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Yup so I finally finished with this one… I was confused whether I should shade it as I got motivated for pencil shading as I saw some awesome shading artworks..And then I realised I’m not too good to make it impactful…Then I decided to fill it with black ball 0.7 Lexi 5 pen… So it’s Itachi Uchiha. Pic reference from @itechimemes hope you like it… Suggestions and critics most welcome ….

mischievousmarionette  asked:

As someone who has no clue about Pet Shop Of Horrors, please tell me about it.

MY TIME HAS COME (I actually wrote an essay on this series for-fuckin-ever ago, but let’s revisit!)

PetShop of Horrors is a ten volume manga series originally created in the 90s by Matsuri Akino. The general premise goes like this: in San Francisco’s Chinatown, there is a shop that is said to grant the hopes and dreams of its customers. The proprietor, Count D, sells pets of every stripe imaginable, from house cats to creatures of legend, though many report that his pets look more human than animal. Buying a pet means simply signing a contract: obey the small list of rules, or the shop cannot be held responsible for what happens next (and it opens with a Gremlins reference, so they know what they’re about). 

Much of the manga is episodic, centering around tales of human frailty as drawn out by the customer/pet relationship, and range from tragic and gruesome to strange and very nearly triumphant. There is also an ongoing story concerning one detective Leon Orcot (the most glorious picture of a capital-A American in a manga), who followed a recent trail of mysterious deaths all the way back to the Shop’s door. Leon is convinced the Count is at the heart of a drug ring and slave trade, but never can find any evidence that will stick; and as time goes on he finds himself coming over for tea whether there’s a case or not, and grudgingly tagging along on the Count’s mysterious errands. 

The tone can switch between psychological v. gore focused horror or even comedy based on the pet involved, and the art is absolutely gorgeous - there’s the requisite 90s broad shoulders and fashion, but the detail work is sumptuous and the blood is used sparingly enough to feel both artistic and effective when it’s brought out. Meanwhile, the relationship between Leon and D is a lovely, delicate thing to see in evolution, as D realizes perhaps there’s at least one human he doesn’t (always) want to see dead and Leon’s staunch pro-human views soften into something more thoughtful in spite of himself.

The manga is tragically out of print in the States (and I’d imagine elsewhere too, given that it’s a good 20 years old in Japan now), so it’s a free for all in terms of getting hold of it (the official translation is also….eh, dodgy? in some parts, leaving out a couple side stories and creating a few minor plot holes). My copies are from the original run, because PSOH was Very Important to 13 year old Vrai, so I’m afraid I’m not much help in tracking it down.  

There was a four episode OVA that’s perfectly watchable, though a bit too 90s-dark in the visuals and whose choice of stories relies pretty much entirely on the goriest entries in the series. The (utterly 90s and pretty dodgy) dub is currently on Youtube, though if you want the sub you’ll need familiarity with Spanish or Portuguese, I’m afraid.

But if you’re at all interested, the manga is WELL WORTH tracking down. If only so that I can have more people pining along with me for a full anime adaptation. 


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