a world with no math


“A doctor at Arkham once described for me The Joker’s state of mind: imagine trying to solve the world’s most difficult math equation while you’re surrounded by six televisions that sit five inches from your face–all tuned to different stations, all rapidly switching channels, all with the volume at full blast. That’s what it’s like to be The Joker.”   -  Batman: Cacophony


Drone Footage of a Feeding Whale.


She’s always been a challenge to me
From my very first hello
I pursued this woman of mystery; determined she would not be a puzzle to me
I soon found comfort in her complexity
I look into her dark and smoky eyes
Admiring her angles and curves
Her elliptical lips
She divides men from boys
Adding and subtracting hearts
Until alone I stand, her heart in my hand
She is mine
Solve for x
My First Love
—  My First Love by Dwayne Cleofus Wayne

Yuuri seeing Victor in the hot springs for the first time like: