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a sequel to between each beat are words unsaid


“Here,” John says almost as soon as Sherlock’s settled next to him. “I wanted to give you something special today. Something important. And I, uh, I think it is.” He says it with a little shrug, a tiny bit of doubt creeping in.

“It is,” Sherlock reassures him, and John huffs out a laugh.

“You don’t even know what it is yet.”


After the reception ends, John and Sherlock exchange wedding gifts. 


The Inquisitor is a complete danger-magnet, but she doesn’t realize it. Like, she can’t leave Skyhold without getting into a fight every single time, but it never strikes her as odd. The others notice, though. So when Trevelyan/Lavellan off-handedly mentions that Cullen is taking her on a trip to Ferelden, Cassandra is horrified.

It’s like PTSD flashbacks: red templars and apostates. Spiders. Dragons. AND BEARS! SO. MANY. BEARS.

And so, like a true Defender of Romance™, Cassandra takes it upon herself and enlists the rest of the companions to help give the Inquisitor and Cullen The Most Uneventful Walk in the Countryside Ever.

So at the lake, when the Inquisitor mentions how peaceful it is? What we don’t see is Cassandra punching a bear somewhere in the forest, or Dorian screaming as the Iron Bull laughingly takes on a MOTHERFUCKING DRAGON.

And then, when the Inquisitor and Cullen return to Skyhold all happy and lovey-dovey, she turns to see her companions in varying degrees of tired/injured/so-done-with-this-shit, and she goes: “Did I miss something?”

Insecure- Daryl x Reader

Summary: Daryl pushes the reader away to hide his insecurity about his scars.

Note: I hope you enjoy!

Warning: angst, fluff, smut

You and Daryl had always had a flirtatious relationship. At first the flirting was sarcastic as your two personalities didn’t click. You would always bicker but it was disguised as flirting. But after time it became more genuine and you two had formed a strong bond, always going out on runs together as you made a great team. But lately Daryl had been a little distant. You didn’t know what it was though, you knew you hadn’t done anything to upset him so it left you confused. It started off small, him missing dinner or only talking to you for a few minutes. But now it was bigger, it had gotten to the point where he was going on runs without you. You took offence to this because there was no explanation for his actions, they were completely random and out of the blue. Maybe he just felt threatened being in Alexandria. You had to admit it was hard to get used to being safe but that was no reason to pull away from you.

It was late in the evening when you started heading over to Ricks house. He had called everyone over to have a group dinner like the good old days. As you were walking you saw Daryl heading into his house. You slowed your walk and furrowed your eyebrows, wondering why he was going home.

“Hey! Dixon!” you called out and started walking over to him. He turned his head and mumbled ‘hey’ before walking up the steps to his house. “Aren’t you going to Ricks place?”

“Na, not in the mood. I just told him” he muttered back, opening the door. You stood in your place before walking in, your curiosity getting the better of you.

“Why not?”

“Would ya stop questioning me girl?”

“You know I don’t like that” you said, crossing your arms over your chest as you rolled your eyes. You hated when he called you ‘girl’ or ‘woman’. He only did that when he was angry.

“And you know I don’t like being questioned” he snapped back.

He walked to the fridge and popped open a beer before walking to sit on the sofa. You stood by the door all this time, watching his tense movements. You knew your presence was making him uncomfortable but you wanted to know why.

“Fine. Can I just ask one more question?” you asked, walking over and sitting next to him on the sofa.


“I’m gonna ask anyway. Why the hell are you acting like a jerk?”

Daryl sent you a dirty look before sitting up. “If I’m being such a jerk then why the hell are you here?”

You could sense an argument building up and you wanted to avoid it so you toned down your voice. “I was just wondering why you’ve been so distant with me lately?”

There was a couple seconds of silence while Daryl tried to think of a lie. He didn’t want you knowing the real reason why he was distancing himself from you.

“I just- I haven’t been in a sociable mood lately” he replied, taking a swig of his beer.

“You’re fucking with me, right? There’s no way I’m believing that” you laughed, before turning serious again. “Daryl you’re never sociable expect with me! Please, I just want to know-”

“You wanna know!” he asked, raising his voice and cutting you off. He stood up and slammed his beer down on the table, making you jump. “You’re always up my fucking ass and its getting real annoyin’ (y/n)!”

“What the fuck?” you shouted back, now standing and getting in his face. “I’m not up your ass I just care about you! How do you expect me to act if you just rip away from me all of a sudden? Obviously, I’m gonna be concerned!”

“Well maybe you should stop being concerned and stop caring for me!” Daryl shouted, mocking your voice when he repeated your words.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” you shouted, tears starting to build in your eyes. His words were cutting deep into you and you couldn’t do anything but take it. You didn’t want to argue with him as you knew what he was like when he was angry. He would push you away even further and then soon enough you would be an acquaintance.

“There’s nothing wrong with me! You’re just whipped!”

His words stung you and you could physically feel your body growing cold with heartbreak and fear. You thought that what you two had was genuine, but clearly it was all a joke to him. You nodded your head while keeping eye contact with him. You wanted him to see how much his words had hurt you. His chest was heaving from anger but he soon grabbed his beer again and sat down, staring at the fireplace and completely ignoring you.

“And I thought you loved me” You said quietly. Daryl turned his head towards you a little but you had already walked away. You slowly walked back home, ignoring Maggie’s calls as she spotted you from Ricks house. Your mind was numb and your heart felt like it was going to collapse any second. At this moment in time you wanted your mom. Yes, it’s silly to think that but she was the only person in your life who could soothe you and make everything better. You entered your house and dragged your feet up the stairs before curling up in bed and crying yourself to sleep.

Daryl tried to keep his cool after you left. He was so angry with himself for letting you walk away, but he had to do it. He didn’t want you knowing about his scars, he had no idea how you’d react but he was scared you would stop liking him. The beer wasn’t helping him either. It added to the dark thoughts that were running through his head. He walked upstairs and closed his bedroom door. He looked in the bathroom mirror as he took his shirt off, turning his body in order for him to see the marks that covered his back. Memories of the belt and rope his dad used to hit him flashed through his mind but he quickly shook his head and got rid of them. He sighed as his eyes scanned them over and over again. He then caught eye contact with himself in the mirror and he immediately walked out of the bathroom, feeling ashamed of his body and what he had done to you. It wasn’t right to push you away over his insecurities. His thoughts turned more positive as he thought about you. He remembered how defensive you used to be in Atlanta and that’s how you two got into the bickering fights. But there was an element of sexual tension in there. Both of you wanted and craved it but neither of you made the first move. It had been years since that moment and he closed his eyes as he contemplated his next move.

It had been a couple of days since your incident with Daryl and neither of you had said a word to each other. You couldn’t even be in the same room as him, it hurt you to see him. Daryl noticed this and he knew he was running out of time to tell you, so one day after you had come back from a late run he waited in your house.

You threw your backpack on the floor as soon as you got in and you went straight to the living room, wanting to sit down and rest your legs. You stopped in your tracks when you saw Daryl sitting in the armchair and he immediately stood up when he saw you.

“(Y/n), you’re probably wondering-”

“Get out” you interrupted him, opening your door and pointing outside. “Please, I don’t wanna see you”

“Hear me out. The other night, I was lying to you, that’s not the real reason I was pushing you away!”

“How can I trust what you say anymore?”

Daryl opened his mouth to talk but you spoke first. “You know what, I don’t care. Leave”

Anger was bubbling inside Daryl but he pushed it to the back of his mind. He walked over to the door and slammed it shut, the sound making you flinch. “Listen to me! Let me explain to you!” he said, trying to keep his voice levelled but he wanted to get everything out before you got mad.


“I fucking love you (y/n)!” He said, his hands now on your shoulders as he stared down into your eyes.

His words shocked you and you let out a sigh, shaking your head at the same time. “Don’t do this to me” you said, but Daryl spoke over to you.

“I wanna show you something” he said, taking your hand as he led you upstairs. Half of you wanted to pull away and stand your ground, but the other half was willing to give him a chance because you still loved him.

You entered your room and Daryl shut the door behind you before standing by the bed. “Well?” you asked, trying to keep your hard exterior up.

Daryl bit his bottom lip nervously before removing his jacket. He let it drop to the floor before he undid the buttons on his shirt, exposing his toned chest and arm muscles. He let the shirt drop and you smiled a little. “Nice body Dixon” You could feel your anger melting away as you looked at Daryl. But soon he started to turn around, and you had a confused look on your face which washed away as soon as you saw the real reason he took his clothes off.

Long bulging marks ran over Daryl’s back. Some were small and white while others were pink and bigger. You slowly walked over to him and you felt Daryl flinch as soon as your fingers touched his back. He turned his head a little over his shoulder so he could see your face, but you were too intrigued by his marks. He wanted to push you away and cover his body but he begged himself to stay in place. Your fingers traced out his scars and roamed his back as his scars painted a story.

“That’s why I’ve been pushing ya away” he said, his voice low and husky. “I didn’t want things to get too far and then when you saw me like this I- I was scared you’d stop lovin’ me”

Daryl turned around now and you stared up to his eyes. You wondered how hard it must have been for him to open up like this to you. And then It hit you that this man loved you. All those words yesterday were just a cover up so he wouldn’t get rejected. You let a small smile come upon your face as your hands rested on his cheeks. You moved his head so his eyes were on yours and you kissed him.

Daryl was a little shocked by your forwardness but he went with it, this is what he wanted for such a long time. You were in control of the kiss until the hunger in Daryl built up and he took over. Just as quickly as it started, it ended, you pulled away before things got too heated so you could say a few words.

“I will never judge you based on your scars, emotional or physical. I love you for who you are, and if that makes you who you are then I love them even more.”

Daryl let out a small chuckle at your words before you moved back to the kiss. His hands started to tug lightly at the hem of your shirt and you took it off, revealing your breasts to him. He swiftly picked you up and playfully threw you on the bad, earning a giggle from you. He crawled ontop of you, grinding his hips into you slowly while kissing you passionately. You didn’t expect Daryl to be the romantic type in bed, maybe he wasn’t but he just wanted to show you his soft side. This was a sensitive moment for him, he had shared his dark past with you and now he wanted you to know how much he loved you.

His warm hands slithered over your breast and across your stomach as he warmed up your slightly cold body. His lips moved from your mouth to your neck as he sucked at it. His hands were working on his belt buckle and he lifted himself up on his knees, getting them off easier. You did the same with your shorts and you lifted your butt up slightly as Daryl pulled them off you, leaving you completely naked beneath him. He sucked in a breath as he admired your body, drinking in every curve of your soft skin.

You watched him admire you and you almost felt shy and you wanted to cover your body up. But you didn’t, if Daryl could show you his scars that he was ashamed of then you could let him love your body. He left a trail of kisses from your stomach to your lips, every touch he left sent shivers through your body.

“You ready?” he whispered, his voice gravelly from arousal.

“Yeah” you whispered back, nodding your head and touching his cheek.

He grabbed his member and slowly stroked it a few times before running it up your slit, collecting your juices for lubrication. You let out a low moan at his touch and you bucked your hips forward to get more friction. Daryl noticed this and planted one last kiss on your lips before slowly pushing himself in. You grabbed onto his strong arms as he stretched you out, making you feel all of him. Daryl held his breath until he was completely inside of you, and he let it out, his breath hitting your neck and sending bolts of electricity through you. You both let out a moan when Daryl started to move in and out of you, setting a slightly quick pace. You let your hands run up his back and you felt him stiffen a little under your touch, but after a while he relaxed and let you keep your hands there. He was letting out low grunts into your neck with every thrust, his muscles were starting to tense up as you felt him twitch inside you. You felt your walls begin to cling onto him as every thrust sent adrenaline around your body and then back to the heat building in your core. Your fingers dug into Daryl’s shoulders as his thrusts got sloppy, he was losing his rhythm as his orgasm took over. Daryl placed his forehead on yours as both of you rode your highs together, helping each other get through them. You felt light headed afterwards, like this didn’t just happen. Daryl pulled out of you and collapsed on the bed next to you, placing a hand on his chest as he caught his breath back.

“Shit” you said, staring up at the ceiling and then over to Daryl.

“Shit” he repeated your words as he looked over to you too. Both of you held eye contact until you spoke.

“Stay the night”

Daryl nodded his head and got under the covers, lifting them up so you could get under. You nuzzled yourself into his arms as he wrapped them tightly around you. “I’ll stay” he whispered. You closed your eyes and let yourself fall asleep in the safety of Daryl’s arms, wondering where your relationship would go from here.

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Unexpected Guest - pt. 1

This is based off a dream I had the other night, and decided to write out. Nothing special or exciting, just a fun, fluffy story. And now that I’m officially posting the first part, I’m dedicating myself to finishing the rest.

3,123 word(s) of fun and fluffy buildup. No warnings.  Leonard x Reader

You shimmered onto a familiar patch of grass. The warm breeze blew your hair gently around your face, you closed your eyes and took a deep breath. You opened your eyes slowly and stood there for a moment and stared at the quaint farmhouse your parents had given to you, with your bag slung over your shoulder, smiling ear to ear.

The Enterprise had just finished another mission and had come back for supplies and repairs, granting the crew a weeks leave. You had jumped at the opportunity to come home. It had been far too long since you’d been back.

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All the horrible talk from Anti’s today has prompted me to write my thoughts about Caitriona. Firstly, she was a young seventeen year old when we left home to pursue modelling and had to grow up quick. Lucky for her she was the middle child from a large family. Resilience being a characteristic of middle children and all those brothers and sisters toughened her up. She did not come from a privileged background in monetary terms but it is clear she did in terms of her idyllic childhood in the country and a strong, stable and loving family environment. She seems a very balanced person. Her other sisters seem to be the same, well educated leaders in their given professions and resilient too. Her parents must be very generous people. They fostered two extra children after filling their house with their own! What a wonderful example of giving to grow up with. Caitriona loves the creative arts and surrounds herself with likeminded people. Her friends love her, respect her and protect her which always speaks volumes about someone IMO. She has that amazing, wicked Irish wit and sense of humour…she is fabulous fun and totally able to goof around and laugh at herself. Caitriona loves to talk…and she’s a wonderful communicator. Even when interrupted by one of Sam’s jokes she can break for banter mid sentence and pick up exactly where she left off. She’s very clever and knows how she wants to be perceived and live her life. Her values are clear. Caitriona seems to play down the focus on her beauty. Often you see her with little make up at an event or perhaps with lipstick only. She’s modest about it and doesn’t try hard. I noticed this at the EIFF and thought it was such a gracious gesture, as if to say ‘Here I am Scotland, I know you accept me for who I am, I’m free to be me..completely natural little old me..’. Caitriona is a lioness though…I see a protective spirit in her and God help anyone who hurts someone she cares about…she’ll do what others would hesitate to do if necessary. There’s a strength to her but she’s had to be strong, she hasn’t really had a choice. She’s had to make her way on her own.
I find it baffling that people think Caitriona thinks Sam is lesser to herself, 'a peasant’ someone wrote! Caitriona to me seems fascinated by Sam. He’s an interesting man who lives his life through ideas, not just the standard go to work, make money kind of guy. The way she studies him in earlier interviews is clear she’s taken by him. You can tell by the way Sam speaks that he has attended a private school. The gentle, soft, refined Scottish accent and tone is a give away. People are wrong to think Sam comes from a background that hasn’t provided him with opportunity. To say Caitriona feels she is above Sam shows a real lack of perception. She knows he’s an interesting, artistically gifted, elegant man, loves that he makes her laugh and does not want ANY woman having him but her!

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Request for #41 with Simon/Miniminter please :)

hope you like it my dude!


41. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”

At first, you hadn’t noticed it, but once JJ had mentioned something about him, there was no going back. You noticed all the small things Simon did that you thought he would normally do anyway, but after talking with JJ, you had found out, in fact, that he only did it around you.

When you were walking together, he would walk right beside you, occasionally with his arm around your shoulders. When you were standing and talking to one of the other boys, he was standing directly next to you, his arm pressed slightly against yours. When you were all out at Nandos for dinner, Simon would sit next to you, moving his chair ever so slightly closer to yours so his thigh or foot was always in contact with yours. 

His constant touch was starting to get you nervous, forget butterflies, there was an entire stampede of elephants running around in your stomach due to his close proximity.

“Y/N!” you heard your name called from the kitchen of the sidemen house, getting up off of the couch you made your way over. Behind the counter stood Simon, a very shirtless Simon. Taking in his appearance you could feel your cheeks heat up, now he wasn’t buff, but the sight of him definitely got your blood pumping.

“Uh- you called?” you cleared your throat, looking at his face. He turned around, picking a pot full of water out of the sink, it was bound to be heavy, the veins were popping from his arms as he lifted it and your eyes widened slightly at the sight. “Yeah I was just wondering-” “Wait,” you interrupted him mid sentence, “Why are you shirtless?” “Um- Why can’t I be?” he looks down at himself, suddenly regretting his plan. “Si it’s freezing! The heatings still broken!” you exclaim walking around the counter to place your hand on his arm. “You’re cold!” “No- no I’m fine, I just- um” Simon stutters, his face being dusted with a light shade of pink.

Suddenly, what JJ had said about Simon a few days back came back to you. The constant touching, always being around you, not to mention this situation you were now in. “Simon?” you question him, “what are you trying to do?” “Noth-Nothing! What do you mean?” he stumbles. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.” you conclude with a smirk. You watch Simon’s face as his eyes go wide and mouth opens slightly, his cheeks turning even pinker if it was even possible, realisation hitting him smack bang in the face that he had been called out. 

“Did it um- did it work?” he asked with an uneasy chuckle. “Maybe” you laugh, turning around, grabbing Simon’s shirt off the side bench on the way out and throwing it at him. You heard Simon shuffling around behind you and an exasperated “Y/N wait!”

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Nagisa: sign me the FUCK up 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌th 👌 ere👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯  i say so 💯  thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

Wonderful Interruptions

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  • Movie/Televisions Show/Anime: Criminal Minds
  • Pairing: Spencer Reid X Reader
  • Word count: 444 words
  • Genre: Suggestive Fluff
  • A/n: Hey, guess who’s not fucking dead and rotting into the ground? Me! Anyway, I was inspired to write this by this image, feel free to see it before reading!

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Maybe It’s Time

Doyoung x Reader

Wordcount: 2,189

hiiii can i please request a fic where you and doyoung meet at a cafe and he wants to ask you out? ty in advance!

You had managed to survive your first three exams.  All that separated you from your upcoming summer of freedom was your Korean final.  Your everyday conversation skills had improved since being in Korea, but you struggled in the course.  When the hell were you ever going to talk about global warming in Korean?  Knowing you had to at least try to do well, you flipped to the next page of your textbook.  Chapter three.  It felt like you had been sitting in this café studying forever.  How were you only on chapter three?  That wasn’t even half of what you needed to get through for your upcoming Korean final.

“I’m not caffeinated enough for this,” you muttered under your breath.  You stood up to get your third cup of coffee that day, hoping it would give you the boost you needed to continue.  Any motivation you had earlier had flown out the window sometime during chapter two.  

While you were standing at the counter waiting for your drink, you heard the door to the café open.  Hearing whispers echo through the café, you knew who had just walked in.  NCT were regulars here.  Not a lot of people knew, which was good because it meant they had some privacy.  But it didn’t mean people already in the café weren’t shocked when they would come in. Today, it was Jaehyun, Johnny, Ten, Doyoung and Yuta.  There were traces of makeup around their eyes, probably from whatever schedule they had earlier that day.

You were a fan, but you weren’t too phased by them being there.  Sure, the first time you had seen NCT in your favourite café, you were excited.  But you weren’t really the type to freak out over guys, even if they were idols.  More importantly, something inside of you told you to leave them alone and let them enjoy their down time.  They deserved some respect, and fan-girling over them would just distract you from studying anyways.

Your drink arrived just in time for you to sit back down before the members arrived at the counter.  Avoiding your textbook by any means possible, you let your eyes linger over NCT, something you usually didn’t do.  You had been lucky enough to receive a smile from one of them on the rare occasions you had made eye contact.  Of course you would smile back.  But aside from those moments, you just tried to pretend that NCT wasn’t NCT. Sometimes, though, it was hard to pretend Doyoung was Doyoung; he was your bias.

Forcing yourself back to reality, you turned your eyes to your textbook and began to study again.  Luckily for you, the third chapter was much shorter than the first two, and you were finished within an hour.  You glanced up and saw that NCT was still there.  You were happy they were getting time to rest and hang out.  Having completed half of the review you needed to, you felt deserving of a break as well.  You closed your textbook, took out your laptop, and popped in some headphones to watch a few youtube videos.


Doyoung sat staring at you, the other members shaking their heads at him.

“Dude, just go talk to her.”  Johnny nudged Doyoung’s arm with his elbow.

“I can’t Johnny.  I mean, do you think she even speaks Korean?”

“Doyoung I have no idea.  Just because I speak English doesn’t mean I know everyone else in the world that speaks it too.”

“She has to have learned some Korean if she’s in Korea.  At least a few phrases,” Ten chimed in.

“I guess that’s true…” Doyoung considered the fact that even just to order coffee at the café, you would have to be able to speak some Korean.

“He’s right.  I mean, when I lived in America for four years, I picked up basic English phrases pretty quickly.” Jaehyun tried to reassure Doyoung that the language barrier wouldn’t be as bad as he thought.

It had been a few months since Doyoung had first seen you in that café.  He didn’t know why, but he had a crush on you the moment he saw you.  Maybe it was that you had distinctive features.  Or maybe it was that he thought you were you were really smart because you were always studying.  Maybe it was how you didn’t start screaming whenever they came into the cafe.  He wasn’t sure what it was.  What he was sure of what that he hoped he would see you in whenever he and the others went to this particular café.  But he never wanted to interrupt your studying.  And the fear that there would be a language barrier always held him back too.  Johnny and Jaehyun had offered to translate before, but Doyoung said it would be too lame to bring a friend with him.

Doyoung grew increasingly frustrated with himself.  You were right there in front of him.  Every time he left the café without talking to you, he swore he would introduce himself the next time he saw you there, but he never did.

“Doyoung, she stopped studying.  You wouldn’t be bothering her too much if you talk to her now,” Yuta pointed out. “You’ve had a crush on her for months. Do something about it.”

Yuta was right.  All the guys were.  Doyoung was so scared of not being able to communicate with you, or worse, of being rejected, that he had convinced himself it wasn’t worth trying.  But here you were, tucking a piece of hair behind your ear as you watched your laptop screen intently, calling out to him.  It was also true that if a language barrier caused things to go awry, he could call over one of the boys to help translate.   Or just leave the café and never return in an attempt to avoid you forever.  That would be plan B.

“We’re here for you man.  Just take a chance.  Ask her out. Whatever happens we have your back.”

“Thanks Johnny.  You guys are right…  Maybe it’s time.”


You had fully immersed yourself into the video you were watching, wanting to make the most of your well-deserved break.  As soon as this video ended, you would have to get back to studying.  You were so consumed by what you were watching that you didn’t notice Doyoung standing across from you at your table.

“Excuse me? Would it be okay if I sit here?”

You looked up from your laptop wondering who was interrupting your break, only to meet eyes with Doyoung. You blinked at him a few times trying to register what was happening.  And why. Why did he come up to you after all this time?

“Sure. I’m just taking a break from studying. I’m (y/n),” you smiled at him and gestured to the chair across from you.  

“You speak Korean,” Doyoung said as he flashed you his gummy smile in return.  “I’m Doyoung,” he said extending a hand out for you to shake.  

“I’m an exchange student here so I’ve been studying the language!  And I take a Korean class back home.”

The two of you began chatting.  You knew you should be studying, but you also had no intention of ending your conversation with your bias.  Maybe this was the world’s way of rewarding you for giving NCT space whenever you had seen them before.  

You spoke about why you chose to go to Korea and how you were spending your time there.  Doyoung spoke about what it was like being an idol.  The two of you had a shared love of music – and Korean food.  The witty banter between the two of you was great too. He was smart and quick-witted.  It matched your outgoing personality well. He made fun of you when you told him you were a fan, saying that you were probably going to go home later and write fan fiction about meeting him.  The two of you even joked about how you really should be studying for your Korean final, and how somewhere between watching youtube and him coming over, you had decided to give up.

Despite how easily the conversation was flowing, something was bothering you.  Why did he come to talk to you?  The longer the two of you conversed, the more curious you became.  When there was a pause in the conversation, you took your chances.

“Doyoung, there’s something I want to ask you.”  You looked down at your hands as you twiddled your thumbs.  For some reason, you suddenly felt nervous in front of him.  “Why did you come and talk to me today?”

“Actually (y/n), I’ve wanted to talk to you for a while.”

You had caught him looking at you a few times before, but you never read anything into it.  The two of you would just exchange smiles and you would go back to studying.  Right now though, he was looking right at you so intently you began to blush.  

“The first time I saw you, I sort of… developed a teeny crush on you?”  Now he was the one beginning to blush.  

“Doyoung, how come you never said hi to me then?!  Were you too scaaaaared?”  You taunted him, sticking your tongue out.

“I could ask you the same thing (y/n)! What sort of fan doesn’t even approach the idols they like?”  He pouted, pretending to be offended by your seeming lack of interest in him.

“The kind that respects your privacy.  I mean, if I came up and asked you for an autograph, it might have made you feel less comfortable coming here if you saw me.”

Doyoung nodded in agreement.  It was true. This café was comfortable to visit because people here never really paid much attention to NCT once they got past the initial surprise of idols walking in.  People usually just came here to study or get some peace and quite.

“Anyways Doyoung, I asked you first.  How come you never came and talked to me before?”  You had to get to the bottom of this.

“To be honest, I was scared (y/n).  You always seemed so focused on studying, and then there was the issue of a possible language barrier…” His words trailed off as he began to realize how irrational he seemed.  The things that he had been worried about now seemed like petty excuses to avoid potentially getting rejected.

“I’m glad you took a chance, Doyoung.”  You had always perceived him as one of the more confident members of NCT.  It surprised you to think that he could become this shy in front of you.  You smiled at the though, as he continued his regained his courage and continued his explanation.

“I just thought that maybe it was time to do something about my crush on you.  I’ve wanted to ask you out on a date for such a long time.  I was tired of missing out on the opportunity.  Plus, the guys gave me a bit of a nudge.”  He turned to look behind him, only to receive smiles from the members and a thumbs up from Johnny.  You had been so engrossed in your conversation with Doyoung that you had forgotten they were even there.  You suddenly felt slightly self-concious knowing that they had been observing your interactions.  But Doyoung turned back to you, unphased by his wing-men.  “So I guess (y/n), I’m finally going to go for it.  Will you go on a date with me?”  

“I would love to.”

Both of your faces broke out into huge smiles.  Who knew a study break could turn out this well?  You thought about the first time you saw him in that café, the times he had smiled at you, how you always tried to focus on your homework when NCT was there… Of all the times you had seen Doyoung in this little café, never had you once thought the two of you would end up dating.

“I’m so glad you said yes (y/n).”  Doyoung was absolutely beaming.

“I am too, Doyoung.  And I think they agree.”  You gestured behind him, where his fellow members were hi-fiving each other and punching the air in success.

“They’re probably just glad they don’t have to listen to anymore of me whining about wanting to talk to you.”  He shook his head at them, trying to tell them to calm down a bit and stop embarrassing him.

“So Doyoung, when are we going on our first date?”

“Why don’t we have it right now?  I can help you study for that Korean final you’re going to fail.”

“You call that a date?”  The two of you laughed in unison.  To be honest, it didn’t really matter to you.  You were just happy to be spending time with him.  Plus, you really did need to get back to studying…

You finally flipped open your textbook.  Chapter four. Phrases related to dating.  You and Doyoung both looked at each other and smiled.  This was going to be interesting.

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Mermaids; part 2

Legolas Greenleaf x Fem!Reader

Character(s): Legolas Greenleaf, Thranduil

Fandom: The Hobbit/LOTR

Prompt/plot: Reader is a mermaid who somehow got washed up near Mirkwood. Legolas is out hunting and finds her only to take her home and to care for her. Thranduil has allowed her to stay in Mirkwood and Legolas will help her learn to walk, which leads to different things.

Warning(s): nudity, curious/confused reader about genitals 

A/N: I’M HYPED FOR THIS YOOO. Also I noticed I use the word ‘quick’ in literally everything I write lmao.

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Alu tarien = water princess 

[part 1]

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Feysand baby Headcanons part 2

Feysand baby Headcanons part 2!! This is more of an immediate continuation from my last Headcanons, and more about Feysand and their daughter and less about them having a baby. Here’s the first part: you probably need this to understand what’s going on :)

Part 1: 

Requested by @feysand16

Feel free to request anything! xx


-Feyre and Rhys daughter is ecstatic when she finds the boy she’s been swooning over for nearly a year. He looks so ashamed of himself when she finds him wandering back to his tent so she sneaks up to him and wraps her arms around him from behind, pressing a gentle kiss to space between his wings.

-He blushes so hard the absolute cutie and tells her she probably shouldn’t do that, someone might see. Despite all the work Rhys had done in the Illyrian camps the stigma around being a bastard never really left, and this golden boy had to fight and work for everything he has. It’s why feysands daughter loves him.

-She just scoffs and grabs his hand, dragging him back to her cottage explaining that her mother has invited him for dinner, and she doesn’t care about the nature of their relationship at all.

-What neither of them are expecting is the darkness that is surrounding her home when she gets there, and she knows instantly that her father is there. She stops dead in her tracks and is literally about to fly away with her boy when the door opens and her father is standing there, no glamour on and surrounded by his magic. He has the arrogant smile that he uses when he talks to people he doesn’t like or when he wants to piss someone off. She’s scared shitless.

-She smilies back at him, a nervous smile, and the boy beside her tightens the grip he has on her hand.

-Rhysand never thought there would be a day when he had to deal with a boy who was taking advantage of his baby girl, and he was ready to rip into this child that thought he could touch a hair on his baby’s head without suffering the consequences.

-He had heard every word spoken between Feyre and his daughter, after Feyre, at her shock of seeing their daughter with a boy in her bed, let down the shield that kept him out and practically screamed her thoughts at him. -Rhysand. Was. Pissed.

-He came as soon as he could, winnowing into the camp and seeing his frazzled mate straight away. She tried to explain the situation to him, calmly, but when Rhys realised their daughter wasn’t there and Feyre explained that they were going to have dinner with the boy he cracked it. His glamor went down and his claws came out, a feral snarl emitting from him. Feyre just flicked him on the nose and told him to control himself.

-Dinner was tense at first. Their daughter wouldn’t look up from her plate no matter how many times Feyre tried to initiate conversation with her and her boyfriend.

-Rhys shoots through the bond for Feyre to never call that boy their baby’s boyfriend ever again. She’s too young to have a boyfriend. Way to young. And boys are dumb and he knows damn well what the only thing Illyrian boys want at this age and it’s certainty isn’t a relationship.

-Rhys will admit that he’s sweet though. He has bright blonde hair, rare for an Illyrian, and Rhys has always had a soft spot for bastard borns. And there’s something very familiar about the boy that he can’t quite put is finger on.

-All in all the dinner isn’t horrible??? They actually have a nice time????

-Feyre sees her husband diligently watching their daughter who is escorting her boyfriend to the door. The boy has a broad smile on his face and kisses her cheek before he goes. It’s nice actually. Feyre remembers the sweet moments like that between her and Rhys when they were younger, and is glad that her daughter has found that sort of happiness.

-Feyre goes to bed to leave Rhys and their daughter to talk. She kisses both their heads before wandering off, but not before shooting down the bond that Rhys better not leave without saying goodbye.

-It’s silent between Rhys and the girl who looks so much like him. He knew this day would come, the day where she started claiming men, but even after 17 years he still sees the baby who used to blow kisses at random people in the street and wave at anything that moved. He still sees the 11 month old who was still perfecting her walking when she started to fly around so that she could chase the butterflies with Aunty Elain. It would be hard for him to let that image go.

-They stay in silence until she burst out crying. Rhys was instantly at her side holding her in his arms while she blubbered about how sorry she is and please please don’t be disappointed in me I know your mad I’m so sorry .

-Rhys tells her he could never be disappointed in her, it’s more surprise than anything. She’s not his baby anymore and it’s gonna take some time for him to deal with that. However, he does think that it’s about time that she comes back to Velaris.

-She blanches and outright refuses. She knows he’s just doing this to get her away from any males and under the careful watch of her uncles and cousins which is complete and utter bullshit and she has no problem telling her father exactly that.

-Rhys says he is her father and she doesn’t really have a choice in the matter but all this does is light the fire inside her that she got from Feyre and she screams. She screams at him that there is no way he can make her leave the boy she loves, and if he did that is he really any better than High Lord Tamlin?

-Rhys says that this has nothing to do with that boy of hers, and anyway there are plenty of boys for her to choose from when she’s older but right now Rhysand needs to have his family home in Velaris and that is that.

-Both their darknesses are crowding the room and Feyre is anxiously listening to the exchange from her bedroom, wondering if she should interrupt.

-Rhys is 5 seconds away from just winnowing back to Velaris with his daughter in tow when she falls to her knees sobbing in what sounds like agony.

-Rhys’s darkness instantly sweeps away and he gets on the floor with his daughter and pulls her to him. He never expected the next words to come out of her mouth. -“He’s not just some boy, he’s my mate. He’s my mate and he doesn’t know but I knew the moment I saw him.”

-Feyre rushes back into the room as soon as she hears and then both her and Rhys are holding their daughter, telling her everything will be okay and of course they won’t make her leave him. But they had actually decided to go back to Velaris before all this happened, and this just means that her mate would have to come join them after his Blood Rite.

-When everything has calmed down and Rhys goes home to the House of Wind, he runs into Cassian who is rocking his newborn daughter around to stop her whimpering while also doing paperwork for his armies. Rhys envies Cass’s seemingly flawless ability to be a father, and asks his advice about what happened. When Rhys mentions the name of his daughter’s mate his general’s eyebrows shoot up in recognition. Rhys asks if he’s heard of the boy and Cass replies that they talked about him last week. He’s the bastard child of a Lord and High Fae, who’s power and leadership skills have improving every day and who had been note worthy enough for Cassian’s eldest to bring it to the attention of his father, who in turn brought it to the attention of his High Lord.

-That explains why Rhysand thought the boy was familiar and this was indeed perfect. Perfect because Cassian and his son planned to bring the boy to Velaris for further training, hopefully ending in Cassian having another reliable war leader.

-Cass laughs at Rhys because he thinks he’s overreacting about the whole thing but then Rhys reminds him about what they were like when they were that age, and in a few years Cassian’s daughter would be at an Illyrian camp too. Cass’s eyes widened in horror. He looked down at his precious bundle who was now sleeping against his chest and told Rhys “My daughter is never stepping foot in an Illyrian camp. Never.”

-The day her mate comes to Velaris there is nothing but warmth and love for the boy. Mor and Elain thinks he’s absolutely beautiful and Cass, Az, and Rhys take him under their wings ~pun intended~ to help him grow and let go of his brutal past as a bastard Illyrian.

-And on the day of his daughters wedding and mate ceremony a year later, he and Feyre can’t help but smile with pure joy and elation at the happiness their child has found, and their family that is slowly but surely getting bigger every passing year.

-(Hours before the ceremony Rhys, Cass and Az cornered her mate and told him that if he ever hurt her, they wouldn’t give a shit of he was her mate or not, what they would do to him would make what they did to Hybern look like mercy)

dachi-chan25  asked:

I'm sending another prompt cuz this ship deserves more LOVE : “You and I were a fascinating narrative, and I’ve always liked to tell stories.”

Thank you, I love you! And you’re quotes are amazing, keep em coming.

Chapter 1: First Grade

The day I met Betty, I knew she was something special. This little girl with blond pigtails and big green eyes, who’s smile lit up the room the second she walked in. I noticed her because she noticed me. She bounced over to where I was sitting and said,

“Hi, I’m Betty Cooper, what’s your name?” I was a shy, awkward child with only one friend. Archie Andrews, a nice boy whom I had known my entire life. But Archie wasn’t in my class that year, so I spent most of the time keeping to myself. I barely knew how to respond to someone talking to me, especially in such a happy way.

“I’m Jughead…Jones, the third.” I finally responded. Betty let out a cute giggle and sat down across from me.

“That’s a funny name. I’m new, my family just moved here. I don’t have any friends, and since you are sitting alone I thought maybe you could use a friend too. Want to be friends?”

Betty asked me that in the blunt way that only a child could. I told her yes, mainly because I was so shocked that I don’t think I could’ve said anything other than what she wanted to here. Betty immediately took me under her wing. She was the new girl, but she fit in better at school then I ever had. Betty forced me out of my comfort zone. She dragged me to school and town events that I normally would’ve avoided like the plague.

Even as a first grader, I was aware that Betty was different from the others. She was both kind and strong. She never let anyone say a bad word about me. She once punched a kid who had tripped me on purpose.

Imagine this. A tiny, pretty, first grade girl punching the biggest, meanest kid in our grade. I can still remember it as if it were yesterday. 

Betty and I were walking home after school, minding our own business when a boy named Reggie stuck his foot out and tripped me. I went sprawling, the books in my arms flying everywhere. I heard Reggie and his pals laughing.

“Leave him alone!” A small voice rang out. I looked up to see Betty standing in front of Reggie, her little hands in fists by her side. She was at least a head shorter than Reggie, but she didn’t seem to notice or care.

“What are you going to do about it, new girl?” Reggie teased, sending another wave of laughter through his friends. Before anyone had time to react, Betty had swung her arm and punched Reggie right in the face. He stumbled backwards, holding his cheek and looking at her in shock. Betty simply tossed her ponytail, turned on her heel, and walked over to me. She stuck her hand out and helped me up.

“Let’s go Juggie” She said, taking my hand and pulling me away. I wish I could say that Reggie never bothered me again, but I can’t. What I can say was that he was always careful never to end up on the wrong side of Betty ever again.

“What are you writing Juggie?” Jughead looked up from his laptop in surprise to find none other than Betty sitting across from him.

“Betty? When did you get here?”

“A few minutes ago, you were really absorbed in your writing, it must be something good.”

“I think it will be.” Jughead leaned forward across the table to give her a kiss. “And hi.” He smiled sitting back down.

“Hi, so what are you writing?” She asked again

“A story”

“About…?” She quirked her eyebrows, obviously wondering why he was being so evasive.

“I’ll let you know when its finished.” Jughead answered, knowing that didn’t really satisfy her question. But she simply shrugged and pulled out a book from her backpack.

“Then you better get writing.”

Chapter 2: Archie Andrews

Archie and Betty hit it off immediately when I introduced the two of them. I knew they would, they were both energetic, kind people who always saw the best in everything.

To tell the truth, I was a bit nervous that they would become amazing friends and forget all about me, but that did not happen. Betty and Archie never once made me feel like an outsider, or like I was different from the two of them. Which let’s be honest, I was the odd one out. But with the two of them I never felt like that.

The summer after first grade was one of the best of my life. Archie, Betty and I did everything together. We called ourselves the Three Musketeers. We spent the entire summer roaming through Riverdale, finding secret spots and playing great adventure games.

Betty was the one who started calling us the Three Musketeers. She started it after Archie proposed a pirate game where I was a pirate who had kidnapped Betty and he was the brave captain sent to rescue her. Betty had put her hands on her hips and fixed Archie with a terrifying stare.

“Archie Andrews, I am not a damsel in distress. If you want to play something, how about we play the Three Musketeers, cause I can fight just as well as both of you.”

And so we had played the Three Musketeers and neither of us had ever suggested that Betty play the part of damsel in distress ever again.

Oh, how I wish that summer could’ve lasted forever, but like all good things, it had to come to an end.

Second grade was when thing really began to change. Betty and Archie were in the same class, I unfortunately was left the odd person out.

For a little while, it was like nothing had changed from the summer, but I began to notice small shifts in our friendship. Betty and Archie developed a closer bond because they were spending so much time together. They still included me, but I began to feel more like a third wheel than one of the musketeers.

Then Betty started tutoring Archie.

Then Archie asked Betty to marry him.

Suddenly, everything had changed. I’m not even sure if they realized it, but suddenly it became Archie and Betty…oh and Jughead. 

They were young, and experiencing their first major crush, and I don’t blame them for their actions, but it became all about how they felt about each other. This was something that unfortunately continued in the years to come. I watched Archie and Betty do an exasperating dance for years. They pushed down their feelings, too scared it would change their friendship. 

I watched Betty fall hard for Archie, who seemed to remain oblivious. I listened to her complain about a new girl he was with. I comforted her when Archie did something to hurt her feelings.

All the while, I waited. I waited for Betty to wake up one day and realize that while she had been crushing on Archie all of these years, I had been crushing on her.

“Jughead” Betty’s voice once again brought him from his writing. He looked up at her and raised his eyebrows, wondering why she had interrupted him. Jughead found Betty looking at him intently. They stared at each other for a few moments before Jughead gave in with a sigh.

“What is it Betty?”

“You were frowning. Quite intensely might I add. Trouble with your writing?”

“More like troubling subject matter.” Jughead replied, avoiding Betty’s eyes.

“Juggie…” He could feel Betty’s gaze on him. He finally looked up.

“Betty, I promise I will tell you, I’ll even let you read it. But you just need to wait until its finished.”

“Not even a hint?” Betty teased.

“It’s a fascinating narrative, just like all of the stories I love to write.” Jughead winked at her

“Juggie! That tells me nothing.”

“I know, and you won’t find out anything unless you let me get back to my writing.”

“Fine” Betty stuck her tongue out at Jughead.

Chapter 3: Changing Times

This pattern continued until the summer before our sophomore year. Everything changed that summer. Betty went away for an internship, Archie didn’t go away physically, but he still became distant.

I found myself alone in Riverdale for the first time since I met Archie.

I poured myself into my novel about Jason Blossom’s disappearance, trying to pretend that I didn’t notice the absence of my friends.

School felt like a foreign country without my Archie and Betty to help me navigate. I was avoiding Archie at all costs, and I hadn’t gotten a chance to see Betty yet. I knew she must have a lot on her mind, with what had happened to her sister. Plus she was usually surrounded by Kevin and the new girl, Veronica Lodge. 

I kept waiting to find Betty alone, but it never seemed to work out that way. So, I continued pouring myself into my novel and isolating myself into a booth at Pop’s. That is, until Archie came into Pop’s after a dance, looking for Betty.

That was the night when hope returned.

I found out that Betty had finally confessed her feelings and that Archie had told her that he didn’t feel the same.  I hated that Betty was hurting, but another part of me, and not a small part, was glad that she could finally move on.

She had been pining after Archie Andrews for too long. Archie was a great guy and my best friend, but he didn’t love Betty in the way that she deserved.

I am not good at expressing my emotions, but the moment I found out what happened, I wanted to run over to Betty’s and pour out my heart. The only thing that stopped me was knowing that Betty was still grieving over the loss of the idea of her and Archie. I knew I needed to give her time. Time to heal and time to move on.

So I waited. It killed me, but I waited.

Archie and I slowly made up. I was glad to have my friend back, but he and Betty were still awkward around one another so it was not quite like old times. I wasn’t sure if we would ever be able to get back to being the Three Musketeers.

Then, one night, Archie and I were walking into Pop’s for some burgers. Archie stopped dead right inside the door. I turned to follow his gaze and locked eyes with none other than Betty Cooper. She looked so beautiful it was like a punch to the gut. 

Both Archie and I waited to see what she was going to do. When she asked us to join her, it was like a weight had been lifted. I gladly agreed, hopping over the booth so I could sit across from Betty. She laughed and wagged her finger at me.

The four of us spent the night laughing and joking. It was almost like old times, just with a plus one. I knew that Archie and Betty were repairing their friendship and I had hope that things would soon be back to normal.

Well, normal between them at least. I wanted things between Betty and myself to be far from normal. I wanted something new. Of course, I was still waiting for a sign from her.

“Jughead!” Betty pratically yelled. Jughead jumped and looked up at her in annoyance.

“Why on earth are you yelling Betts?” 

“Because you didn’t respond the first three times I said your name.”

“Oh…” Jughead looked sheepish

“What I wanted to say is that it’s late and my mom imposed a curfew with what has been going on. So, I’ll leave you to your writing and see you tomorrow.” Betty said standing up.

“Wait!” Jughead quickly saved his document and closed his computer, jumping up next to Betty. “Let me walk you home.”

“Don’t be silly Juggie, you’re really into your writing, I can tell. It’s no problem, I’ll see you tomorrow.” She leaned in and kissed him lightly in the mouth and turned away, but Jughead wasn’t about to let that happen. He grabbed her hand and started walking out with her.

“You don’t be silly. It’s not safe out there, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t make sure you got home safe and sound?”

“The tortured, moody, writer kind.” She said, nudging her shoulder against his, but she was smiling brightly and Jughead could tell that she was grateful for his company.

Chapter 4: Blue and Gold

When Betty asked me to help out with reviving the school newspaper I pretended to consider it, even though I had known from the moment I stepped in the room what she wanted and that I would say yes.

I would do anything for Betty, especially when she flashed those puppy dog eyes at me.

But, I probably would’ve said yes even if I wasn’t crushing on her. Because Betty and I were both driven by the same thirst for the truth. I wanted truth for my novel, and she wanted it because she needed to figure out what happened to her sister, but our goals were still the same. Uncover the real story, find the liars, and get the truth out to everyone.

Betty and I spent a lot of long hours together in that dusty news room. Most of the time we were absorbed in our own stories, but occasionally we would bounce ideas off of one another. We had many long discussions about what could be happening and how to find the truth.

Betty told me everything she knew about Polly and Jason.

I told her everything I knew about Archie and Ms. Grundy.

As we uncovered more secrets, we grew closer and closer. We were each others confidants. We were the only ones that we were 100 percent sure that we could trust.

I wish it had been under better circumstances. I wish that a boy didn’t have to die, but I am thankful for what it led to.

One night, Betty and I heard pretty shocking information. When she turned to look at me, I saw a complex series of emotions flicker across her face. She asked me if I believed what we had heard. I told her that I did, scanning her face to see if she agreed. Her expressions were closed off, so I was forced to ask her if she believed.

What happened next was something that I had been waiting for. Betty reached up and put her hands on my neck. I could feel her thumb rubbing my cheek gently.

“I believe you Jughead.” Now her expression was open. Her eyes were so vulnerable, so full of trust. I could do nothing but stare at her for a few seconds, barely able to believe what was happening.

Then I kissed her.

It was everything that I had imagined and hoped it would be.

I kept my eyes closed for a few moments after the kiss, half afraid that I would open them up and find that it had all been a dream. But when I finally opened my eyes, I found Betty smiling at me.

Beautiful, sweet, caring, fierce, kind, strong, incredible Betty.

We had kissed and she was smiling at me like I was the most incredible thing she had ever seen. I have to imagine that I was looking at her the same way.

“I’ve wanted to do that since you walked into first grade with those god forsaken pigtails.” I confessed. I wanted to tell her everything, but I didn’t want to overwhelm her. So I settled with telling her about my long standing crush. Betty had giggled and wrapped her arms around me, hugging me tight. 

“I’ve wanted to do that since I first walked in and saw you scowling in a corner with that hat of yours askew on your head.” Betty had whispered.

We continued walking after that, but everything was different. Now, our fingers were intertwined and we walked so close together we kept bumping into one another.

Jughead walked up to Betty and kissed her as soon as he entered school. Betty looked up into his smiling face and couldn’t help but smile back.

“What are you so happy about this morning?” She asked.

“I finished what I was writing, or I finished up to present day at least.” Jughead spoke quickly out of excitement.

“Can I read it?”

“Yes, follow me.” Jughead pulled her into the newsroom where they could be alone. He pulled the printed copy of his story out of his bag. “Okay, I’ve been trying to think of a way to tell you all of this for a while now. I almost blabbed it the first time we kissed, and about a hundred times after that. But as you know, I am a lot better at words in the form of writing. So I wrote this, it’s our story Betty. At least what has happened so far. And I plan to fill a lot more pages with our adventures.” Having said his piece, Jughead handed Betty his story.

The Story of Betty Cooper and Jughead Jones

Dedicated to Betty Cooper
“You and I were a fascinating narrative, and I’ve always liked to tell stories.” 

“Oh Juggie!” Betty exclaimed, running over to hug him. “This is the sweetest, most romantic thing anyone was ever done for me. Thank you.”

“You’ve only read the first page!” Jughead protested with a laugh, wrapping his arms around her tightly.

“And I already love it, now let go of me so I can read the rest”

God I love writing about Bughead! I will write about these two crazy kids until my fingers bleed.

Send me a Bughead prompt and I’ll write a drabble!  

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The door jangles, and Hamilton strides in like he owns the place. “Mr. Burr! Glad to see you well today!”

Burr pauses at the words, quill in hand. “Hamilton, good afternoon.” He says, because being polite is important. “With how often you come to visit, it’s a wonder you haven’t interrupted a client meeting yet.” He adds, because he has no intentions of actually being polite.

“Oh please,” Hamilton saunters over to Burr’s desk, confidently leaning a hand against the corner. “You never take clients before dusk.” His eyes flick to Burr’s, challenging, waiting for a reaction.

For a moment, Burr does not breathe. He forces himself to exhale, very carefully not reacting. “So I do,” He fights the urge to swallow, winning by a bare margin. Hamilton had been over often lately, asking certain questions. Never too many at once, never enough for Burr to really worry- a “wow, you sure keep your office dark” here, a “How come I never catch you in town anymore?” there. Now though, Hamilton is being bold, Burr’s suspicions slowly edging into confirmations. “Why are you here now, Hamilton? Don’t you have your own practice to run?”

Hamilton leans further over the desk, almost entering Burr’s personal space. Even so, his hand edges dangerously close to the inkwell, crowding over several important documents. Burr grits his teeth silently. “I’m nearly next door, it’s hardly an inconvenience. Much easier to come to you directly, when I have,” Hamiltons lips quirk upward, “questions.”

Hamilton knows. Burr doesn’t know how he put it together, but clear as day, he knows. Burr’s mind flashes white-cold with panic, heart suddenly hammering. “I see,” He says, in lieu of actual words. “Unfortunately, I’m busy right now. If you could come by again another day?”

“Oh, surely you can’t be too busy. I just need a little advice, for a case of mine.” Hamilton smirks, other hand fiddling with something in the folds of his jacket. Burr succeeds in not chasing the motion with his eyes, but loses against the impulse to swallow.

He hasn’t done anything, Burr reminds himself; and then says, “Just make an appointment Hamilton, like anyone else. I have things to do.”

Something glints from between Hamilton’s fingers, catching the light of Burr’s table candle. The hand on his table curls slightly, fingers splayed against the smooth wooden surface. “It’s very important, though. You see, a certain client of mine has been noticing strange tendencies in their work friend.” Hamilton’s hand curls. The candlelight flickers, reflecting for a moment, a sharp silver outline. “This may sound outlandish, but my client suspects that it may very well be a case of vampirism.”

This time, Burr really does freeze. Hamilton’s limbs are bent, somehow before Burr even noticed. His eyes flash. Burr sets his quill down gently against the desk. He summons his strength. With as much speed and strength as he could summon, Burr surges from the chair.

Hamilton is just as quick, throwing his body around the table. Burr charges, nothing but pure instinct. Maybe that is why Hamilton manages to throw an elbow deep into Burr’s diaphragm. Burr wavers, gasping, and that’s all the time Hamilton needs to carry his momentum forward, slamming Burr against the wall so hard his head knocks hard against the vertical surface.

Burr snarls inhumanly, throwing himself forward; but Hamilton has the leverage, hurling one arm against Burr’s chest, and the other against Burr’s outstretched arms. In a quick flurry of movement, Hamilton has Burr’s arms locked above his head, trapped between wall and forearm and bruising grip. Hamilton’s body traps his, legs preventing his own from kicking up, other arm forcing his chest back.

“Easy now,” Hamilton whispers, face far too close. Burr can do nothing but flail wildly- the grip on his wrists falters- “Easy!” Hamilton hisses, louder. Burr freezes at the sudden feeling of ice-cold-burning-silver at his neck. He stops struggling, forcing his head back against the wall, away from the burning metal.

They stay like that for a moment, heavy breathing filling the air. “That’s better,” Hamilton praises with a smirk, teeth flashing. Burr smooths his face, forcing away every last bit of anger and panic and fear. Some of the last remains despite his best efforts, a tiny tremor of a frown in the corner of his lip. His hands clench and unclench, tendons flexing against Hamilton’s steel trap of an arm. Burr pushes back the instinctive desire to shake, forcing iron into his spine instead, his posture ramrod straight.

“Now, open up, let’s see them.” Hamilton speaks softly, as if Burr were a wild animal in need of encouragement. For a moment, Burr doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but Hamilton gestures at Burr’s mouth, as well as he can with the knife, both hands occupied.

“If I say no?” Burr tries, eyes tracking the blade. It is good quality silver, enough that Burr can feel it from here, a slight wave of heat-cold rubbing against the hair of his skin.

Hamilton’s smirk drops slightly, not all the way. “I can always try finding my proof with this,” The point of the knife twitches, tipping towards Burr’s neck and then away. “But I was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary. It won’t, if you show me.”

Burr keeps his eyes on the blade, and then opens his mouth slowly. When it is halfway open, Burr carefully pulls his lips back and flashes his fangs. Hamilton flinches back, but his grip stays strong and already, he’s crowding forward. “Open more, I want to see,” Hamilton doesn’t bother to disguise his interest, tipping his head down so his eyes are level with Burr’s mouth.

“I’m not a spect-” Burr’s protest is interrupted when Hamilton suddenly releases his hands. Before Burr can blink, fingers are thrust between his teeth, prying his jaw open. Burr gags at the intrusion, tasting salty sweat and bitter ink and blood pumping under skin. Hamilton runs the pad of his finger along one fang, humming with pure, unfiltered interest. He gasps as his finger draws too quick against the sharp tip, drawing the tiniest bead of blood, and the spell is broken.

Burr throws his now-free arms down against Hamilton’s shoulders, not sure if he means to push Hamilton away or pull him closer- the blood is intoxicating, he’d been leaving it too long again- and then silver is burning against the hollow of his throat. “Burr, don’t get carried away,” Hamilton warns, still wearing that Godawful smirk. He’s clearly enjoying the power trip. Burr slowly lowers his arms to his side anyways, tender skin already blistering. “Good boy,” Hamilton praises.

Burr balks, tries to say “don’t call me that”, but the other hand is still in his mouth, jammed far enough back that he can’t bite down properly. The tiny bead of blood drips down Hamilton’s finger and onto the back of Burr’s tongue, slowly rolling down his throat. It tastes like the sun used to feel. Burr shivers. Only because it’s been so long since his last feeding, he convinces himself.

“Now, I have to admit, even knowing I was right,” Hamilton pauses as if to confirm that yes, he’s always right, “It’s still a little overwhelming! All this time, you’ve been a monster of the night?” Hamilton’s question hangs in the air. Burr stares, finally summoning a proper deadpan. With a sheepish chuckle, Hamilton removes his saliva coated fingers. Burr’s tongue automatically follows the cut fingertip, but he forces himself back, cursing inwardly as Hamilton bites his lip to prevent a laugh.

After a careful stretch and settle of the jaw, Burr hinges his fangs again and answers. “Not the whole time. I was turned during the war, after succumbing to illness. I suspect it was done in a bid to save my life.”

Hamilton snorted. “But now you’re undead, no?”

Burr can’t hide his flinch, or his sudden defensive anger. “My heart still beats, my lungs still breath. The only thing that changed is what I need to eat, and what I need to avoid.”

Hamilton hums again, staring shamelessly at Burr’s lips. “I see. Is it true that the sun would kill you instantly? Burn you to ashes?”

“God, no!” Burr bursts, despite himself. “I merely grow weak in the sun. At dawn and dusk, or in very short bursts, I can manage without falling prey, but even if I do, it is only to sleep. I would wake again in the dark.”

Silence fills the air. Burr curses himself for revealing more than necessary- what harm was there in letting Hamilton assume what he wants? “That’s interesting,” Hamilton almost drawls. “It would certainly explain how you’ve gone so long without being caught. Of course, you still were, in the end.”

Burr glares, fear abated. “Indeed.” When Hamilton fails to speak, Burr presses, “And what do you plan to do, now? You can’t keep me up against a wall forever.”

“No, you’re right,” Hamilton sighs, “As fun as it is, I can’t.” Burr bristles at the blatant teasing. “Why, what do you think I should do?”

“I don’t suppose letting me go because I haven’t and do not intend you any harm would be on the books?” Burr snaps.

Hamilton snorts. “That wouldn’t be very responsible of me, as a good, responsible Christian man. After all, you’ve been harming humans all along just to sustain yourself, have you not? How can I trust your word that you won’t turn on me the moment I release you?”

Burr twists his mouth into a scowl “I’m not interested in games, Hamilton. Just do what you came here for, you’ve won.”

“I have, haven’t I?” Hamilton’s eyes light up in glee. His hand shifts up again, finger brushing against Burr’s lips. “I could just keep you, lock you in my house somewhere. You’d never be able to harm anyone again, never risk getting caught. I could take care of you.”

The fear that had faded rushes back again, full force. “Absolutely not!” Burr hisses, popping his fangs in an instinctive act of intimidation.

Rather than be intimidated, Hamilton makes a sound of admiration, not unlike a mother cooing over her small child. “I don’t see why you’re protesting.” He skims a finger under Burr’s fang again, this time deliberately pressing down. The cut is longer, starting to drip almost immediately, scent intoxicating. Burr can’t help himself- his tongue darts out to catch the droplets. “You seem to appreciate my blood enough.”

Burr growls, forcing his instincts back under control. He bites his tongue; Hamilton’s blood drips to the floor. “Don’t get ahead of yourself. It’s been a while.” Burr stares at the dribble down Hamilton’s finger. A while, indeed.

Hamilton laughs aloud at that, pulling his hand away. “Oh, so you mean you don’t want my blood?” He watches Burr like a hawk, as he plucks out a handkerchief with his other hand and moves to wipe the blood.

Burr hisses again, high pitched and animalistic, with his fangs out. He can hardly breathe through the scent. “Well, if you insist,” Hamilton holds his hand out instead. Burr grabs the wrist before Hamilton can change his mind. He pops it back in his mouth, finding the cut finger and immediately sucking. It’s embarrassing and utterly humiliating and Burr can’t help himself.

He closes his eyes to block Hamilton out, concentrating only on the heavenly taste of fresh blood. It’s impossibly sweet, and Burr doesn’t know if that’s unique to Hamilton or if the taste is just better from a willing subject. He doesn’t care, pulling the finger so he can poke a cut just a hint wider. Burr moans at the fresh burst of blood, shamelessly gutteral. Before he realizes it, Burr has both hands on Hamilton’s, lost as sweet, fresh energy flows through his body.

If this was what he got, maybe being kept wouldn’t be so bad, Burr thinks dazedly, and then snaps back to himself. He forces his eyes open, almost throwing the hand from his mouth. Hamilton is staring at him with a look that can only be described as hungry. “Uh,” Burr stutters, flushing.

Hamilton is flushing too, a bright cherry red, far worse than Burr. Still, he manages to act like he has nothing to be ashamed about. “Well, that was, something.” He shakes his head. “I was just going to lead into blackmail. Your support in my political endeavors in exchange for your secret. But, I would certainly be amenable to more of… that.”

Burr’s eyes widen. “I choose the blackmail!”

Hamilton frowns. “Truly? You would never want for anything, and clearly, you enjoy it…” His eyes hood as he licks his lips.

Burr tries not to shudder. “That’s not true, you’ve had me up at knife point and then you drip blood on me when I haven’t fed in days! That’s hardly proof of preference!”

Hamilton smirks wide. Burr realizes that he is tired of seeing the expression. “I haven’t had that knife on you for a while now.”

With a start, Burr glances down. Hamilton’s hands are free- both of them. His eyes snap back up. Hamilton’s smirk is now a playful grin. “Don’t worry, we can still do the blackmail. But the offers open, if you’re ever tired of trying to survive in a world of humans who want to kill you.” And with that, Hamilton steps back.

Burr falls from the wall, legs boneless and unable to hold him. It’s humiliating, but Burr doesn’t care, his nerves caught up to him. Hamilton huffs a short laugh at the sight, then turns to the door. “I’ll see you around, Burr. Seriously,” He fixes one last stare. “I’m sure you’re considering running away, changing your name or something. I’d track you down though. I have the resources.” The threat lay silent between them. If Hamilton has to track him down, he really will keep Burr.

The door closes quietly behind Hamilton’s retreating form. Burr breathes in, and out. The scent of Hamilton’s fresh blood still pervades the room, thick and cloying.

Burr cancels his appointments for the evening. He has thinking to do.



Finish What You Started

Summary: Carl and reader share an intimate moment but get interrupted.




A/n: This was another one I just randomly had inspiration to write. It’s kinda short but I still hope you like it:)





You reached behind you, fumbling with the doorknob to his room as he pinned you against the door. When you struggled to open it he suddenly shoved it open from where he stood in front of you. He then grabbed your waist firmly, and slowly pushed you into his room, towards the closest wall, your lips never separating. Once your back was against the wall, he pressed his body against yours and wrapped one hand around the back of your neck, pushing harder against your lips. You let out a slight gasp at his movements, unsure of just how far you were going to take this. You’d never actually done it before but you knew that when you did, you wanted it to be with Carl.

You had been dating since the group first got to Alexandria. Rick found you in the woods while the group was still at the prison and took you in after asking you the three questions. He asked how many walkers you’d killed, how many people you’d killed, and why. You and Carl quickly became friends after you were brought back and over time, it had developed into a relationship.

It almost happened with Carl many times before but somehow you two were always interrupted. The first time, it was Glenn, with whom you lived with in Alexandria, along with Maggie. You were in your room when he burst through the door trying to tell you a story. He quickly stopped when he saw what was happening. It ended with him yelling at Carl to get out and you trying to pretend that nothing happened, even though you knew where it was headed.


The second time was in Carl’s room. You were just making out on his bed, and things started to get a little heated but all of a sudden Michonne came in trying to tell Carl dinner was ready. She stopped mid-sentence at the sight before her and insisted that she didn’t need to have the “talk” with us, so she just left the room very awkwardly. The next two times were both ruined by Maggie, which occurred in variations of the previous interruptions. You wondered if this time would be any different.

He began to unbutton your shirt, leaving you in your tank top and jeans, still not disconnecting your lips. You reached up to grab his hat and tossed it onto the bed next to you. You could feel him smile against your lips as you did so and then started to unbutton the flannel he was wearing. You undid the first three buttons but immediately stopped when you heard the front door open downstairs. You quickly pulled away from Carl and looked towards the door, which was left open due to your carelessness.


“Who is that?”, you whispered to him still looking towards the open doorway. Suddenly you both heard Ricks voice, calling for Carl to come downstairs. “Shit,” you both mumbled as you let your head fall back onto the wall in frustration.

“Coming,” Carl yelled back as he stepped away from you while redoing the buttons on his shirt and slipping his hat back on. “Maybe next time,” he chuckled. You smiled at him before laughing to yourself, “We can never catch a break, can we?” He laughed and reached his hand out for you to take, which you gladly did.

He led you down the stairs, your hand in his, and you both entered the kitchen to see Rick leaning on the counter. “Oh..hey Y/N, I didn’t know you were here,” he said awkwardly. You gave him a small smile and a polite hello, finding this whole situation very awkward. It’s not like you and his son were about to do something he wouldn’t approve of or anything.

Rick was always very concerned when it came to “it” and your relationship with Carl. He told you guys he didn’t really want you guys having sex because you “weren’t old enough” and you weren’t “ready” for it but you always believed it was actually him who wasn’t ready.

“So..uh..Michonne and I are about to go on a run. We’re goin’ out pretty far so we might not be back for a couple days,” he said sternly while placing his hand on Carl’s shoulder. “Tara’s got Judith right now but I need you to stay here and take care of her, okay?”

“Yeah, ‘course dad,” Carl replied with a reassuring smile. Rick gave a small nod before leaving the house to talk with Michonne, who had been waiting outside the whole time. You both looked out the window and she waved, which you kindly returned. You and Carl stood in the kitchen, watching and waiting for them to leave so you would finally have the house all to yourselves again.

You waited patiently, their conversation seeming to never end, until finally they began to walk towards the gates of Alexandria. Once Rick and Michonne were out of sight, you both looked at each other and smiled but Carl was first to speak what you were both thinking.

“Why don’t we go finish what we started?”

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turtlepated  asked:

How about a sneaky Sherlock tricking you or Mycroft into admitting out loud that you have feelings for the other not knowing that said other is within earshot (though Sherlock knows of course, that was the whole point, now would you two stop dancing around each other already?)

“If you’re sitting around hoping to catch _____ on the way down you’ve already missed her as John sent her home ten minutes ago-honestly, I thought your network were more diligent,” Sherlock states bluntly regarding his brother sitting primly in John’s chair.

It had become a more common occurrence as John had hired a nanny to mind Rosie while Mrs. Hudson was away visiting family for the next four months. Mycroft would show up either as _____ was coming down the stairs in Baker Street after a full day with Rosie or left as soon as polished his hellos but it was really starting to grate on Sherlock’s nerves.

There was an obvious attraction on both their parts but neither seemed willing to make the first move.

In short it was driving Sherlock mad. Something had to be done fast or he was about to go shooting up the walls again.

His brother Mycroft looks slightly ruffled by the accusation but recovers, “I have no idea what you’re talking about Sherlock as I’m merely here to see you and how your relationships have been progressing-”

“Oh please, if you’re going to lie at least do it well brother dear as we both know that you’re doing a piss job of it,” Sherlock interrupts wondering for the millionth time why he didn’t have a drag before starting this.

Now Mycroft sits a bit straighter, a bit sterner as if he was preparing to go to battle with his excuses but Sherlock wasn’t about to hear any of it.

“Why is it so shameful to admit that you are attracted to _______?” Sherlock demands. “Is it because she’s younger than you? Is it because she’s not as accomplished? Do you think she’s not wife material?”

All these rapid fire questions have the desired effect as Mycroft is quick to dismiss them.

“No, no, no! For Christ’s sake Sherlock, I thought you were smarter than that,” Mycroft exclaims, “You know that isn’t the reason.”

Sherlock makes a big show of looking exhausted on his  couch, “Then enlighten me Mycroft, why have you yet to make a move on ______ when she so obviously finds your flabby ass attractive enough to voluntarily watch Rosie on her days off just in the hopes of catching you?”

Mycroft for his part looks a bit chagrined (something Sherlock would have to note to make fun of later) but weakly offers, “Well, I just don’t think I’m good enough for her. _____ deserves better man than someone like me.”


Right on time, Sherlock thinks smugly.

He knew that if he baited Mycroft for a bit he could get him to confess his feelings to _____ indirectly to which he knew that she would make a move given enough incentive.

She crosses the room in record time depositing Rosie on Sherlock’s lap and marching up to Mycroft to grab him by the shoulders. “You are everything I want and more,” ________ declares while Roise looks on in mild interest. “Do you know how long I’ve been pining after you not knowing that it was mutual? I thought Sherlock was taking a piss at me!”

Mycroft looks stunned by the confession and Sherlock is getting more bored by the second. “Yes, well-now we know it is so can you do us a favor and take this mush fest out of my living room?” Sherlock gripes trying to keep Rosie from eating his hair, “We have an impressionable child in the room if you may recall.”

________ looks a bit wild-eyed as she looks at both him and Rosie. “Yeah but let me do this first-” she explains and then plants a big kiss on his brother’s lips.

If anything Mycroft looks gob smacked as _____ lets him come up for air and she smugly declares, “I’ve been wanting to do that for months!”


Not A Bad Thing ~ Part Five

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Fairy-tale & AU Series Index

Previous Part ||

Word Count: 4K

**Make sure you read the last part, to fully understand this one.

Errors. Errors everywhere. Please excuse and ignore them.


Sehun’s fingers drummed the long rectangular conference table. His brothers all sitting among, speaking on the previous presentation that was given. His mind was somewhere else, and his ears couldn’t tune into what they were saying.

“Sehun,” Junmyeon called. Sehun jumped slightly at the sudden voice calling out to him. He looked away from the fine wood of the table at his older brother, who stared on with curious eyes. Sehun stared back, not sure what to say and a cheeky smile pulled at his brother’s lips.

What the heck is he smiling like that for? Sehun thought to him.

“You’ve been so out of it ever since your date with Y/N.” Junmyeon pointed out. Sehun sighed, knowing that his brothers have noticed his strange behavior.

Sehun suddenly leaned forward, placing both his elbows on the table, clasping his hands together. He stared at his brothers with a rather serious gaze before he spoke.

“I need you guys to help me.” He voiced. Minseok who was staring down at his phone glanced up at his brother.

“Help? You, the high and mighty Oh Sehun, are asking for help?” He teased. Sehun wasn’t in the mood to say anything back, rather he rolled his eyes at his older brother.

“I feel like I’m losing my mind, and I can’t relax till I figure it out.” Sehun honestly. He was finally catching the interest of his brothers. They were wondering what has been bothering their youngest sibling since his dance a few days ago.

“Did something happen with Y/N? I thought you said the date went really well.” Yixing asked.

“The date went perfectly.” 

“Then what’s the problem?” Junmyeon asked.

Sehun took his hands off the table and leaned back in his chair, “What are the chances that I’ve met Y/N before?”

“Pretty low. If you met her before, she would be your mate already.” Junmyeon explained.

“I know that, but I can’t get rid of the feeling that I know her from somewhere.”

Jongin who looked bored said, “What makes you think that? Where would you have met her then?”

Sehun shook his head as if straighten out his thoughts. Would his brothers think he’s crazy? Maybe it’s just the feeling of having a mate, someone who you’re destined to be with. If it is, why does this feeling weight so heavy on his heart.

“Her eyes.” He stated.

“What?” Baekhyun asked.

“Her eyes are so familiar.” He stated. Y/N’s eyes were so familiar.  Every time he looked into them, something flashed into his memories.Those same eyes, but they looked a bit different. The aura around them was different from the Y/N he knows now.

“It’s almost like her eyes are taunting me. I keep getting flashbacks, and all I see are her eyes…but everything else is a blur.”

Sehun’s brothers were now taking his words seriously. It was clear that their brother was in serious thought.

“Just ask her if you’ve met her before,” Junmyeon suggested.

Sehun shook his head, “She probably wouldn’t tell me. She’s still got this huge wall up. At dinner, she didn’t want to tell me much about herself. Every time I asked a questioned, she got tense. I told her that if there’s anything bothering her, she could always tell me. But I don’t think she’s convinced.”

“We could do some digging up,” Chanyeol suggested, speaking for once.

“Yeah, I’m sure we could do that.” Baekhyun agreed.

Junmyeon looked hesitant, “I don’t think you should do that. You should have her tell you when she’s ready.”

“One thing we know is that if you met her…it had to be before your first transformation,” Chanyeol stated.

“How is that possible? That only leaves everything before sophomore year of high school.” Jongin voiced.

The boys began to speak among themselves, now fully engaged in the topic at hand. Sehun was trying to connect his own pieces together.

Before high school? If it was before high school…it’s either elementary school or middle school? Sehun thought. He cocked his head to the side for a moment, feeling like the answer was right on the tip of his tongue, his mind was just piecing it together slowly. He was trying to block out the chatter of his brothers, worried he’d lose the train of thought.

Was it….was it middle sc-

Sehun’s thoughts were interrupted as his cell phone rang in his pocket. He groaned, unable to remember what he was thinking off. It was his personal cell phone, not his work cell. Did it really need to be answered? But it could be Y/N calling.

Sehun dug into his pocket, pulling out his iPhone 7 to see a familiar number on the screen. Sehun couldn’t help but roll his eyes, throwing his phone onto the table.

Junmyeon cranked his neck forward to peek at the phone number.

“It’s Eun Ji,” Junmyeon stated.

Sehun didn’t say anything, leaving the air quiet and cold.

“Is she still in Paris?” Baekhyun asked.

“She isn’t due back for a few weeks,” Sehun answered in a tense voice.

“Have you told her you found your mate?”

“No. Why do I have to tell her?” Sehun hissed back.

“You know how she feels about you.” Minseok reasoned.

“Eun Ji has been following me around like a sick puppy since elementary school. If I was going to fall in love with her, I would have done so by now.” Sehun spat.

“Come on, you never liked her? Not even a bit?” Baekhyun teased.

“The only reason I never told her off is because her mom was a wonderful person who baked us cookies.”

Sehun’s phone stopped ringing, and the screen turned black. It wasn’t long before the screen lit up again, the same contact name shining forth.

Sehun sighed before grabbing the phone and standing up from the table.

“Y/N is supposed to be here today, isn’t she? She is supposed to take new candid photos for the website.” Chanyeol said also getting up from his seat. Sehun didn’t reply as he headed for the door. His phone started to ring again, so out of annoyance, he answered,

“Hello?” He said walking out the conference room.

“Hey, darling!” Eun Ji chimed, making Sehun wince at the volume of her voice.

“I told you to stop calling me that.” He grumbled walking through the long hallway, giving glances to the employees that greet him.

“I missed you. I haven’t heard from you since I traveled.”

“I’ve been busy,” Sehun answered, as he came to the elevator. He pressed the button for the elevator.

“So busy that you can’t call me?” Eun Ji whined.

“Yup. He answered coldly. Sehun stood there as the elevator dinged. Before the doors could open he felt his heart hammering in his chest and his body temperature rise. He suddenly couldn’t hear what Eun Ji was saying into his ear.

The elevator doors opened, and just as he expected Y/N stood there. His body always reacted like this to Y/N. He couldn’t help it. He saw her just a few days and spoke to her on the phone yesterday…but he misses her like it’s been years.

Y/N was looking at her phone, one medium sized black backpack sitting on the floor of the elevator. Sehun walked into the elevator and Y/N looked up to see him. She looked back down at her phone, but couldn’t stop the small smirk forming on her lips.

Sehun looked at the floor buttons to see that they were heading to the same floor.

“Sehun?! Are you there?” Eun Ji yelled into the phone.

Without a word, he hung up the phone, setting it into his pocket. He looked forward at the elevator towards, not saying a word. The silence that sat between them was a comfortable silence. Though no words were spoken, and they weren’t looking at each other, the both of them were smiling widely.

Sehun felt like words weren’t needed.

The elevator doors opened and Y/N grabbed the black backpack, Sehun followed. Y/N sported a black sleeveless, v-neck, wide-legged jumpsuit with some sandals.

“Where is Jang Mi?” Sehun asked jogging slightly to keep up with Y/N.

“She took the day off.” She answered shortly before heading towards the area where they employees were.

“So you’re just here to get photos for people working?” Sehun asked, though he already knew the answer. He was aware of the fact that she would need to start working soon, but he wanted to speak to her before he did.

“Yes, that’s correct.” She answered, not even giving him a glance.

“Wanna go for lunch when you’re done?” He asked.

“I’ll work through lunch.” She answered. Sehun’s brows furrowed.

“I’m not letting you overwork yourself again.” Sehun declared.

Y/N stopped walking and sighed. Before she could protest, Sehun brought forth a request. She finally turned to face him. Her eyes widen as she realized how close they were standing.

Sehun understands that he has to move to Y/N pace, but he really wants to touch her. To hold her hand, to hug her. Being able to hold her close while they dance was so calming to him.

Y/N took a small step back, clearing her throat, “I’ll eat dinner, so don’t worry.”

“Have dinner with me,” Sehun said.

“I can’t. I took photos for a wedding yesterday, and I have to edit the photos. I also don’t feel like going out to eat.”

“We don’t have to go out to eat. Just come to my office when you’re done.” Sehun spoke before winking. He didn’t give Y/N a chance to respond before he walked off to the room where his meeting was held.

He was in meeting all day, speaking on a new method of selling the products. He was slammed with paperwork like usually, but it wasn’t a big problem for him. He was discussing with his employees the reports he would need to have done when there was a light knock at the door.

Sehun was growing irritated, wondering who was interrupting the meeting. The door opened and Y/N peeked her head in. Sehun’s eyes soften as she gave him an apologetic raise of the hand.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Oh.” Y/N said as she strolled in. Hearing her speak to him in such a formal matter, cause him to flinch. He understands that she’s being professional, but it still made him feel uneasy.

Some of the employees sitting at the table began to throw glances at each other. It’s probably because of the rumors swarming around the company.

‘The photographer that Mr. Oh is so fond of.’

“It’s alright Ms. L/N. Come in, just don’t get in my way.” He stated. She walked towards the other side of the room, his eyes following her.

Beautiful, He thought to himself. He brought his eyes back to the papers in front of him.

“Moving on” He mumbled. Y/N took a few photos, and quietly left the room.

Sehun went about the rest of the day, catching a few glimpses of Y/N as he went about. He ate lunch quickly and resumed his work. The rest of the day had Sehun sitting in the lounge area of the highest floor in the building. It’s the same place he first told Y/N that he was a wolf.

“Sehun, I’m leaving,” Chanyeol said as he strolled through the lounge. Sehun only nodded in acknowledgment, not looking up from the company proposal. He realized that once Chanyeol leaves, he’s the only one of his brothers, left in the building. Everyone has left for home early.

Sehun checked the watch on his wrist before grabbing his phone off the table to dial for some food. He settles on Chinese food, ordering for himself and Y/N who hasn’t called yet. As if she heard his whining, Sehun’s phone began to ring.

“Took you long enough?” He teased, setting the phone between his ear and shoulder.

“Well,” Y/N began, “You told me to meet you in your office. But when I get there, your sassy secretary tells me you’re not here.”

“Oh right! Sorry, I’m on the highest floor, Come on up.” Sehun said.

They hung up the food and he resumed working. The food arrived before Y/N did. She strolled in her black backpack in her hands. She sat down on the same couch as Sehun, not too far from him. The food sat on the table and she eyed it.

“Is this our dinner?” She asked. The question didn’t come off as hostile. She grabbed one of the containers and a spoon. She ate for a bit, setting the bowl down and reaching into the black backpack to pull out a laptop. She set the laptop on her lap and began to work.

Sehun was glad that they were able to do things like this. The conversation wasn’t needed and the silence was almost comforting. Some time went by before Y/N placed her laptop to the side, grabbing her food once again. She noticed that Sehun wasn’t eating, and tapped his shoulder.

“Aren’t you the one who was hassling me to eat?” She teased. Sehun stared at her for a moment. He chuckled, and nodded as if defeated.

He set down the papers he was reading and grabbed his food.

“So does this count as a date?” Y/N asked, smirking at him.

“Of course it does. It’s a casual date.” Sehun agreed, “Isn’t this something that women like?”

Y/N shrugged, “Maybe.”

“Sehun can I ask you something?” Y/N said after some time of silence.

“Go ahead.”

“At dinner some time ago, you mentioned something about a mating season? What is a mating season? Is it a wolf thing?” She asked, keeping her eyes down on her food. She pushed her food around aimlessly, waiting for a reply.

Sehun seemed a bit stuck, worried he’d scare her off.

When she didn’t get an answer, Y/N looked up from her food. Those deep eyes of hers, bringing him back to the thought of knowing her previously.

“Mating season is a time when wolves and their mates go into heat.” He explained in a low voice. Y/N was surprised she could even hear him


“Yes, the sex drive of both parties increase.” He explained, “It’s very hard for the two, to be in the same room without attacking each other. It’s a very tiring and frustrating time, at least from what I’ve seen.”

Y/N cleared her throat, “So it’s a time where…you just have sex all the time?”

“I guess that’s right. It’s just a time where the passion between the two increases.”

“How often does this happen?”

“Once a year.”

Y/N set her food down, turned her body to face Sehun. She fumbled with her fingers in her lap, a bit nervous.

“Has it happened yet? For this year I mean?” She questioned. Sehun also set his bowl of food down.

“No, it hasn’t.” He answered in a monotone voice.

“Oh.” Was all Y/N could say.

“But I won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. We haven’t really established what our relationship is, so I don’t expect anything.”

“I was talking to Junmyeon earlier.” Y/N started.

“You were talking to Junmyeon?” He sounded a bit surprised.

Uh, what did he say to her? Sehun thought to him, worried about what Y/N was going to say.

“He was explaining to me about how wolves feel towards their mates. He told me that physical contact is a big deal. He said that when he first met his mate, he couldn’t keep his hands off her. I also noticed that you haven’t really done so…with me.” She paused, laughing at her own statement.

“You’re holding back for me right?” She continued, “But small things are okay right?”

Y/N reached forward and took a hold of Sehun’s hand. He couldn’t help but sigh, almost of relief.

Y/N giggled at his reaction before smiling.

“I didn’t realize it was that intense for you.” She said, laughing a bit.

They spent the rest of the time working and having a simple conversation. Sehun wasn’t sure, but he felt like he could see the wall Y/N had built up, begin to chip.

It’s been 2 weeks since that night and Sehun’s family was having a cookout. The other women in the house(his brothers’ mates) were eager to meet Y/N. Y/N, on the other hand, has seemed quite relaxed in the past weeks. Sehun has noticed she has been smiling more and she seems a lot more open with him.

Despite the change in Y/N, she has yet to share much information about herself. What Sehun has learned is that her parents are in America, and often come to visit her. She shared some memories she made in America, and that was a good laugh. She also said that though she wasn’t born in Korea, she feels like Korea is her home.

This would be Y/N’s first time coming to Sehun’s home. The house was rather big. Some would call it a mansion. Each sibling had their own sort of wing. That gave privacy to his brothers and their mates.

Sehun, who wanted to pick Y/N up, was turned down. Y/N decided to drive herself, so Sehun sat at home, worrying.

“Sehun, calm down.” Junmyeon’s mate said. Sehun threw him on one of the benches that sat in their huge backyard. He just hopes no one says something stupid, things have been going so well. Sehun was so consumed in his own thoughts, he didn’t notice when Minseok’s mate walked back into the house, some of the other girls following behind her.

“Have you asked Y/N where the two of you have met before?” Chanyeol questioned while helping Kyungsoo prepare the meat.

“No,” Sehun sighed, “I’d rather wait for her to tell me.”

“It probably wasn’t a good interaction, that’s why she hasn’t told you. I mean you were an asshole in the past.” Kyungsoo said. Everyone stopped what they were doing to glance at the man who was prepping the meat. He didn’t look up to meet the gazes that were on him.

Sehun narrowed his eyes at his brother. But what Sehun doesn’t know, is that his brother knows a lot more than he does. Kyungsoo even knows more than Y/N does. Y/N’s freshmen and sophomore year of high school were awful, so it seems that she has blocked it out.

That seems to be it. Kyungsoo thought to myself, a distant memory leaking into his mind.

Kyungsoo walked through the hallway trying to get to the library. He was trying to keep a low profile, knowing that he’s quite popular at the school. Honestly, he thought the situation was quite embarrassing. He, an upperclassmen, was going to a freshman for tutoring.

Kyungsoo knew that he had to pass this Physics class, or else it would mess up his credits. He was desperate enough to take his teacher recommendation for a tutor. Of course, he didn’t think that tutor would be a freshman. If his brother in lower grades heard this, they wouldn’t let it go.

He strolled into the library, his eyes scanning the empty place for a moment. He is supposed to meet the tutor in the back of the library.

He walked past the front desk, and through the various bookshelves till he came to the wild cherry wooden table, with similar chairs. All the tables were empty. Well, all but one. Sitting at a table in the very back of the library was a girl who had her head hung low. The shoulder of her shirt was stained with some type of paint.

Maybe she had an art class?

Kyungsoo approached her, standing there for a moment before she was aware of his presence.

“K-Kyungsoo right?” She spoke in a soft voice. Kyungsoo nodded, taking his backpack off his shoulders, setting it on the floor. He pulled out the chair taking a seat.

The girl gave a small smile, “I’m Y/N. I’ll be tutoring you for the rest of the school year.” She stretched her hand out to him.

He shook her hand quickly, before searching into his backpack for his textbook. When he looked up, Y/N was already pulling out her Physics textbook and supplies.

“Let’s get started shall we?” She said, opening the textbook.

Kyungsoo decided to keep this to himself. He recognized Y/N after seeing her for about the 2nd time. He didn’t consider her a friend in high school, but she was the one person that didn’t give up on him like the Physics teacher did. Thanks to her, he was able to pass physics with a B.

He was surprised that she didn’t remember him, but he wasn’t hurt. Freshmen year was a tough year for her. He saw how his younger siblings and others treated her, but he never spoke up. Regret filled Kyungsoo’s system. He heard that she moved shortly after her sophomore year started.

“Y/N is here!” Chanyeol’s mate chimed, as she entered the backyard with an overwhelmed Y/N trailing behind. It seems that Y/N had arrived some time ago, but the girls were keeping her to themselves.

Sehun rose up from the bench he sat in to approach her. He pulled her into a tight hug, taking her by surprise. Ooo’s escaped from the mouths of the women around them, making Sehun roll his eyes.

The cookout was kicking off. Things were going really well. Y/N was getting along with the other mates, and Sehun felt at ease. It’s probably the most he’s seen her smile. He was helping prepare food along with some of the mates.

Y/N was helping set up the tables and plates, along with the drinks. Music was playing and it was all good vibes.

Y/N moved from the backyard, inside to where Sehun was cutting fruits.

“Wow, look at you helping out in the kitchen.” She teased, standing beside him. Sehun smirked, a cocky look appearing on his face

“Well you know, they call me a master in the kitchen.” He bragged.

From the other side of the kitchen, a chuckle escaped from the lips of the other girls. Sehun’s smirk flattened, making Y/N giggle.

“You just keep cutting those fruits. You’re doing great.” Y/N cheered, but a slight giggle on her lips.

“I feel like you’re making fun of me,” Sehun grumbled.

Y/N who was holding in her laughter, shook her head, “Of course not. You’re doing a great job.” She patted him on the back before walking over the girls who were cooking something on the stove.

The doorbell suddenly rang, catching everyone’s attention.

“Who else could it be?” Kyungsoo’s mate mumbled to herself, leaving the thing on the stove to Y/N.

“I’m here!” A voice called in the distance. Sehun’s body stiffened, and he felt dread filling his system.

What is she doing here? He thought to himself, setting the knife down. And moving to the sink to wash his heads.

“Who is that?” Y/N asked, her back facing Sehun.

“A childhood friend of mine, Eun Ji.” He stated, drying his hands with a towel. He didn’t notice as Y/N’s body stiffened, terror taking over her system. He also didn’t notice the way her body began to shiver with fear.

Eun Ji? Kill me now. Y/N thought. Her hand which gripped the spoon that stirred the sauce began to tremble. The fear in her system was so great, tears began to burn her eyes,

“Sehun!” Eun Ji shouted, sprinting into the kitchen. She threw her arms wide open to hug the man but was quickly rejected.

“Sehun.” She whined, poking out her bottom lip, “Where’s your mate? Is she here? Why did you have Junmyeon tell me? What are you scared of me or something?”

Her words slurred together because she was speaking too fast.

Sehun sighed, turning his attention to Y/N who was still paying attention to the stove.

“Y/N?” He called softly.

Y/N let out a shaky, trying her best to stay calm. She plastered a smile onto her face before turning around to meet eyes with the woman. It was definitely Eun Ji. Her darling brown hair was a bit longer than the last time Y/N saw her, and her make up since middle school has improved.

“Hello, I’m Y/N. Nice to meet you.” Y/N said but cursed herself when her voice cracked.

Eun Ji narrowed her eyes, her gaze growing intense.

She pointed a finger at Y/N and waved it.

“Don’t I know you from somewhere?” She asked.


Newt Scamander x Reader- My Eyes are Different, Darling

Newt Scamander x Reader- My Eyes are Different, Darling

A/N: As promised, here is another Newt x Reader! I was originally going to post this later, but I figured why the hell not now? I hope you enjoy, it is currently past 2 am and I am so dead right now. This is also a lot longer than what was originally intended. I think I should have a Credence x Reader up soon. Thank you to all the lovely people who are reading and enjoying my imagines :) Summary: Reader’s friend makes the reader insecure and Newt finds out and comforts them.

Warnings: slightly angsty but full of fluffy stuff, mentions of insecurities. Also, I wrote this to kind of comfort my own insecurities in a way, and if anyone is ever feeling down, I’m here. YOU ARE ALL SPECIAL AMAZING AND BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE MUCH LOVE TO YOU
Please enjoy:

A melodic tune of piano notes danced and intertwined itself with the smell of coffee beans, wrapping the building in an aura of comfort. Shifting in your chair slightly, you made yourself comfortable as you waited for your friend to arrive at the busy café. The two of you had not talked face to face in some time, and a lot had changed between the last time you met and the present day. For one thing, you were now in a relationship with none other than the famous Magizoologist himself, Newt Scamander. The beginning of your relationship was a bit awkward, but the two of you soon seemed as if you had known each other your entire lives. Though you had each gone to separate schools in the past, with Newt attending Hogwarts and you attending Ilvermorny, you two managed to cross paths and fall deeply in love. Newt found you just as fascinating as his beasts, if not slightly more, and of course as majestic as the shining stars above. You were his everything, and he was yours.

You dabbed your napkin on the table to soak up the droplets of coffee that splashed from your cup as you picked it up. You slowly indulged in the hot drink in contentment. As you set the cup down again, you heard a familiar voice echo throughout the shop.

“Y/n! I haven’t seen you in so long,” your friend cheerfully spoke, however something seemed slightly off. Nontheless, you still rose from your chair to greet her with a hug.

“Hello F/n, nice to see you too.”

“Oh I am absolutely famished! Let’s see what this run down place has. You know I would have thought that you would have chosen a better meeting spot, but this is still um….pleasant.”

You were taken aback. This wasn’t the friend you previously knew from your letters. She was different, morphed into a sort of prissy person in your opinion. You began to take in her appearance more. You noticed that instead of the simple necklace she typically wore being laced around her neck, a flashy chain coated in green gems glittered oh so proudly in its place. As well as that, her sensible yet elegant style had been overthrown by a frilly coat and gold stained dress that looked like it cost more than the place that you and Newt shared. She had not only discarded her usual outfit, but she discarded her sweet and caring demeanor as well. You didn’t particularly like this shift, but she was your friend after all.

The two of you carried on conversing, well, more like she carried on conversing. For the past thirty minutes, she droned on and on about her new boyfriend’s lavish life and how they met. Apparently he was some bigshot in the ministry in England she met while at some party, and you now realized how she afforded her new style so easily. Your beverage turned plain, much like the conversation. While stuffing a croissant in her mouth, she asked you what was going on in your life for the first time since she walked through the door.

“Well I fixed up a place a few minutes away from here, and also-,” you were just about to talk about Newt when she cut in.

“That’s wonderful,” she interrupted, “Now all you need to do is fix your appearance and you’ll have a man to match!”

You were shocked. What did she mean?

“What, what do you mean?”

“You know what I mean Y/n, no man is going to want you like that. I mean look at you, you used to be so lively and pretty.”

You couldn’t tell if you heard mugs clinking or your heart breaking to pieces with every stinging word that poured from her lips. Her words were venom, piercing you fragile heart. You had always been a little insecure, and she knew this, yet here she was, stabbing at you like food on a plate. Plus you didn’t think you had changed that much.

“I-I’m the same person though,” you muttered.

“But you lack ‘wow’ Y/n. I mean look at what you’re wearing, it’s so boring,” she paused and leaned a bit closer to whisper, “kind of like this place.”


“And your hair could use some work. Your figure…hmm… I think I passed a corset shop on the way here. Oh and your face, I could probably fix it up back at my place where all my supplies are, oh and I almost forgot about your height.”
Tears began to swell in your eyes. You began to wonder if this was how everyone saw you, if this was how Newt saw you.

F/n munched on her last bit of the baked good before looking down at her watch, which was also encrusted with shimmering jewels. Jewels that were far more beautiful than you were.

She gasped with croissant still shoved inside of her perfect plump red lips, “My goodness, I must be going, my darling and I need to get ready for the dinner ball my friend Lucille is hosting. Oh but today was wonderful Y/n, next time we’ll do it at my place so I can do your new look on ya!” With a smile on her face she air kissed your cheek with a faint ‘mwah’ and clicked away in her heels. She opened the door and left the café, however your true friend left months ago.
You didn’t bother to hold you sobs back anymore. You cleared your space off the table and began to walk back to your shared place. The chilly air grazed against your face and froze your tears.

Maybe she was right. Maybe you did need some work on your image. What did you know? She was stunning, all decorated and gleaming in her illuminating outfit. You thought Newt loved you for who you were, but after that encounter with F/n, you weren’t so sure.

You trudged up the stairs to your door and slipped the key out of your pocket. Once the door was unlocked, you crept inside with your dread and insecurities trudging right behind. The shoes you wore were taken off and left next to Newt’s own large pair by the door. As a sigh ghosted over your lips, you painted a smile on. You couldn’t let Newt see how you were feeling.

Just as you were trying to move your hair around, footsteps pounded as you stood in the hallway. From the other room pooped in Newt, clad in his waistcoat with his sleeves rolled past his elbows. When he saw you his eyes lit up like a child on Christmas, and he walked over to wrap you in his warm hugs.
“Hello love, how was your lunch?” he questioned, still lovingly holding you.
“It was great Newt,” you lied. It was far from great, the exact opposite actually. A run in with a Hungarian Horntail probably would have been better, but you sealed your mouth.

Newt kissed your head and then began to ramble about the shenanigans his babies did while you were out. You couldn’t help but smile a bit when Newt went into great detail as to how Dougal managed to “Go missing” for an hour causing him to panic since he thought he got out again, but instead he was just invisible and playing with the occamy babies. Newt continued to ramble about the Nundu and the Bowtruckles and the Niffler, until he paused in realization.

“Oh love, I almost forgot, Jacob and Queenie wanted us to come over for dinner tonight. Tina is working with MACUSA so unfortunately she won’t be there, but we can still go and have a good time with them surely.”

You in no mood to go out anywhere, but it was Jacob and Queenie.

“Of course Newt, I’ll grab my coat,” you spoke as you gave him a kiss on his cheek, to which he gladly swung you in his arms to return the favor.
When he let go, you once again slipped on your coat, with negative thoughts clouding your mind once more.

‘Am I really wearing this? My hair is everywhere I need my brush. I can’t eat too much or else I’ll become bloated, then Newt will notice and mention it for sure…’
You couldn’t shake your demons off your sleeves. All you could do was smile and act like everything was okay. Just as another round of harmful thoughts came about your head, Newt emerged in his coat and scarf wrapped around his neck. His case rested in his hand and his wand lay in his mouth. Handsome as ever of course, yet you felt like you looked like a troll next to him. You took out your wand along with Newt and you both whisked yourselves away to dinner.

Once you arrived, you were greeted with an ecstatic Queenie as she engulfed you and Newt into a hug. Jacob was setting up the table, without magic of course, even though at this moment he wished he had magic in him like his girlfriend. Queenie led you two in to hug Jacob and sit down to enjoy dinner.
“It’s nice of you to join us Newt, you spend so much time in your case I’m afraid I won’t see you on some days,” Jacob chuckled and Newt followed after.

As dinner carried on, you ate slowly. Yu put food in your mouth fast enough to make it look like you were enjoying the food, but slow enough so you wouldn’t wound your figure more. While Newt and Jacob chatted about how popular the niffler bread was still, another wave of dark thoughts hit you.

‘See he doesn’t like you, he would rather talk to Jacob than his own ugly girlfriend. I’ve eaten too much today, I should stop. I wish I looked like Queenie. How does Newt stand being with me, I’m repulsive? My hair looks like the dead pelt of a possum, and my face is too round and coated with-,’you thought to yourself.


Your string of anxious thoughts was cut short, as Queenie took notice.

“Why are you thinking like that? You’re a lovely person and Newt adores you sweetheart,” she spoke, but you didn’t believe her.

“Queenie, please don’t read my mind right now please.”

“But Y/n you’re hurting yourself with words that are far from the truth. I know you aren’t like that, so does Jacob and Tina and Newt of course.”

“Queenie I’m fine.”

“Y/n you need to speak to Newt.”

“I can’t Queenie. Please don’t tell him about this,” you whispered as tears threaten to cascade once again.


“Please,” you uttered. Now even your voice was terrible. Newt probably thought it was annoying. Your voice gave a small crack in defeat, not allowing more words to flow out.

Your eyes changed to a hazy version, the joy being glossed over by insecurity.
Newt stopped talking immediately when he took notice.

“Y/n, what’s wrong?” he asked.

“N-Nothing,” you choked out, restraining your waterworks to break lose, “I just, I think I forgot to locked the door on our way out. I’m going to go check.”

“Y/n,” he called, his eyes displayed extreme concern. He couldn’t figure out what was wrong with his girlfriend.

With a thank you to Jacob and Queenie for the splendid meal, a kiss pressed lightly to Newt’s cheek, and a wave of your wand, you disappeared again.

You arrived back home to all the lights shut off because you found it fitting. Who would want to see you anyways?

You found yourself in the bedroom that you and Newt shared. The bed was neatly made and crisp, but you were more interested in the mirror residing in the left corner. Your coat was removed once more, leaving you to scrutinize yourself from every angle.

‘Fat. Ugly. Hideous. Pathetic. Worthless. Shame. How the hell could Newt ever see anything nice? Everything about me is nothing more than a pile of garbage. I’m holding him back. He deserves a beautiful person. I’m not beautiful, I’m not beautiful, I’m not-,’ you thought once more.

And with that, your heart entirely broke. Your composure slumped to the floor like a lifeless corpse. The ground shifted below you as your hair hid your face from view. Behind your hand were fresh tear stains, as you sobbed rivers upon rivers. Breathlessly, your chest heaved up and down rapidly as more sobs were ripped from your core. You looked once more into the mirror. With puffy eyes and a dark cloud looming above you, you sat with you head in your hands. Your breaking point had been reached, and there was no one there to help pick up the pieces. No love, no joy, no happiness, just you left to wallow in your pathetic excuse of a life.

“Why am I like this, Why can’t I be beautiful! Why did I have to be this way? Maybe if I were gone life would be better. I just want to be beautiful and gorgeous is that so much to ask for!?” you screamed. More and more tears rushed down your face and onto your clothes. Who cared if you screamed? It’s not like you had anyone left.

Or so you thought.


A whimper left your shaking body as you turned from your spot on the floor to see Newt staring back with just as many tears in his eyes. Hi hair was usually messy, but now it was simply sticking out everywhere. A pink tint had become printed on his face as more tears glossed over his gentle eyes.

“G-Get out N-Newt. Don’t look at me I-I I am terrible,” your words stung him right through his heart. You didn’t want to hurt him. That was the last thing you ever wanted to do. Footsteps echoed once again, and you let a small sigh out as you assumed he listened and actually left. Another round of crying was about to ensue, but you became startled by two muscular arms wrapping around you.

“Newt stop. Please stop,” you pleaded, but he was having none of it.

“No Y/n,” his voice was sterner now, “I will not.”


“No Y/n. Why didn’t you tell me any of this? Do you know how much it hurt finding out about this? Queenie told me once you left and s-she said that you were f-f-feeling terrible about yourself and I just don’t understand why you would think that.”

“Because F/n is right Newt.”

“What do you mean dear?” his voice lowered. It was calmer, but still weighted with worry.

“When I-I was out earlier, F/n said that I needed to fix m-myself so I could get a man.”

“Now Newt was beyond hurt, “But you have me.”

“But you could do so much better than, than this,” you cried as you gestured to your body.

“No I couldn’t.”

“Yes you could, I’m just so horrible to look at and I am annoying and gross and ugly and maybe I should look into buying a corset like F/n said so you’ll like me.”

“You will do absolutely no such thing,” Newt spoke roughly while still capturing you in his warm cuddles. He needed you to feel as loved and safe as possible.

“But I need to,”

“No Y/n. Whatever F/n said to you today was uncalled for. You don’t need someone as retched in your life. Now I want you to listen to me. You, and I mean only you, are the most beautiful, wonderful, amazing, kind, caring, smart and all around gorgeous person I have ever laid my eyes on. I’m still completely unsure of why someone as angelic as you decided to stay with me and accompany me for all this time. Your eyes, your hair, your smile, your personality, your body, everything, and I truly do mean everything Y/n, is exceptionally sacred to me. Not only do you look like a goddess Y/n, but you have a lovely personality to go with it. Your heart is so pure and gold, I’m surprised the Niffler hasn’t tried to steal it yet,”

At this you let out a tiny laugh. A small laugh, but still a laugh, and Newt pulled you closer as he continued on.

“Y/n, my eyes don’t see you like the other people do. I see you as real and spectacular and just, well you know, beautiful in and out darling. I would never dream of having anyone else in my life. I would never want to wake up with another person in my bed, another person making tea in the kitchen, another person caring for my beasts. I would never replace you. I never ever want you to look at yourself this way again. It’s not healthy, and it’s not true. You are beautiful on the inside and outside and I never ever want you to pull yourself down again. Don’t listen to what people say, they’re full of rubbish anyways. The mirror lies darling, the mirror doesn’t show you everything that makes you, well, you.”

Tears formed once more and you brushed them away before Newt could see. He did see and he used his coat sleeve to dry them.

“I-I’m sorry Newt,” you murmured.

“Love you don’t need to apologize, just promise me won’t do this again, or if you feel this way you will talk to me about it so I can make you feel better.”

“I will Newt, I promise,” you sniffled. Newt stood up with you and his arms never left you. Carefully he dotted your face with kisses as if he was trying not to break your delicate state. You nuzzled into his neck and let out a small noise as he picked you up. You comfortably wrapped yourself around him.

You were stupid for thinking Newt didn’t love you. This man had said more sweet sentences in minutes than you had heard your whole life. Newt still protectively held you, you were one of his babies too after all, and he had to make you feel loved. You were still a little insecure, a tiny itty-bitty smidge insecure, but Newt made your negative thoughts disappear. Your worry melted away as you heard his beating heart next to you. He leaned down to kiss you sweetly again, reassuring you that you were all he wanted. He loved you, and you loved him.

“I love you Newt, I’ll try for you.”

He let out a sigh he didn’t know he was holding in. “I will always be here for you, I love you too darling.”

You felt him moving to the main room as you snuggled into him more, taking in his earthy scent. He sat back down with you on the couch after he pecked you on the lips. His affections continued as he once again opened his arms, inviting you to snuggle. He was all you needed. He was the only validation you needed, well besides yourself of course. Newt readjusted himself once more.

“When you feel a little hungrier there are some cinnamon rolls in the kitchen. Jacob knows how happy they make you,” he added.

You nodded and began to get up. You did love cinnamon rolls. Newt saw this and followed you, not once letting your hand slip from his.

“Thank you Newt.”

“You’re welcome sweetheart, I’m just happy you feel better.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too. But can you do something for me?”

“What is it?”

“Call yourself beautiful for me, I want to hear you say it.”

You hesitated, “Newt.”

“You can do it Y/n.”


He waited patiently, hope swirling in his pupils.

“I, I-I am be-beautiful,” you spoke rather softly as voice trailed off, barely audible, but Newt was still over the moon with pride. He engulfed you in a loving hug.

“Yes darling, you are.”