a world upside down

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I'm looking forward to those Mary metas! Before TJLC I used to like Mary . . . I even avoided the 'Mary is evil' metas for a while because I was afraid of villainizing a perfectly nice character because she got in the way of my ship. It's half embarrassing and half amusing now to remember that I somehow managed to construe her positively :p

Yeah it might take a while because my concentration has been a bit frayed recently, but I am working on them (as well as like 4 other things in my free time which are all for fun but still wind up feeling like chores if u feel me)

But anyway, poor naive little 17-year old pre-TJLC me absolutely loved Mary to death when she first appeared, she was clever, witty, and amazingly wonderful, I literally thought “Oh my god, I don’t even care about Johnlock, they can share John,” and then HLV happened and fuh-LIPPED my world upside down, there’s no way she deserves John now

I just didn’t know how to read the warning signs, but they were all there. And they still are.

Exclusive interview with Yugi Muto

Yugi Muto, dueling superstar. Barely 20, Yugi has managed to turn the dueling world upside down when he defeated national champion Seto Kaiba, and with this, he wrote his name into Duel Monsters’ Hall of Fame. Later, he gained more momentum in the infamous tournament named ‘Battle City’, in which he won first prize, cementing his position as King of Games.
Despite his wildly successful career, not much of the young man is known. Fortunately, Mr. Muto has agreed to give an interview.

DD: Mr. Muto, you’ve quickly become an inspiration for many young people. What is a tip you’d like to give to aspiring duelists?

Yugi:  Thank you! Well, I think a tip that’s important to share is when dueling, it’s easy to become flustered or intimidated by your opponent- but the main thing to remember is to never give up! Even if you lose- just keep on trying until you get better! If you play from your heart and with respect for the sport and for others, you’re more than halfway there.

DD: That’s very insightful! Mr. Muto, how has fame affected you? It is my understanding that you don’t like to flaunt your talent and mostly keep to yourself. Still, do you have many fans?

Yugi: Haha, yeah, well I think it’s important to stay modest. I do have fans, and it honestly makes me really happy to hear from them or when they come up to me- it’s an honor knowing they would look up to me like that.

DD: Many duelists in your position have built franchises around their persona, or started their own business. How come we haven’t heard anythingabout your ventures?

Yugi: Hm, I suppose that is a good question. Well, it’s mostly because I duel for a different reason entirely I think- I duel because I enjoy the game, plain and simple. I’m not really in it for the money or the fame, haha.  

DD: Despite dethroning the millionaire Seto Kaiba, you seem to be on good terms with him. Do you know him well outside of dueling? 

Yugerz: I’d like to think so- yeah! We’ve known eachother for a while, but I think there’s still somethings I don’t quite know about Kaiba. But yeah, we are on pretty good terms.   

DD: Yesterday, after a shocking assassination attempt Seto Kaiba was carried away by an ambulance. You were on the scene, and several witnesses claim you and Mr. Kaiba seemed very affectionate with each other. Is this true? Are you two close?

Yugi: I….ah…. I mean, yeah, we’re close and everything but…..we- We’re not /dating/ or- or anything like that, haha…..

(interviewer’s note: read speculations about the true nature of Kaiba’s and Yugi’s relationship on p. 45, tabloid section)

DD: And finally, the question that divides Domino: pineapple on pizza. Yes or no?

Yugi: I actually really don’t mind pineapple on pizza! I think it tastes good, haha!

Don’t you dare pity her
She traded a suffering soul for a throne of bones
She exchanged watchful eyes for a court of her own
The seasons of the earth depended on the very breath she took
She had death wrapped around her fingers and spring at her beck and call and the ruler of the heavens tasked with finding her
She turned the world upside down to find freedom
The daughter of flowers escaped her prison made out of roots and thorns and became the queen of death and forged her new home out of shadows and power
—  Persephone was the real winner