a woman with a gun

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Being cast in many (overrated) movies as The Hot Love Interest does not mean you are a good actress!!! Hollywood stop giving Scramble Jumanji the chance to prove she can lead a movie!!!! Because she can't!!!!!

while we’re at it, the International Negro Council would also appreciate white hollywood not gassing up zewy sulldonna all the time as if she’s the first brown woman to ever hold a gun. she’s scarface jurassicore’s of color equivalent and i’ve had efuckingnough

Dear Abby gives some fucking stupid answers. A woman with a toddler asked how she should handle people owning/storing guns in their homes if her daughter is over on a play date. Abby’s answer was to just always host.

So her daughter will never go to a friend’s house? Ever?!? Ugh. This is why the 3rd highest killer of children is guns. Everyone is sooo fucking afraid to question a gun owner about their safety measures. It is a perfectly legitimate question and I say this as a gun owner!

Our society is so fucked up about our gun views. I would happily give up my guns. I want stronger requirements for ownership. I want criminal charges for morons who “accidentally” discharge their guns, for those who leave guns within access of children etc.

The whole Pepsi commercial thing reminded me that people always mis-remember the famous flower in the gun barrel photo as being a young woman. It wasn’t. The photo, taken by Bernie Boston, is of George Edgerly Harris III better known by his stage name Hibiscus. He was a member of the San Francisco based radical gay liberation theater troupe the Cockettes. He died of AIDS in 1982 at the time AIDS was still referred to by the name GRID which stood for Gay Related Immuno-Deficiency. The photo was taken at a protest at the Pentagon. 

film rec list

modern vampire films let the right one in, thirst, only lovers left alive, a girl walks home alone at night

woman descending into madness persona, through a glass darkly, a woman under the influence, rosemary’s baby, antichrist, repulsion, queen of earth

two lovers on the run wild at heart, badlands, gun crazy, pierrot le fou, bonnie and clyde, true romance, natural born killers

same-sex love stories happy together, show me love, water lilies, the handmaiden, brokeback mountain, my beautiful launderette

really weird romcoms i’m a cyborg but that’s ok, the lobster, lars and the real girl, harold and maude

ready to cry? the hunt, dancer in the dark, requiem for a dream, mulholland drive, au hazard balthazar

best ensemble cast movies inglourious basterds, apocalypse now, beetlejuice, magnolia, the royal tenenbaums, eastern promises

old black and white movies that definitely still hold up and you should watch them the night of the hunter, psycho, dr. strangelove, a streetcar named desire, the third man, bunny lake is missing

youth culture films a clockwork orange, sid and nancy, jubilee, gummo, stranger than paradise, if…, the doom generation