a woman's woman


Dorothy Counts (1942-) #RubyBridges was more famous but #DorothyCounts was first, as one of four black students to integrate schools in Charlotte NC. Just 15, Counts was subjected to jeers, stones, projectiles and spit at the direction of adults. She bore this abuse with a determined resignation that would have been difficult for the most experienced civil rights warrior. Photos of her torment inspired #JamesBaldwin to return from his self-imposed exile in France.


“#blackhistorymonth #harriettubman would make her escapes on Saturdays, which bought her a one-day head start because wanted posters could not legally be posted on Sundays – and twenty-four hours was all she needed to leave her enemies in her dust. Despite the fact that there was a $40,000 reward for the "black ghost” (a figure that today equates to a cool $4 mil), she was never caught, never defeated, and never lost a single person she escorted to freedom. #badass"-Loni Love