a world without pizza and beer

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Can we have a shy kara asking maggie for advice and comfort cause going to her big sister its just too hard? Cuddles between those two we love!

Maggie’s brow furrows when her phone buzzes and it’s not her Danvers sister’s smiling face on the caller ID.

“Everything okay, Kara?” she asks immediately, her gun already slipping into her waistband and her hand already fumbling for her shoes, because they all lead dangerous lives, and Alex, Alex, Alex.

“Yeah, no, everything’s fine, Alex is fine, nothing’s under attack – I just… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have called.”

Maggie relaxes, but tilts her head, slowly putting her jacket down and resting the phone between her chin and shoulder as she puts her gun back, too.

“No, you’re fine, Little Danvers. Just got me worried is all, you uh… you don’t usually call.”

She can practically see her girlfriend’s little sister adjusting her glasses, practically see the worried tension around the corners of her eyes.

“I know, and it’s so late, I’m sorry – “

“Lord, Little Danvers, you’re just like your sister. You don’t have to apologize for calling: I’m glad you did. What’s up?”

“I… are you busy? Can I come over?”

Maggie fights to keep the surprise out of her voice, not wanting Kara to misinterpret it as annoyance.

“Yeah. Sure, you want me to make some – “

There’s a whoosh at her window and the papers on her desk scatter suddenly, because Kara is already in her living room.


“I’m sorry!” Kara squeals and goes about picking up Maggie’s case files from the floor.

“No, you’re fine, you’re fine – what’s up, kid?”

Maggie’s fingers brush Kara’s as they replace the papers on her desk and Kara’s eyes go wide.

“I think I like girls, like, like like girls, and I like boys, too, well no, I mean, men, and women, and I’ve been thinking about it for a while but now I don’t want to say anything to Alex because she’s just coming out and the whole reason it took her so long in the first place is because I took up so much space that she never focused on herself and now that she’s finally living more of her own life, I don’t want to waltz in and be like guess what I’m bi now we’re both kinda gay and give me all the attention and do you feel like it’s wrong to like someone other people think is a villain, I mean no, not if she’s just misunderstood and really badass and just really wonderful, I mean, come on, it – “

But Maggie’s finger is on Kara’s lip and Kara’s eyes fly wide and Maggie grins softly and Maggie sweeps her free hand toward the couch, gesturing Kara to sit.

“Hold up, Little Danvers. I’m gonna get some beer – “

“Oh, Earth alcohol doesn’t affect me – “

Maggie’s finger is back on her lips.

“The beer’s for me, not you. The pizza and potstickers I’m about to order, those are for you. I’m gonna drink and you’re gonna eat and then we’re gonna talk about your big ole bi crush on Lena Luthor, okay?”

Kara stands with such force that Maggie’s papers fly off her desk again.

“How did you know?”

“I need to invest in some paperweights, don’t I?”


“Kara. Hey. Hey hey hey. Come here, come here.” She sees Kara’s lip wobbling and she sees Kara’s wide, fearful eyes, and she knows her world is crumbling and her world is relieved and her world will never be the same, and she pulls her down onto the couch and gathers her into her arms and Kara just cries.

“Shhh, I know. I know. It’s gonna be okay, Kara. You’re gonna be okay. You’re perfect and you’re brave, and no, I don’t think the entire world knows about your crush on Lena, okay, just me, just me.”

“But how – “

“I’m a detective, Little Danvers. I detect.”

Kara sniffles and chuckles and frowns down at Maggie’s grey tee.

“I got your shirt all teary and snotty.”

Maggie glances down and smiles and pulls Kara closer into her arms. “It’s cool. I’ve got two shoulders, kid, and tonight, they’re both for you.”

By the time Alex’s key scrapes the lock – because they’d given up on the pretense that they could stand to spend the entire night alone anymore – it’s three a.m. and Kara is sleeping, exhausted from all the talking and crying and sniffling and laughing, and Maggie’s t-shirt is wet with Kara’s tears and just a bit of alien snot, but there’s a small smile curled onto Maggie’s face, because she’s sitting up on the couch, both arms around Kara’s body as her sleeping form leans on Maggie, keeping Kara safe from nightmares and from anxiety and from the world, the world, the world.

Maggie turns her head as much as she can without disturbing Kara, and she sees Alex’s still frame staring from the doorway, glancing around at the empty beer bottles and decimated potstickers and the pizza box with two slices left, two slices saved, she knows, just for her.

“Maggie, what – “ she mouths, tears stinging her eyes because this woman, these women, the most important people in her world.

“She’s fine,” Maggie whispers, smiling as Alex strips off her jacket, as Alex kicks off her shoes and pads to the couch. “Just got a lot she wants to tell you in the morning.”

“Alex?” Kara asks sleepily, blinking up to see her sister’s cock-eyed smile above her.

“Mmm, good. Come to bed, come sleep. Maggie’s comfy, even though she’s so tiny, have you noticed she’s so tiny, and she has two shoulders, and she said they can both be mine tonight but now you’re here so we’ll share.”

Maggie laughs and Alex tries not to cry and they haul their kid sister to bed so she can curl up safe and protected and loved between two of her superheroes.

When I tell you that I still love you, I’m not asking you to come back.

Instead, I’m saying that I’ve been sleeping on the right side of our bed since the night you left and that there’s still cold beer in the fridge even though I never liked the taste of it. I still put too much creamer in my coffee because I know you like it that way. 

I’m saying that I stopped going to that pizza joint where we had our first date because it just feels wrong to come back there without you and that my friends have been trying to get me to the beach and I keep on saying no because that’s your favorite place in the entire world and I know that the whole time I’ll be there, I’ll just be wishing you were there with me.

I’m saying that there are nights I cry so much for us that I feel like my heart would just stop beating altogether. And some nights, I wish it does. Just so I can stop loving you. But most nights, I just revel in it -the heartache, the pain, the hurt. It reminds me that I love you. Makes me thankful for this pain instead of being numb if it means I get to hold close in my heart all the memories we’ve shared.

When I tell you that I still love you, believe me that I’m not asking you to come back. I know you’re not going to.

—  I’m just hoping you never forget, d.a.p