a world full of obvious things

“When the last tree has been cut down, the last fish caught, the last river poisoned, only then will we realize that one cannot eat money.”

Why is capitalism bad for the environment?
Capitalism (and neoclassical economic theory) were developed in a world where the economy was small relative to the containing ecosystem. Therefore it made sense that the economy could grow without impacting the ecosystem. The limiting factor was man-made (i.e. labor).

Today, humans (and the things which we have produced) are not small relative to the containing ecosystem. The limiting factor is not labor, it is our natural resources. Before, increasing the number of ships would increase the amount of fish caught. But if there are no fish left, then no amount of extra ships will increase the catch size (figure from Daly, 2005).

The problem with capitalism is that it does not recognise this obvious physical conflict between the growth of the economy and the preservation of the environment.

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lernonys  asked:

okay but if someone doesn't experience homophobia or transphobia then they're not lgbt it's as simple as that.... the lgbt community doesn't exist for the purpose of being "inclusive" it literally is by nature exclusive to people who experience homophobia and/or transphobia

No, I’m sorry, that’s simply not true. I’ve written an awful lot about this, which you can find under my ‘ace exclusion’ tag. But since there’s a lot under there, let’s hit all the highlights. Frankly, it’ll be nice to have an omnibus post I can just pass to people from now on. 

This post is not an argument of your point, it is a reference post, because you are simply wrong.

This post is going to be very, very long, and very, very US-centric. It is important to state right up front that this discussion is extremely Western-centric. I do not have the right personally to speak on gender and sexual orientations from indigenous communities of which I am not a member, but it is absolutely important to acknowledge that the colonization of gender and sexual identity of non-Western peoples is a) wrong as fuck and b) we need to knock it off and c) none of the stuff I’m writing necessarily applies to non-Western peoples/indigenous peoples. 

1) This ‘formed to fight homophobia and transphobia’ definition of LGBT is literally and completely an invention of Tumblr. It started on Tumblr, it really only exists on Tumblr, and it only exists for the sole purpose of excluding minority sexualities and orientations (not limited to but currently focused on asexuality). It’s a very recent invention and this specific definition is less than eighteen months old. Probably less than a year old, but I’ll be honest: I don’t have the time or patience to go through the history on Tumblr and read all the hateful stuff that I’d have to in order to find the first use of that particular little piece of nonsense.

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Preference 35: PDA Around School

Requested by @gallymylove. Sorry it’s taking so long for me to do things now a days, but I hope you like it anyway. 


Harry had enough focus constantly placed on him, so your moments of PDA were few and far between. And always very small. 


After the disaster of dating Lav, Ron’s PDA was much smaller and mostly just goofy couple things, rather than obvious snogging.


Fred was absolutely shameless. He would start make out sessions in full rooms without a care in the world. Everyone knew who he was with. 


George was slightly more reserved than his twin when it came to PDA, as well as most things. But not by much, if he wanted to kiss you, he did, people or no.


Neville felt awkward about PDA at first, So much so that you had to be the one to start it all. But it was pretty cute, so you didn’t mind. 


Cedric was a total gentleman. There were moments of PDA, but the were only ever things like hand holding and snuggles. Kisses were kept between you. 


Oliver loved moments of cheeky or surprising PDA. Running up to you and tickling you or kissing you unexpectedly. It always made your day.


Draco liked his privacy, he was also taught as a child PDA was not proper. This didn’t bother you. You held his pinky under desks and it always made him smile.

~Your Manager of Mischief, Erika

a list of things neku has said:

  • “thank you captain obvious” 
  • “are you high?!”
  • “i feel epic…”
  • “private dick extraordinare”
  • “i can feel my inner emo stirring… must fight emo urges…”
  • “is it true steroids can shrink your… nevermind”
  • “i am not… a spicy tuna roll!”
  • “full of fail as usual” 
  • “hello dead kid speaking”
  • “i suppose you’re an ass… all the time”
  • “then i wish I had more zippers…so i could tell you to zip it.“
Starry Starry Night

Sam Holland x Reader

Words: 2,016

Requested by: anonymous

“Hello hello! Could I have a Sam Holland fic where they have been best friends all their life and they are stargazing outside on a blanket and they are talking about how pretty the sky is when Sam accidentally blurts out “not as pretty as you” and the reader is like “what did you say?” And he gets all adorable awkward and nervous? And the rest is just super fluffy!! And they kiss and he asks her to be his girlfriend? Thank you in advance! Xxoo”

I’m back from the dead! I really enjoyed writing this one so I hope you enjoy it as well. Also, I’m really sorry requests are taking so fucking long, college is kicking my ass rn :( As you guys can see, I’m putting together a permanent masterlist for everything I write so if you’d like to be included, please shoot me a message! REQUESTS ARE STILL CLOSED I’M VERY SORRY!

permanent taglist: @theholyholland, @optimisticbee, @johnsonxstilinski, @lyssamorgan, @osterfield-holland, @flowergirlbarneswriting


“I really don’t get the fascination, Y/N.” Sam told you, looking up at the glow-in-the-dark stars stuck to your ceiling. He was lying on your bed, taking up the majority of the space while you were left to sit on the floor with your back against the footboard.

It wasn’t very gentlemanly but Sam didn’t have to be gentlemanly around you, you’ve known each other forever.

“Sam, we’ve been over this.” you sighed

Over the course of the past few weeks, you’ve been taking him camping every other night in hopes that he’d finally learn to appreciate the night sky as you did. But… Well, let’s just say you had your work cut out for you.

The shaggy haired boy propped himself up on his elbows and peered down at you. “I don’t know what you mean.” he feigned innocence, widening his green eyes

“Mhm, maybe that’s because every time I try to explain things or even just get you to look, you fall asleep. Literally.”

That’s what happened the other day. Just as you were about to delve deeper into the history of the stars, you’d heard light snoring next to you. Sam had fallen asleep earlier while you were pointing out each constellation you knew (in your defense, you didn’t even know that many).

He chuckled and shook his head, a gorgeous smile gracing his face. “Now I definitely don’t know what you’re talking about, Starchild.”

Starchild, his old nickname for you. You hadn’t heard it in a while. Ever since you were a kid, you already had a love affair with the stars. Your parents would have to drag you back inside your house every night since you never wanted to leave your backyard once the sun set.

Perhaps it was the abstract quality of the sky that drew you to it, how it was nothing and everything at the same time, how when you looked up at it at night, you felt everything melt away. It made you feel small, like all your problems were insignificant in the larger scheme of things.

The feeling was holistic in a sense and you really, really wanted Sam to experience it with you.

A new wave of determination crashed over you. You stood up and placed your hands on your hips, your eyes staring into his intensely. Sam squirmed under your gaze.

“I don’t like this look, Y/N. What are you planning?”

“We’re going to sleep in the backyard.” you declared with finality

“Aw, but Y/N..” he began to whine. You shot him a death glare and he immediately pouted.

“Fine.” he grumbled, turning his back on you. Sam snuggled his face against your fresh sheets and closed his eyes.

You watched by your window in awe as the sky began to minutely change colours. Sunset was fast approaching and Sam was still snoring away on your bed. You walked over to your closet and brought out an old blanket.

Sam looked so peaceful as he slept, his soft hair draped across his forehead, and his eyelashes fanned delicately over his cheeks. He looked like a bona fide angel, too bad it was time to wake the angel up. Standing over him with your arms out in front of you, you dropped the rather thick blanket over his head.

He jerked awake, his long legs kicking at the air. You couldn’t help but snicker at him. Sam yanked the blanket off his face and glared at you, sleep still clouding in his eyes.

“What was that for?”

“It’s sunset, almost time to go outside. You’re lucky I even let you sleep.” you hip checked him playfully as you passed. He stood there, still half asleep, wondering why in the hell couldn’t you just let him go back to bed.

“Let’s go!” you dragged him out of your bedroom and out the backdoor

Any minute now, the sun would begin to set and the night sky would descend. You hastily told Sam to lay the blanket out.

“Alright, alright. Calm down, Y/N. Seriously.” he muttered, smoothing the blanket out against the grass

“I don’t want to miss it. I don’t want you to miss it.” you said as you lay down

The ardent, sincere, and almost panicked tone in your voice made Sam shake his head with the tiniest of smiles on his face. You were really so eager to share this with him, maybe he should’ve been more enthusiastic about it.

“Sam! Come on and lie down! What are you staring at?”

Oh crap. Was he staring at you the whole time?

He tried to brush it off with a nervous chuckle as he lay down next to you. The sky was orange. Just as it always was at this time of day, Sam frowned at it, what was the big deal? He tried to be a little more supportive though.

“Wow. So… Nice.” Sam commented in a flat tone. You let out a laugh and smacked his chest, he caught your hand and held it there. You could feel the steady beating of his heart underneath your intertwined fingers.

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Sam.” you told him

Lucky for you, you didn’t have to do any more talking. Sunset was beginning.

The tangerine sky was streaked with scarlets, sparkling amethysts, and pomegranate pinks, all converging together seamlessly to create the stunning view. It was breathtaking and it was unlike all the other sunsets you’ve seen before, every sunset was different, you’ve noticed.

You turned your head to gauge Sam’s reaction. Much to your dissatisfaction, his eyebrows were furrowed together. You decided to keep quiet though, so the two of you watched in silence as the sunset darkened into an obsidian expanse.

“You didn’t like it?” the disappointment in your voice was evident, you weren’t trying to hide it. How on earth couldn’t he have enjoyed, or at least fucking appreciated that?

Sam looked at you, his eyebrows furrowing even deeper but he just squeezed your hand and turned his gaze back to the now star-speckled sky before him. With a huff, you did the same.


What an uncultured, unappreciative, ignorant little-

“That was brilliant.”

-What now?

“Y-Yeah? I mean, I thought you didn’t like it because you looked a little upset.”

“It was brilliant. I’m sorry I never caught on all the other times, Y/N.” Sam apologised, running his thumb along the back of your hand, the action made goosebumps break through your arms.

“Oh, uh, that’s okay. You’re here now. And uh, let’s just focus on the stars, can we?”

It was such a beautiful night, you weren’t sure if your eyes were playing tricks on you or if it was because Sam was finally awake to see them, but it seemed like the stars were shining brighter than you’d ever seen them before. They were twinkling and glistening like miniscule precious diamonds laid upon luxurious black velvet.

“God,” you sighed, letting the calm wash over you. “It’s so beautiful.”

“Not as beautiful as you.” Sam said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“I’m sorry, what did you say?” you pulled your hand from his and immediately sat up, a puzzled smirk on your lips

Sam looked at you, confused. What were you going on about? He didn’t say anything… Oh. OH CRAP. He shot up as well, hands up defensively.

“Y/N, wait. I didn’t mean-”

“Not as beautiful as you, you said.” the smirk on your face stretched into a full blown grin

Oh fuck.

His hands were getting sweaty, really sweaty. The perplexed look you were giving wasn’t helping at all. Sweat was legitimately beginning to collect on his forehead, he wiped it off with the back of his hand.

“Did it just get hotter out here?” he chuckled like an absolute dork

“It didn’t.” you replied, raising an eyebrow at him

“Look, Y/N..” he began, hoping he would make it up as he went along. But how the hell was he supposed to? Was he just supposed to casually tell you that he’s been in love with you for the longest time? Or that being with you was the best part of his day?

“Y/N, look..” Sam was just.. spiralling downward. He totally fucked up but he had to own up to it, you heard what he said. There was no coming back.

“Y/N..” he attempted again, wringing his hands together. He was moving heaven, earth, and all the other fucking planets just to come up with the appropriate thing to say when he’s just made an ass of himself.

“Yes, Sam?” your tone was sickly sweet, clearly teasing him. It made him groan, but then he began to laugh, scrunching his eyes together as he shook his head, you laughed along with him.

“Damn it, Y/N.” Sam scratched the back of his neck. His nervousness definitely decreased but it was still there, since he was sure you wouldn’t let this one slide.

And sure enough, you were looking at him expectantly when he turned to face you. Sam dropped his gaze to the old blanket you two were sitting on, he ran a hand over the soft material and took in a lungful of the dewy night air.

“Well.. What can I say really, Y/N? I think you’re beautiful. Always have.” he mumbled, his entire face had gone beet red. It was adorable.

His admission left you pleasantly surprised, very pleasantly surprised. You felt like he had more to say but you didn’t want to jinx it, nor did you want to make assumptions, you could be wrong.

“Why, thank you, Sam. I think you’re beautiful too.” you replied with a cheeky grin

You leaned over to give him a kiss on his cheek, but he turned his head and cupped your cheeks in between his warm hands. Your faces were mere inches apart.

Oh, he was so beautiful. Sam’s eyes were gloriously green, you envied them and loved them at the same time, his jaw was strong and defined, his lips were perfectly shaped and you knew they would be soft. His cheeks were dusted with freckles, maybe that was one reason you loved Sam the way you did, he was star-kissed.

“You have galaxies on your cheeks.” you whispered to him affectionately

The tender sentiment mingled with your sweet breath and hit Sam’s senses, he pressed his lips to yours without any hesitation, all of his prior worry crumbled away to the addicting feeling of your soft lips against his.

And so you two kissed for the first time, underneath the majestic canopy of the starry night. The stars appeared to burn brighter all around you, their light intensifying in sync with your movements. Sam pulled away, pressing his forehead against yours as you two struggled to catch your breath.

“Will you be my shooting star?” he asked you, pressing a featherlight kiss on your cheek

“You want me to be a flaming meteoroid falling into the Earth’s atmosphere?”

“No. No. I meant that in the sense that you’re very rare and special.”

“But they aren’t rare nor are they special, Sam.”

“Oh, for the love of God, Y/N. Will you just be my girlfriend?” he threw his arms around you and lay you back down on the blanket

“Hmm, what do I get in return if I say yes?”

Sam gave you a look that was a mixture of surprise and offence, he tickled you and buried his face in your neck.

“Besides this fine gent?” his voice was muffled by your hair. He laid on his side and admired you under the pale glow of the moonlight

“I’m thinking we could watch the sunset and stargaze every night? I promise I won’t be falling asleep.” he smiled at you and it seemed to shine brighter than all the stars in the sky combined

Who were you to turn down an offer -and a smile- like that?

“I’m thinking, yes. I would be delighted to be your girlfriend.”

snowflakes on eyelashes

Fluff Friday: December 23 “Scarf”

I’m LATE! And I missed last week. Man, being home for the holidays does not make for a productive mouse. I mostly sit on the couch rereading favourite books and looking pathetically at whoever is currently in the kitchen until they take pity on me and make tea.

So here, have a fluffy fic for Christmas Eve!!

Set the morning after i guess i’ll have to learn to be delicate (with your heart), the fic that started the smol!Kakashi shenanigans. @beyondthemoor

Sakura has a newly five year old sitting her in living room attempting to glare at her while simultaneously doing his best to not to drown in Naruto’s clothes. This can mean only one thing: shopping.

Sakura narrows her eyes.

Kakashi glares back.

This stare-off they’ve got going on is approaching absurd lengths, but Sakura refuses to break. She is not losing to a five year old. Especially not a five year old swathed in a much too large jounin shirt and a pair of frog boxers.

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99 Problems (4/?)

Summary : You are an agent that worked alongside the Avengers , with an unusually close friendship with Captain Rogers. What happened when he reveals his true feelings for you before you leave on an undercover mission?  By the time you return from the mission, you’ve missed the events of Civil War.  What happens when you come home and most of your friends are gone? And when they return?

Pairings :  No official pairings yet, but Steve Rogers x reader, Johnny Storm x reader, Tony stark x reader, avengers x reader.

Warnings : swearing, angst,tiny bit of fluff

Italics are memories , & bold is the readers thoughts !

                                                        Chapter 4

    Am I supposed to say hi to him or ignore him? Why the hell do I even agree to come to these dumb things? This isn’t happening again… Johnny pulls you from your staring contest with Steve and onto the dance floor. He begins swaying you both to the beat of the soft music Tony’s DJ is playing.

“You don’t have to talk to him. Just forget about him tonight Y/n, you don’t need him,” Johnny says into your ear. You know he’s right but maybe you should be the bigger person here. You don’t answer Johnny, just place your head on his chest instead. When the song finishes, you both walk towards the bar. The only open spot was next to Sam and Bucky, which also means near Steve. You take a deep breath and make the first move over to them, Johnny hot on your heels.

  “Hey guys!” you say, a half fake smile plastered itself across your face.

  “Well hot damn, Storm you are one lucky man!” Sam says as he kisses your cheek and slaps Johnny on the shoulder.

Originally posted by almightybarnes

“I know I am, I’d hate to be the guy that lost this beautiful creature,” Johnny says. This is why I keep him around. You look to see Steve’s jaw clench at Johnny’s remark, knowing it was towards him. Bucky steps up to you next, leaning in for a kiss on your cheek.

  “You look gorgeous, doll.” You blush at his words. You guys have spoken a few times since the incident with Ross and he seems to be getting more comfortable with you which you absolutely love. He’s so much more than meets the eye.

 "You look pretty incredible yourself, Sergeant,“ you purr. You watch as his cheeks tint pink as he smiles and laughs.

Originally posted by little--batman

You hear someone clear their throat and you know already know it’s Steve.

"Hello, Steve,” you say politely. Be the bigger person, I can do this.

“You look stunning, darling,” He says, and you can hear the sincerity in his voice. Sharon appears next to him looking killer as always.

“Sharon you look great!” you say, pulling her into a hug. You have no reason to be mad at her. She didn’t know about you and Steve, she’s always been nice to you, and you aren’t going to let Fuckboy Rogers ruin anything. She hugs you back, returning your compliment. You and Johnny finally get your drinks. You down your tumbler full of whiskey then order 4 shots of tequila. Johnny bursts out laughing next to you.

  “You know it’s not good to mix liquor, right? How the hell are you going to take four shots!?” he questions. You roll your eyes.

Originally posted by oggyrps

“I’m only taking two. The others are for you, handsome. Don’t you know you aren’t suppose to let a girl drink alone?” You ask like it’s the most obvious thing in the world. He shrugs, taking down the shots with you when they appear. You see Johnny looking around the room and the group of beautiful girls giggling to each other and looking at him. Just because I’m not getting any tonight, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t.

You nudge his shoulder, tipping your head in the girls direction. “Go get ‘em, tiger.” You wink.

“I’m not leaving you! I’m your date!”

“Johnny, I love you for coming with me, but seriously. They haven’t taken their eyes off you and I’m not trying to cock block my best friend. GO,” You order. He salutes you and follows your order. You see all the girls swoon as soon as he reaches them. You snort as you watch them give him all their attention. You order more tequila, and as you down the second shot you feel a hand on your waist. You turn meeting a set of beautiful blue eyes.

“Hey Buck!” He laughs at your excitement.

“I don’t think I’ve gotten the chance to see you drunk yet, doll, but I’m liking it so far.” He makes you blush for the second time tonight. The slow song that begins to play catches your attention. Bucky sees the mischievous look in your eyes as they meet his.

“What are you up to now?” he questions warily.

“Sergeant Barnes, would you care to dance?” you ask softly, a tiny smile appearing on your lips. His eyes go wide and you can tell he is nervous.

  “Doll, I haven’t danced in a long time, longer than I’d like to admit.” You step forward, placing your hands flat against his chest.

“Maybe I can refresh your memory then. Please?” Your infamous puppy dog eyes are on full display. He sighs, letting you take his to guide him to the dancefloor. When you situate yourself among the others dancing, you begin moving slowly with the music.

“See? This isn’t so bad!” You both laugh and he sends you a dazzling smile that leaves you breathless. He swiftly spins you out then brings you back. Giggles pour out of you at his movements.

“You’re doing much better than you led me to believe, Barnes.” You raise your eyebrow at him. What a sly son of a bitch.

“Maybe I was just nervous about dancing with such a beautiful dame. It’s a little intimidating.” His 40’s charm shows, resulting in a permanent blush on your cheeks.

“You really know how to sweet talk a girl. I’m a little confused on why you don’t have a date Buck, you’re quite a catch.” Now it’s his turn to blush.

“I had a couple offers, but Sam, Steve and I decided to go solo tonight and relax.” Steve didn’t come with Sharon? Huh, maybe that’s why his tie didn’t match her dress. Whoops.

“I thought Steve came with Sharon?” you try to ask without seeming to interested.

“Nope, we ran into her and then her and Steve just kind of stuck together. None of us really like these events.” You hum in agreement. You didn’t notice the song change to another slow paced beat. You look up, locking eyes with Bucky. You didn’t realize how close your faces really are, your noses slightly brushing the others.

  “Mind if I cut in?” Rogers. Be fierce. He’s still an ass. Buck looks to you silently asking if you’re alright with this. You nod, pushing yourself up to place a kiss on his cheek.

“Save me another dance, Sergeant.” You wink, watching as a blushing Bucky backs away from you. His hands were replaced with Steve’s, his grip a little more rough. You stay silent as you begin dancing, keeping your eyes away from his.

“Are we going to talk about it? Or are you going to keep avoiding me?” You can pretty much feel the annoyance radiating off him.

 You sigh, finally meeting his stare. “Talk about what , Steve?” you say innocently. A frustrated groan rumble in his chest.

“The elevator, Doll. Playing dumb isn’t going to get you out of this.” Of course it’s not, nothing ever goes how I want.

“Steve, I don’t know what you want me to say. Yes, I did miss you. Yes, the kiss felt… fuck, it felt amazing. But you know what doesn’t feel amazing? Thinking of you kissing Sharon. I’m not going to act like I’m over it. You obviously don’t know what the hell you want and that’s okay. But I’m not-”

“I know what I want y/n, I want you.”

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

  He pulls your body flush against his, your chest pressing to his. He begins to dip his head down to yours. As he does, flashes of him and Sharon play in your mind; them kissing, the way you saw him looking at her when you first saw them tonight. You lean back, away from his oncoming lips.

“You think you want me, and maybe you did at one point. But I saw the way you look at Sharon tonight and the day you kissed her. It wasn’t how you look at Nat or Wanda. And as much as I care for you, I will not be anyone’s second choice and I will not compete for your attention. Steve I miss you, I miss my bestfriend. But I fight people for a living; I don’t want to fight with another woman over your love.” Maybe hell tell me I’m wrong… maybe this can work. Your chest tightens as you watch his unreadable expression as you speak.

“Thats all you want then? To go back to how things were? Y/n, I don’t think I can. It was easier before I told you I love you, before I got to feel your lips on mine. I do feel something for Sharon, but I-” I guess not.

“That’s all I need to hear, Steve,” you say. You push yourself away from him. You’re frantically trying to fight the tears that are threatening to pour out. I already knew how this would play, why is it still hitting me this hard? I need to get it together.

“Steve, we are just friends. And as your friend, I’m telling you to go dance with Sharon, don’t lose your chance.” The words burn as they leave your mouth. A defeated look spreads over his features. He lifts your hand and places a kiss on it.

“I love you. If this is what you want then I’ll stay your friend. Just remember y/n, this was your decision, not mine.” You nod, staring at his back as he goes to find Sharon. Johnny steps in front of you, looking you over.

“I heard everything, what do you say we get out of here?” he suggests.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you that eavesdropping is rude?” He rolls his eyes and pulls you to him to dance. He holds you to him, shielding your face from others with his shoulder. He leans closer to you. “You’re covered, let them go babe,” he whispers. How does he always know?

Originally posted by stlleslydia

 You listen, letting the tears roll freely down your cheeks. You quietly sob into his shoulder for a few moments but quickly pull yourself back together when he warns your that he thinks Bucky is heading your way. Thank goodness for waterproof makeup. You hear Bucky clear his throat.

“Ready for that second dance, dollface?” You wave Johnny off, telling him you’ll find him after. He nods and winks at Bucky as he takes his place.

“Couldn’t stay away for long, could you?” you tease. He lets out a soft chuckle, rocking you both to the music.

“Listen doll, I’m not completely sure what is going on with you and Steve…”

 Oh great. A lecture from the bestfriend. Just what I need.


“Let me finish. I know eavesdropping is rude,” he shoots you a look. Damn super soldier hearing.

“But I think what you did was incredible. No one should ever have to fight for someone’s love. Not a lot of people think like that, and it must’ve taken a lot to be able to do that. I know he is my bestfriend, but he is a punk so I honestly think you’re better off. It’s his loss. You, my darling, are too breathtaking not to want. I just feel bad for the man that you choose, he’ll be fighting the others off.”

 Your tears reappear, but not from sadness this time. Just purely from Bucky being so damn cute. He wipes them as they fall.

“Shit, I didn’t mean to make you cry!” You laugh and nuzzle your face into his neck.

 "They aren’t sad tears Barnes, calm down. That was just really sweet of you to say, thank you.“ You dance silently with him, keeping your face in his neck. You know things aren’t going to be exactly the same with Steve which sucks. The way Bucky spoke to you was as if you’ve been friends for years. The way he comforted you  and smiles at you ,reminds you of how it was with Steve before everything happened. Maybe Bucky was brought into my life for a reason.

Originally posted by lowkeysebastianstan

    A week later things between you and Steve went back to kind of normal. You’re beginning to think maybe you weren’t in love with him in the first place, you just loved him. You’ve always heard there is a difference between being in love and just loving someone, now you finally understand. Watching him and Sharon stung at first but it doesn’t bother you anymore. You find yourself gravitating towards Bucky more and more when he’s in the same room as you. He even comes to hang out with you and Johnny. They get along about as well as Sam and Bucky, just a little more civil. When you’re not with one you’re with the other.

   It’s now a little after four in the morning and you can’t seem to stay asleep. You begin to wander around the halls of the tower, not bothering to change out of your pajamas. There is something oddly calming about walking the halls in just a tee and underwear, knowing no ones awake to catch you. Or so you thought. As you reach the communal level, you decide to watch TV hoping it’ll make you tired. You walk through the doorway and see the TV already turned on. A familiar mop of dark brown hair peeking over the top of the couch. Why is he awake?

  "Buck?” you ask quietly, trying not to startle him. His head whips around.

 "Y/n, what are you doing up?“ His voice raspy, making goosebumps form on your arms.  How is he attractive at 4 a.m? He isn’t human. You become aware of your pajama, well lack of actually.

"I uh- I couldn’t stay asleep,” you confess, playing with the bottom of your black tee. You hear him shuffle around on the couch then signal you to join him. You jump over the couch, landing on your ass with a bounce. He chuckles then places his blanket over the two of you.

“Cute panties doll, didn’t take you as a lace kind of girl.” You watch a sly smirk spread across his face. You roll your eyes, shoving his bare chest.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me yet, Barnes.” His cheeks flush pink at the suggestiveness of your statement. You giggle.

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 "So why are you up and what are we watching?“

"Nightmares still, not as bad as before though. And you chose, I’m still not too sure what’s good these days.” It’s not fair he still has nightmares, he deserves peace. Poor old man.

 You take the remote from him and explore Netflix with him, explaining which shows are good. You end up watching Parks & Rec. You both can’t control the laughter escaping as you watch half of Season One. You don’t know who moves first but somehow you end up laying fully spread out and spooning Bucky’s side as he lays on his back. His hand gently traces shapes into your bare thigh where it is resting under the blanket. You feel your eyes slowly get heavier and you try to fight it but quickly find yourself losing. You shift a little, ending up with your nose pressed into Bucky’s neck. You begin hearing quiet snores leaving his lips as his chest moves slowly.

  “Good night, James,” you whisper, placing light kiss to his neck. You give in letting your eyes close, falling asleep with a small smile on your face.

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Still by my side

Summary: There was someone else he was far more invested in right now. Someone who was rough around the edges and interesting on so many levels. He turned to walk the busy streets. A glimpse of red caught his eye and he silently thanked Lady Luck.

Still by my side

Pairing: He Tian x Mo Guan Shan

Rating: T

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a RFA+V+Saeran Wrap reacting to MC having a panic attack in public? I hope this is descriptive enough! Thank you! <3

A/N: Panic attacks are never easy, whether they’re in public or not, so please try your hardest to take care of yourself if you suffer from one! I know in the moment it’s hard to remember that, but remember to try your hardest! ^^ ~Admin 404

(Also hey guys just a soft reminder that requests /are/ closed, I’m working on the ones I still currently have, okay? ^^)


               The poor baby actually panics over /you/ panicking and it’s a whole mess. Isn’t quite sure what to do, so he’s running back and forth, trying to shoo anyone who may be around you away. He’s up, he’s down, he’s running in circles around you trying to figure out what to do. Constant cooing and not so quiet whispers telling you that you’ll be okay. Tries to hold you to him and pet your hair but is confused when you push him away- what was he supposed to do?! He’s not sure how to help because he’s never felt something this extreme? Sure there’s been a few instances where he’s panicked but never something like this- and when he’s panicked it was a lot of high pitched screaming and he knows it isn’t going to really help you… So he studies up for the next time, so he can do more for you!!!


               Physically pushing everyone away from you because he must!! Protect you!! Has to remember to stop barking at everyone so he can actually help you through it. Soft coos that you’ll be okay, reminders to breathe, and he holds your hands in his own so they don’t curl up. If you need to squeeze his hand, you can- no matter how hard. He’s doing the breathing exercises with you, and for once in his life he isn’t overdramatic. He just wants you to be okay! He asks you what he can do for you from now on when it happens because he can’t imagine seeing you in that much distress again without a way to help you! He’s supposed to protect his beloved at all costs, even if it’s from your own body!


               I’m sure she’s read up on it if you’ve told her before, so she can probably tell when one is coming on. She’ll pull you aside to somewhere quiet with a significantly less amount of people. Doing all she can do to help you calm down before it comes on, but if she can’t then she holds you (if you let her). Makes sure there’s something you can hold onto so your nails don’t dig in the palm of your hands, like a cushion or she just carries two little bean bags or stress relief toys in her purse! Helps to distract you from whatever seemed to trigger your panic- she’ll make you think hard about something else and hope that the topic change can at least slow the actual panic process. If it doesn’t then she’s there until the end, reminding you that she’s there, and that you aren’t alone!


               I feel like he’s been through a few pretty bad attacks and just hides it from everybody because he’s supposed to be viewed as calm, collected, and stand-offish. His body guards will form a barricade and make sure /no one/ gets even remotely close to the two of you. He’s rubbing up and down your arms gently, giving you forehead kisses and whispering as soft as he possibly can to you. He walks you through the 5 senses to ground you, and has you hold your hand to his own heart so you can hopefully settle your breathing and eventually your heart rate. Makes sure that you look into his eyes often so you know that you aren’t going through this alone. He wants to be there for you and let you know that it’ll be okay- like he wanted someone to do for him. Never got the support so he vows to be there as yours.


               10/10 also has panic attacks. They aren’t as often as they were when he was alone, but he still remembers what he wish people would’ve done to help him. Always has headphones on him, so he makes you a playlist full of songs that he hopes can distract you, calm you down, or songs that are simply your favourites. He makes his movements very obvious so he doesn’t startle you, as he holds you to his chest. Likes to tap his fingers somewhere on your body (where it’s noticeable to you) in the rhythm of a steady heartbeat so you can subconsciously lower yours. Always hiding you in his jacket so you’re protected from the world and any prying eyes. The last thing you need right now is to feel self conscious about panicking. He’s there with dumb jokes, funny faces, and cute nose kisses once it’s all over so you can quickly forget about it and feel great again~


               He’s taken off guard and is honestly panicking on the inside. Outside he is calm and trying to shield you with his body away from anyone passing by. Constantly petting your hair, holding you close, and whispering things like “you’ll be okay” and “I love you” in your ear. Draws soft circles on your cheek bones with his thumbs because he’s cupping your face to remind you there’s a warm, living, breathing person in front of you. Wishes he knew a little bit more about it, but he doesn’t. He’s gone through similar things with Rika but every person is different and he knows that. He attempts to do the 5 senses exercise that he’s learned from Jumin but he fumbles and mixes up which senses go to which number. Hopefully it makes you laugh and he is slightly relieved, but if it doesn’t then he just continuously apologizes and tries to fix himself.


               You /always/ help him with his so he is right there ready to help you with your own. At the slightest sign of one, he’s pushing you into a secluded place, whether it’s an alleyway, behind a tree, he doesn’t care- he just needs to get you out of there. Makes you grab onto his shirt as he holds you because he doesn’t want you hurting yourself. Pulls your head straight to his chest so you can hear his heartbeat and feel his breathing. Tells you to mimic to the best of your ability while simultaneously walking you through the 5 senses exercise like you walk him through it every time. Hands constantly running through your hair, and he mumbles sweet things against the top of your head that he’ll deny he said later on.  Will wipe away tears and kiss your forehead every time a tear slips down your cheek. He is literally /so/ cute, he’ll kiss all around your face when you start to calm down just so you’ll laugh and he’ll know that you’re okay. Again, completely denies that it /ever/ happened later on.


Impressions (Lin-Manuel/Reader)

Title: Impressions

Pairing: Lin-Manuel/Reader (ish). …also, Reader and Kate McKinnon have an interesting friendship dynamic that borders on slash.

Summary:  Lin hosts SNL the week after Reader – a newbie on SNL – did an impression of him in a sketch. Reader has a huge crush on Lin. Kate finds out about said crush. Shenanigans ensue.

Rating: PG-13 for cursing and probably some other things

Warnings: Long-ass fic, occasional Twitter!epistolary style, matchmaking shenanigans, some kisses are forced upon others, a swerve into angst so severe it’ll give you whiplash, and the ending sucks (because when does the ending not suck)


Author’s Note: I wanted to get this out last Sunday on the one-year anniversary of Lin’s SNL episode, but wasn’t able to.

I rewrote the ending to this fucking thing like five times and I’m still not happy with it but goddamn it, I’m posting it anyway. I’m tired of staring at it.

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anonymous asked:

top 10 favorite fics?

This has been sitting in my inbox for a hot minute, honestly, because this is a super difficult question. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to answer! I want to preface by saying that I’ve read a ridiculous amount of fic in this fandom, and I’ve loved so much of it, and there are plenty of fics that I would die for that aren’t on this list. also i’m constantly reading and finding new universes to love, so this list could change any day? but here goes, my top 10 favorite (at this very moment in time) hl fics:

10. Relief Next To Me by dolce_piccante (334k)

What can I say? Is this fic overhyped? Maybe. Is it ridiculously long? Sure. Is it nothing but pure fluff? Yeah, you’re right. Would I die for it? Absolutely. I find myself revisiting this universe over and over again, and that’s saying something for a fic this massive. I just love how fun the relationship is, so whenever I’m feeling blue and need to get away from anything angst, this is one of my go-to’s.

9. let it shine under the morning star, orphaned (22k)

This is one of the first fics I ever read twice (I’m not normally a fan of re-reading fics) and I still go back to it from time to time just to experience the amazing aesthetic this fic has. It’s set during the Belle Époque, one of my favorite historical eras in terms of the arts, and the imagery is just beautiful. Read this while listening to some Chopin or John Field; it’s totally lovely.

8. the impossible now by stylinsoncity (54k)

Oh, god. This fic is incredible. There are a lot of really great original plots out there, and there are a lot of good time-travel/universe swapping fics, but this one takes the cake. The angst and the conflict resolve are super well done, and this is one of those fics you just can’t stop reading even for a second. I remember staying up one night reading it all in one go, yelling at Kelli the entire time. I think I’m due to revisit this one myself!

7. You Come Beating Like Moth’s Wings by supernope (81k)

The Barcelona Fic™!!!! I read this pretty early on when I became a 1d fan and it’s stuck with me as one of the most fun and adventurous fics I’ve ever read. The entire idea of a whirlwind romance while traveling abroad is an automatic set-up for fun times (as well as a little angst) but the best part of this fic is the slow burn. If you haven’t read this one, you absolutely must.

6. Black with Autumn Rain by whimsicule (93k)

If you’re looking for originality, look no further tbh. Listen, I’m a huge horror/sci-fi/fantasy fanatic, and I’m obsessed with anything different, so obviously there’s some bias going on here, and I recognize that this fic may not be for everyone. However, it feels like this fic was written for me. This is one of those fics where the romance takes a bit of a back seat to the actual story, which is something I love, and the actual story is what keeps you hooked. On top of that, fucking phenomenal writing. Read this one when it’s raining, preferably with the lights off.

5. 210 Days by cherrystreet (16k)

Listen. Are you listening? Okay, good. This fic changed me. This was the first of Shelly’s fics that I ever read, and I couldn’t stop screaming about it for weeks. Shelly is, quite honestly, the queen of hurt and comfort. Did I cry while reading this? Of course. But I finished this fic feeling so content, hopeful even, for Harry and Louis, and for how strong their love is in this universe. I got hooked on the writing right away, but even more than that, I got introduced to Shelly’s incredible ability to write about the pain of the real world while highlighting all of the good things that happen as well. This fic is a huge gift; it brought me comfort during a really shitty time in my life, it made some of my friendships stronger, and it introduced me to one of my favorite people in this fandom. Anyway, the writing in this is totally poetic, so if you want to know what it feels like to be adored, read Harry’s letters to Louis in this fic and get back to me.

4. Have You Coming Back Again by whoknows (31k)

It’s crazy to me that this fic is number 4 on this list instead of number 1, because the first time I read this fic I ranted and raved about it for a ridiculously long time. The first time I tried to read this, I couldn’t get into it. Fortunately, I tried again after a few weeks and when I did get into it, I got into it. I adore the characterization in this fic. The writing is, of course, totally on point. “You’re just obsessed with fluff,” you might say. Well you’d be right, but that doesn’t change the fact that whoknows has a gift for writing a fun, playful romance.

3. Here in the Afterglow by fondleeds (89k)

Ah, here’s where I really get emotional. When lysha posted this, I had already read her first work, which I adored, so I was really excited for a well-done historical au (I’m a hoe for historical au if that isn’t obvious, btw). But nothing could have prepared me for this fic. Not only are all of the historical details totally spot on (the MUSIC IN THIS IS.. INCREDIBLE!!!), but the story itself handles the coming out “trope” with such incredible finesse and care, it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There is so much LGBT+ history in this fic, and it’s treated with the respect it deserves, which is something I really haven’t ever seen in any other fic before. When I finished it, I just had this immense feeling of thankfulness for the pioneers of LGBT+ rights, which is not something you’d necessarily expect to get from a fic?? Anyways I’m rambling but I really can’t emphasize enough how wonderful and important to me this fic is. You absolutely must listen to 70′s rock while reading this, btw.

2. It Comes and Goes in Waves/It Always Does by roaroftheninth (51k)

Am I a fake for making this my #2 even though I only first read it a few days ago? Maybe. This fic, just recently completed, is another absolutely original fic that stands out from anything I’ve ever read. The thing about this fic is, the romance (like BWAR) is secondary. This is more a story about a soldier, who has to deal with the loss and pain he was left with after WWII, and his struggle to accept his own self-worth and happiness. Everything about the story itself is just flawless: the writing, the characterization, the plot, the imagery, the dialogue, the vocabulary itself - all of it is fantastic. I know the MCD tag scares people (it definitely scares me too!) but I promise it’s survivable, and the ending is happy! Given, if you like cookie-cutter fic with a predictable plot with all smiles and no tears, this fic isn’t for you. Then again, real life probably isn’t for you. If you want to read something real, something powerful and thought-provoking, read this. (Also, bonus points to this fic for SLOWWWW burn, an amazing tension-release, and a beautiful ending).

1. Tug-of-War by cherrystreet (63k)

You knew I couldn’t make a fic rec without having cherrystreet on here twice, right? The reality is, all of Shelly’s fics should be in my top 10, because I love them all, but there is no universe that compares to TOW. As always, her writing and characterization are on point. It’s obvious how much Shelly cares for this universe in the details of this fic, and it’s obvious how much she loves Louis and Harry in the way she carefully handles their fragile hearts in this particularly angst-driven story. Like the previous recommendation, this fic perfectly captures the pain of the real world, while still emphasizing that things can get better, that if you don’t give up, or even if you have already given up, you can change things for yourself just by believing that you deserve it. This fic is, naturally, littered with hardships and addresses real human sorrow, but it’s also full of love and hope, and lots of laughter. I’ve read it multiple times, and every time I’m left smiling and a little more in love with hl than I was before, so if you’re waiting to read this one or you haven’t done it yet because you’re afraid of the angst, I promise it won’t hurt you.

Sorry this was so long and so extra, but Top 10 is truly an outrageously difficult question! And like… it could change by tomorrow, for all I know! Anyways I hope you enjoy these if you haven’t read them yet, and even if you have read them maybe try giving some of them another go! All of these universes are too wonderful not to enjoy multiple times.

anonymous asked:

i think its common for entps to show their love in less obvious ways. there was this girl that i really liked, and although we never actually ended up dating, she once told me that even though people said that they weren't sure how serious i was about her, she always knew that i was genuine bc i took care of her in more subtle ways (i.e. when i took strawberry milk with my lunch set even though i didn't like it because i knew that she did) it's those things that show how an entp feels imo

So there’s a reason why I didn’t outwardly say this. 

I think younger ENTPs show affection in less obvious ways for sure. ENTPs take a large portion of their lives learning how to understand people and learning how to trust people. And most of this just comes with a full acceptance of self and the world, which can be a bit difficult for us because we just have no opinions about a lot of things. Early years can just be a limbo of ‘what’s-going-on!?’ and ‘crap-do-i-have-to-be-vulnerable-to-let-people-into-my-life!?’. SO as a result, these ENTPs just haven’t quite learned yet, or had the experience of letting themselves be excited properly. It’s not that they don’t want to express love or excitement about someone, it’s more that they are restrained by the urge to have emotional control. 

ENTPs are obsessive about what they love. This instinct is not lost on people if the ENTP has allowed her or himself to open up. An ENTP in love is an exciting sight. Spontaneous really. Buys flowers for no reason other than, “I felt like it and I love you.” Bakes a cake because they’re suddenly obsessed with baking, and they choose the type based on their significant other. Takes the SO dancing because why not. 

A fully balanced, and mature ENTP is quite the sight, and honestly I believe that an ENTP can express love in all of the degrees. We are in no way stifled by our personality in the end.

Impossible: Part 10

Summary: Prompt: ‘I’m a superhero and you’re my arch nemesis but we don’t know each other’s identities and we’re actually best friends’

After the truth about your secret identities was revealed, you’ve helped the Avengers right your past wrongs, wiping your former evil organization off the map. Bucky’s made his choice. What will yours be?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Female!Mutant!Reader

Warnings: Violence, Swearing (always), blood, angst

Word Count: ~2,417

A/N: Thank you, everyone, for going on this journey with me. I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

This is for @bookybuns‘ ficfest!

This chapter was inspired by You Make Me Feel So Young by Frank Sinatra.

Masterlist // Previous Chapter

Originally posted by srogersxbbarnes

Steve gave his friend an understanding smile. “She’ll wake up, Buck. She’s strong. Strong enough to kick our asses,” he said, chuckling slightly at the thought. His weak jab earned a small smile from Bucky.

“I hope so, pal,” he said quietly.

“Hey Buck?”

“Mm?” was all Bucky could manage, drunkenly lost in thought as he was.

“We drank through the entire bottle,” Steve said despondently as he turned the bottle upside down. A single drop fell out and splattered pathetically onto the hardwood floor. Steve and Bucky looked at each other for a moment before they both broke out into raucous laughter; the kind of unbridled, joyful laughter that only two very, very sauced people could share.

One Week Later

“She’s waking up, Buck,” Steve said through Bucky’s bedroom door.

Bucky nearly tripped over his various belongings scattered on the floor as he sprinted to the door and wrenched it open.

“(Y/N)’s awake?” he asked, frantic.

“They’re waking her up now,” Steve said calmly, eyeing his friend up and down warily. “But, Buck-”

“I’ll be out in a sec,” he mumbled, slamming the door directly in Steve’s face, mid-sentence.

He ran to his dresser and threw on some fresh clothes, thanking his lucky stars he’d already showered after training. He didn’t want to smell like a wildebeest for his first interaction with you after your accident. He glanced in the mirror, running his fingers through his newly cut hair self-consciously.

“Buck, there’s something you should know-” Steve said through the doorway.

Bucky opened the door to his room again, coming face to face with Steve, who hadn’t appeared to have moved an inch.

“Can it wait, Steve?” Bucky asked impatiently as he glanced down the hallways past Steve.

“No, Buck. It can’t,” Steve said grimly. Bucky finally looked at his friend and immediately felt a sense of dread seep into his stomach.

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Now that you’ve made these lovely people actually make a video stating the obvious - that availability sometimes dictates plot; and that the fact that the ships you like can’t always happen, doesn’t mean they hate you or don’t care, can we go back to all just enjoying the shows so my blog isn’t just full of supergirl fans attacking the writers for things beyond their control? Thanks.

On a lighter note, this is adorable, Chyler is the cutest lil bean in the world, and i need to hurry up and watch the other DC shows.

Hell (Chapter Two: What will we do without her?)

Summary: Y/n Singer, after selling his soul to save Sam’s life, has accepted her destiny (or maybe not?). But her family doesn’t.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (not yet, but soon)

Word Count: 3K (approximately)

Warnings: Angst.

A/N: So here I am with the second chapter! Did you like the first? Yes? No? Let me know. For now, I hope you like this!

Hell (Chapter One: Fair Exchange)

Three months.

Three months have passed since Sam came back. And I only have nine.
The motel we’ve stayed in is in a desert place. Bobby, my father, found a case somewhere in Nebraska. From the information he has given us, this is definitely some demons.
Our job was to prevent the doors of Hell opening. We failed. We managed to close them, but it was too late; enough demons had already emerged to create even more chaos in the world. The only positive thing is that Dean and Sam had their revenge. Thanks to Colt (the gun that can kill any supernatural creature), they have finally made out the demon that had killed their mother, Azazel.
I roll into bed. I look at the alarm on the bedside table: three o'clock in the morning. I don’t feel tired, and lately I don’t even sleep. Perhaps, knowing the exact day of your own death has this effect. Beside me there is Sam, who deeply sleeping belly up. The lesser of Winchester didn’t take long to discover why he wasn’t dead; since Dean told him, Sam spends all day on the books, to find the solution to my “problem.”
The same thing my father does, after having repeated a few times that I’m an idiot.
I get up from the bed calmly, trying not to wake up Sam, I go over the other bed where there is Dean lying belly down, who sleeps beatily. I look at both of them, and then I go out.
The air is dull, and fortunately I’m not dressed very heavy. I ride somewhere between the cars parked, and when I see the Impala, I sit on the hood. Lately I often do it, sit down and look at the sky.
I’m strangely passionate about the stars; there are so many in the universe, and some of them are already dead, but we still see them still in the night sky. This is how I feel: a star already dead, but for others still shines. But a dead star remains dead, it doesn’t return to life.
“Try not to scratch her.”
I look down and meet Dean’s face. His green eyes look at me carefully, while I still think of his voice. God, I hope I will not forget it when I’m down there; it might be the only thing that will keep me.. myself.
"Why are you awake?” I say with nonchalance; three months now I try not to show my feelings. I don’t want them to worry more than they already do.
“Why are you awake?”
“I didn’t sleep.”
“Me neither.”
“But if you slept like a jumble!”
Dean doesn’t answer, and looks up to the sky, surrendering.
“I heard you go out, and I wanted to see if…”
“..I was fine. Yes, they are three months that you repeatedly asked me.”
He approaches the car and leans back against the passenger door.
“Sam and Bobby will continue to look for something, do you know?”
“True, but they will not find anything.”
“You can’t know.”
His voice has changed, now it is more serious, more.. angry?
I know for sure they will not find anything, the demons are not so stupid. I try in every way to accept what will happen to me, while they do nothing but believe false hopes.
“You know what? Let them seek well; I gave up when the demon disappeared from that crossroad. And frankly, I don’t care. For me the important thing was that Sam was fine. The rest doesn’t matter.”
Suddenly, I feel pulled to the legs, and opening my eyes, I find Dean’s eyes on mine. He’s so close to me. Too much. With his hands clenching my knees, and I believe that my breath is getting more and more absent.
“So your life counts nothing?”
I look at him in his perfectly green eyes, and his jaw covered with a light beard. And his lips, which I can’t take from my head.
Don’t react. No emotions.
“At this point, no. Don’t you think?”

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BTS Collage/Moodboard

Detective! AU J-Hope

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” 

Jin / Suga / Rap Monster / Jimin / V / Jungkook

- Admin Kath

Rick Flag x Reader: Jealousy


Notes: Some people wanted jealous Rick and smut and one very clever anon wanted Rick jealous of Floyd. So it’s mixed bag. Harley is here too because I love her so much it’s unreal. It all starts with her wanting a favour. Let’s face it, you should probably send her a gift bag after this.

P.S. Apologies for the lateness but I was offline for a while there and my internet is only just back. I honestly felt like a caveman without internet for a few hours. 

“Hey, so I kinda need you to do me a favour.”

Looking up from the book you’d been engrossed in, you eyed Harley Quinn who was seated across the room from you. Harley asking for a favour could never end well. Never did end well. But somehow, some way, you always seemed to be dragged kicking and screaming into her schemes anyway.

Setting your book down with a sigh you took the bait.

“What sort of favour? If it involves a reunion between you and a certain Clown Prince of Crime you can forget it,” you grumbled, not likely to forget your last meeting with her precious ‘Mista J’ any time soon. There was something about having a knife stuck into your belly that a girl just couldn’t forget.

Harley shook her head quickly, grinning now that you seemed at least partly on board. She crossed her legs and settled in against the back of the couch.

“It’s nothin’ shady, don’t worry,” she answered in what you thought was supposed to be her soothing, innocent voice. But it just seemed to make you antsy rather than take your nerves away. “All I need little old you to do is to seduce someone.” Your eyes shot to hers and she smiled. “That’s all.”

You gave her a dry look.

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