a woman's body is ready

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Summary: After things settle down in Richmond, Clementine is ready to go look for AJ once again. But she’s not going alone.


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to the rescue

“Clem! Clementine!” Javi comes running to her, waving his hands in the air like a maniac. “I have news! And it’s great!”

She drops the bag she was packing a moment ago to give him her full attention. “What happened?”

“I spoke with Lingard,” he says proudly, beaming. “He’s a moody son of a bitch, but he told me where he left AJ.”

If she hadn’t dropped her bag before, she’d have now. Yes, she was going after AJ anyway, but to have an actual location? Awesome. More than awesome. Brilliant.

“Where?” she breathes out, hands twitching with the need to hold AJ again. “Where, Javi?”

“McCarroll Ranch. I…I’m not sure where it is exactly, but Lingard said it’s not far from here. Said there was a woman taking care of him, but Lingard doesn’t remember her name. Probably was too stoned to remember. But Clem, did you hear me? He’s not far from here! We can get him back!”

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Featuring: Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton, Steve Rogers, Pepper, Dr Cho.

Words: 2035

Warning: swearing but fluff. Giving birth (I don’t know if that’s a warning but oh well haha)

Tags: @ethereal-quiescent-meek @vashanatasha

Request: 23 Bucky

Notes: none

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“Wow, you’re huge (Y/N)”, Tony commented the moment you stepped out of the elevator.

“Thank you Tony, I didn’t notice”, you smiled sarcastic at him.

You were now 9 months pregnant, your belly was huge, even heavy and moving just to sit on the bed was a difficult task. Let’s not talk about moving out of the apartment to go to the facility where Dr Cho was taking care of your pregnancy. You knew you were about to give birth, you could feel it, and the moment you told Bucky he insisted on moving to the facility until the little new human coming to the world actually arrived.

You had refused to know the gender of the baby which had been so hard since everyone else, except you, knew it. Even Bucky. Everyone had been giving the presents to him since you would knew the gender just by looking at the gifts. Some days you just wanted to ask him but you always decided against it.

“How are you feeling?” Natasha said hurrying over you to help you to take a seat on the couch.

“Exhausted”, you sighed placing both hands on your belly. “The baby has been kicking the whole night, I swear. I think I’ve slept for like three hours”, you added.

“Obviously someone wants to come out and meet uncle Stevie”, Steve said coming downstairs with a big smile. He was going to be the godfather of the baby so he was over excited about this. “Where’s Bucky?”

“Talking to Dr Cho”, you shrugged. “It looks like he’s the one giving birth instead of me, I swear”, you laughed shaking your head.

“Oh my fuck! You’re going to explode!” Clint said coming out of the kitchen. You laughed and rolled your eyes. “Seriously, not even my wife got this big”, he added with a smile as he took a seat next to you and offered you some water.

“Thank you”, you thanked him before taking a sip. “Well, the father is not exactly small so I’m guessing she or he will be big just like him”, you shrugged.

“You still don’t know the gender?” Tony smirked.

“No, so shut up!” You said pointing your finger at him.

He laughed and walked back into the kitchen. Judging by the smell, someone was cooking which you thanked since you were starving. Or the baby was starving. Or both. You just didn’t know. The elevator opened and Bucky came out of it. You smiled the moment you saw him but frowned as you saw the colour of his face.

“What happened?” You asked immediately. Had the doctor told him something bad? There was something wrong with the baby? “James, what’s wrong?” You asked.

“You can’t have the baby”, he mumbled. Your breath got stuck in your throat the moment he said that.

“Why!? Damn, Bucky, tell me what the fuck is wrong!” You almost yelled trying to get up.

“The doctor explained the process of…bringing the child to the world and…” he frowned. “It’s gross! You can’t take the baby out of your body through your… that!”

You looked at him speechless. He couldn’t be serious. This wasn’t happening. Was he really freaking out because he had just realised how giving birth was like? Keeping a straight face was too hard so the moment Natasha started laughing you did the same. He was just too adorable. The fact that an ex super assassin was scared of a birth was just too adorable and funny.

“What?” He said frowning, looking even more confused now.

“Honey, it’s ok”, you chuckled stretching an arm so he would take your hand. He walked towards you and took your hand, sitting on the table in front of the couch. “I know it’s not…nice. But I will be fine”, you smiled at him.

“That has to stretch, (Y/N)! How are you supposed to be fine?” He said, concern all over his features.

“The body of a woman is ready for this, really”, you smiled rubbing his hand with your thumb. “But I will need your help”, you told him. He looked at you before kissing your hand a few times.

“I will be there”, he said nodding which made you smile warmly.

“Thank you”, you whispered.

Just twenty minutes later, Tony and Pepper called you all to the kitchen. Bucky helped you to get up which you thanked with a small kiss on his lips before going to the kitchen.

“Thank you, guys”, you said once you were seated again.

“You’re welcome”, Pepper smiled at you.

She had also treated you so well during the pregnancy. You knew she wanted to have a child with Tony as well but the billionaire just didn’t look like he was ready just yet. He loved being Iron Man too much to become a father so soon. But you knew that the only person able to talk him into having a child was Pepper.

“So, everything ready?” Pepper asked you as she passed you the salad.

“Well, actually Bucky is the one taking care of everything but he assures that it is”, you said smiling at your husband.

“Of course it is”, he said proudly. “She will love the nursery room and all the clothes, I swear”, he added.

“I can’t wait”, you laughed. “Tony, do you have barbecue sauce?” You asked getting up slowly.

“Wait, I’ll get it for you”, Bucky said quickly.

“Don’t worry, I ca-“

Suddenly you felt an intense pain on your belly and your uterus that made you hold onto the table with a gasp and close your eyes. Then, you felt some liquid coming down your legs and when you opened your eyes you saw your water had broken. Oh shit.

“(Y/N)?” Bucky said getting up.

“My water broke”, you mumbled.

“What?” He asked in shock.

“Oh shit”, Clint said getting up as well.

“Oh my god!” Pepper exclaimed jumping from her chair.

“Barnes, call Dr Cho now!” Natasha yelled.

“What do we have FRIDAY for!?” Tony exclaimed. “FRIDAY, tell Dr Cho to get everything ready. (Y/N) is giving birth and already having contractions”.

You looked at Bucky who looked in shock, like he didn’t know what to do. But as soon as you felt another contraction and you held his hand tight, whispering that the baby was coming, he reacted. Immediately, he picked you up bridal style and carried you to the elevator to go to the room where you were going to give birth.

Everyone was following, trying to give you advices but you didn’t listen to anyone. You were focused on your belly, Bucky and your baby. Well, and also the pain.

“Lay her down!” Dr Cho said the moment Bucky walked into the room. He placed you in a bed where the doctor examined you but your eyes never left Bucky’s. “Ok, (Y/N), you still have to stretch a bit more. A couple of inches, and then you will be ready to push, do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand”, you said taking Bucky’s hand.

“Alright, I’m taking everything we need and I’ll be right back”, she said.

“Where is everyone?” You asked Bucky.

“Pepper and Clint made sure I was the only one here”, he said kissing your hand. “How are you?” He asked.

“A baby is about to come out of my vagina, what do you think?” You said. He chuckled a little and kissed your forehead.

“I won’t leave your side”, he said with a sigh.

You smiled at him but your smile cracked the moment you felt the next contraction. You tried to be quiet as you held onto Bucky’s hand but this time you let out a scream of pain that you just couldn’t hold.

“Motherfucker!” You yelled closing your eyes.

“Language”, Bucky said looking at you.

“Fuck you Barnes, when a fucking person comes out of your body let’s see if you watch your fucking language”, you mumbled. Eventually the contraction finished so you let out a shaky breath and closed your eyes. “Oh my god…” you mumbled. “Sorry babe”, you said looking at Bucky.

“Don’t worry. It’s like when you’re on your period but worse”, he shrugged.

“Much worse, believe you”, you sighed.

“I’m back! How’s everything?” Dr Cho said coming back into the room.

“Her language is improving”, Bucky said making you chuckle a little.

“How much longer?” You asked when the doctor bended down again.

“Almost there, you were almost fully dilated when you came in”, she smiled at you.

“Good”, you said nodding.

When the next contraction came you were prepared for it. As much as you could of course. This time you managed not to curse and keep your mouth closed but you felt tears on your eyes by the time it finished.

“Ok, (Y/N), you’re ready to push. When I tell you, I need you to push slowly until I tell you to stop. Then I need you to breath, and push again until we can get this baby out for you see, do you understand?” She explained.

“Am I allowed to scream?” You mumbled.

“You’re allowed to do whatever you need”, she smiled at you, taking a seat in front of your open legs. Bucky held your hand and kissed your forehead. “Let’s do this agent. One, two, three…push slowly”

You closed your eyes and started pushing, holding onto Bucky’s flesh hand. You really felt something down there, something painful that made you gasp and scream. But you knew it was about to be worse.

“Breath now”, Dr Cho said. You opened your eyes breathing quickly and looked down at the doctor. “I can see the head”, she smiled making you smile a little. “Push (Y/N), c’mon, push harder now. One, two, three”

This time you pushed as hard as you could. Screaming while you did so since the pain was almost unbearable. You could easily passed out at that moment but you forced yourself to stay awake, for your baby.

“C’mon baby, you’re doing great”, Bucky said kissing your forehead softly.

“Don’t fucking kiss me now Barnes! Not the moment, just hold my fucking hand before I grab something else!” You yelled closing your eyes as you pushed.

“Yes ma’am”, he mumbled taking your hand.

“It’s out! The head is out. C’mon, breathe and push. One last push, you can do this!” Dr Cho said. With a nod you took a deep breath and then pushed.

That time you felt like something literally came out of your body and then the pain was gone. There was silence for a brief moment before a cry filled the room. You looked at Bucky who was looking at what the doctor was holding and you couldn’t see. His eyes were literally shining and you had never seen than expression in his face.

He walked to the doctor and stretched his arms, like he knew exactly what to do and how. The doctor gave him the crying baby so he could bring her or him to you. The moment you saw the face you started crying.

“It’s a girl”, you mumbled.

He nodded smiling down at the baby before placing her on your chest. The moment she was against you, she stopped crying. Out of instinct, you placed your arms around her to hold her carefully, holding the head with one hand and the body with the other. She was beautiful. The most beautiful creature you had ever seen. And it was the outcome of yours and Bucky’s love. She was your daughter and nobody could take that away from you.

“She’s beautiful”, you whispered not being able to look away from her.

“Like her mother”, Bucky whispered stroking your hair slowly before kissing your forehead. He took her hand and you let out a sob as she wrapped her tiny hand around his finger. “Hello, baby girl”, he chuckled. You knew he was about to cry as well but you said nothing. It was then when she opened her eyes and you smiled even more. Blue eyes. Like the ocean. Like the sky. Like Bucky’s.

“I love you”, you said looking at Bucky.

2/ Nothing in the Mirror

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Summary:  A lot can happen on a late spring day, especially on a bus. A lot more can happen if the ride ends before you’ve reached your station.

Warnings: confused people in a tower

Word Count: 1635

_Author’s Note: Second chapter - yay! As promised, not much fluff left. Special thanks to both @buckyslion (who is the cutest friend ever) and @aubzylynn, who is such a great listener. Have fun!

Soft sun tickled your face, but you couldn’t really enjoy it. Your head was giving you a massive ache. Sitting wasn’t as easy as it was supposed to. You stayed down and enjoyed the soft pillows in your neck. Just now you realized they smelled very… masculine.
This was not your bed. Where were you? Did you belong here?
Your head felt like a scrambled mess and you had to hold onto the bed’s wooden frame. There was not a single thought you could hold onto. They all buzzed in your head like wasps. What happened? Panic slowly invaded your veins. What were you supposed to do?

The room looked like a bedroom. It was very clean and painted in relatively neutral colors. You spotted blue with cappuccino and white tones. On the wall hung a big plate that looked like a frisbee with different colors. There were rings on it and a star in the middle. It looked heavy too. Who would hang something like that in their bedroom?
Suddenly, a door opened and a tall, blonde man stepped in with a smile.
„Hey. You’re up. How do you feel?“
You mustered him for a few seconds. Who was he? You were sure you’d never seen this man in your life before. Did he kidnap you? His smile faded and creases of worry appeared on his forehead.
„Are you okay? I still don’t know your name…?“
Your name. Your name. Oh.
You would’ve liked to tell him that because he did seem nice. He cared. If you could just remember. Tears started to fall on your cheeks. There was a dull pain in your chest as if someone had ripped you out of your heart.
It was gone. It was all gone.
„Buck? I think we’ve got a problem.“

After a few hours of crying and these two men comforting you the best they could, you still felt terrible, but at least you could slip into a restful sleep, leaving behind all the pain and the confusion.
One of the men, the brunette, the blonde had called him Buck, had given you his hoodie, because crying makes you feel cold, after a while. After that, he just held onto you, crawling into bed, right next to you to hold your shivering body and play with your hair.
„Where am I?“, you’d whispered at one point.
The blonde, Steve, had huffed.
„In our apartment, in the Tower. We’re still in New York.“
„Oh. Is that - good? Like, do I belong here?“ 
He exchanged a look with his friend.
„We hoped you could tell us that. We just met you on a bus. But you didn’t tell us about yourself. We don’t even know your name.“
„Oh“, you said again. Oh, because what else was there to say? New York was big, but was it home? As long as you didn’t know that, you couldn’t do anything.
„What happened? Why can’t I remember?“
Buck’s low voice next to you was soothing.
„We had a - let’s say, unqualified driver. You fell and your head crashed against my arm, full force. You were unconscious for a couple’a hours.“
„Your arm?“
He nodded, propping his elbow up. „It’s a… a little different.“
He took his shirt off and you weren’t sure what he thought he was doing. But almost half of his chest was silvery and there were scars, many, too many scars. But his arm was different, yes, that was a good way to describe it. It was artificial. Plates shifted around every time he moved it.
Your eyes were wide. For a moment, you asked yourself if maybe, you were still asleep and just dreaming.
But no, Buck put your hand on it and smiled when the metal captured your attention so much.
„It’s kinda special“, you whispered, cautious of any judgment in his eyes, but there was none.
He nodded, smiling. But there was more, in his eyes, emotions buried but never forgotten. So you just rested your head on the pillows again.
It didn’t take long to fall asleep.

The next time you woke up, everything was dark. Only in the distance, far behind the windows, were hundreds of lights, the New York that was awake at night.
You shot up. You had forgotten everything, but there was something like an itch in your mind, telling you to get the hell out of here. Instincts.
You shifted, noticing the silvery gleam in the bed, next to you. Okay, go slow. Don’t wake him.
You still wore the hoodie Buck had given to you earlier and your sports bag was placed next to the bed. You grabbed it, your naked feet brushing the soft carpet with every step. In it, you found your long sweatpants and you pulled them on in a rush. If Buck or Steve woke up, they wouldn’t let you go. It was night and you just had to leave, you couldn’t stand it any minute longer in here.
The door let you to the living room, where you spotted a big body on a couch, with it’s back to you. Good. There was a glass of water on the counter that you chugged down. Two of the apples and a banana from the fruit basket landed in your bag as well. Then, you quietly pulled your shoes on and opened the door to leave.
Outside was a hallway, a fancy one. And it looked way too long, stretching far to both sides. Looking straight ahead, you could see a long shaft in which elevators moved, accessing many different levels. Suddenly, one came up. And there was someone inside, a man with a …bow? His head was in your direction and you stepped back into Steve’s apartment real quick. Your heart pounded fast now, had he seen you?
Okay, then find a different way out, you told yourself.
Steve was tossing around on the couch and you knew you’d have to be fast.
If that other guy in the elevator was coming, he’d definitely wake Steve and he would ruin all your plans.
So you ran to the windows, checking them for open ones. You could see you were pretty far up, but your hands were just moving on their own. There was no rush of adrenaline when you stepped out, into the fresh air, securing your feet in the joints of the facade of the building.
Against your expectations, your head was clear and your eyes sharp, noticing every little gap in the wall, the next place to step your feet into.

You’d actually gone just a little way down yet when you could hear yells and a loud boom followed. Okay, hurry up. You were surprised to feel the muscles moving under your skin like that was what they’d always done, what they were always supposed to do, without tiring. Maybe you were an athlete or something.
The people upstairs seemed to have noticed the window had been left slightly ajar and stuck their heads out. The light turned on, too. You automatically leaned closer to the building’s relatively smooth surface, hoping they would stay where they were, or even better, not see you and just leave again.
But Buck had sharp eyes, apparently, because he called out to you, his voice carried away with the wind, only delivering a desperate „Doll!“ to your ears. But you couldn’t turn around, not now, not ever, your mind told you to run and not stop.
So you moved downwards, becoming quicker after a while. Only Buck’s head was left upstairs and in relatively fast and regular intervals, level after level was lit up and windows were opened.
But you were ahead of them, always finding new places to step your feet into. Slowly, your arms felt the strain of your weight and your bag, but you knew you’d make it. Why and how - you had no idea, but your body just knew. Suddenly, a voice appeared right next to you, almost making you lose your grip. Your head whipped around, the wind pushing all your hair into your face. Nobody was there. It spoke up again.
„I’m sorry to interrupt your midnightly activities, Miss, but you are required to step back inside the building.“
Either you were going completely insane or you weren’t even awake.
You decided the ignore the voice that came from no direction in particular.
Steve stuck his head out the window one story above you and you cursed silently. This had been a distraction, he was hot on your tail.
So, the next thing you did was gripping harder into the stone and using both your feet to shatter the next window with them. He’d think you had slipped inside, but you would go in through the next one.
And you did, actually finding a window that was open on the next level. You jumped in, landing on your feet with a smile. You weren’t sure how your body had managed to hang off this incredibly high building without any issue, how you’d known how to climb like that. Now, you just needed to find a way out.
Suddenly, the light turned on. A redhead stood opposite from you, blocking the door, the only other exit than the window. She had a gun pointed at you and looked very professional doing so. 

„You“, she spat. „Thought we wouldn’t find you. You’ll pay for killing the ambassador.“ What was she talking about? When she moved towards you, kicking fast and pretty hard, your knee shot up, in a controlled, fast movement. Your mouth’s corner twitched upwards. Blood rushed in your ears, clearing your head, focussing your eyes on the sleek woman. Every muscle, every sinew of your body was ready. 

Your body knew what to do.
You were coming alive.

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It’s obvious
Shook up
Me, Anthony wants that body
For Sex,
It’s deeper, though
There’s a psychological aspect
That I know she was aware of
That I was aware of,
I didn’t want her body for sex
I wanted her body
Because it flew in the face of
How her
Spanish family
Kept her close,
Kept all of this away,
I wanted her body
Because now she was a woman
And my body
Is that of a fully grown man
Ready to tend to her,
So there was always this tension
Between her giving into
Underlying Desire/curiosity
All she was raised into restraint,
Which as a Snob
As a Vampire,
I absolutely revel in,

That woman who blamed Tony for the death of her son though. 

Tony’s face just dropped and you could see all the guilt crash down on him, his eyes turning slightly red, his body tense. 

I was ready to attack that woman, I swear to god.

I Thought You Were Different: Book 2 (Part 34/?) (Steve Rogers x reader)

Only two more parts to go before we wrap this up!

Part 33

Blue eyes, blonde hair, young…maybe twenty-five at best.  

Brown eyes, blonde hair, even younger.

Blue eyes, red lipstick, perfectly manicured nails.

Each face and their features flashed through your subconscious as you slept, feeling with perfect recollection the snap of a bone between your hands or the thrust of a blade into soft skin.  The stench of blood filled your nostrils and the sounds of last breaths were deafening. They were the actions that your mind had protected you from at the time, but now it wasn’t so kind; every single horror that you had caused was replaying through your dreams as if you were there again, and it bolted you awake with a scream and covered in sweat. Steve was immediately awake with a hand cautiously on your arm, waiting for you to come back to reality before he moved any further.

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I honestly don’t think abortion is wrong. If I wake up one morning, and I’ve missed my period, and I find out that I’m pregnant, abortion would be one of my options. That’s me personally. You’re entitled to your opinion. I just have to share my opinion this way because everyone else has made a competition over ‘how many times can I convince this person should go to jail for baby murder’. You see, abortion isn’t this horrible, murderous thing a lot of stereotyped people, often labeled as overly-religious Christians, have come to believe. If you believe that everything is a part of God’s plan, and this child is obviously a part of his perfect, divine, supposed-to-be-uniterrupted storyboard for your entire life, I have a newsflash for you. If you follow the Christian faith and the like, God gave humans the power to obtain free will. God may have given me the womb and hormones to suddenly fall to this pregnancy, but I had the free will to conceive it, and I have the free will to continue the pregnancy or terminate it. Simple. Abortion is optional. It’s also needed in some cases.

Here, imagine you’re at your local clinic. Standard, not very big or showy. Few cars, not a lot of noise. People don’t exactly rush nor take their time here, most patiences want it safe, quick, private, and they can get their sigh of relief. You’re outside, armed with signs and protesters like you abolishing the wrongdoers walking out with pamphlets, tissues, or waiting for a call with test results. Yelling scripture or classic pro-life slogans to women. Reminding them that their choice was wrong. That they’ve ruined their lives, that they’ve ruined their faith. Well, sorry to burst their bubble, you’ve further ruined their day. (They haven’t exactly ruined yours, I mean, you chose to come here to do this.) It was bad enough they had to come here, they’re putting up with you now as they’re trying to get in and go. 

To those of you screaming “Murderer!”, “Baby-killer!”, “Ungrateful Whore!” to the outwardly stoical woman walking out of the clinic trying to avoid you, she was raped. She was attacked by a man that could have killed her had she not let him take advantage of her body against her will. He’s vandalized her in every way, she can’t shake the feeling of uncleanliness form the skin he touched. He may have left physical scars, marks imprinted that remind her daily of her most frightening moments. He probably left mental scars too. I bet she hasn’t slept a good night since then unless she’s taken something, but even then she can’t help but jump when the doorbell rings, or fall into consumingly anxiety and self-doubt every time a blue hoodie crosses her vision. I bet she cried until her head pounded and she wanted to vomit when she found out he had left the worst reminder with her. She doesn’t feel like it’s her child, she may not even think of it as a child if that helps her cope with what’s she’s decided to do for her mental and emotional well-being. This is a reminder that would have to follow her for the rest of her life. I’m sure you want to be a mother, right? Do you want to wake up every day and see only the result of a disaster, rather than a gift? I’m not going to see a miracle when all I can think of is, 'all it’s father wanted to do was fuck me, kill me, and make me nothing’. Her child doesn’t deserve that, and she knows she shouldn’t feel that way about something she should love unconditionally. God gave her the power to wear a skirt, don't convince her that God gave that man the power to ruin her life. 

That woman leaving the clinic in tears and trying to figure out how to call her parents or friends later on? She was so happy to be pregnant, she was planning to have children and couldn’t wait to be a mother. Baby party, nursery plans, the whole nine yards. Your shouts really aren’t helping her, she’s trying to collect herself so she can figure out how to tell her closest friend that the baby’s skull wasn’t forming at all the way around the brain, and though it’d live in her womb relatively safely, as soon as it was in the world, it was going to die before her eyes. She wouldn’t mention the fact that she did get to see it before they had to say an early goodbye. It’s too much for her. Her partner is with her, hoping to protect her from taunts and further trauma, it’s hard enough on both of them knowing they had to let this one go. But it was better than waiting for nine months to burst into tears for days and weeks to come. At least they have more time now to try again for a healthy child. Don’t tell her that God has the power to send her to hell for what she’s done, all she wants is a little angel of her own. 

That foreign child? Hardly old enough to know what sex is? She’s from a country that bans abortions or any medical procedure intended to terminate pregnancies. She’s nine years old and a product of the sex trafficking business we forget still happens sometimes. Her stomach has just started growing, and the doctors aren’t able to stop it. She doesn’t know what’s happening to her, and her body is too immature to make this condition any better for her or the fetus unknown to her pure mind. She may not even remember her own mother. But soon, she’ll be healthier and better off, especially if she’s in a place able to test her for STD’s and remove something that could potentially destroy her unprepared body. God didn’t intend for this child to live in a world where she would be confused and struggling to understand adulthood before she’s a teenager, but now He’s provided a second chance, and maybe her life can be better. 

That woman, at the corner of the street, shaking and mumbling as she looks back at your signs? She’s a street addict, a druggie. Her body is too full of chemicals and abuse to carry a fetus without killing it on her own. Her money goes to more substances, rather than doctors visits and prenatal care and infant supplies. She spent weeks twitching and scraping by on unsatisfying highs to make this one appointment. Her body is too thin and weak to reassure herself that she’ll live to full term. Her addictions are too strong, her hallucinations make her think bugs crawl out of her skin and voices may tell her to do things she doesn’t like, like sticking needles in her arms and skipping meals for adrenaline rushes. She hasn’t even processed what’s happened to her in the first place, getting pregnant, but now she can one day realize that she didn’t jeopardize a second life in such possessing habits. Don’t condemn her for what she’s done, you’re supposed to believe that only God judges the people, right? 

That women hanging her head in the waiting room? She’s trying to cover her black eye from you. Her partner is abusive, and she found out last week she was pregnant. She thought the relationship’s stress had made her period late, but it was actually the result of a drunken reaction to a bad day at work. Her wrists and thighs are still bruised with discolored spots she no longer feels but has to carefully hide. Her partner exploded when they found out, the last thing their household needed was another mouth to feed, another thing to set off the time bomb. She was scared they’d lash out and hurt the infant when it came home, or even worse, hit her and cause a miscarriage. But that’s only if they let her keep it. He threatened to kill her if she 'decided to be stupid enough to have a baby wasn’t his’, 'a bastard child’. She couldn’t tell them it was theirs, she couldn’t argue. She can only comply. She only wants to make her partner happy, but even more than that she wants to feel safe. Right now, this pregnancy is a matter of life or death. Don’t make her think that she’ll be punished by God now for what she’s done, she’s already slapped for asking the wrong question when her partner gets home from work.

That last woman, over there? She’s 16. Her body is ready to carry a child, she menstruates regularly and has no complex health problems. She has a small job and a partner her age. She could afford the pregnancy, she could deal with morning sickness and swollen feet and cravings and back pains and aching breasts and fatigue and mood swings and abdominal pain and labor and hot/cold flashes and food restriction and maternity clothes and hospital bills and prenatal vitamins and baby showers and small children touching her stomach and having to possibly move out of her house and deciding on breastfeeding or formulas and which car seat to buy and what kind of clothes and crib and bath soap to buy and if she’ll use the tub or the sink and what kind of birth she’ll go with and if she’ll use meds to ease the big event and picking a name and losing lots of friends and even some of her family and getting into fights with her boyfriend because he’s a junior and she’s a sophomore and he only works at the local restaurant four days a week and neither of them have a car and she wants to go to school to become an otorhinolaryngologist. No, actually, she can’t deal with that. She’s already cried at the possibility of dropping out of high school, or being held back a year for leave once she gives birth. She’s already calculated the years of debt she’ll be in after medical bills, clothes for her and the baby, weekly groceries, pediatric appointments, rent, gas, and insurance. She didn’t even bother typing in tuition and rooming amounts for a dorm room at her dream university, or even applications fees. Her naive mind in a hazardous society makes her too anxious about adoption, and numbers and negative reactions make her too upset to consider keeping the pregnancy. Maybe she wanted to be a mom, but not so young, she can’t deal with watching her life slip past her when she knows she has potential. She knows it’s her body, and her responsibility, and it’s her choice 

All women, of all races, ages, circumstances, religions, and conditions deserve the choice to control what happens in their bodies.  All women deserve to decide if they will become mothers or if they will take the responsibility to safely remove a fetus they can’t provide a good life or pregnancy for. All women deserve to pick what happens to them, and should not be judged for their choices.

Not all women want to be mothers, not all women want to watch their newborn die, not all women want to live with a reminder, not all women want to put someone else at risk.

But all women want to say what happens to them.

This is their choice.

Not yours. 

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If you got rusty during the apocalypse, you died. Plain and simple.

Encountering situations that you had to fight your way through was unavoidable, and Bandit had dedicated his life to being prepared for those kinds of situation even before the world had gone entirely to shit. He wasn’t about to slack off now. That being said, the Marine took a healthy chunk of the time that he wasn’t running patrols or helping out people around the camp to train when he could. Now, as they took a break from their daily routine of hauling ass out of the city the best that they could, Bandit wandered a few yards away from the caravan. He was blocked from the view of most by the way he had parked his large SUV and took advantage of it as he palmed his two large Marine bayonets and swung against the skillful enemy that he could only see.

He had traded his usual US Marine Corps shirt for a tank top, already sweating his balls off in the Florida heat when just standing still, let alone when jabbing and dodging and restarting to make sure that his form wasn’t something that had gone to shit while he fought off the undead rather than other military personnel. The only thing that had his flow of sharp and powerful movements changing was the distinct sound of footsteps against nearby pavement, the scuffling bringing his attention abruptly over to the woman that had approached, his body tense and ready to defend if it wasn’t a member of their group. Upon recognizing the dark-haired woman, Bandit slowly lowered his blades. “Bambi.” He greeted, chest heaving slightly though his voice was steady.

punkxcroc  asked:

So Hank I've recently read a Tumblr post that claimed that male hormonal birth control has been around since 1970s but since they had similar side effects to menstruation it was deemed inhumane, is there any truth to this?

No. I just read the post you’re talking about and it seems to be entirely made up. If it’s based on any fact at all, I’d be interested to see what it is, but I can’t find anything.

We are very close to having a male contraceptive pill, and will probably see one in the next few years. There are already some countries where they’ve been approved for use, but the US FDA is a very cautious agency (and, yes, far more cautious now than they were when the first birth control pills for women were introduced.)

The history of birth control is REALLY interesting, both in ancient and modern times and, of course, it’s chock full of sexism, but there are also scientific reasons why it is much easier to prevent fertility in women than in men.

In order for a woman to conceive, conditions have to be perfect. The woman’s body is getting ready to build a human being…throw a wrench into that and the body is like “Nope…maybe next month.” And birth control is designed to make that month the month when you stop taking the pill.

Men, on the other hand, produce about 1000 sperm per second and that is not an easy thing to turn off. If you load a guy with testosterone that will shut off eventually, with about 90% effectiveness. But 10% fertility is not what most people are looking for in their birth control…especially if it comes with the side effects of completely drenching your body in testosterone. 

There is an FDA approved, reversible birth control system for men. The RISUG procedure injects a little plug in the vas deferens that can later be removed. The sad truth is that there hasn’t been a lot of demand for it. There’s a lot of cultural weight now that women have taken on the responsibility of family planning and if they could continue that…yeah..,that’d be greeeaaat.

So, yeah, if we lived in a less sexist culture we’d have a male pill by now…but the earliest we could have had one is more in the last 10 years than the last 50. 

A Chinatown Ghost Story Premise?

“When Karai, now in her mutant form, starts to scare the citizens of New York City, Leo must help her remember who she is, only to find out a huge secret about Karai.”

First and foremost, applause to the writers for not putting Karai off to the side for these last four episodes. Thank you for that. Because not only do I need closure, EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE FANDOM needs closure. Even those of you who are not fans of Karai can honestly understand some closure and would agree with the rest of us that it would be a travesty not to help our baby out. SECOND, now when you say “huge secret”, is this going to be the fact that she can change back and forth? OR are we going to be completely bold and create a secret that even the viewers don’t know about?!?!? I would love to see this happen because why not? Throw me something I’m not expecting. This show is heavy with aside secrets that the audience is aware of but the characters themselves are completely clueless about. Let’s try it and see what happens! And also, LEORAI LEORAI LEORAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This ship will never die, sorry about it. Because even when everyone else doubted her, Leo believed in her. Blame it all on yourself, ‘cause she’s always a woman to me. September, my body is ready. Let’s go out with a bang.