a woman named jackie

Team Arrow (Supernatural X The Arrow Crossover)

Warnings: None I believe
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, Castiel, Sister Winchester!Reader, Oliver & Thea Queen, John Diggle, Felicity Smoke
Summary: You get taken by a demon and The Arrow finds you
Readers Age: 5/6 ish
Word Count: 1683

Y/N: Your Name

A/N: AYE LOOK AT ME I POSTED SOMETHIN! Anyway, this takes place around season 4 of Arrow! And if this sucks I’m sorry I’m getting back into the swing of writing. I ALSO TOOK LIKE 10 MINS TO FIGURE OUT WHAT TO NAME THIS SO BAM IDK IF I EVEN LIKE IT BUT OH WHALE! Enjoy!

It started out as a normal day. Dean got you up and dressed, Sam made breakfast, and Uncle Cas was just hanging out.

“Sammy?” You looked up at your brother. Sam didn’t look away from his laptop, but gave you a simple hum. “Who’s The Arrow?” You asked.

Sam’s head shot towards you. How did you even know about The Arrow? “Why do you ask?” Sam avoided the question.

“Because I’ve heard you guys talk about The Arrow and Oliver Queen… Is Oliver Queen The Arrow?” You gave Sam your best puppy dog eyes to make him tell you.

“Uh… No. He’s not.” Sam hated lying to you, but it wasn’t his secret to tell. You sighed and hopped off your chair.

You wandered around the halls until you heard Dean’s voice call for you. You yelled a quick “Coming!” and raced to the source of his voice.

You ran into the War Room and saw Dean ready to leave. “Hey, Chipmunk. You wanna come to the store with me? You’ve been cooped up in the bunker for a few days.” You nodded enthusiastically. “Okay, go get your shoes on and grab a jacket,” Dean instructed. You did exactly what he had said as fast as your little legs could go.

Dean and you got to the store in less than twenty minutes. It was a small town store that even had a play area inside! You held Dean’s hand as he walked around, but once you caught sight of the play area, you begged Dean to go play in it. Dean was hesitant, but allowed you to go while he was finished with groceries.

You were stacking blocks, driving toy cars, and drawing on the chalk board until a tall woman approached. She might not have been more than five foot, but she looked very tall to you.

“What’s a small thing like you doing all alone? Did someone abandon you?” She tried sounding sincere but you could see right through it.

“No. I’m here with my brother,” You replied, simply, but very bluntly.

The woman smiled, “I know.” Before you could react, the woman placed a hand on your shoulder and you were in a completely different place.

You called for Dean but he was nowhere to be seen. You started crying as the woman laughed. Fear spread all across your face as your body started shaking. The woman forced you into a chair and tied you down. Your natural instinct, being to fight, didn’t let you cooperate, causing the woman to slap you. You yelled and yelled for one of your big brothers to save you, you even prayed for Uncle Cas.

…Dean’s POV…

Dean turned out of the isle and looked towards the play area. When he didn’t see you he remained calm, “Maybe she’s hiding,” Dean thought. You always did like Hide ‘N Go Seek.

Dean looked around for a moment before he started panicking. “Y/N!” Dean called, fear laced in his voice. He ran up to the register and asked the clerk if he’d seen a small girl.

“I saw a lady go up to her, maybe, ten minutes ago. One moment, they were there, but the next they were both just gone!” The clerk informed Dean.

Dean stared at the man for a moment. “And you didn’t think that was worth saying anything? A woman walks up to a girl and they just disappear and you think that’s normal?” Dean didn’t let the clerk answer, he just walked away, worry in each step, to call Sam and tell him that he lost you.

…Your POV…

You were still crying. You lost all hope. You didn’t know how long you’d been there. The woman, who you learned her name is Jackie, tried getting information out of you. But she didn’t really think about the fact that you’re five. You had no idea about what your brothers do.

“I don’t know why I’m wasting my time on you,” Jackie said, walking away. She opened her mouth to talk again but was interrupted by a deep voice.

“Step away from the girl,” The low voice demanded. You and Jackie both looked up and saw a man in a green outfit and holding a bow and arrow. The Arrow.

Jackie laughed, “And what are you going to do about it?”

The Arrow jumped down and shot Jackie’s shoulder with an arrow. She just stood there and took it. “That tickled,” she smiled. The Arrow straightened out, realizing what he’s dealing with.

You decided to just close your eyes and hope for the best, this was all just too much for you.

Before you knew it, it was over. You didn’t hear any grunting or screaming. Just silence. You peaked one of your eyes open and saw The Arrow still standing, he noticed you looking at him and slowly walked over to you. He crouched down to your level and began untying you.

You stared at him until he broke the silence, “Are you okay?” His voice wasn’t that deep anymore, it was his normal voice. You nodded slowly. “Good. What’s your name?” The Arrow questioned, as he untied your last restraint.

“Y/N,” you said quietly.

“Y/N? Y/N Winchester?” The Arrow looked at you. You nodded, confirming his suspicion. “Alright, Y/N. Do you know who I am?”

You giggled, “You’re The Arrow. Or Oliver Queen.” You saw his eyes widen.

“How do you-did your brothers tell you?” Oliver asked.

“No,” you replied. Oliver chuckled and picked you up, placing you on his hip.

“Okay then. I’m gonna take you somewhere safe.”

Oliver took you to an underground lair. He let you walk around to help get your mind off of what just happened to you.

…Oliver’s POV…

“Felicity. I need you to see if you can reach Sam and Dean Winchester,” Oliver said.

“Do you know her?” Felicity ignored Oliver’s order.

Oliver placed his hands on his hips. “Yeah.. Well, I know her brothers, Sam and Dean. I lost contact with them some odd years ago.”

“Oliver,” Digs came into the room, “why is there a little girl walking around down here?”

Oliver opened his mouth to respond but Felicity spoke first, “Apparently she’s the little sister of some guys Oliver used to know and she just happened to get kidnapped by what did you say it was? Right. A demon. It brought her to Star City and I think you can piece together the rest.. Unless you can’t. Then ask Oliver, unless he’s busy. Then I’ll explain-”

“Can you just try to find her brothers?” Oliver smirked at Felicity in amusement, cutting her off, respectively before walking over to you.

… Your POV…

“Y/N?” Oliver called. You walked over to him as he knelt down to be eye level with you. “What happened to your brothers?”

You took a deep breath and began telling him the story, sometimes going into too much detail.

Once you finished the story, Oliver nodded, “Digs, do you know where Thea is?” Oliver stood up.

“Right here.” Thea entered the room, looking around. “Felicity told me what happened. Where is she?” She immediately asked. Oliver pointed towards you.

“Felicity, any luck finding her brothers?” Oliver asked.

“If you stop asking me that maybe I can make some progress. They know how to cover their tracks,” Felicity snapped.

“They’re in Kansas,” you chimed in. Everyone turned towards you.

“How could we ignore our biggest clue? Y/N,” Felicity added, typing away. “Got them!”

“Can you give me a number?” Oliver asked, leaning over Felicity’s shoulder.

She sighed, “I got somewhat of a location, but no number.”

“I know their number. They made me memorize it,” you chimed in once again. They should really learn to just ask you.

You gave Oliver their numbers and he called Dean. “Dean? Hey, it’s Oliver. Oliver Queen.” There was a pause. “Yeah, I know it’s not a good time but I thought you would want to know I have someone who wants to talk to you.” Oliver handed you the phone.

“De?” You spoke sweetly.

“Y/N? Where are you? Are you okay? Why are you with Oliver?” You could hear Sam and Uncle Cas in the background.

“I’m okay.” You could hear Dean sigh in relief. Oliver held out his hand and you gave him back the phone.

“Yeah. She’s fine, a demon got her and brought her to Star City.” More Silence. “Yeah, okay. See you then.” Oliver hung up. “So, your brothers are on their way,” He said with a smile.

You ran over to him and wrapped your tiny arms around his legs. “Thank you,” you mumbled.

Oliver chuckled and picked you up to give you a proper hug. “No problem.”

An hour or two later, your family finally arrived. You heard the elevator open and you ran over to see your family stumble out of the elevator. “Sam! Dean! Uncky Cas!” you yelled, running into their arms.

Another wave of relief washed over your family, once they physically saw you were okay. “I’m so sorry, Y/N.” Dean kissed your head.

Team Arrow walked over. “Thank you. If there’s anything you ever need, just call.” Sam said, gratefully. He shook Oliver’s hand which turned into a hug.

Everyone said thank you and their goodbyes, and headed out to the Impala. Sam got you buckled into your car seat, before joining Dean and Cas.

“Thank you again,” Dean said to Oliver.

“I just happened to in the right place at the right time,” Oliver replied.

“Like I said earlier, if you need anything, give us a call,” Sam said with a smile.

“Will do,” Oliver smiled, “Take care guys.” Oliver hugged your brothers again.

You sat in the car, watching. Cas was the first in the Impala, followed by Sam, then Dean. Uncle Cas was in the backseat with you, he turned towards you and gave you a faint smile. He was glad that you’re back.

And now, you know who The Arrow is! How cool is that? Let’s just hope five year old you can keep a secret.

Requested by @3fangurls:
“The reader is the winchester’s baby sister about five or six, and something happens that she gets taken by a demon, the demon hides her in starling city where the arrow finds her and she’s scared out of her mind, Oliver recognises her- let’s just go with Oliver is a friend of Sam and Dean’s. So he tells her that he’s going to take her somewhere safe and have her stay there till he can get ahold of Sam and Dean. Also would it be possible for the reader to already know the arrow is oliver? (requested through messages)

I hope y'all like this one! I’m open for tips on improving!

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Harvey’s Favorite Book

Harvey Beaks returns to bless your eyeballs and earholes this Saturday, July 18th!!! One of the episodes that will be airing is “Harvey’s Favorite Book”, boarded by Aaron and I (with an outline written by Amalia Levari)

This episode was soooo much fun to work on, as I got to do some design work! Below is the original drawing I did for the character’s in Harvey’s favorite book series: The eponymous Detective Dirk, Monocle Marla, and Trevor Zamboni.

The story also features the book series author, whose character description was left very open in the outline. Aaron and I brainstormed on what to make the author like and decided on a snake woman. We named her Jackie Slitherstein. Here is the original drawings I made of her (to which Aaron has written glorious dialogue for in the episode)

Aaron and I threw our heads back and laughed together. “ha ha ha! Oh, wouldn’t it be neat if Rupaul could do the voice of this character? Yes, but what a distant dream.”

WELL GUESS WHAT Y’ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!