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Everyone keeps asking about Bendy and Susan or Bendy and Henry, but what about Bendy and Darlene? What's THEIR​ relationship like? How do they feel about each other? Please tell me Darlene is the"Nani" character in this au!😄

She is 100% the Nani, mixed with the mom from Iron Giant.

Darlene is actually fairly wary of Bendy, compared to her older brother and baby girl. There’s a living?? Cartoon?? DEMON??? And your first instinct is to shrug it off and take it home???? Henry what the fuck.

She obviously isn’t told the full story, but Henry’s utter chill and the fact Bendy is NERVOUS AS HELL when she’s first being talked to get her to squint, sigh, and then roll out the cot.

Compared to the rest of the town, she is still inordinately chill, and mostly treats him like a foster child with a known criminal record– gently and kindly, but with a bit of squinting.

Bendy, for his part, is kind of nervous– that lady has sharp eyes– but… she always looks so tired. So he usually ends up doing his best to try to make her smile, from bad jokes to little dance routines, which actually do work and result in her slowly being equally as chill and “this is my kid now” as Henry. 

It is exactly as cute as you think it is.

On a more plot-related note, she breaks someone’s nose defending him once, but why is getting into spoilers.

I’d just like to make note to people reblogging pictures of me, please don’t tag it as lesbian specifically. I’d much rather prefer the generic wlw tag bc otherwise I feel my identity as a bisexual person is erased… I don’t have anything against the term lesbian, it just doesn’t accurately describe my sexuality so if you could please just use wlw if you tag/reblog pictures of me/me with my gf.

Things I am looking for when I look up healthy turkey meatloaf recipes: a way to make a decently non-dry, tasty, low-salt meatloaf that I can hide a shitton of veggies in to trick my dad into eating better.

Things I am not looking for: a fucking lecture on picking “the healthiest and cleanest” pasture-raised turkey, corn-syrup-free ketchup, organic Worcestershire sauce, and fucking hemp milk.

After the last painting my hands were a bit damaged, so I wanted to do something a bit more free feeling. This was a nice exercise in mark making and trying to salvage texture in a digital painting. And yes, I fell in to the trap of thinking impressionism would be simple… but found out it was more than I bargained for xD

Based on the Monet painting “Woman with a Parasol”.