a woman's wrath


In this lies the dignity of daring.

–Karlfried Graf Dürckheim, as quoted by Pema Chödrön 

Hugh Dancy as Will Graham, Hannibal. 


FMA Villains Week ‘17 - Theme H: Weakness

Behold the woman who surpassed the Ultimate Eye. Behold the woman who slapped Wrath upon their first meeting.

Either Mrs. Bradley has some latent super powers OR a young Bradley allowed a puny human he had only just met slap him. Both scenarios are too awesome to imagine.

Anyway! How would FMA have ended if instead of hiding Mrs Bradley, they unleashed her and were like: HEY WE FOUND YOUR HUSBAND LET US TAKE U TO HIM!! And Mrs. Bradley proceeds to lay the smackdown on Wrath (and Pride) and demand they explain themselves this instant!

Watching the roses wither away
Wishing my memories would die out the same

I hope that the lipstick I left on your face
Stays red like the roses I laid on your grave

quick doodle before I go to sleep of Wrath/Freya

Did anyone ever consider how much of a strong woman she is? I mean…imagine you love somebody truly, you stand by his death bed, and the moment he takes his last breath your knowledge of the name he gave you gets erased, but not the memories. Getting reminded ever and ever again that you cannot die and join the one you loved and that he is gone forever.

And yet…she didn’t grew weaker at all. If we remember what Tattsun said at the Servamp Fes, Tsubaki fell deeper into depression because he couldn’t save his Eves from natural death… whereas Freya still continues helping people and stays strong throughout it. 

Damn. Servamp is just so dark and yet beautiful if people would look closer into it.

Don’t worry

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It was just a few hours before the dance and to be honest, you were scared. A bunch of men and women, all very rich, were going to a very big party run by Bruce Wayne himself and the only reason you were going was because you were the date to Diana Prince.

You felt out of place, unlike your girlfriend who was a literal goddess and could basically wear anything and look good. You felt bad about your appearance.

So when you were home alone you put on your black silk dress and showed off in the mirror. You turned around, looking at your back, then showed your front again smoothing it down. You pouted sadly at how much you didn’t like the way it fit you. Well it did very much fit you but all you could think about was people laughing at you.

You were too busy thinking about that to notice your girlfriend walked in a grinned happily.

“(Y/N), words cannot express how beautiful you look in that dress.” You jumped at her smooth voice filling up the room and you felt your chest to see if your heart was still beating.

“Jesus, D, you scared me!” You both laugh as she gets close to you, wrapping her arms around your hips and looking at you with huge heart eyes.

“I can’t wait for people to see you in this beautiful dress. They will drop dead.” You knew she was just having fun but you felt uncomfortable thinking about it as you looked away from her to hide your emotions.

She frowned at you and pulled away slightly. “Does something bother you?” She asks and you shrug, being vague. She sighs and sits you on the bed.

“tell me, my love, what is wrong?” You finally look at her, your face red in embarrassment.

“I’m sorry. I’m just nervous for tonight. A lot of famous and rich people, I’m like a sore thumb,” you admit.

She kept looking at you, her face unreadable. Suddenly the brunette pushed a strand of hair out of you face and tucked it behind your ear.

“I don’t know how you come up with such things like this. You are probably the most beautiful human I have ever seen, (Y/N).” Your cheeks felt hot at her compliments and you grab her hand. She smiles softly, kissing your nose.

“you know what you need?”

“What?” You quirked an eyebrow as her small smile turned into a grin.


“Wha-Diana!” You squealed as she pushed you on the bed, kissing every square inch of your face. You laughed, trying to push her off, but there was no stopping Wonder womans wrath of love.

“I love you so so much,” she mumbled as she kept kissing everywhere.

“This isn’t fair!” You screamed playfully, hitting her back lightly. She stopped after a few more kisses and looked at you, her breathing heavy.

A smile plastered on your face unable to remove it as you looked up at Diana.

“I love you too. And thank you.”

“for what?”

“For making me feel better.”

“you realize I’d kick their asses if they even think of laughing at you,” Diana admits and you laugh again, kissing her.

Shadowbound - An Elriel Fic

Pt. II


My roiling thoughts were burning a hole in my brain. Is she alright? What happened? Is she alright? How could this happen? Is she alright? I should have been there. Is she alright? Is she alright is she alright is she alright.
As soon as Rhys spoke to me mind to mind and told me what had gone down, I instantly winnowed from the war camp back to Velaris.
I had been meeting with the spies of our court to correspond their changing roles now that the war was over. I should have been there.
I arrived at the House of Wind where everyone was gathered according to Rhys. Winnowing in the middle of the room, my first instinct was to look for her. Elain.
They were all there except for her. Amren, Cassian, Nesta, Mor, Feyre, Rhys and-
You“, I stomped towards Lucien, ready to tear the male apart who had hurt her. Hurt what was mine.
But Rhys stepped into my path, Cassian gripping my upper arms from behind me to keep me from adding to the damage that had already occurred.
„Az“, Rhys said calmly, „Calm down, everyone is fine. We need to talk about what happened.“
I didn’t want to calm down. My breathing was ragged and my heart beating so fast that it felt like my whole body was vibrating.
„Sit“, Amren commanded, not bothering to look up from her place in the chair besides Nesta’s.
I gripped what was left of my self-control and took a calming breath. Find out where she is, make sure she is alright. That was my course of action.
„Explain“, I said through gritted teeth to none of them in particular.
Mor stood and looked between me and Lucien. „He broke the bond.“
What?“, I barked. It wasn’t possible. No one could do that. No one, except maybe-
„Elain is unharmed.“ It was Nesta who spoke the words I so badly had wanted to hear. She looked exhausted, her voice rough like she’d been screaming at someone. I didn’t need to guess twice on who that feral woman had focused her wrath. Lucien looked positively ill. I almost felt pity for him. Almost.
After loosening a breath, I demanded: „How?“
Amren rolled her eyes. „He’s Helion’s goddamn son, you master of a spy.“
I had indeed suspected that for quite a while. And so had Lucien according to his muttering the words Spell-Cleaver over and over.
„We can talk about the effects of this reveal later“, Rhys cut in, „Elain is at the town house. She’s in shock-„ He paused. „And she took quite the blow to the head.“
That was it. That was my undoing. In an instant I was on my feet and beat the living shit out of that prick. Or rather I tried. Because, of course, Cassian was again there to hold me back, knowing that I was controlled by my feelings and not thinking straight. „Az, he didn’t do it on purpose!“, He explained. „They had an argument and Lucien lost his damn temper.“
„He hurt her“, I growled.
„I know. I know.“, Cass said his hazel eyes boring into my own, trying to confer his understanding. „You can beat him to hell later. Elain asked for you.“
„Excuse me?!“, Lucien said weakly in the background but got shushed instantly by the majority of the room.
I didn’t waste another thought on him. Elain asked for you. With a nod at my brother, I winnowed to the town house. While I vanished I heard Feyre say to Rhysand: „Quite the blow to the head? Very subtle.“
The response was a mere chuckle.