a world where we can live in harmony

Being optimistic about the future is not a weakness. It doesn’t need to be utopian, either, it can just be POSITIVE. We need to envision futures where greed and mindless consumerism are not the norm. Where, through education, philosophical shifts, and advanced renewable technology, humanity (as a whole) lives in relative harmony with each other and the environment.

I’m sick of people saying that stories can’t be set in worlds like this, too. They absolutely can. There are limitless options for storytelling, if you set your mind to it. Just because we’re focusing on a positive future doesn’t mean that drama can’t exist, or that conflict is completely eliminated.

Keep Dreaming

“Keep Dreaming”

I dream of you and I on silent nights
I dream of love and peaceful skies
I dream of peace on Earth without those crimes
That shatter lives and ruin times

I dream of friends and holding hands
I dream of ways to understand
I dream of those where at command
Can expand beyond what they had planned

I dream of a world where no on falters
You are free to worship at an alter
Everyone has worth with things to offer
A burning sun and crystal waters

I dream that no one feels alone
I dream of acceptance in broken homes
With a pathway marked with stepping stones
To lead you where you need to go

I dream at night when I can see
How I’d want the world to be
A harmonious globe, do you agree?
Won’t you run away with me?

But then I awake and clearly see
This is not how things are meant to be
But things are not so bad as of now
We are all getting by somehow
We are all doing the best we can
In our lives with hearts and hands
But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream
Of how we’d like our worlds to be

Do you guys ever think there is a possibility that sensates may have abilities other than visiting and sharing?

Sun and Wolfgang

Michael J.Straczynski tweeted there’s something more that ties into season 2, but for some reason, it wasn’t explained in second season…which leaves us to wait until season 3, hoping they’ll explain it. But assuming that it is another ability sensate can have, wouldn’t it be crucial to Wolfgang’s rescue (or when the cluster faces other threats, etc.)?


Croome: Because our senses, including our common sense, are evolving.

Obviously, sapiens have gone through an evolution. So why can’t sensates? If sapians are evolving now, then I don’t see any reason why homo sensoriums can’t evolve as well.

Mystery Woman

Mystery woman: Trying to change the world only leads to suffering. All we can change is ourselves.

Riley: I don’t understand. Why can’t I see where you are?

Mystery woman: You may feel gravity without knowing how it works. There are forces acting upon every life that remain beyond our control or comprehension.

OK so here, we see a mysterious woman with flower/tree tattooed on her head (which I think it symbolizes all species – sapiens and sensoriums – are from same root and that we are meant to live in harmony) saying to Riley that it is us who have to change. I’m sure it contains several meanings, but one of them might be ‘there are more things we(sensates)’re able to do than we think’.

Also, Riley can’t visit her – which is something new. No visiting ever has been one sided. Mystery woman replies with more enigmatic words, but I think she’s saying is that there’s more to discover about homo sensoriums – how they control or improve their abilities.

It would be awesome to see hidden abilities sensates have, if there is one. Hopefully in season 3, you know.

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How would you describe solarpunk to someone who's only heard of things like steampunk or cyberpunk?

Well. Like steampunk and cyberpunk, solarpunk is a sub genre born of the fears and desires of the time of its creation. Cyberpunk came about in the 80’s, as people began to fear the coming of system that would overtake freedom in the name of profit, and that the world itself would become a grimmer place. But with that came the dreams of heroes that could suborn that system, the original cyberpunks who called out that corruption and could fight against it.

In the time we live in, solarpunk was born of the desires for a better future, as many feel that the future is lost, that people do profit at the expense of others, and in a world where we have more food and space than we could ever need, people still starve and are left in the cold. From that, desires of technology that benefits from the sun and other forms of power that are freely available and prosperous. The solarpunks fight to bring the world back into harmony, to make a future where people can have hope in the light of the sun.

One of my heroes, Jonas Salk, was the creator of the original polio vaccine. Had he patented it, that patent would be worth billions today. When asked if he would, he answered “No. Can you patent the sun?”

That’s the core of what solarpunk is to me. Technology, science, human ingenuity, and spirit as freely available to encourage the growth of light and life without expectation of profit. Those are what the solarpunks want to fight for.


i haven’t been around as much, i know that we both have a hate love relationship with silence. it’s bittersweet. it gives us peace, it gives us harmony. the world is far too loud for our skulls– if we lived in a world where written poetry is reality. then the sun can speak to the moon everyday, we wouldn’t have to read books. they’d tell the tales of earth, about how we came to be. they’d whisper their truths, this is why you are the way that you are. a small ray of light will tickle your smile, this is all that i want to be for you. i know that we are quiet people when we’re lonely and cold, but one day– when they examine my corpse. they’ll find that all the places you’ve placed your love, those are the places where flowers will grow. when i’m dead and gone, i want to travel the world in the shape of poetry filled petals. one poem at a time until you feel adventurous enough to see that we were always vibrant.

Struck (Part Nineteen: Final Part)

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EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU

Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

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‘Jongdae, you can’t just stay here. You need to sleep.’

You stirred at the sound of Yixing’s voice nearby, but your body didn’t move. Everything was still dark, and your muscles ached.

‘NO! Don’t make me leave!’

You felt your heart race at the sudden change of voice. It was Jongdae. You felt relief flood through your body; he was okay. You tried to move again, but you felt as if you were trying to move through thick tar-like treacle. Your eyelids were heavy, refusing to open.

‘I’m sorry,’ came Jongdae’s voice again, but calmer and a little shaky, ‘I can’t be away from her… not now.’

You felt your heart thump, please, you begged your body, let me wake up. But as you struggled with your comatose form, you froze. 

A voice was buzzing in your mind, a voice that wasn’t yours.

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–Beyond the ballot… more than a vote in a system driven by control, our mothers saw people in harmony, it stirred a remembering of a time before laws of church and nation state

–Sovereign women in sovereign nations living beyond fear, beloved not owners, but keepers of land, not property, but sacred centres of creation in a world where everything is a part, connected each value and responsible to the world

–Wiser women of older nations remind us still today that dominance control ownership. man-made, can be unmade. Balance comes from honouring life, living wise women, living this vision, we thank you.

Snapshots of a Teenage Punk Diplomat

Street Art & Graffiti: We are Here

By Shane Robitaille

“Well a picture can express a thousand words to describe all the beauty of life you give. And if the world was yours to do over, I know you’d paint a better place to live. Where the colors would swirl and the boys and girls can grow in peace and harmony. And where murals stand on walls so grand as far as the eyes are able to see, Ha!” ~ Grandmaster Melle Mel & The Furious Five

Oftentimes our creativity and fantasies would spill out of our minds and onto a ordinary wall that was in dire need of decoration. 

The prospect of spray painting our neon dreams for the general public to see was challenging, mostly because we were so worried about getting caught. The key was preparation. We would draw the picture to scale on paper first, being careful to denote specific colors, shading, etc. And we would always do the deed at night, with flashlights and at least one designated “lookout” person. And you had to move fast. There was no time for perfection. If we dripped, so be it.  

Although there were times when we would simply “tag” a location with nicknames, words or phrases, the real achievements were the glorious colorful productions, which required planning, time and risk.

The adrenaline rush of accomplishing those masterpieces in the dark, and the pride we took when seeing them in the daylight, was the coveted prize we sought.

But looking back at this time, there was something else that we were aspiring to do, something much, much greater than simply showcasing our disregard for laws. The real motive, whether we realized it or not, was that we felt like we were invisible and wanted to be noticed. Boys like us, on the fringes of normal, who didn’t trust most adults, who were a little too loud and rough around the edges, were not the center of anybody’s attention. I know now that what we were really doing was shouting to a busy world that we were alive, right here, right now and had something to say, whether you wanted to hear it or not. 

Although those walls have long since been painted over, I’ll never forget those spray-painted nights and the teenage graffiti souls who dared to be noticed.

stellar street art by Bansky

6/12/16, 49, Orlando Pulse

Never Forget, that while they may take our lives, they cannot change what and who we are.

We will always be gay, bi, pan, ace, aro, trans, nb.

We will always be proud.

We will always stand strong in the face of their hatred.

We will endure, and we will prevail.

Let our love drown out the hatred in this world, and make it a place where we can live together in harmony.

And remember-

You are never alone.

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I saw an ask you posted. It took me back to a conversation I had with a group of pals in regards to one friend being white & wanting to cosplay a character of color she really liked. She is deathly afraid of the reaction she would get for trying to cosplay a character not of her ethnicity, & I don't feel that's fair. We love cosplay and we don't think it's right to limit anyone for any reason outside of their control. Still, many saw it as making an excuse to white wash this character. Thoughts?

I and the majority of cosplayers I know, white and poc alike agree that cosplay is for everyone and so long as you are reapectfully dressing up as a character and not altering your ethnic appearance (i.e. skin color) you are fine. That being said I still know and obviously encounter people who disagree and think white people should never cosplay a non-white character. Majority of the cosplay community will respect all kinds of cosplay, but you do have to recognize that there are people that will always disagree with white people as non-white character - even when it’s just for fun and cosplay.

For me, I think of an instant last year when a little girl came up to my performance partner on a faire day. For context, the partner I’m referring to is a fairly dark skinned black woman. This little girl was a blonde white girl. This girl ran up to my partner to show her the yellow dress she asked her parents to buy her so she could look like Harmony (my partner’s character). That’s the world I want. A world where people can admire and dress up as all the characters they love without fear.

But we live in a world where rascism and systemic oppression have and continue to hurt people based on the color of their skin. And so it remains a touchy subject. But like I said, this is a topic that comes up again and again in the cosplay groups I’m a part of and by in large the consensus is cosplay who you want, but don’t try to alter your skin color.

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Oh let me jump in on this thought process about why charioce's actions are kind of what he thinks he has to do? That time kaisar told him there might be a chance all three races: gods, demons and humans could live in peace. Charioce actually gave it a double take as an interesting point but he also replied as "I will do what I think is right" that I link to the tomb outside of the citadel. He visits it a lot. Maybe more than once a week. Who I assume could be his mother or 1/2

2/2 someone very close to him that may have suffered under both the gods and demons. Or even creatures with above human powers. He might not show it much because of the trauma, losing someone might’ve changed him whole and given him a purpose being it awful or not. That’s why feelings are so foreign to him. He lived most of his life on the sole purpose of giving humanity freedom from what he thinks is total opression.

Charioce follows his own convictions under his own way of seeing the world, has an approach that belongs only to him and it is up to the viewer to agree with him or hate him for it. A user has already talked about it before.

I can understand Charioce’s reaction to Kaisar’s comment, because it’s probably what we and even he wants, a world without wars and where we can all live together in peace and silence, but getting it sounds more like a sublime dream than a reality, even in fiction, that was demonstrated in the previous season because it is not like they could live in complete harmony, they only helped each other because the world was going to be destroyed, united for a common benefit and when the threat ceased everyone went their own way and returned to the status quo.

But the truth is, that each of the races (Gods, demons and humans) have their own way of seeing the world and interacting with the rest. In the case of the Gods and the demons, they have always underestimated humans and treated them as inferior beings to them.

This is where our dear Charioce enters to the scene. He perfectly knows that living with other races without exerting a hegemony does not work, because both the Gods and the demons have the same idea: humans are below them. There is only one possible way imo, of being able to change this and is that each of the races as its people to change their way of thinking, change the mentality of each of them, yes, the mentality of beings that have lived for hundreds of years. Sounds good right? Too bad, because that is impossible.

Take the example of the small fandom we belong to, none of us have the same ideas, even among the charinina fans, not everyone thinks the same, there are some who really support the couple actively as in my case, others who do occasionally, others do not understand many things but they like that couple, and it is even more if you count those who do not support charinina and those who just do not care about it. All come with different ideas, because everyone thinks differently and changing them is impossible.

Returning to Charioce, he seems to be the only character with common-sense in this anime, because he perfectly knows that you can not change the mindset of people that easily, you can not, you need to take serious actions to create great changes, and yet, they not always go out well. And much less for him, because despite having taken the reins of the world, he does not escape from making mistakes and the consequences can directly affect him.

That means that the motivations of Charioce are not selfish, they do not benefit him, they will not bring him happiness and they are only leading him to his own destruction already announced from the beginning. And it’s not like he’s not aware of it, he knows it, and even with that, he still stands firm despite everything. He is a character with a overwhelming coviction.

Having said this, and although it has not been revealed until now, something very strong has definitely happened in his life to mark him in that way and make him take measures that could destroy him, something to someone who was and is very special to him. There are some theories about the person he visits could be his mother, because about some behavior patterns he has, or maybe someone else, who knows. For the moment we only have to wait until the moment we revale the root of everything for what he is currently fighting.

I am currently more interested of knowing his reasons than anything else, because I feel that it is the correct moment to show us a little more of him, his character is already established as well as his personality and the feelings he has developed towards Nina. It’s just a matter of waiting from here. ;)

Life Update

Well, hi everyone! 

I don’t know, I just browse through Tumblr thinking if I should come back to this beautiful blog right now or later on. I finally decided to kind of make everyone aware that I’m still here. Why did i disappear all of a sudden? Good question. My parents found out I was gay, they called me to discuss everything and it didn’t went particularly okay. I was crying, anxiety cursing through my body, I was scared, because I didn’t expect any of it. They really shook me with doubt and fear. So I thought: I LOVE sharing pictures and content throughout this blog but I really need to focus on my personal life. So I didn’t want to commit to something I wasn’t feeling so cheered up about doing. I went through a lot of doubt. I questioned myself daily, every time I got a new challenge in my head and it became a burden. When I thought I had everything figured out my mom or dad gave me another lecture/talk about my sexual orientation. I went backwards AGAIN. Questions I asked myself daily were: Who am I really? God do you really feel this way towards me? Am I ever going to be happy with myself? Am I doing something wrong? And so much further questioning. I think giving myself this space and time helped me figure out more things about myself and what I want and wish. I love who I love not for some kind of rebel attitude. I DON’T love who I love because I want to be “cool” or follow a “trend”.  I am not confused nor mistaken. I love who I love because I follow my dear heart. Because I feel free when I do. I feel like painting the world in a multicolour beat. I feel like dancing through the stars. I love who I love because I fell in love with a boy with a heart of gold and a soul of warmth and dreams. I want to stand tall. To embrace who I am in this world so full of hatred and unfairness. But I know we can make a better world. Where our ideals can fit beautifully with respect and LOVE. Where we can live in harmony. I believe in you. I care about you. I love you. I don’t know the path God will take me. I just know he loves and cares about me, you, US. That he has a huge loving plan were we can all be included. Greetings, it feels good to write to you guys. To express. Maybe nobody cares. Or maybe no one will read this far. But I hope I can bring brightness and hope to the dark and cold corners. That we can all work together and spread LOVE. LOVE IS LOVE. LOVE WINS. ALWAYS.

Satchitānanda, “Truth, Consciousness, Bliss"

After many incarnations, there comes a time when we grow dissatisfied with mere things, when experiences of this world render us empty. We yearn for a higher truth, a deeper understanding of life. When we begin to search sincerely for that experience, we have entered what the propelled state of the human heart.

That is, we are propelled by our inner dissatisfaction to seek something more than the superficial experiences and pursuits of the senses. In this state, we eventually find a spiritual teacher or teaching that can guide us the way to the infinite.

This world is not the same to all people. Each one lives in his little domain. Peace and harmony may reign in one person’s world where strife and restlessness in another’s. But whatever the circumstances of one’s environment, it consists of both an inner and an outer world. The outside world is the one in which your life engages in action and interaction.

The world inside of you determines your happiness or unhappiness.

By K.Nagori

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When I was little, I first thought that Paris is not real city, that its from fairytale. Did you have any thoughts about thing(s) that you thought wasn't real but it was? Or did you have anything that you thought was real but wasn't?

Leo: Paris certainly is a whimsical, dreamlike place. I can understand why you might think that as a child. It looks like something out of a fairytale.

Much of the world we viewed through television as we grew up, so Master Splinter was always quite clear with us about the differences between reality and fiction. There are of course things I know to be fiction that I dearly wish were a reality, the foremost being any place or world where multiple species live harmoniously.

Mikey: Finding out that Santa wasn’t real was a hard pill to swallow. Thanks for crushing my dreams, Raph.

Raph: You were twenty three.

Mikey: And your point is?

Raph:… Nevermind.

William Wilford Warfstache

Since people have been searching for the meaning of the name for Damien, I reckon I’ll do a lil digging on William/Wilford’s name. 

This is what I found out: 


People with this name are excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. They tend to be mystics, philosophers, scholars, and teachers. Because they live so much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective, and are usually introverts. When presented with issues, they will see the larger picture. Their solitary thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events may make them seem aloof, and sometimes even melancholy. Also, he has traits of being a protector, which we can see in chapter 4 where he cared so much for his friends. 


People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. They search for harmony and balance in their lives, and respond positively to beautiful things. This kinda explains Wilford a lot after he went insane isn’t it? 


by @inkypetals



i haven’t been around as much, i know that we both have a hate love relationship with silence. it’s bittersweet. it gives us peace, it gives us harmony. the world is far too loud for our skulls– if we lived in a world where written poetry is reality. then the sun can speak to the moon everyday, we wouldn’t have to read books. they’d tell the tales of earth, about how we came to be. they’d whisper their truths, this is why you are the way that you are. a small ray of light will tickle your smile, this is all that i want to be for you. i know that we are quiet people when we’re lonely and cold, but one day– when they examine my corpse. they’ll find that all the places you’ve placed your love, those are the places where flowers will grow. when i’m dead and gone, i want to travel the world in the shape of poetry filled petals. one poem at a time until you feel adventurous enough to see that we were always vibrant.

Past Lives by Local Natives. This past week LA five-piece Local Natives released their first new music since their standout 2013 album, Hummingbird. The new single, Past Lives, is a widescreen track that features driving expansive percussion and soaring harmonies. 

The world is not static, it’s made new over and over again. But we tend to live the same patterns in a loop, loving the same way, wrestling the same demons, the same dynamics playing out around us again and again. Untangling every moment and decision that led us to where we are now can make fate feel concrete, inescapable. But our world is not fixed, it’s constantly reemerging, and we can change it into whatever we want. - Taylor Rice, Local Natives

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Did you ever just wake up and wipe the crust from your eyes, only to unlock your phone and see a beautiful picture of the man named Phil Lester? It’s like revealing true beauty in the world; living proof that there’s hope for us. He is an adorable cinnamon bun too pure for this world. Just don’t eat him, I’m pretty sure that’s cannibalism. Phil is why I wake up every single day with hope, hope that one day we can all come together as a species and live in peace and harmony under his ruling. He would be such a gentle king, wouldn’t he? My dream would be to be right beside his throne with Daniel James Howell. Daniel would lead me into a world where violence doesn’t exist, only the freshest memes. We would smoke memes all day, until he eventually starts to grow fond of me. Going down, he unzips my pants delicately. As he slides down he can no longer hold back his feelings and begins to lick my - 🎺🎺🎺🎺JOHN CEEENAAAA🎺🎺🎺🎺


people change people ✧ a fanmix for the group of friends who matter most [listen on spotify]

we got the world | icona pop♩ “we’re just living life and we never stop” ♫

anything could happen | ellie goulding ♩ “after the war we said we’d fight together” ♫

good life | onerepublic ♩ “to my friends in new york, i say hello” ♫

top down | fifth harmony ♩ “it’s our world so you know it’s going down” ♫

we are young | fun. ♩ “we can burn brighter than the sun” ♫

on top of the world | imagine dragons ♩ “If you love somebody, better tell them while they’re here” ♫

nine in the afternoon | panic! at the disco ♩ “back to the street where we began” ♫

laundry room | the avett brothers ♩ “i wish that you would always stay” ♫

1963 | rachael yamagata ♩ “i feel like i’m loving you in 1963” ♫

ribs | lorde ♩ “sharing beds like little kids and laughing ‘til our ribs get sore” ♫

favorite record | fall out boy ♩ “you were the song stuck in my head, every song that i’ve ever loved” ♫

music feels better | selena gomez ♩ “just want us to be together, 24/7” ♫

history | one direction ♩ “we could be the greatest team that the world has ever seen” ♫

Star Roving – Slowdive

Hey look, neo-liberal capitalism may be failing and crumbling around us, reality TV clowns are being inaugurated as fascist strongmen presidents and the world is hotter than ever, but thank goodness we live in an age where bands can reunite after 20 years and release great songs!  

Slowdive have followed My Bloody Valentine’s lead and dusted off their guitar pedals and they are back, gazing at their shoes like they were never gone. This is their first new music in 22 years but the sound still carries the ghosts of the early 90s and “the scene that celebrates itself”.  Star Roving is an aptly titled piece of celestial beauty, sweet and shimmering,  melodic and vast. The touchstones of the band’s halcyon Souvlaki days are all there – the vocal harmonies, the murmured indistinct lyrics about flying and warmth, the guitars! – but the song works like a complete retrospective of their career, which makes it a great entrance point for newcomers, and an absolute delight for long time fans.

Contributed by @bargematt

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