actually hurts, because as a detective Saihara is trying to figure him out but also feels like even if he succeeded, Ouma wouldn’t take him seriously anyway.

And Ouma seems to realize that he definitely crossed a line with this one person in particular who he actually kind of sort of wants to figure him out (even though he also doesn’t want it, because that would simultaneously jeopardize all his plans and ruin his cool flippant phantom thief façade where he doesn’t have to commit to anything ever), and that’s why he starts getting serious in the middle of that scene.

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Helloooo guys (again), my dad also recorded Vertigo from the Joshua Tree 2017 tour. My dad and I (and everyone) really enjoyed the cool visuals. We had rail seats for this concert, so it was really cool being up close and seeing everything. The video is nice, but you just have to get past the first 7 seconds because he missed the intro.

Girlhood just can't be easy or happy or free, can it?

Got back from taking my 11-year-old daughter to see Wonder Woman, all of us happy and enjoying the empowerment vibes, only to find out police and protective services were waiting to talk to her.

She had to learn right then that a close male family member (one she has always loved and trusted) confessed to sexually assaulting another little girl in the family last weekend, and now all of the children he’s had regular access to are being interviewed to determine if they were also victims.

She is devastated that this man could have done what he did, betrayed that the adult she cared about could hurt a little girl her age, worried for the girl herself, and confused about whether anyone can ever be trusted.

I hate that she has to know this. I hate that she also has to suffer due to the evil actions of another grown man (the second one in her family on that side to have committed this same crime against a little girl).

“I wish we could just go live with the Amazons!” she sobbed to me.

I know, baby. So do I.

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I can't see your third post down, what is it?? :(

Third post down is a reblogged gifset of a ferret mommy insistently trying to drag the camera guy’s hand to her box of newborn cubs. She seems very proud of her babies and wants the guy (presumably her owner) to stay with her while she nurses them. 15/10 post. Would reblog again.