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second year edition featuring seventeen ! [ insp: 1 2 3 4 ]

Sometimes, in life, the most amazing adventures are shrouded in mystery and uncertainty. You must be willing to travel into the unknown in order to experience the beauty of a new journey.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
I wish he could see himself the way I do. I wish he could see all the reasons that I fell in love with him because maybe then he’d understand the pain he inflicts every time he says that I deserve more than him, that I’ll find better than him. I could meet a billionaire with a heart of gold and it wouldn’t change a thing because in the end, no one is him. No one is good enough.
—  My heart chose him and I don’t know if it’ll let go. I don’t know if I want it to -Jess Amelia
Some thoughts...

Alright, I’ve given this a couple of days, mostly because I’ve been upset and angry over the whole thing (and still am) but am more reasonable in moving to talk about it.

This contains Supernatural spoilers, so, just be aware.  It is also quite long (I’m a writer okay?  It’s expected).

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I hold my breath under water so I can listen to the sound of my thoughts rushing by. I watch as the bath stains me red, only then do I see the stars you left me with.

I always think of sleeping there, wishing I could fill it up higher to fit both of us. I always think of mixing the water with the love that ruins through my vains. I think of how easy it would be to drain the mess I’ve made.

Then maybe when you look to the sky you’ll think of me. I know the clouds can’t hold my weight if I’m still holding on to you. So I hold my breath until only you fill my lungs.

—  I need to join those I’ve lost//kayla

Hmmmm. I guess posting only for one fandom for almost a year means that many people think you will only ever post and like that one fandom.

So I got a few messages now, asking me if I will come back to BNHA, or if I have abandoned my planned BNHA projects, or if there will be no more headcanons for BNHA - all of it because I was so into GotG the last few days. Since there were quite a few, I would like to address this here, for everyone.

Sorry to disappoint you, guys, but I actually like more than one thing at the same time, so I won’t always post about BNHA. Be it Guardians of the Galaxy, Boku no Hero or others… just because I’m posting a lot about one of those things and less about the others doesn’t mean that I don’t love the “neglected” stuff anymore! It’s just that I used my (limited) free time to reblog stuff that was right on my dash or that I just saw and liked - and if that’s GotG stuff, then it is that. If that is BNHA stuff, then that is that.

I won’t just disappear from the BNHA fandom, so you can stop worrying about it, if you were doing that. But I won’t just blog about one thing just because that’s what you guys are used to. Sorry, but that’s just not possible - I have many things that I love and want to ramble about, after all. I’m very sorry if that shouldn’t meet your likings, but I can’t really influence that. I can’t make everyone happy, as much as I would want to. In the end, I will just blogging like I did before - by having fun and just doing what makes me happy. And making other people happy is the nice bonus to that.

If this should come over as angry or annoyed, believe me, I’m not. I just wanted to make this clear, since a lot of people seem actually to be worried that I will abandon BNHA just like that. I won’t. I really won’t. I am still working on a few fanfics, a picture and other things are planned, but I am no machine, and if inspiration hits me for other things, then it’s best to pursue that, no?

Thank you very much for understanding, you all.