a world from the side of the moon


Had his bastard brother Jon Snow fallen from the Wall? […] In his wolf dreams, he could race up the sides of mountains, jagged icy mountains taller than any tower, and stand at the summit beneath the full moon with all the world below him, the way it used to be. - Bran IA Clash of Kings.

In the cold night air the wound was smoking. “Ghost,” he whispered. […] He never felt the fourth knife. Only the cold… - Jon XIII, A Dance with Dragons.

personal gemini placements call for multiple sides of the situation

gemini sun=multiple identities taking on several roles during the lifetime, the one you met yesterday is not the one you will see today 

gemini moon=multiple forces at work in the subconscious, the emotions are never the same

gemini rising=multiple ways at looking at the world, a child-like wisdom

gemini venus=multiple ways of showing affection, the butterfly that flits from one thing to the next

gemini mercury=multiple minds working in one, never silent & at odds with each other constantly 

gemini mars=multiple warriors ready to use their mercurial wit to fight for what they’re passionate about 

“Gemini’s symbol - the light, changeable breezes of early summer, here today and gone tomorrow” (Isabel Hickey)

One month until my birthday

Hi Taylor!! Once again I’m writing this text because it’s January 1st which means there’s one month until my birthday!!! I’m turning 18 years on February 1st and I cannot believe this yet. I’ll be officialy considered as an adult. I’m so anxious to start this new phase of my life but I’m also so scared. Do you have any advice for me? Also, I wanna thank you for being with me these past years, you’re my best friend and I feel so grateful to start this new phase with you by my side. I’m not asking any gift this year…the only thing I really want is getting a birthday message from you, would mean the world to me. That’s my birthday wish. Love you to the moon and back 💖

Lilith Signs

Lilith is an asteroid whose significance in astrology is that it reveals our ‘dark side’. Lilith is the secret wild child within us all that we attempt to keep hidden from the world. The parts of us we wish didn’t exist because they don’t fit a trim, neat image that’s expected of us by the public eye. Rage, stress, and triggering memories can reveal our Lilith’s attributes to us.

Lilith in Aries: Emotionally unstable, fiercely independent, defiance to authority, sensuality, passionate tendencies, need for control

Lilith in Taurus: Possessive, jealous, focusing on materialistic, out of control sexuality, extreme stubbornness, refusing to change, addictive tendencies, lazy

Lilith in Gemini: Mental isolation, nervous breakdowns, anxiety, sexual unpredictability, multiple personalities, manipulative

Lilith in Cancer: Unhealthy relationship with family, ashamed of vulnerability/rejection of vulnerability, out of touch with feminine side, sexual repression, obsessive, temptations, fertility difficulties, authoritarian mother

Lilith in Leo: Overly ambitious, exaggerated sexuality, cold will, arrogant, pushy, stifled creativity, tendency to get involved in love affairs, insecure

Lilith in Virgo: Overworking, health problems, either repressed sexuality or over-expressed sexuality, frustration, anxious, stutter, curiosity, emotional instability, OCD tendencies, prudish

Lilith in Libra: Discomfort in social situations, loner, egoism, snob-like, always feeling unsatisfied, lack of balance in relationships, health problems, widowhood, anti-socialism or too much socializing, feeling life is missing something

Lilith in Scorpio: Interest in metaphysics, unhealthy sexual tendencies, desire to dominate, frustration, passionate power, suicidal impulses, fanatical joy, nightmares, extremist, addiction-prone

Lilith in Sagittarius: Lack of direction, feels different, feels lack of independence, trapped, in search of spiritual guide, accident-prone, breaks all the rules or is extremely limited, difficulties with strangers

Lilith in Capricorn: Either over-worker or lazy bum, REPRESSION, cold, snobby, silent, prone to depression, sadistic, close-minded, trials, feels isolated, feels deprivation, possible widowhood

Lilith in Aquarius: Tense, nervous, lack of friends, death of friends, either over or under sexually active, claustrophobic, desire for independence, surgery, accident-prone, possible divorce, not true to oneself

Lilith in Pisces: Risk of real of symbolic imprisonment, health problems, drug tendencies to escape reality, escapism, searching for perfect fairy tale land, wrong spiritual choices, gift of prophecy, illegality, psychic troubles, many love affairs, a feeling of being different, getting lost in dreams

Our Lilith is not meant to weaken us; it’s meant to show us our weaknesses so we can learn how to channel them into strengths. As we develop as people, the negative traits of our lilith become points of strength for us to use.

How to hunt for story ideas

You’ll need: Pen, paper and an interesting video

This is a very simple exercise for story ideas hunting when you feel completely out of inspiration or looking for an insight. Just pick a music video, or a short, a movie, a trailer, or even a gameplay from Youtube and keep pen and paper by your side.

As you watch the chosen piece, write down tags that best describe what you are seeing, be it a feeling, a visual element, dialogues or random ideas coming to you.

I’ve used the trailer of When Marnie Was There for an example:

And my tags are:

Train, moving, goodbye, outsider, small town, growing up, manor, old, familiar, childhood, beauty, party, prison, keys, storm, tragedy, secret, forever, moon, dream…

Now, from your tags, create one or more storylines, plots, characters and/or fictional worlds. When Marnie Was There tags give me two story ideas:

- Family saga of cousins growing up in their grandfather’s manor. When adults, each cousin goes their separate ways. Decades later, only one cousin is alive. Through his perspective, we remember all tragedies that happened with the family and how each member lost their way from the happy childhood.

- Daily life of girls living in a strict boarding school that looks more like a prison, two girls have a spiritual connection, allowing them to meet in their dreams.

From all ideas you manage to make from your tags, pick your favorite. Mine would be the second one.

So, are you ready for ideas hunting?

Wholesome Week Day 4 - Friendship Thursdays!

Right, so I did something different for this time. Imagine Marco introducing Star to Sailor Moon (which the show’s influenced from) and Star having an Eight-grade Syndrome after that.

Star: “What do you mean the show’s over? I wanted more!”

Marco: //concern



Also, I live from the other side of the world, so this came so damn late-

And my internet has been slow these days so

Alfred Worden holds the world record for “the most isolated human being.” While the rest of the crew of Apollo 15 was on the Moon, Worden stayed in orbit for three days. He reached a record distance of 2,235 miles away from any other human being, and his communications with Earth were blocked by the Moon. He said he “thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Rules: Put your music on shuffle, list the first 9 songs and your favourite lyrics from each. Then tag 9 people to participate!

1. Helplessness Blues (Fleet Foxes) - if I know only one thing, it’s that everything that I see, of the world outside is so inconceivable, often I barely can speak

2. Animal Fear (Marika Hackman) - I could land on my feet if I tried, I’ve never jumped a chasm so wide, and made it to the opposite side

3. When my time comes (DAWES) - Well you can judge the whole world on the sparkle that you think it lacks. Yes, you can stare into the abyss, but it’s starin’ right back.

4. Moon Shines Red (Jamie McDell) - And the moon shines red tonight, as I break your heart and sever mine.

5. Old Pine (Ben Howard) - Smoke in my lungs, the echoed stone. Careless and young, free as the birds that fly, with weightless souls now.

6. Upside Down (Jack Johnson) - And as the surface breaks, reflections fade. But in someways the remains the same. And as my mind begins to spread its wings, there’s no stoppin’ curiosity.

7. Meet me in the woods (Lord Huron) - I took a little journey to the unknown. And I come back changed, I can feel feel it in bones

8. Evergreen (Ben Howard) - Built a world without true love, now I’m all out at sea

9. Timshel (Mumford and Sons) - Death is at your doorstep. And it will steal your innocence, but it will not steal your substance

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I love this headcanon that Baymax IS Tadashi. 

My first ever BH6xROTG fanart and i dunno when will I ever do another but let’s just see.

Plot Twist:
Jack has been watching over the hamada bros ever since they were very young and he even gets the chance to play with the two back then during holidays but a guardian should not just stick in one or two children to look out for rather to ALL the children of the world so while the hamadas were growing Jack was only able to give check on them from time to time.

After the incident with Tadashi, the moon has chosen him as a new guardian because like the other guardians, something is so special about him. Tadashi asked the moon if he could stay by his little brother’s side but as mentioned before, a guardian must not just stick to one or two children, despite being aware of that already due to knowing Jack Frost before he still tried to beg for the moon to let him do so.

As the moon saw how eager and desperate Tadashi was there was no choice but to allow him yet on one condition, he must take another form, in exchange of staying with Hiro he must not know it’s actually him nor must he be  recognized as Tadashi but as someone or something else. Then the thought led to Baymax, Tadashi agreed to this and so he took the form of his own creation’s body and take the job of being a guardian by nursing people around him as Baymax and at the same time being there by his little brother’s side all the time.

sorry if it’s kinda hard to read—-youre just gonna hafta view image if you cant read it—

A Character Study: Rapunzel

Sun in Gemini

Within the first few minutes of Tangled, we learn how enthusiastic Rapunzel truly is. Despite being locked up in a tower for 18 years, Rapunzel still finds a way to keep her energy high and look on the bright side of every day. Rapunzel is also very versatile, having interests in everything ranging from baking and reading, to ventriloquy and candle making. Along with this, Rapunzel is definitely intelligent. She has never had contact with the outside world, but she is still able to outsmart Flynn Rider and have him take her to see the “floating lights”. She is also adjustable, and easily able to get along with just about anyone, from the townspeople to the ruffians in the Snuggly Duckling. 

Moon in Pisces

Funny as it may sound, sometimes those with Moon in Pisces have a “healing touch” that is compassionate and sensitive. Despite the fact that her hair glows and is able to reverse the effects of any damage, Rapunzel is most definitely compassionate and selfless. She heals Flynn Rider a couple times during the movie without being asked to. She is also fairly imaginative and artistic. Her entire room is covered in little paintings, from floor to ceiling, and her mind is always actively running. Those with Moon in Pisces tend to be full of love and emotion. She is also a dreamer, having held onto the same dream of seeing the floating lights on her birthday for eighteen years. 

Mercury in Gemini

Those with a Mercury in Gemini tend to be very impressionable. She believes everything Mother Gothel tells her (even though Mother Gothel is the only person she knows).  She is very curious, as a child would when they are exposed to something new. She needs to know a little bit about everything she can, and once she meets someone she tries to understand them. She is quite inquisitive, and is always asking questions. Those with this placement are naturally indecisive, so sometimes it is hard for them to come to a conclusion. Rapunzel exhibits this quite often throughout the movie: “Should I? / No. / Here I go.” ; “I am a horrible daughter. I’m going back.” / “I’m never going back!”. Flynn notices this, pointing out how Rapunzel seems to be at war with herself, and she seems to be overthinking things. 

Venus in Cancer

Cancer Venus natives are generally good listeners. Rapunzel asks Flynn about his “story”, and sits in silence, listening to him speak. They also hold tradition near to them, as Rapunzel does with watching the lanterns every year on her birthday. Cancer in Venus can be easily hurt as well. Rapunzel sees Flynn in the distance tied to the boat, and within seconds is hurt (as I’m sure many would be), and runs back to Gothel, without knowing the extent of the story. Those with Venus in Cancer are very loyal too. Rapunzel is loyal to Mother Gothel, despite not knowing her true intentions, and later Flynn when he comes back to the tower to tell her about Gothel. 

Mars in Sagittarius 

When Mars is in Sagittarius there is a deep need for adventure and to be free. Rapunzel wants to explore the world around, and experience new things, as many with this placement do. They are exuberant and cheerful. They are all about getting the most out of life, as Rapunzel is after she experiences her first taste of life outside of her tower. Those with a Sagittarius Mars are buoyant and enthusiastic while working towards their goals.  Rapunzel is more than excited to see the lanterns, and that excitement never teeters along the way. Mars in Sagittarius natives also feel the need to help others who feel trapped within their lives as well. At the Snuggly Duckling, Rapunzel helps the ruffians realize they are more than just mean and violent people, but they have dreams that they should pursue. 

*disclaimer: All placements should be taken as individuals, and not as a complete natal chart of each character.*

Time - Pink Floyd / La Belle Dame Sans Merci - John William Waterhouse

(Requested by the fabulous seejenniferplay86, hopefully you like it! I thought that the obvious enthrallment of the knight who’s clearly lost to the world reflected the song well. It brought to mind the line from the poem on which the painting is based “La belle dame sans merci has the in thrall”.)


“I had only been in Australia two days before our fates were sealed, even though neither of us was aware of it. But your radiance shone clearly for me from our very first meeting. Since then I have been blinded and totally dependent on it. 

Until that moment in my life, I had been striving to achieve greater independence, without limiting any of my freedom. My opportunities were plentiful, and my world was often lonely. 

But both were continually strengthened in time and in space because my curiosity and positive faith in the definitive, the ultimate, drove me onwards. 

Then you walked into my world, and already much has happened. Now, there are two worlds – possibly even more - which from now on we will explore together, side by side. In light and darkness, in summer, autumn, winter and spring – always.

The joy and strength you give me is like the sun in the daytime which, with its radiance, melts all doubts and darkness on earth. And like the moon at night, you shine with a watchful and delicate beam of gentleness, which extinguishes the mischief and deceit used by the symbols of darkness.

I often like to compare the dawn’s light on a new day with the rebirth of the untouched, the inexperienced, and the innocent. A little naive perhaps - but nevertheless it is wonderful to pretend that everything begins anew. A new world is born again with the light of a new day.
This moment is “us” - the two of us – newly together, young together, innocent together, in love together – simply “together”. 

Crown Prince Frederik in his wedding speech to his bride, Mary Donaldson. || May 14th, 2004

understanding the different components in ur chart
  • im making one because i saw a few i disagree with. (i do like a few though)
  • Sun: YOU, ego, consciousness, personality, action.
  • Moon: feelings, unconscious, intuition, reaction.
  • Mercury: logic, thinking, communication.
  • Venus: love, romance, "feminine" side, social interactions, aesthetics, affection.
  • Mars: aggression, passion, forcefulness, "masculine" side.
  • Jupiter: optimism, expansion, luck, the big picture, confidence.
  • Saturn: responsibility, limitation, order, restriction, lessons, realism
  • Uranus: higher thought, individuality, psychic powers, unpredictability, innovation.
  • Neptune: idealism, spirituality, religion, fantasy.
  • Pluto: money, sexuality, the shadow/dark side, transformation, growth.
  • ASC: "door of perception" how you view the world, how the world views you (naturally)
  • IC: where we come from, early life that shaped us.
  • DESC: one-to-one relationships, attraction and/or repulsion.
  • MC: what we aim for, what we want to be seen as, what we want to achieve.
sun: nothing could have ever stopped this. from the first moment we met, the wind carried my heart to yours and I haven’t seen it by my side since

moon: maybe I should have tried to stop this, at least for a moment, but it would have been like trying to stop the world from turning or the stars from burning

sun: hating you is like hating my own arm or the breeze pressed gentle against my skin. it doesn’t do anything, it doesn’t deserve it, but I hate it because of its own innocence

moon: loving you is like praying, I never know if I’ll get anything in return, but there is nothing like submitting yourself against something you’ll never understand

sun: there’s no use in comparing our love to forces of nature. they can never break or tire, but I am already broken and your eyes have more shadows than the light will allow

moon: after you, hurricanes never looked so lovely. firestorms seem tame after the light in your eyes. lightning never tasted so sweet as when I tasted it from you

sun: you never listen, do you?

moon: no, I learned that from you
—  when the sun loves the moon they can do nothing but burn | jocelyn
I used to fall in love with the sky, the way its radiance touched my skin and its beauty captivated my mind.
When I met you, my perspective changed.
The image I saw no longer resembled the earth’s atmosphere, but instead something even more breathtaking.

Shades of orange and red blended together to ignite a fire that burned the sky with your presence.
Any doubt of us I might’ve had became nothing more than mere ash.

The stars formed constellations that could hardly compare to the universe I saw when I looked into your eyes.
I had my entire world staring back at me, all in one person.

Your words became the moon that brightened the night sky until the darkness faded, and I felt your comfort wash over me.
My uneasiness disappeared knowing you would always keep me safe.

Mornings were defined from the moment the first sign of light flooded over the horizon at dawn, only to be drowned into darkness by the evening.
Spending the days and nights by your side, you became both my sunrise and sunset.

I realize now, your features became paralleled with every aspect of the sky I had admired so deeply. I fell in love with it everyday.
Now whenever I look up, you’re all I see, and I fall in love all over again.

—  You are my sky

<[ Y O U N G & B E A U T I F U L ]> <[VELVETOSCAR]>

-“You gave me a world I didn’t know was there,” Harry whispers in response.
-“The moon knows,” is what he says, breath colored in liquor and a smile.
Louis stares at him.
“What are you talking about?”..
Another manic grin from Harry, and then he pulls him in again, his hand travelling to the side of Louis’ face, cradling his cheek.
- “I’m filling up the sky with my love for you,” Louis says simply, catching his breath with a shrug. “So whenever you look up, it echoes back.
“Yeah,” Harry breathes in response, breathless and light, nodding. He smears a kiss to the corner of Louis’ eye, warm, wet, entrancing. “’M in love with you.”
“Love you, too. Trust you.”
“Trust you, too

LINK: http://archiveofourown.org/works/838537/chapters/1597776 I love you all! 💙
The Moon Tinged Crimson

‘Twas a full-moon night, in the country-side surrounding Salem, Massachusetts, necromancers gathered along, from all the corners of the world, followers of Shaft’s sect, to revive their Dark Lord, they chanted and sung in ancient tongues. As an offering, they were to sacrifice the life of an innocent human being.

A newborn baby, untouched by sin and corruption, an offering fit to disturb the dead, that was their objective, provoke the wrath of the dead, raising them, and bringing forth chaos, all to set the stage for the Castle to appear.

As the dark priests chanted, dark energies began to surround the place, colors became dull, and all living creatures felt sick and repulsed, most animals withdrawing from the location immediately. The skies were filled with dark clouds, and the night became even colder.

The chanting stopped, and the only sound to travel across the abandoned barn was the dagger cutting down through the air, ripples formed in the now reddened puddles of water. ‘Twas done, the ritual was completed, and within minutes, the very landscape began to change.

A light earthquake could be felt in the area, as the very land rose, forming a rugged hill up to 800 m (2,620 ft.) tall. Quickly covered with pine-tress, a forest began to form in the surroundings of the new land-form. And from what seemed to be from thin air, the castle appeared.

Now lying in a state of ruins, the chaotic beast that was the castle was home to countless monsters, and would ultimately house the Dark Prince himself, case he was successfully revived. In the next morning, most would be baffled by the sudden castle’s appearance, and conspiracy theories would flood ways of communication.

Most wouldn’t remember the horrors of the past apparitions of Dracula’s castle; most were purposefully erased from history, with few records existing in the world. Soon enough, news of strange apparitions and kidnappings would begin to circulate…

Looking for prompts!

Hey OnS comrades!

Since the manga and the novels have been nothing but pain for the last six months or so, I’m really eager to write a really cliché modern AU where basically they’re just all friends are happy and we can all have fun reading about the weird shenanigans the Moon Demon Company’s members get up to in our world. I’m going to go heavy on Gureshin because I love those children, but I also want to write MikaYuu and maybe some other side pairings. So, if you have some prompt you wish to see in an OnS fic, feel free to answer to this post or message me and I’ll try to incorporate it in my story, because I’m really writing this just to comfort all of us from the pain that is the canon *cries*

Thanks for your attention, byeee!