a world without magic

There are two groups...

…That everyone in the not-entirely-successfully hidden magical underground (called variously the Arcane World, The Occulture, or just “The society”) hates:

The Old Magic families, who, like old money families in the world without magic, concentrate as much power into as few hands as possible, hoarding wealth, magical treasures, and spellbooks.

and the Elves, who steal children to twist around and turn into more Elves, murderous predators who vaguely resemble human beings.

There’s also two groups nobody ever robs:

The Old Magic Families, because with all their power and wealth, they can afford top-flight mundane -and- magical security, so robbing one of their vaults is a death trap.

…And the elves, because they have no money, and their nests are full of murderous predators who vaguely resemble human beings, some of whom may be the children they stole last night.

Only an idiot with a death wish would try to rob either group, or so  they say.

So the question becomes, what sort of person would try to rob both? On the same night, with the aim of using the stockpile of magical arms swiped from the former to break into the chambers of the latter and maybe free a few of the kids before they’re fully indoctrinated into the elf way of murder and obligate pseudo-cannibalism?

That’s us, that’s our crew. We’re exactly those idiots, and the only reason we can’t all get killed on this job is that at least two of us are technically already dead.

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I wish you would write a fic where the ex-Vengers are hanging around Wakanda post Civil War talking and one of them wishes Tony never became Iron Man. Wanda decides to grant that wish and they end up in a universe where Iron Man isn't a thing, a world where Tony Stark survived Afghanistan but never made the armor. Bonus points if Stane was able to lock him out of Stark Industries and Tony disappeared from the public eye afterward.

Okay, to be honest, I don’t know if this took the turn you wanted to but hear me out.

Stane wins; Tony is quietly hustled away and kept in a workshop probably, where he has to work for Stane. Rhodey doesn’t get to see him ever and Stane got rid of Pepper because she was way too clever for Stane’s liking.

Iron Man 1 and 2 don’t really happen; maybe Vanko goes after Stane when he realizes that he got the arc reactor working somehow, but Tony isn’t in there at all.

Stane still deals with weapons, so the Ten Rings are still going strong, rebels all over the world can now take on any government army because they are armed just as well or even better as the soldiers and the world is a mess.

And then the Avengers happen. And it’s here that it gets tragic, because everything goes to shit.

The helicarrier crashes down when Clint takes out the second rotor, because no one is there to quick start it again. The remaining Avengers probably make it off in time, but Fury, Hill and Coulson not so much because they make sure everyone else gets saved first.

The world council still orders a nuclear hit on New York and since there is no Iron Man to carry the bomb into space it hits right where it was supposed to. The Avengers die in a fiery blaze; the Hulk most likely the only one who makes it out of there.

So the world might have averted this particular catastrophe at a very high price but it’s not even the worst one.

Project Inside is a go just a few years later, helicarriers without the repulsor technology but still able to fly and since Cap isn’t there to stop anything they wipe off a horrifying percentage of the world’s population.

Hydra wins.

(And because I am not a completely horrible person, that is gonna be the place where Wanda stops her little magic, but everyone remembers exactly how a world without Tony Stark would be and they are horrified. They never knew he had that much impact on anything even though they were right there.)

‘Once Upon a Time’ Creators Tease Season 7: It’s The ‘Same Show’ in ‘New Worlds’

With its season 6 finale, Once Upon a Time is closing the book on Snow White, Prince Charming, and Emma Swan. And when ABC’s fairy tale drama returns this fall, it’ll start a new chapter, featuring an adult Henry Mills and his daughter, Lucy.

Six series regulars are departing OUAT, including stars Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, and Josh Dallas. Going forward, the show will focus on Henry (Andrew J. West), Lucy (Alison Fernandez), Regina (Lana Parrilla), Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue), and Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle).

It’s a major reset for the series after six seasons. Creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz talked to Yahoo TV about where OUAT is headed…

You guys had said previously that this could’ve worked as a series finale, if ABC didn’t renew the show for season 7. But do you mean the ending with adult Henry opening the door to Lucy, or that last montage of Snow, Charming, Emma, etc.?
Horowitz: This ending, whether we were renewed or not, was always the ending, up until the end at the door and all that. We obviously hoped to be renewed and but it was a plan that had been in the works for a while and we had been building to all season. We’re very glad we got to continue, but we took the characters to the place where we wanted to finish them at the end of this season and then open that door, literally and figuratively, at the end.

If it had been the series finale, that would’ve been some cliffhanger. Is that what you envisioned as the ending way back when you first started the show?
Kitsis: It’s something we thought of in the beginning. Whether or not we were canceled, we would have kept the Henry thing. You know, what we liked about it was what Snow White says — that the story continues, living our life, it’s the journey not the destination. Since we’re picked up, it doesn’t matter. If we weren’t , we might’ve done something different. But we were feeling pretty confident in talking to the networks since around Thanksgiving of last year. So we just moved forward with this plan.

The ending echoes how the series began. But adult Henry and Lucy are different people from young Henry and Emma. So, how will the story be different this time around?
Kitsis: It’s the idea that it shares the same DNA. We’re not trying to parallel everything that we get exactly before you know it. It’s the same show but it’s going into new worlds in with some new characters and with some old characters. What we hope the fans take away from the end of the season is that Once Upon a Time is coming back and it’s going to be surprising and hopefully really exciting and intriguing next year.

Horowitz: For us, season 1, the premise was there was a curse on the town and no one knew who they were and we ended the season breaking it, which everyone thought that would be what the show is. So, every year we feel like we’ve reinvented it, whether we go to Neverland or Wonderland. So, for us, it was time to complete this book, so to speak, and begin a new chapter.

The finale really drove home the themes of believing and hope. Will you continue exploring those themes going forward?
Kitsis: I think we want to explore new themes but at its core, Once Upon a Time is about hope. It’s about people needing hope in the real world. And of course, as the show went on and on, it became about the characters and their rich histories. But the central premise of people in the real world, in a world without magic in need of hope, that’s what the show will remain to be. We will hopefully tell new themes and things that are relevant for today.

You said earlier that it won’t be a complete parallel, but when the show started, Henry was the believer and Emma was the skeptic. Is Henry now the skeptic, with Lucy the true believer?
Horowitz: I mean it certainly looked like Lucy was a believer at the end of the episode, and that’s the jumping off point. I will say we really really hope that the directions we go are surprising and exciting. We’re really not trying to retread and do the same thing exactly. But there will be echoes and there are themes that are at the heart of Once Upon a Time, and belief-versus-cynicism is one of them that we’ve dealt with that throughout the show and probably will continue to.

We recently made this family tree infographic of the show, and it’s crazy how the characters are tied together, beyond blood. With so many characters leaving, how will you fill those holes?
Kitsis: That tree remains that tree, and what we’re going to do is something new. We always said that the original first six seasons were Henry’s goal of reuniting his family, which he did. As we saw in the beginning, he went to get his mom, but what he really wanted was to reunite this crazy family. And the very last image last night, we see them all having their dinner together. And so I would say that this is this is this is a new adventure.

Horowitz: And I think also this is kind of one of those things that it’s easy to kind of overlook because Andrew West is coming on the show now, but that’s still Henry. And you still have Regina as mother. So the family is still at the center of the show. It’s just grown and evolved as all families do.

So, there will be explanations for where Emma is, where Belle is?
Kitsis: Oh yeah. I mean, the first thing to say is that the situations we’ve left the characters in — I don’t want to call them happy endings, because they’re not ending — those situations remain. So when the show continues, the idea is that those characters are out there and that’s all been happening. Just because not everyone is a regular doesn’t mean that their stories haven’t continued and that we might not hear about them. We might see some people pop in and out. It’s just going to be in a slightly different configuration.

How much of the universe you’ve built over six seasons will play a part in the new story? Will we see familiar faces like Ariel or Tinker Bell or Peter Pan again?
Kitsis: We’ll see some old faces. That’s the thing we love about the show — that it’s never one show all the time. So you know people that died two years ago, we’ll see for an entire hour. So, we want to see old faces and we’re really excited to see new ones.

Horowitz: What we’re really excited about in how we’re going forward is, because we’re closing the book on this chapter of the story of these characters, we can start a new story without having six years of back story from the previous stories, so audiences come in and start fresh with these characters and learn. Yeah, so you can have whatever the familiar faces we bring back pop in and out. But you’ll be tracking a whole new adventure and a whole new story.

Who are some of these faces we’re going to see? I imagine one of them will be Lucy’s mother.
Kitsis: We’re not fully ready to say who we’re going to see or who are not. We just ended the season yesterday, so we want to enjoy that and let the fans enjoy that final montage. But I will say who Lucy’s mom is and Henry’s relationship to her is going to be an epic romance in the Once tradition of Snow and Charming. And who she is and what character she is will be revealed probably this summer.

Will you continue plumbing the depths of Disney’s archive? Or go in completely new directions?
Kitsis: We’re kind of a show that has always had a mash-up. I mean, this is a show that has had a running One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest reference for six seasons. We also had Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and the Mad Hatter and Tinkerbell. We want to pull from everybody, as well as newer characters that we haven’t got to yet in the Disney universe.

What will be the balance between seeing the real world and the magical realms?
Horowitz: There’s going to be a real world component, that we saw Henry in last night in Seattle. And we’re going to flash back to the Enchanted Forest because we realize that all those scenes we saw in the opening of the episode were actually flashforwards. So the show will remain the same it’s just going to have new settings new worlds and new adventures.

The musical episode came off really well. Any thoughts on doing another one?
Kitsis: I think we should do the stage show. I think that should be the next step should be the next one. It was a lot of work, so I don’t think we’ll do one next year.

Once Upon a Time on Broadway!
Kitsis: Yes, Once Upon a Time on Broadway sounds good to me!


Pen Pals (Newt Scamander X Reader)

Requested: Yes

@thatthinghasclaws :  Newt Scamander soulmate AU? Where you can see what the other one writes on their skin. :)

Word Count: 2 248

A/N: Arg, this is probably so bad. Sorry for making you guys wait for so long! I’ve been super busy but I finally finished! Thank you so much for waiting patiently!


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

A lot of strange things started happening ever since you turned eleven and found out about a magical world that was living parallel to the only world you thought existed; the Muggle world. That is, if you could even call it a world at all, what’s a world without magic? But, if possible, things were getting even weirder now.

You were sitting at a desk in a boring Transfiguration class, fighting hard to keep your eyelids from falling. Professor Dumbledore was happily explaining about some fancy Transfiguration spells, preparing you and all of the other Fifth Years for the upcoming O.W.L.s. Oh, the dreadful O.W.L.s. You shivered at the thought, reminding yourself that you still had a little over a week to prepare.

Still bored, you discreetly glance over at Newt Scamander, who was sitting a few seats away to your left. He looked as enthusiastic about all this as the rest of the class. You watched him scribble down a few notes and admired his neat-messy handwriting from afar before he snaps his head up and his green eyes meet yours. You quickly avert your eyes and pretend that nothing happened.
You and he had a…“strictly platonic”…okay fine, “not even really friends yet” type of relationship. There was no denying you had a massive crush on the freckled Hufflepuff, but you were sure that he didn’t share the same feelings. Ah well, maybe something would happen eventually, but that was currently the last thing you wanted to worry about.

“(Y/N), are you following along? You seem distracted.” Professor Dumbledore says curtly, snapping you out of your thoughts.

You nod your head furiously, hair flying everywhere, desperately hoping you looked alert or better yet; awake. He smiles.

“Well if that’s so, will you please tell the class what I was going to turn this goblet into?” he asks with a sweet smile, his eyes twinkling from behind his glasses.

“Umm, a potato?” you say idiotically, mentally facepalming yourself and giving up on life in general, as the whole class started giggling uncontrollably. Some boys even fell out of their chairs, for dramatic effect of course. You rolled your eyes and giggled too, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

You hopefully glanced at Newt and your heart jumped slightly as you saw him chuckling too. Yes, you made him laugh! Well, he was probably laughing at you but you still made him laugh and that was good enough for you.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

He laughed softly and looked at you through his long lashes. There was no denying it, he had strong feelings for you but he was always too shy to gather the courage to talk to you.
Sighing quietly, he admired your handwriting from his seat, thinking that the tiny letters looked as adorable as you did.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

“Please pay attention now (Y/N), I want you to do well,” Dumbledore says gently yet firmly and you nod, relieved that you weren’t getting detention.

Minutes passed and the class returned to its boring state. You sighed and picked up your feathered quill and dipped the tip in ink.
You lazily proceeded to draw on the back of your hand, writing random little phrases and words.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

He jumped slightly in his seat as he felt a tingling sensation tickling the back of his left hand.
He cautiously looked around to make sure no one else saw his little jump and he peered at his hand. The words I’m so bored appeared on his hand in what appeared to be black ink, as if the letters were being written on with an invisible pen in the air.

He blinked a couple times, utterly confused. What was going on? Were these words reflecting his feelings? He definitely felt bored but this hasn’t happened before?…

He felt tingling again and he quickly looked down.

Lalalalalalalalala was scribbled across the palm of his hand now.
Yeah, these definitely weren’t his thoughts and this was all getting more than a little strange.

He picked up his own quill and dipped it in a vial of ink. He was going to try something…
The tip of his quill moved swiftly across the soft flesh of his hand.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

You yelp as you feel tingling on the back of your hand next to your own little scrawls.
You watch in surprise and wonder as delicate little letters appear, spelling out Hello?

Professor Dumbledore turns to you again after hearing your surprised little sound and quirks up an eyebrow.

“What is it this time (Y/N)? Would you like to share with the class why you felt the need to take such a sharp intake of breath?” he smiles kindly as you shake your head furiously, and he resumes his lesson.

Shaking nervously you grip your quill and write on your hand again. All the ink of your precious conversations, if you even call them conversations, was still etched onto your soft flesh.

Hi. What’s going on and who are you? you write.

The tingling comes back.

Beats me, though I must admit this is rather fascinating. Who are you?

No fair, I asked first.

Well, I asked last.

Okay fine, just tell me this; you aren’t some murderer, right?

Oh no, definitely not. If it makes you fell any better I attend Hogwarts and I’m sitting in a rather boring class right now. This is quite the highlight of my day.

Oh thank goodness, I’m at Hogwarts too! Maybe we could try finding each other?

You were slowly starting to inch your way up your arm for you were running out of room on your hand.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

Well, this is very interesting, he thought as he dipped his quill in ink again.

Or maybe we should keep this anonymous? That way we could talk without feeling awkward around each other. What do you say?

He waits patiently, drumming his fingers on his desk, eagerly waiting for a reply.

Sure! We could be pen pals! Cheesy, I know but it will definitely keep us entertained during boring classes, like the one I’m in right now.

Pen pals it is! Who’s class are you in right now?

Dumbledore. You?

Same, actually! So we have now established that we are also in the same year, how exciting!

Yay, this will definitely be fun. But do you have any idea why all this is even happening?

No idea. But I’m glad I’ve found a new friend, even if I don’t exactly know who you are. I’m terribly sorry if this is getting weird, but I already like you.

Brilliant, I like you already too! And don’t worry, it will definitely get weirder once you’ve seen my doodles. Now, on to more pressing matters; we seem to have run out of space on our left arms, how do we erase all this?!


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

Turns out that a little bit of soap and water did the trick, no magic was needed. You and your pen pal had become rather close in the next few weeks and you learned that the two of you were of the opposite gender. That made it even more exciting for you in a way.

You always felt like you had a secret, a good secret, making sure to cover up your arms with your robes after a long class.

You were making your way to the nearest washroom to rid your skin of ink when you bumped into Newt on the way.

You blush as you realize who you just crashed into and your hand instinctively pulls down the sleeves of your robes, hiding the smudges of ink and your conversations with your secret friend.

“Ah, sorry about that…” Newt apologizes with a gentle smile.

“It’s fine,” you say quickly and you mentally slap yourself. Great job, the one time you ever talked to your crush and you had to say “I’m fine”? Arg, you always blew it.

Without saying another word, you scurry off to your next class, plop yourself down in your chair and pull out a vial of ink. You try to find a bare spot on your arms and you manage to squeeze in a tiny sentence.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

He was still blushing after your little encounter and he felt a tingle on his arm as he sat down in the library to study for he was done all his classes for the day.

Hey, we’re like, super tight now right?

He smiles and pulls out his own quill, swiftly replying.

Yeah, I mean, we have been chatting for over a month now. I’d say we’re pretty close and we know quite a bit about each other.

Okay, good because I wanted to ask you for some advice. I have a crush and he’s a dude and since you’re a dude too you know stuff that I don’t, am I right?

Umm, sure? I guess that makes sense.

Well, here I go anyways. So I’ve liked him for quite some time now and I just bumped into him in the hallways but I really couldn’t bring myself to say anything, what should I do?

Blimey, I just met my crush in the hallways a few minutes ago! he wrote, shaking his head in wonder. You two were more alike than he thought.

Ah! Okay, answer my questions later. Tell me all about her!

Well, I’m in the same situation as you. I’ve liked her since I’ve laid eyes on her but I’m too shy to make a move.

I suggest talking to her! How bad can it be? You’ve got to work up some courage and I’m sure you’ll do great! I believe in you!

I could say the same to you! Why don’t we both attempt to talk to our crushes and meet up to see how it went.

Wait, did you just say meet up!?

Yeah, I’d say it’s about time to see each other, wouldn’t you?

Yes!!! I’ve been waiting for this moment! I’m sure you’re lovely!


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

You agreed to meet up with PP (your nickname for your pen pal) by the main entrance. But before that happened, you had to try to work up the guts to talk to Newt. Yeah, that was the tricky part.

He found you before you saw him.

“Umm hi (Y/N),” he said with a shy grin, his beautiful hair falling like a halo on his head. You stood there like an idiot, no words coming out.

Abort mission! Abort mission! you scream in your head.

“I’m sorry Newt, I can’t talk right now. I need to meet someone.” you blurt before rushing off towards the main entrance.

Well, that failed.
You hold back tears as you run.


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

Well, that failed.
He miserably watched you go and felt something odd in his chest. His breathing got heavier. Did you just reject him or were you just really busy? He couldn’t say.

He finally decided that he should probably go meet his pen pal. At least that would cheer him up.

“Oh, Mr. Scamander! Will you help me move these textbooks to another room?” Professor Dumbledore asks Newt, beckoning him over.

Newt opens his mouth to tell him that he was busy but the professor would hear none of it. Newt sighed and made a mental note to apologize to his pen pal later.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

Hello? you write, standing alone by the entrance, finally beginning to calm down after the very one-sided conversation with Newt. You hadn’t meant to seem rude, you just…panicked.
You’ve been waiting for 20 minutes now and no one showed up.

I’m on my way!

A frantic scribble appears next to your sentence and you huff, slightly annoyed yet still tingling with excitement. Even though you had failed to talk to Newt, you were finally going to meet your new friend!

Soon, you hear footsteps running towards you and you turn, only to see Newt panting a couple feet away from you. What was he doing here?

“Hi, Newt. Umm, what are you doing here?” you ask, your voice coming out as a little squeak as he straightens up.

“Uh, I am here to meet someone.”

Your heart fell as he looked away, clearly avoiding eye contact. When would your pen pal show up?


~Newt’s P.O.V.~

Oh no, why was she here? He was even more nervous now than before!
He hastily looked away before blushing furiously, refusing to face her.

The two of you stood opposite to each other, both leaning against the wall, waiting and not daring to speak to each other for you were both nervously shaking.


~(Y/N)’s P.O.V.~

You frantically pull out your quill and shakily start to write.

Where are you?

A tingle.

I’m here waiting for you!

You blink as the writing appears and your breath hitches in the back of your throat. It couldn’t be…

You and Newt both turn and spontaneously walk towards each other.

You shakily lift up your arm and he does too, like a mirror mimicking your precise movements.

Your arms are now side by side and the words you just exchanged were both printed on your forearms.

You tilt your head up just enough to look at him and your eyes brighten with realization.

“It’s you.” you both murmur at the same time.

bigsphinxofquartz  asked:

"I don’t expect to see a world without magic based on the fact that on the back of every card (save double-faced cards) is the word “Magic”." -- so you're saying you could do a completely non-magical world as long as it was 100% double faced cards? :)

Yes, that’s what I was saying.

“There’s no magic, but a heck of a lot of Werewolves.”

the-whiteroom  asked:

Wait. Monster`s bodies live because of their magic. They do not have internal organs. But humans have internal organs and can live with their help. So, If you break human`s soul, why he can`t continue to live without magic in his body?

It is a mgical world where your soul is a part of your body, it’s the “very culmination of your being”, it gives you life.

'Once Upon a Time' Creators Defend Cast Shakeup: Fans Want Us to 'Rot in Hell'
Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tell TheWrap in an interview that "it was time to end one adventure and begin a new one"

“Once Upon a Time” fans experienced quite the roller coaster ride over the course of the past week, and that was even before Sunday’s game-changing Season 6 finale aired.

ABC picked up the fairy-tale drama series for a seventh season on Thursday, but this was quickly followed by the news on Friday that the upcoming run would be without its core cast members, as Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow) and Josh Dallas (Charming) are joining Jennifer Morrison (Emma) out the door at the end of the season.

“OUAT” co-creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz tell TheWrap in an interview that they have known for the better part of a year that these cast members would be leaving, and that the show’s refocus is all about what’s best creatively. However, they are aware that some fans might not exactly be thrilled to say goodbye to their favorite characters — or less euphemistically, that there are viewers who want them to “rot in hell.”

The showrunners also weighed in on which departing cast member still wanted to stay with the show, how soon viewers will meet the mom of Henry’s daughter and why the new season will be similar to the first.

News broke last week that a number of cast members are leaving. How do you feel about fans’ reactions to the shakeup?

Adam Horowitz: To be quite honest, we haven’t looked at a lot of it because we can guess that the reactions [range] from, “I will never watch this show again,” and “Rot in hell.” But these are the same people two weeks ago that were saying, “When are they going to give someone their happy ending?” So if we listened to the internet, there’s too many voices and too many opinions. What we felt was the show always was bold: At the end of Season 1, we broke the premise of the show, and we broke the curse. And I think everybody would agree six seasons later that if Emma still didn’t believe in it, the show would not be on the air. So we felt it was time to end one adventure and begin a new one.

Edward Kitsis: We want the fans to enjoy the show, obviously, but we have to find the way to keep it surprising and keep it fresh and keep it moving forward. If there are questions about what we’re going to do and how they feel about it, I think our hope is that when they see what we’re planning to do, that they’re just as engaged as they’ve always been.

The Season 6 finale felt like it could have been a series finale. At what point were you assured by the network that the show would be coming back?

Kitsis: We have been talking with the network all year, but in a lot of ways, it could have been a series finale, absolutely. As we said, we wanted to end the chapter to that first book. We had gone into the year always wanting to do that. If we didn’t have a Season 7, that would have been exactly how we ended the show. We’ve been putting this new iteration together for a while.

Horowitz: We’ve been talking with the studio and the network about this for a very long time, and if it hadn’t worked out, it would have ended the same way, but we’re just glad everybody wanted to continue.

Josh and Ginnifer told you about a year ago that they were ready to move back to Los Angeles [from Vancouver, where the series shoots]. But when did you know that the other cast members would be leaving? Were any of the casting decisions made in an effort to save money and help ensure that the show gets renewed?

Kitsis: It’s really a case of, it’s an ensemble show, and a lot of people are at different points in their life. And after 134 episodes, some people, they’ve been living away from home for six years, and some people wanted to return, some people had kids. So we started the year kind of knowing who wanted to stay on if we were going to get another year, and who decided it was time, as we said, to retire their jersey after a hall of fame career. Josh and Ginny, we knew they were going to leave this year, so we wrote a year that allowed them to get their happy ending. Everything was amicable — there was [nothing based on] pickups. Everything was made out of a creative decision, which is hard for people to believe, I guess.

Horowitz: It’s funny because the announcements came out last week, so as far as the fans were concerned, it was like, “Wow, all at once.” But this is stuff we’ve been talking about all year, so we’ve designed the whole season to reach this point. It wasn’t like, all of sudden last week we had to do a giant rewrite. It’s just, it kind of is what it is. Shows that are lucky enough to be on as long as we have, have to at certain points change and grow and go in different directions, and I think that’s what’s happened. For us, this is a natural evolution of what the show has always been.

Kitsis: For us, every year felt like a new season of a new show anyway, so we’re willing to do another high-wire act.

It sounds like Rebecca Mader (Zelena) wanted to continue with the show. Was that just a situation where there aren’t more stories to tell with her character?

Kitsis: That was a really hard one because we worked with Rebecca on “Lost.” We literally created the role for her — we called her and said, “We have a role for you — will you come on and do the show?” She’s phenomenal. “Wicked Always Wins” is one of my favorite songs from the [“OUAT”] musical. And it’s like having this great player, but we felt like we’re kind of doing this new thing next year, and unfortunately, creatively there wasn’t a place yet. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see her back because we love Rebecca, we love that role. We don’t think it will be the last we see of her — it just means she’s not going to be a regular in the way she’s carried on for the last few years.

How often might the exiting characters pop up in Season 7 cameos?

Horowitz: I think what we can tell is you can see everybody. Even people who have been dead on our show come back three years later. There’s a difference between, “I want to do a couple [episodes] a year,” and “I want to be there permanently.”

Kitsis: I think if all goes according to plan, you’ll see a lot of people pop in and out. It wasn’t like we did a finale for Season 6 where there was a massacre at the end. These characters are going on, so we would love to have them go in and out as they can and if the story warrants it.

The finale revealed that Henry has a daughter. How soon will we find out who the mom is, and is it someone from the fairy-tale realm?

Horowitz: We will find out who she is in the premiere. It will be somebody from the fairy-tale realm, and what we can tell you is that Henry and that woman will be an epic romance in the tradition of Snow and Charming.

Fans have been trying to guess which new characters will be introduced. What can you tease about that? Can we assume Moana might be on the horizon?

Horowitz: Like always, we will be pulling from the iconic, both the new and the historical. For us, the fun of this is getting to retell origin stories, finding out who people are in the real world without magic.

The Fairy Tale as the False Reality

Snow White & Prince Charming represent the epitome of a fairy tale and a fairy tale can be seen as a false version of reality.

Emma was sent to a land without magic (reality/the real world) where despite her circumstances, she became a strong person. Eventually, Henry found her and brought her to Storybrooke where he began to convince her that the fairy tales were true and that she was a part of it.

When the curse was broken, Emma was suddenly living the fairy tale (the false reality…for her at least). Although it took her a moment to warm up to them, she suddenly had the parents/family she always wanted. The more time she spent with them and the other fairy tale characters, the more she integrated, getting farther and father away from her reality and loosing some (most) of herself in the process. Hence, the version of Emma we are seeing now.

It looks like the Charmings are sacrificing Emma in this picture. They want her to have what they have, but what they represent, traditionally speaking, is a false reality. 

The Charmings want the version of Emma that they would have raised or, in other words, a traditional fairy tale princess…

…instead of the strong independent woman she became without them. In other words, the opposite of the traditional princess who always needs to be saved.

Emma used to represent a person who was their own knight in shining armor and really, isn’t that a better moral, to become strong enough to save yourself rather than waiting on a prince or a knight a.k.a. the fairy tale a.k.a. the false reality? 

We saw Regina become strong and save herself.

In real life, little girls were/are often told these tales about a knight in shining armor who would come and sweep them off their feet and they would live together happily ever after. Think of the mental conflict this causes when the girls grow up to find out that life isn’t at all like their mother’s told them it would be.

It causes an imbalance (cognitive dissonance) when such an idea is pounded into your head. You are trying to do what your parents/society taught you because it’s the “right” thing or the expected thing versus wanting to do what comes naturally or instinctively to you based on your own thoughts and ideas.

They are being prepped to look for something that doesn’t even exist…perfection.

What is perceived as perfect is different for everyone, meaning that there is no prototype for it. There is no one thing to use as a measurement for perfection, but is this the mistake Emma is making with her parents, believing them to be perfect and therefore trying to replicate what they have and achieve something that she won’t be able to because it doesn’t exist.

Emma has to find her very own idea of perfection.

In 6x19 we saw Hook asking Henry to be his best man and we also see Henry holding the book, which seems odd, but considering Henry was a large part of convincing Emma that the fairy tales were true when she first came to Storybrooke, maybe he, along with the Charmings (who are the prime example of the fairy tale/false reality) represent pushing Emma toward a false reality with Hook.

Everything is happening backwards for Emma. Her childhood was spent dealing with things that no child should have to and her adulthood has morphed into a fairy tale. It’s actually easy to see why Emma would be susceptible to the fairy tale, considering it was something she never thought she would have, but if you have to ignore certain behaviors from your significant other to make that dream happen then it is a false reality and has no real foundation.

Even though it is yet to be determined whether or not Regina has a role in the wedding, we know that she is the only one who hasn’t pushed Emma toward a false reality. She even saved her from one! 

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And this makes sense when we think about Regina splitting herself. The Evil Queen (the fairy tale part of Regina) was born out of Cora and Snow’s actions, forcing her into a life she didn’t want, a false reality. The real Regina was repressed and her life became full of hate and violence. Regina eventually became a different person and the Evil Queen was no longer a part of her reality, hence, the split.

So, of the core group, Regina is the only one that represents a clear reality. 

I actually forgot about the fact that Emma said…

So maybe Regina isn’t her savior, but will she be a beacon for Emma to finally wake up and save herself?


Oh, I  l i k e  her 


Day 78 & 79:The WhiteHart twins. Still developing their story but I like how it’s going

Day 80,81, 82 & 83: Cheri and her guardian valkyrie (don’t have a name for him yet oh god) 

Day 84 & 85: The world through the reflection (not finished, let there be shame upon me sigh) and spring fashion XD

Day 86 & 87: Interpret as u will ;) & The monster who tells no lies

Day 88 & 89: Cheri and her Valkyrie in human form cause everything has to have a human form

Day 90 & 91: Cheri doing a little break dancing & A side character’s story

Sorry about it being super late
Got no scanner
Hope you enjoy 
Had a lot of fun sketching my characters from a story haha XD

Once Upon a Time AU- Bartholomew “Barry” Allen: The ‘Evil’ King

He didn’t intend to let the darkness consume him. All it took was one revealed secret, though, from his best friend, and his life was ripped out from under him. Even after he was taken in by her father, King Joseph, Barry knew that he could never forgive Princess Iris or her family for taking his family away from him. 

So, he trained with Eobard, the Dark One. He let his magic and thirst for revenge grow, until he trapped the king in his magic mirror and sought out to destroy Iris’ happiness. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go his way. He was overthrown, banished, and sent away with his loyal Huntsman to stew in his defeat.

But Barry had other plans. He conjured a curse–a curse that would send everyone from the Enchanted Forest into a world without magic and happy endings. A world where he could finally have his happiness.

At first, it was perfect. Then, Barry realized that, without someone to share his life with, there was no happiness. So, he adopted a beautiful baby girl named Lisa, and that was that. He finally had someone he loved that loved him unconditionally.

He didn’t expect, twelve years later, to have her run away and bring her birth father back with her. 

Letters II

for the first chapter- read here

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It all starts when she first sees him alone. No friends. No enemies. Just him, a sketchbook, and two birds in a nest. Its the loneliness that strikes her, not like lightning, but a match. She doesn’t swoon, or fawn, or even crack a grin. Its a tiny flame of interest permeating in her thoughts. When she sees him shove a first year in the halls, or snicker idly with bad influences, her thoughts will flash to the simple boy on the edge of the forest, humming Chopin and drawing the trees.
Her friends all know she’s taken a liking to him. Specifically, Luna. Her ‘inner eye’ can sense the romance brewing. Or, perhaps, she simply spoke with Theo. Its no lie that Theodore fancies Lovegood. If you look closely, you’ll see them wade in the lake just past midnight.
Its a Friday night when Blaise and Draco finally manage to decode their notes. They trudge into the dormitory, moods covered in molasses. He has a faint smile of relief, knowing the weekend will be no trouble at all, until something odd catches his eye. It isn’t a mess. There isn’t anything. His desk is empty.
A bubbling feeling of lava boils inside his gut, threatening to regurgitate his morning tea all over the new sheets. He spins around, platinum eyes trained onto Theo’s sleeping back.
‘YOU RAT!’ With the strength of a magnet, he hurls Theodore out of his sleep, tossing him onto the messy, boy’s dormitory carpet. ‘Draco, what-’ ‘MY LETTERS, NOTT!’ Blaise looks over, unamused. ‘Look, I-I don’t, I, we-your, Macbeth, he-’
Cool. Calm. Collected.
That’s all he has to be right now. He crouched down, back straight, expression solid. There’s nothing more terrifying than peace before the storm.
‘Theodore-’ He lifts a hand, brushing away the fallen tendril of charcoal. ‘What did you do?’ ‘I was just sitting, doing my work, and then your bird, Macbeth, the Malfoy owl, the one that you trained, that’s been serving your family since your father came to Hogwarts, Macbeth, he just flew in, and then, since I had a rat’s tail, from Potions, the class we’ve been in together since year one, I gave it to him and he really liked it, so then I pet his head, and he was delivering a package, that I might have eaten a bit of, and then I told Macbeth about your letters, and how you’d never get the courage to send them, and then he just flew off.’ Silence. Draco lowered his gaze, collecting his rage, meeting his gaze, leaning in until their noses brushed. ‘That was a bad decision, Nott.’ A gulp added to the tension. ‘By tomorrow morning, Loony won’t even be able to look at you.’ Theo was finally a dead man.
When she hears a rapping at her window, she knows someone is terribly wrong.  Its like an omen at the beginning of a horror film, or the waves pulling back before the tsunami. Hesitantly, she flicks her wand towards the knobs, letting an unknown owl enter the room. It spins its head towards her, giant golden eyes peering into hers’, as if judging whether or not she deserved its message. Apparently she did, since Macbeth left without a hoot or stack of letters. Y/n swallowed an uneasy lump in her throat, her mind arguing with her judgement. Judgement lost.
Her nimble fingers flicked to a letter with the earliest date. The wind blew into her lungs, as she opened the first of a series of stories.

Dearest Y/n,

It seems as though my days are monotonous. Every hour, every minute, and every second I’m swallowed into a world of grey and black. I feel trapped in an earth with no colour or love or meaning. I felt that way, at least. That was until I first saw you. I was out by my thinking tree, completely barren of idea or wonder, when I noticed a young girl weeping. Suddenly, the grey turned into pastel blue, and the black, a willowing taupe. It was muted, but it was colour. I picked up my charcoal and began sketching. My hands were moving all on their own, since I couldn’t take my eyes off you. Your hair was wild and your robes were wrinkled. Every bit of you screamed out to me, and I wanted nothing more than to pull you into my arms and sing you to sleep. But fate is not kind. Your tears diminished and your sobs stopped reaching my ears. You left the field and left my sketchbook, a half drawn girl still crying in my pages.


Draco L. Malfoy

She couldn’t know what to think. Draco Malfoy. The boy in her potions class. He’s mean, and arrogant, and an artist. He’s a gory film you want to look away from yet won’t find the strength, because your gut is disgusted but your eyes are astonished, and you can’t seem to pull away.
She opens the next letter.

Dearest Y/n,

I won the quidditch game today! Slytherin verses Gryffindor, and I caught the snitch! I couldn’t help but look into the stands to see if you were there, and guess what? I found you! You don’t know how much it meant, seeing you cheer for me. I felt like puking up glitter and sinking into a pool of chocolate syrup. I wanted to fly loop-de-loops and scream until my lungs ached. Instead, I smiled at you, and hoped you’d notice.
I want to take you flying one day. I’d be a bastard, too, and make sure to take deep dives and sharp turns, just to feel your hands clench around me. God, what I would give to feel you hold me. I’d cut off my hand if it meant getting to hold yours for eternity. If I lost my voice, I’d want to tell you I love you just one time before becoming mute for the rest of my days. Yet, the only words I’ve ever said to you were ‘thank you,’ after you passed me a lacewing fly.
I don’t think I’ll ever be brave enough to speak to you a full sentence, or ever be brave enough to love you, but years from now, when we’re both divorced, I hope to run into you at Diagon Alley, and maybe say three words instead of two.

Truly and Unconditionally Yours,

Draco L. Malfoy

Lowering the letter, her lungs began to contract.
Love- a word more powerful than any spell.
She could hear her heart beating out of her ears as she began tearing the envelopes apart.









Words began popping out of the pages, letters of longing and praying and lusting and wanting surrounding her conscious like flies to a meal. As she dissected a half written letter dated on February 14th, an alarming knock shook her out of thought.
‘Y/n? There’s someone here to see you. Says he’s got a wrong to make right.’
She didn’t have to guess who it was.
The second she opened the door, her eyes met an anxious boy, lips red with bight marks and brows furrowed in fear.
He can’t help but feel honored that she knows his name. At the same time, its met with paralleled trepidation.
‘Have you-er-gottten, or um, received-’
‘I’ve read your letters.’
It’s a breath of release and a choked gag of horror. She knows. Is it a horrible fate that she realizes his affections, or a blessing in disguise?
‘You have.’ She lifts her gaze to him, digesting his disheveled appearance. He looks like he walked through a hurricane to make it to her door. His hair is a nest from pulling too hard on his locks, and his tie hangs limp after having tightened and loosened far too many times. For a moment, he doesn’t look like Malfoy: the bully, the bad guy, the hopeless, but instead, looks like the boy she watched sketch in the evening, with the gentle soul and kind smile.
‘Go to your tree next Friday at five, after class. I’ll have something waiting for you.’ With a soft click, her door closes, and he’s met with every horrible and remarkable emotion, flooding his ribcage all at once.
He can’t know what to feel. All day, his right leg has been racing, jumping up and down in anticipation for what’s to come. When Trelawney bids the class a happy weekend, he flies out the door, legs tumbling down the castle and towards the forest. He’s surprised to find she isn’t there. No Y/n. No sign of her presence. Instead, as he makes his way to the towering oak, he finds sixty two letters, nailed to the bark. He rips them off, finding each page with different messages. His heart stops as he unfolds the first.

Dear Draco,

I read your first letter today. I could feel my lungs decompress every ounce of air once I realized your deepest desires. I can’t help but feel the same. You’re a magical human being, and the world would be dull without you. It would simply be..monotonous. If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to go through your sketchbook sometime. Say, right now?
If you want to draw a girl smiling and kissing a handsome artist, go to the Room of Requirement.
Just wish for me.

Always Yours,

Y/n L/n

Hestia likes the Dursley boy, though everyone had told her to watch out for that family. Of course, he is rude, sometimes, when he forgets himself, or when it seems that his mother is doing alright, and he isn’t needed to balance the tension in the room with false cheer. Of course, he is without mercy, in the way he talks politics over the dinner table. Of course, he is completely and utterly without curiosity about the magical world she and Diggle had brought into the Muggle flat. 

But there’s something about him she doesn’t hate like she hates his parents. Maybe it’s the underlying sadness, where Vernon and Petunia had only anger. Maybe it’s the way he listens to Potterwatch and the other Order of the Phoenix-allied radio stations with a concentration so intense he might be expecting to be tested on it later. 

It isn’t until she catches him staring intently at a bowtruckle climbing the wall, poking at it with the back of a spoon and trying to get it to explain itself that she sees that he is curious about the world he’s never been allowed to touch. 

“You can just ask, you know, if you want to know what something is,” she says, since neither Dursley parent is present. “That’s a bowtruckle. Magical creature of the forest. That one’s name is Eloise, and Diggle got him years ago from a traveler.” 

Dudley looks up, astonished. “What, really?” 

“Yeah, their life span is almost as long as–” 

“You mean I can ask you whatever I want? I’ve never been allowed to do that.” 

From the way the boy’s eyes light up, Hestia can tell she’s created a monster. And she somehow can’t bring herself to care. 

anonymous asked:

As anyone made you watch any of the Peter Pan movies yet? What was your thoughts on your portrayal?

No, I haven’t been forced to sit down and watch any yet. I’ve been given to understand that there is more than one, but Emma and Henry assure me that I would be extremely disappointed. Evidently my handsomeness seems to have been lost in translation. 

I am quite curious though. 

it’s bizarre bc harry potter and percy jackson (but harry potter more specifically) are written with this like whimsical children’s book esque vibe that like “the regular world is such a downer, life is so tragic and grim without magic/mythos” and then you grow up and like look at the books again and it’s actually just “these children were being ritualistically tormented and abused for most of their childhoods”

I’m just gonna say it: I love Emma’s wedding dress. (x)

Aside from the fact that I’ve always adored that style (both my grandma’s wore similar dresses for their weddings) but also because of the inspiration.  Grace Kelly is famous for many things but one thing that people may immediately know her for, alongside her Hollywood career, is her marriage to Prince Rainier III of Monaco.  She had no ambitions to be royalty (Hollywood royalty perhaps) but the woman from Philadelphia became just that because she fell in love.  Princess Grace was the fairy tale that little girls dreamed about.

Now we know full well that Emma has no desire to be a princess of any kind.  She got a taste of that life in the Wish Realm and found it lacking, for many reasons.  We also have an idea that she’s not the biggest fan of the clothes from the Enchanted Forest if her wrestling with that corset is any indication.  What she does seem to enjoy though is dressing up for the occasions that warrant it.  The main example is her first date with Killian.  For the first time we saw her really opening herself up to the romance and the potential of what could be and her dress reflected that.  It was soft, in both color and design, and showed that she really cared about how she presented herself to someone she could truly see a future with.

Which brings me to her wedding dress.  Emma, growing up in the world without magic, wouldn’t have had many encounters with princesses and elaborate gowns outside of movies and television.  Even then, with her upbringing in and out of foster homes, the shine and romance of them might have worn off long before she could romanticize them for her own hopes and dreams.  It’s only because of Henry finding her, reuniting with her parents, loving and being loved by Killian that she’s opening herself up to the dreams and fantasies that many have had for years.

Emma would probably reject anything that even closely resembled the dresses she’d seen in movies, especially ones of the Disney persuasion.  She also probably wouldn’t consider anything that reminded her of the dresses in either the Wish Realm or the Enchanted Forest.  They aren’t her worlds, even if she was born in the latter.  It wouldn’t be far off to say, though, that she would want to look like a princess.  Just not one that you could find in a story book.

For her, the first princess to jump into her mind would be Princess Diana.  Look how quickly she jumped to use the name Prince Charles during her and Killian’s trip to the past.  Princess Diana was and is still known as a fashion icon and her wedding dress is iconic.  Yet, even if Emma didn’t remember the dress in exact detail she would most likely almost immediately dismiss the possibility of it being her dress.  I mean look at that thing:

Originally posted by rememberdiana

A quick Google search would have been enough for her to decide that there was no way she was getting near a dress like that.  Then, maybe in the results of that search or from some distant memory she might remember a princess named Grace.  One or two clicks later and she would find this:

Simple yet elegant.  Beautiful and soft.  Regal and modern.  A princess but not a spectacle.  Perfect.

Emma Swan has found a wedding dress that not only embodies the grace and bearing of a princess but one that doesn’t overwhelm or overbear the strength of the woman wearing it.  It’s a dress that somehow encapsulates the magic and romance of a woman who became a princess not because she wanted it but because it was meant to be.  A dress perfect for a woman who is marrying the man she loves.

I know this dress is sparking up a lot of debates, sneers or smiles, and probably a lot of dissections like this.  I didn’t write this to bully people into falling in line with me.  I just had a lot of thoughts about how I feel about it and I wanted get it down.  I love the dress, I love Emma in the dress, and I’m sure I’ll be a mess when the episode airs.  The Savior Princess is marrying her Pirate Hero and I couldn’t be more elated.  Even if they were both wearing potato sacks.

Rant over 6x17

The driving forces behind this week’s episode:

- a deus-ex-machina magical object that was never mentioned before, will probably never appear again, but is capable of solving all the problems the characters face at the moment - from cancelling sleeping curse to create magical door to another realm to the place where your loved one is. And Rumple knows how it works. I repeat. A door to the World Without Magic capable to find any person you think of and Rumple KNOWS how it works. I let this line of thought sink now a moment.

- writers amnesia as per usual. The Evil Queen built a fail-safe into the curse, but conveniently forgot to tell them after she became good enough and she actually told EVERYTHING about how it worked so Regina could break it.

- horrible wardrobe choices for Emma. Someone should keep JMo far from the wardrobe apartment, because it’s starting to be cringeworthy. (Okay, it is not totally true. It HAS BEEN cringeworthy for 2 or 3 seasons now.)

- horrible retcon with the Charmings making a conscious choice of letting Emma grow up as an orphan even though they could do something about it.

- Emma’s stupidity - condemning your parents to an eternal coma because of Hook? That was SO wrong on so many level. (Altough, maybe that was her unconscius revenge for her parents’s decision that kept her in the World With No Magic when she was a child.)

But my favourite really, because it is so OUAT:

Regina finds a way to save Snow and David, everyone shares the curse (was I the only one who was annoyed they did not let her take the first sip, but Hook?), they are in Regina’s office.

And then David’s first words?

- “Emma! YOU WOKE US UP!”

Snape Appreciation Month Day 6: Snape’s Parents

The first and only time we meet Severus’ parents, we see his father bearing down on his mother who was cowering while Severus was crying. This is significant. It means that there was no other way to read this other than Tobias was at the very least terrifying to Eileen and Severus found his behaviour distressing. The other times we hear about them, violence is implied. The way Tobias ruled the house had a negative effect on Severus. When Severus told Lily that his father liked nothing, he included himself. At best, Severus inferred this from Tobias’ behaviour. Imagine being that young and being able to tell that your father doesn’t care for you. It would hurt your self-esteem because after all if your parent, who is obligated to love you, doesn’t even like you, who will? At worst, Tobias let Severus know verbally and/or physically how he felt. There’s a link between spousal abuse and child abuse so there is a very high likelihood that Severus got the same treatment as Eileen.

Eileen was a pureblood who got married to a muggle. Maybe she fell in love with Tobias or maybe he was a casual fuck who accidently knocked her up. Either way she married a man in a muggle town without any support system from the magical world where she had lived all her life. Things might have been rosy in the beginning but Tobias did scare her and, like Severus implied, he didn’t like her very much either. Unlike other fans, I don’t think Eileen was good parent. Severus was thin, dirty, wearing mismatched clothes and going wherever he pleased. He was telling Lily about magic (and Lily was telling her family) like it wasn’t a big deal. She was clearly not looking after her son. I think it was because of learned helplessness. The abuse and poverty just sapped her energy. Maybe she took jobs too to keep a roof over their home. Regardless, neglect has adverse effect on children.

Poverty on its own is bad enough, add in domestic violence and neglect, and you have a kid with a lot of issues. Severus’ house wasn’t very big. I bet he spent a lot of time in his room reading his mother’s textbook to prepare him for the place he would go to escape his town. I also think that he spent a lot of time roaming the town unsupervised, getting into fights and playing by himself. I think he’d rather that than spend time around his parents. This doesn’t mean he hated them. Based on the nature of his other relationships, I think he loved them hence the nickname Half Blood Prince. I don’t know how his parents died but I think they died while he was still in Hogwarts. It didn’t make a difference in his life since he already knew how to take care of himself. At the very least this explains why Severus formed strong attachments to people who didn’t necessarily feel the same way about him.