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Elsword mobile: Shadow of Luna


Elsword:Shadow of Luna is a full 3D mobile action RPG game developed by KoG’

-Our heroes are summoned to a new world called ‘Luna’. This game is about their adventures in this new world.

-Various contents including ‘Tower of Rules’, ‘Henir’s Time and Space’, ‘Invasion’

-Mechanics like ‘Avatar’ and ‘Classes’

– Can play all 6 ‘Heroes’ on one account.

– Can form flexible strategies by organizing parties with avatars containing various abilities and total of 36 ‘classes’

-First beta test planned on March (Only for android on beta test)

Really what was happening through this whole process was that the world that we are building and the heroes that we are creating no longer belong to us, so the fans of Overwatch, through fanfiction, through cosplay, through the most amazing fanart I’ve ever seen, started to take over the worldbuilding and the intellectual propriety from us. You can ask the Overwatch fans who’s dating who in the Overwatch line-up and it’s actually kind of amazing. They have stories for all of the heroes and what their love-lives are, and we love it. We think it’s the best thing ever that it belongs them. We now think of ourselves as the custodians of the Overwatch world. We are taking care of it for what our community is going to create for moving forward.
—  Jeff Kaplan at the D.I.C.E Summit 2017

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to harry potter anon: Carry on by Rainbow Rowell is supposed to be sort of the author's version of harry potter. Its set in wizard school. Also A Hero at the End of the World by Erin Claiborne is literally described as a Harry Potter where Ron saved the world from Voldemort and Harry was left working in a coffee shop. I've heard that the 2 main characters are POC. Both of these are mlm though, and I havent actually read them myself but I've heard good things about them

Introduction of “Fate grandOrder”✨

Hello everyone!

I’m playing with the application of “Fate GrandOrder” now.
Briefly, this is a story where the hero who is the last magician of the human race in the collapsed world corrects the history with the spirits of the greatest heroes of the past.

It’s a long series of history, so even though this is a smartphone app, the story is very deep and fun.
In all seven chapters, I am currently playing six chapters.
I’m looking forward to it now because a new chapter will appear.

Although it is abrupt, I will introduce cool TV commercials of FGO!😄

✨Chapter 4 London “The knight of Rondinium”

✨Chapter 5 North America “Steel gown” (my favorite chapter!)

✨Chapter 6 Camelot and Egypt “Shine Agertrum”

✨Chapter 7 Babylonia “Heaven chain”

The scenes in chapters 1, 2 and 3 are Orleans, Septem and Oceanos.

✨And it is a new chapter that will start soon.

I wonder if it will be animated~. 😌

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Do you know of any ones where either or both of them is a super hero or has super powers? 🙂

through the fire and into the flames

Zayn XY

with great power comes great amounts of unnecessary drama

Teamwork is Essential for Us to Win the War  (wip)

Black Water

with great power comes great amounts of unnecessary drama

Not Even the Bad Guys (Could Take it All Away)

we are not heroes

Burning Away From Inside

This World Ends With Us (wip)

Wanna Save Your Heart

5 reasons why maggie sawyer deserves the world

how is maggie sawyer such a good human being??? i mean
1. ‘i didnt want to scare you’ - the fact that she never, not once, said anything about her experience because there’s nothing good about it, just pain, and that’s the last thing she wants alex to feel so she hid how she really was outed so alex won’t be afraid to come out and think this is not okay

‘this is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to you, and you shouldn’t have to do it alone’ - THIS. NOW READ THIS KNOWING MAGGIE’S ACTUAL EXPERIENCE

‘you did? how did she take it?’ - she was just so happy about alex coming out to her mom & being accepted for who she was, even if it reminded her that this is the kind of love and support she never had

 ‘its not for me to say’ - with jonn saying those words, maggie’s horrible memories of how she never got the chance to come out by herself probably resurfaced

maggie sawyer is so tough, protective and caring, but there are wounds that cleary didn’t heal and probaby never will (which is normal when youre kicked out of your own house at 14) but she faced them and despite all the shit she’s been through she’s finally happy with the woman she loves and this is the biggest revenge on life she could’ve asked for