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HD Compilation of full Jay Park performances at World Aids Day Red Party with AOMG

when they say Jay Park can’t rap……

I love Korean Jwalkerz with their uber HD fancams. Makes you feel like you’re there with them.

Spending the weekends watching Jay Park fancams…..bliss.

showing his mic flipping skills to Dj Pumkin lol

just a cutie who loves flipping off his finger xD

Hey Black Tumblr !!!

I wanted to get a black love appreciation day started for a while now, and I was so happy to receive such a great response! 

I think black love is so beautiful and so powerful. The connection and closeness of our love is something only we can give each other, and it’s an amazing thing to have. Along with building our communities, our businesses and ourselves up as people in this white dominated world, I see how powerful and important it is to build strong, educated beautiful black families.

Let’s take some time to openly and unapologetically celebrate black love! I was thinking for the dates we can start on February 15th, so we can see some cute valentines pics! Then April 20th and July 10th.

Post your pictures with your boyfriend/girlfriend, wife/husband, the person you love! Add the hashtag #blackloveappreciation and we’ll all re blog each others posts and fill the dash with beautiful black love!  

America: Stars are beautiful tonight.
Slovenia: You know what else is beautiful?
America: *blushes* what?
Slovenia: World domination.
Slovenia: What?

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How did one species of primates—humans—come to dominate the world? Well, that’s a long story, spanning over 200,000 years of history. But the Museum’s visualization team has a short answer for you.

Check out this segment to find out how humanity got where it is today—that is to say, more or less everywhere—and what the future holds for a global population that could peak at eleven billion people in less than a century.

Heads up for you Dex/Daina fans!

Doing the final touches on the mixing of a Remote Control remix featuring Dex and Daina! It’s turning out surprisingly well! I don’t usually get to use them much, but this is turning out great! Either today or tomorrow I’ll post it, but I’m shooting for today! Tomorrow is Kaito’s 11th birthday, and (Because I missed my literal baby Fukase’s birthday, holy crap, I was one of the first people to use him) I’m uploading a Kaito/Fukase duet. Does this threaten the OTP?!?!?!? It does not. FukaOli runs deep in my veins, lol.

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so in the ghost discord we came up with this idea that every papa is one of satan’s sons because satan has like thousands of half-human half-satan offspring running around on earth and sister imperator’s mission in life is to find ONE that’s competent enough to lead the cult to world domination and we all know how well that’s working out for her

and if you listen to each ghost album with that headcanon in mind it’s kind of hilarious how it works out

papa i sings about elizabeth bathory like he knew her personally and witch trials like he was actually there so you can assume that he’s probably hundreds of years old. probably so old he doesnt even remember he’s supposed to be the antichrist anymore RIP you dusty old methuselah ass bastard

ii is very much aware of how he’s The Antichrist and totally has a god complex about it, he str8 up says all of that in “jigolo” and the entire tone of infestissumam is just “im the antichrist and im here to fuck your wife”

and then iii literally has no idea who his father is he just grew up rich and partying all the time and his ego is bigger than the whole entire earth and he’s also gonna fuck your wife

  • Mom: what do you want for Christmas
  • Me: a-
  • Mom: can't get you a hitman for trump, can't get you a time machine, can't get your childhood innocence, can't get your motivation or your dream career
  • Me: uh-
  • Mom: can't get you faith in your government, hope for humanity, world domination, or renewed vigor for life
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: how about-
  • Mom: no dog
  • Me:
  • Me: can I get-
  • Mom: no, it's not time for a new phone
  • Me:
  • Me: just stuff money in my sock drawer and let's call it Christmas, ok

tell me why little mix’s team decides to announce a summer tour in the UK and not in other places….what happened to “world domination”? how do they expect the girls to be more well known outside the uk if the general public in other countries have no exposure to their music? do they really expect the girls to crack america w just touring w ariana?


Ayyyyyyyy so here’s the first comic/fanfic for the Ajin MP100 AU! Jfc this is literally the first real fanfic I’ve written and I’m not a very good writer soooooo this is what I’ve got to show for it *cri* anyways, here’s some good ol Terumob/Ajin AU/fluff ending/angsty bullshit yay :’) 

Okokokokokokok I didn’t want to put the whole gotdam thing here bc it’s literally just over 5000 words and that would be a pain in the ass to scroll through so I just put the part with the comic here on tumblr and I posted the entire fanfic on AO3 here

In this AU, they’re slightly older than in canon. This is not for some ‘shipping purpose’, this is just because this is set some time after the events that coincide with canon events. The Mogami and World Domination arcs occurred in this AU, although different from how they appeared in canon. The Divine Tree arc would be difficult to incorporate into this AU, what with the whole brainwashing thing, but I’m trying to see what I can do.

Mob and Reigen both hovered over the latter’s laptop, standing behind Reigen’s desk. The screen displayed several rows of stacked cards, and both individuals scrutinized the display. Solitaire was a time-killer that Reigen had always been particularly passionate about, and after several years of working under Reigen, Mob had come to enjoy solitaire as well.

Today, however, Mob wasn’t as focused as he usually was. Reigen picked up on this pretty quickly, and he was pretty sure it was because Teru was an hour late. Mob fidgeted, casted glances out the window behind him, and didn’t offer as many suggestions as he usually did when watching Reigen play solitaire.  

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Mistakes in MBTI Typing

INTJ - It’s the villain, they’re always so evil and trying to take things for their own benefit!! 
INTP - Oh look, they love science! Pretty clueless too but in a cute way. Also wears glasses and is nerdy. 
INFJ - Ah a psychic hermit mystic who is idealistically dreamy but also a romantic that speaks in metaphors…
INFP - They always want peace and doesn’t like fighting or arguments. 
ISTJ - Boring. No comment 
ISTP - This one isn’t social and doesn’t speak a lot, but a computer science geek. Good at building things. 
ISFJ - I love this person! She’s so beautifully caring and kind and never says anything mean! Perfect~ ^-^ 
ISFP - The quiet, shy person but with a lot of talents and a way with art and words
ENTJ - A natural leader but also have temper tantrums like ESTJ and really rude. Constantly brags about world domination and how everyone must obey them. 
ENTP - Some classclown that talks so fast and really rebellious 
ENFJ - So genuinely nice and warm!!! Just. Really. Wonderful!! This person always understands you and everything!
ENFP - Lol so random! But they’re really hilarious, even though all they talk about are unicorns 
ESTJ - He always have arguments with ESTP and often has a lot of temper tantrums. What a rude dude 
ESTP - Wow they only jumped off the roof yet survived and they want to do it again?! Unfortunately loves the wild experience and is notorious for a lot of crime like robberies 
ESFJ - It’s always the mom! Or people who want to act like moms. 
ESFP - The popular kid, obviously! Always in the spotlight, famous, and flirty. But aren’t all of them popular anyway? Therefore all of them ESFPs. 

Vashoth who flee the Qun
  • Vashoth who coexist with Dalish; Vashoth intimidating anyone trying to harm the Clan, the Dalish teaching them how to survive in a world dominated by humans. Vashoth finding faith with the Dalish Creators.
  • Vashoth struggling to understand the common tongue, and unbending their pride enough to admit ignorance.
  • Vashoth from the antaam hating each mercenary contract they take, debasing themselves just to survive. Ex-Tamassrans free with their love, and joyous in shared passion.
  • Vashoth, torn between removing their horns - their most fearsome element - and knowing that in doing so they declare themselves a Dangerous Thing.
  • Vashoth who take the most menial trade jobs because they’re so overwhelmed by the sheer choice available to the Bas. Vashoth flourishing, pursuing each new opportunity like a mabari on a scent.
  • Vashoth rucked up in a dozen layers of clothing as they adapt to the colder climate. Vashoth teasing the Bas who swelter in southern summers.
  • Vashoth who bring rare clippings of cinnamomum, and myristica, and piper, scents and spices to remind them of the home they left behind. Missing their friends and their Tama and the child they once carried.
  • Vashoth building treasured family units, rejoicing in each child born and raised. Full of love for their chosen partner. Coming together in protective communities.
  • Vashoth mages laughing, giddy with movement and voice, hands easy with magic as they fling spells at any Templar foolish enough to approach them. Sure in their total ability to resist demons.
  • Vashoth being Vashoth.

The Grisha Trilogy in a Nutshell:

Alina: I’m staying out of it.

Alina: Everyone leave me alone.

Alina: I just want some g damn peace and quiet.

Alina: Stop involving me in your plots for world domination I don’t care. 

Alina: Look how many fucks I give. They’re hard to see bcuz they’re really tiny. Oh wait. Nope. They’re gone. 

Mal: Let’s run away from here before things get really ugly.

Alina: Mal how could you possibly say that we have to fight

“All the Queen’s Men has been described as a “action-packed, modern-feminist drama set during the imperialist British conquest of Old Ireland during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I” and focuses on the little-known, bitter rivalry between Queen Elizabeth I and Grace O’Malley, who was Queen of the Irish Rebellions. It chronicles their struggles to survive in a Machiavellian political world dominated by ruthless men and quixotic loyalties.” (x)

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I DIG GRACE O’MALLEY AND ELIZABETH TUDOR?? A LOT but why they have to pick a slightly better than PG novel/novels to portrait their relationship and bxr relationship.

they are gonna adapt “the queen’s bastard” and “the wild irish” for this series. i’ve only read the first one, and though in the intimacy of my brain i have a bxr’s child guilty plasure, maxwell’s books are so basic and not very well written.

why producers keeps picking average novels for adapataions, when we have something like legacy avaible. a novel that has everything you want, even some disgusting ooc for the inaccuracy fans. legacy has the history, the romance, the political view, the sex, the bxr pov and THE IN CHARACTER ROBERT AND ELIZABETH.

Seventeen Seven deadly sins! Au

With Seungcheol being Lust.
Jihoon being Wrath.
Seungkwan being Envy.
Soonyoung being Greed.
Jeonghan being Sloth.
Mingyu being Gluttony.
Junhui being Pride.

And they all have their human partners (except for Jicheol they’re together because I’m trash)

And Chan is the son of Lucifer, who is in preparation for world domination and all that jazz, is assigned to see how true sins act (trying to make their human partner sin with them for example or make them suffer through their sins) but he instead gets first row seat on the shenanigans they are all caught up with.

Some ideas:

. Lust is so bloody thirsty and Wrath is just not having it.
. Lust shouldn’t come with jealousy. That’s Envy’s job. So why is Seungcheol feeling all weird when Soonyoung steals Jihoon’s attention away??
. Seungkwan is envious of a lot of things but his human partner is a complete sunshine who doesn’t understand the concept of Seungkwan lacking something so he doesn’t see why Seungkwan should feel envious of others.
. Soonyoung is Greed so he ends up doing a lot of things he should not be doing. In human world he somehow ends up in a strip club which is very confusing because “I’m Greed, not fucking Lust!” and people think he’s crazy, except for this one boy who thinks he’s crazy hot.
. Mingyu trying to sin-trip his human partner by taking him on an around-the-world taste test with his demonic power. His human partner is not impressed. “You can travel to all these places and all you do is eat?” “Well, yea, of course.” Bonus if his human partner is a photographer and ends up making a whole album of him eating because Mingyu just looks so damn happy and cute eating.
. Junhui gets into lots of fight due to his Pride. His human partner saves his ass once. Maybe twice. Just maybe, because Junhui is still a badass.
. Sloth Jeonghan is really chill like he might actually be an angle if it weren’t for the fact that he actually slept through the whole battle between Heaven and Hell. Heaven thinks it’s inappropriate. Jeonghan doesn’t think anything about it because he’s already dozing off again. Bonus if his human partner is part Angel who is like “Jeonghan wake up and be an Angel” “Do I get to sleep?” “No but you get to help people” “This number you call is not available please don’t leave a message”
. Chan’s weekly report consists of “Dad, I don’t think I’m learning this right.” “Trust your mentors my young devil spawn” “Dad they are literally having a who-can-shove-most-socks-in-their-mouth competition right now.” “Yea yea good okay son I gotta go places to be people to rule tata.”

Let’s talk about how this is Hal’s face when Matt is in pain

And this is his face when Matt rejects him

And this is his face when he almost hurts Matt

And this is his face when he’s reunited with Matt

And this is his face when he’s just having casual Matt feels

The many faces of #ActualParentHalMason™