a world of cute


Black cats are very often overlooked at shelters because they’re deemed as boring or bad luck. Nevertheless, this didn’t bother David when he went to adopt Scrappy - a black cat. After a few years, David noticed that Scrappy was slowly changing colour and developing patches of white throughout his fur. As it so turned out, Scrappy had a skin condition called vitiligo in which white patches appear on the skin of humans or on the fur of animals.

The Signs As First World Problems

Aries - Eating too much and getting tired

Taurus - Not being able to hear the tv because your crunching your snacks

Gemini - Slow internet on your phone

Cancer - Seeing your text message was read but the person never replied

Leo - Stressing over what to wear

Virgo - Having 5% battery on your phone but your charger is in another room

Libra - All the hot water running out in your shower

Scorpio - Getting a few specks of dirt on your brand new shoes

Sagittarius - Having to restart your computer for a software

Capricorn - a paper cut

Aquarius - Not being able to download iOS games on an Android

Pisces - Not being able to open a bag of chips because your hands are too greasy from the other chips you just ate

Hey I hope you are doing fine and here is Allura and her tiny fluffy lions to cheer you up because everybody needs big fluffy cats.


“this is perfect.”