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Lucasfilm announces ‘Forces of Destiny’ – A Continuing Series of Animated Shorts Based Around their HEROINES!!

Looks kinda like the DC Girl Power shorts, only Star Wars. Featuring, Leia, Rey, Jyn, Sabine, Hera and Ahsoka. Not only that, but Daisy Ridley, Felicity Jones, Tiya Sircar and Ashley Eckstein. Lupita Nyong’o will narrate the shorts as Maz Kanata.

Oh, and of course there are already toys in the works.

Happy International Women’s Day, all my lovely doves!
It seems like an appropriate day to finally show you my submission piece for Celebration Orlando (which didn’t get chosen - but I’m gonna keep trying). I think a big part of what’s kept me enthralled with Star Wars over the course of my life is how many amazing women are depicted in this universe, and it’s never made to be a big deal. Women are just as capable, inspiring, exciting as the male characters, and that’s just the way it is. Super love to all my Star Wars ladies (and all the EU ladies who I didn’t get to include here, but wanted to).

 I may do a super-limited, teeny-tiny Etsy/convention-exclusive print run on this - perhaps without the text- just because I still love it, and I want it as a physical object.

A woman’s place is in the resistance. Keep blowing shit up, y’all. 


For my author friends wishing to write about ancient/feudal japan….a few quick fact you might not know about samurai.

The Japanese bushi class, the social class from which samurai came, also included women who received similar martial training. These women were called Onna-Bugeisha. Their weapon of choice was the naginata, a spear with a curved, sword-like blade that was versatile and light.  Your character can be a woman without her having to rebel or force herself into a class that doesn’t want her. A woman warrior was equally respected, trained and probably about 30% of the warrior class was made up of educated and talented women.

Samurai were often very open minded when it came to same-sex relations.  The practice of an experienced samurai forming a (sexual) relationship with a youth in training was encouraged and common. Your character can be married, single, straight, gay, poly or bi without it having to be a major plot point or stressor for them, as ancient Japan had a more open mind to these things.

I look forward to reading some great warrior stories in the near future :D

Dramas I've watched in April

Finished Dramas:

Beautiful Gong Shim (10/10)- I watched this after Chief Kim aired because I needed more Namgoong min in my life and it did not disappoint.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon (6/10): only liked the main leads (and maybe the brother idk?) and the rest of the Drama was just a shit show with racism, sexism and just yuck. I won’t be coming back to watch this ever again as one time was enough for me. Unlike Weightlifting Fairy which was 1000x more better than this and I would actually watch that again.

The King of Romance (8/10): Started this a long time ago and managed to go around to finish it. It’s a pretty ok Chinese drama so if you like those give it a try.

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“I often feel a little frustrated at how kdrama kisses often look like the couple is afraid of catching cooties from each other/just waiting for the PD to yell Cut…. but I really appreciate two recent dramas for doing it right - Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and Rebel (ep 16). It’s nice to see couples who look like they are actually kissing because they have feelings for each other and not having the girl looking like she’s being made to kiss at gunpoint. Especially since Rebel is a sageuk.”

Alright. It seems people are a little confused on the matter of subtext, so here goes.

When a woman defeats an army using nothing but fish while soaking wet, that’s lesbian subtext.

When a woman kisses another woman on screen and tells her she loves her on several occasions, that ain’t subtext. That’s just lesbian text.

When a woman literally rebels against heaven and hell, pops in and out of no less then three underworlds and possesses a man to be with her girlfriend, that isn’t even text anymore. That’s a lesbian back flipping across time and space and screaming ‘I’M NOT FUCKING STRAIGHT’.