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I delayed making this announcement because I miiight be shooting myself in the foot here haha, BUT if all goes well, I should have a new book ready for Wonder Con this coming weekend in Anaheim, CA.

It’s the 3rd “From Scratch” book. This time centered around Skullgirls. It’s mostly a collection of assorted commissions and a lot of stuff I did for the IGG Campaign compiled into one book. It’s a bit thick this time around!

I will be in the artist alley at booth D-16. Come by and say hello!

May I present some thoughts on “I thought I was shit at math and science because no one told me otherwise” Patty Tolan? 

  • “Y’all know this science stuff” is said less as an observation by Patty and more as a “thank God because I have no idea”
  • Abby inquires about it later, insanely curious because Patty remembers so much all the time and figured out that they would need the Ecto to 180 the polarity in the vortex. Patty, hesitant in a different way than she’s ever shown, explains that her teachers just always said she didn’t have the brain for math and science. 
  • Patty, who picks up that academic journal lying around in the lab above the restaurant and waits till she gets home to highlight all the things she doesn’t understand (She’s surprised when it’s only 60% of the journal and not the whole thing.)
  • Patty, who expects someone to say something when she adds a kid’s science dictionary to her library but they don’t. (In fact, Patty finds an expansion of her dictionaries/resources building without her having to add much.) 
  • Erin catches Patty staring at an equation one day and asks if she might like it explained. Patty does her best not to look caught and says, “Please.” Erin is impressed when Patty’s questions help her notice a mistake and starts to run some of her work by Patty before she collaborates with Abby. 
  • Holtz wanders in her lab and finds Patty heavily concentrated on one of her designs. Patty apologies for encroaching on her work but Holtz stops her and asks if there was anything about her new design Patty liked best. Patty trips over her words trying to think of all she’s learned in the different metals and electrical combinations Holtz has explained or muttered during her showcases to the rest of the team. Holtz invites Patty into her lab when she finally builds her new invention and relays every step so Patty knows not only how it functions but how it’s built. 
  • One day, they’re stuck because Abby and Erin can’t agree on the best method to use and Holtz can’t get her newest prototype to function. They’re not as stunned as Patty thought they would be when she offers two options for Erin and Abby and not only provides the right combination of parts for Holtz but also identifies them correctly by sight. 
  • Patty, who tries not to cry when “budding scientist and mathematician” is added to her municipal historian title. 

Clexacon.  I don’t even know what to say about it - I can’t even believe it’s over! 

I spent a wonderful long weekend with an amazing group of women, where the atmosphere was so positive and supportive.  It was fun, it was interesting, it was informative, it was emotional.  I made new friends, caught up with old friends, met online friends, and found fellow fan artists!  I miss everyone so much already.  If I didn’t have the rest of my holiday here to distract me I’d probably be a real emotional mess about leaving right now. 

Hopefully I’ll be able to go next year, and I’d like to host a table on artist’s alley this time, too  :3 

Jun’s Evil Weibo Translations

So for the recent update with Jeonghan, this is the translation from Korean -> English by SVTGlobal

Now then, on Weibo this is the official Chinese post

But what happens when we translate the Chinese -> English?

[17′s Jeonghan] Hello respected user, the wonderful weekend is already over, today is Monday, ok, Monday~ Are you unhappy~? Kekeke. I am your happy pill Xiao Han Han, please be happy for the rest of the afternoon #Jeonghan who is thinking of you today as well# #Xiao Han Han is a nice name isn’t it#

Jun wyd

Cheese breads with honey.

Honey goes well with cheese .
This is my recommendation.
I love it. 🍯🧀😍
Have a wonderful weekend.✨



On the way home





Have a wonderful weekend !


It was really wonderful meeting the band, I love their shows and I always leave them with such a large sum of happiness^^! The fandom and the group of spg are all so spectacular~! And I’m really happy they loved their posters TTwTT ahh~! Thank you so much for always being inspirations in my life, and just flat out being super awesome!
Heh- I even got misty eyed when they looked happy by the gifts QwQ!
I hope all that were there tonight have a wonderful day/noon/night/timezone, and an even more wonderful weekend~!


Personal collection piece(nfs)✨

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Much love 💜

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