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Wishing I Could Do More

So I work at a popular fast food chain. Today while I was ringing up orders for the drive through and taking money, a woman comes through (ordering fries and a mocha) and hands me her credit card saying, “I hope this goes through, I just paid it off” So I nod sympathetically while I’m swiping it because food insecurity sucks. Turns out she hadn’t paid it off early enough or something because it doesn’t go through, and she starts tearing up as she starts looking for another card. I had a line of cars behind her, but she looked like she was having a seriously bad day, so when she can’t find another card I just tell her “no problem, don’t worry about it” I know at this point that I’ll probably get in trouble for giving away over $5 so I tell her that I can’t do the mocha, but I can give her a $1 coffee and her fries and it’s no problem. She’s just about crying at this point, and going on about how she just got back from the doctor (probably bad news, I’m thinking) and has had a really bad day and naturally I believe her because she literally looked like she was going to start sobbing. So I waved her forward and rang her in for cash instead of using a promo code because I didn’t want to get caught passing food by the district manager (who was in the store at the time). At the end of my shift I asked to borrow a dollar from my co-worker J so my drawer wouldn’t be short (I usually leave my wallet at home since I live close by), and J said that since she had already made the mocha, J had just given it to the woman anyway because she really was crying by the time she pulled up to the second window. At the end of this, I just felt so thankful that I’m not the only employee who cares about our customers because I was really worried about that woman. It’s nice being able to bring a smile to people’s faces or go out of my way to make them feel cared about, but I can only do so much from behind a drive-through window. In this case, I hope it was enough.


This graphic is just amazing. Picturing what most most people are trying to say in words is a great way to reach out to more people. The Anorexia picture and the child abuse picture was the one that broke me the most even if all of these pictures tells us a very important story.

I don’t expect this to go viral or to get millions of likes because, I don’t want it, liking won’t help. Please, embrace it and take action. Re blog so others can see it and talk about these world spread issues.

We have to work together to make the world a better and safer environment for everyone.

The real Q is a woman, British chief spy reveals
Sir Alex Younger, speaking at Women in IT Awards, says James Bond films give MI6 a global profile – but their stereotypes are not entirely accurate
By Ewen MacAskill

Although she was not identified by name, MI6’s head of operational technology is a woman. This news came as part of a keynote speech that MI6’s chief, Alex Younger, gave to a group of women in technology, encouraging them to join the agency:

“If any of you would like to join us … the real-life Q is looking forward to meeting you and I’m pleased to report that the real-life Q is a woman.”

Bad Fanon Kirk: party animal, womanizer, uncontrollable sex drive, little thought given to romance, insensitive. Tough guy. Homophobic thoughts ‘until Spock’ and sometimes AT Spock. Manly man. Objectifies women.

Canon Kirk: Studies literature and history in his spare time, flirts with Spock over chess, shares quiet coffee moments in the break room with Spock, teases Spock lovingly on the bridge, lounges gayly in his pink room, admires flowers, memorizes poetry, “don’t you believe in male androids?” etc

TAURUS - Dating


Taurus women are masters in the art of seduction. She will get what she wants but her patience is incredible, she will wait for what she wants She needs stability and security and will not tolerate a man who is not straight with her and leads her along with uncertainty in the future. She is the old-fashioned type, the type of woman who is associated with the drive-in soda shop days of the 60’s. She is down to earth, protective, supportive, loving, devoted and loyal. She is openly affectionate in a relationship. Taurus women are perfect for the man who likes to be nurtured and pampered, providing you are loyal and devoted. She has a lot to give but she requires a lot in return. Remember, the Taurus woman is very sensitive although she might not seem so on the exterior. Court her and constantly try to impress her and you will win her heart and she will be yours. Cross a Taurus woman, and her temper will flare, she will become extremely stubborn. If you ever break her trust, it will be nearly impossible to gain it back again.


The Taurus man is very sensible, he is not the man to sweep you off your feet. He is practical and down to earth. He wants a high-quality woman, not a woman for one night. He will survey cautiously before he makes his approach. He is very patient when it comes to a relationship. He will survey the situation and make sure the woman has something to offer him, before he offers himself. Taurus man is a romantic man, he will put his woman on a pedestal, protect her and cherish her. Once he has chosen his woman, he will be very generous, loyal and faithful. He is not a boring man, but he is not for the woman who craves adventure and excitement. Taurus man is for the woman who craves stability and comfort, he is an incredible provider and is a very fine choice as a partner for the right woman. He is in it for the long haul so commitment is no problem for this man.

Mcdanno Thoughts 7.14
  • LOL at Steve using Danny’s car for his driving test. I guess it really is “our car” as Danny said a while ago. Also LOL at Danny warning the woman giving Steve his driving test about Steve. They are super, super married.
  • LOL at Danny telling this random kid on a bench all about his life. This only furthers the “Danny must talk to random strangers about Steve” (and Grace, too) characterization the show has given us. He literally cannot shut up about Steve. (Seriously, Danny marry him already. PLEASE.)
  • I loved the cargument about mind reading. Nice to see some cute banter with them, and it made me so happy to see the adorable way they smile at each other. I wonder what would happen if either of them actually developed the ability to read minds. (That would make an interesting fanfic idea.) Also, they should definitely go on a date to get wings after the end of the episode.
  • I loved that little bit with Danny cataloging Steve’s facial expressions while he was on the phone and the way Chin looked at Danny and said “You know your boy well.” Chin is totally a shipper, too.

The Beast of Bray Road is a cryptid first sighted in the late 1980s on a rural road outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. It is described as a dog-like creature, promptly giving it the alternative nickname “The Werewolf of Wisconsin”. The first werewolf sighting to go public occurred (perhaps fittingly) on October 31, 1999. A young woman named Doristine Gipson, from nearby Elkhorn, was driving along Bray Road near Delavan. As she neared the intersection of Hospital Road, she leaned over to change the station on her radio when she felt her right front tire jump off the ground as if she had hit something. Concerned, she stopped the car and got out to see what it was. Finding nothing on the roadway behind her car, she began to look around. As she peered into the darkness, she suddenly saw a dark, hairy form racing toward her. She did not see what the figure looked like from the distance at which she was standing (about 50 feet) but she did see the figure was quite bulky and she would later compare the form to someone who works out continually with weights. Startled by the oncoming form, and by the sounds of its “heavy feet”, she quickly retreated to her car. She jumped in and was attempting to drive away when the beast jumped onto her trunk. Luckily, it was too wet for the creature to hang on and it fell off onto the pavement. Doristine returned to the site later on that evening with a young girl that she was taking out trick-or-treating and saw a large form on the side of the road. When she saw the creature moving, she ordered the child to lock her door and drove quickly away from the scene.

A Raven Among Crows: Pt 4

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You’re a woman disguised as a man at The Wall, but no one knows.

Part Two  Part Three  Part Five 

(Y/M/N)= Your Male Name

(Y/N)= Your Name

You are tired of hearing the stupid fucking wind howling all the damn time. Your feet ach and you’re starving. Hearing Jon complain wasn’t the worst thing in the world, the enjoyment you did find was looking at the beautiful landscape beyond the Wall.

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At my work we have gender neutral toys for kid's meals. On thanksgiving this woman threw a purple furby at me in the drive-thru because she's afraid of her son playing with it. I kept it.

Mines basketball. What's yours?

As a woman it has given me drive. Motivation to succeed. Determination to prove the world wrong. Lessons to never forget. Friends who I can always trust. Stature for being strong. And yes I am girlish, delicate but there’s this side of me, strong, skillful, determined which I love and admire just as much. That moment of satisfaction when the ball goes perfectly through the hoop, that happiness, that rush of adrenaline is what keeps me going. Through a rainy day, a day when I feel down, a day when nothing is going right, basketball has always been there. Never judging what I wear when I play it. Shorts or track pant. Or if my outfit is colour coordinated. Because truthfully these things don’t matter. What matters is what happens on the court. And every woman is special in her own way. And great at her own talents. And every woman deserves to be given an opportunity to showcase them equally. Because at the end of the day, we all look up at the same clouds but our silver linings are very very different. Begin now. Find your silver lining. What keeps you going. What you’re happy doing.

Anna T Hicks of White Plains, New York, age 77, passed away in Poughkeepsie October 31st, 2014.

Anna was born to Bert P. Hicks and Darla L. Hicks in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A devout woman, Anna was a member of St. Mary’s on Pinecrest Drive. After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, Anna devoted even more of her time to the church, organizing bake sales and shoe drives.

She decided to spend her remaining time with her family and community, serving God. Ultimately it wasn’t her cancer that did her in. The old bird died in a skiing accident when her nephew Davis skied off her roof, not realizing she was relaxing in her above ground hot tub below. Davis is currently serving 3-5 years for manslaughter.

Anna is survived by her loving husband Eddie, her children Susan and Matthew, and her granddaughter Stephanie.

Anna has requested that her body be burned in a viking funeral off the Hudson. That, it turns out, is illegal, so instead her family will be throwing her body into the lake. In lieu of flowers, please donate to Newton, MA’s Women’s Shelter.