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I Wanna Be Yours

Hey guys! I am so excited to share some of my new fics with you guys! WHOO! This is for @decemberftw who requested a fic based on the song I Wanna Be Yours by the Arctic Monkeys I hope you like it! This is the first time I’ve done anything someone has requested, so I hope it lives up to what you wanted. :) Thanks for being a wonderful follower! <3 Happy Sunday!!

Warnings: wittle bit of angst, fluff, sarcastic reader in a funny way, language like kind of not really

Today was the third Friday of the month. That could only mean one thing.

“MOVIE NIGHT WITH MAH BOYEEEEEEEZ!” You howled as you ran through the kitchen and crash landed on the couch, just missing Steve who was already lounging on the cushions.

“(Y/N), please, I’m begging you to stop talking like that.” Steve groaned.

“Steve, if you’re gonna call yourself my friend then you have to deal with every side of me, including the 90′s rapper side that makes the occasional appearance.”

He chuckled and shook his head while he handed you the remote to pick tonight’s movie. You glanced down at the clock and furrowed your brows.

“Hey, where’s Buck? It’s nine on the dot, he should be here.”

“He didn’t text you? He’s not coming,” Steve said cautiously.

“Not coming?” Your finger froze on the button it was about to push. “What do you mean he’s not coming? It’s our movie night.”

“Well, he’s with a girl, (Y/N), it is Friday night.” His defense made you snarl, but you took a deep breath to try and calm yourself.

“Okay, I’m gonna ignore that last statement and pretend you didn’t just disrespect our movie night.”

Steve snorted at you. You rocked in your seat to face him, tucking your feet under you and strangling a pillow in your lap. “Which girl is it now? Dot?”

“No. Uh, he said her name was…”

“Oh is it, umm, what’s her freaking name…” you snapped your fingers in the air until you remembered the blonde who only seemed to be able to access about 12% of her brain. “Kelly?”

“Uh-uh,” he declined.

“The one who lives down on Ferry St.?”


“The one who works with Sharon?” You asked.

“That’s Kelly,” Steve chuckled.

“Jesus, I can’t keep ‘em all straight,” you shouted, completely exasperated and throwing yourself down on the couch.

“I think this is a new one anyway. He didn’t say much about her.”

“He never does.” You grumbled as you picked the first movie that popped up on the screen.

Before the opening credits ended you texted Bucky.

How dare you skip out on movie night.

You placed the phone on the coffee table and made yourself comfy as you watched the set up of the action movie you’d seen a couple times before.

A few minutes later your phone lit up with the most unflattering picture of Bucky, meaning he had texted you back. You sat up so quickly, the couch creaked. Steve spotted Bucky’s face on the screen before you could yank it out of his sight.

“(Y/N), he’s on a date, leave him alone.”

“Uh, I highly doubt it’s a traditional date, Steve,” you mumbled as you unlocked your phone and read the message.

I know, I’m sorry. 
I could bring her over and we could all watch something?

You growled aloud and shot him back a text. 

Absolutely not. No randos at movie night.

You tossed your phone on the couch next to you and tried to focus on the movie. A message lit the screen again and you looked down without unlocking it.

You’re a piece of work, (Y/N).

You sighed and burritoed yourself in a blanket, watching the explosions and gunfire on the television.

“What did he say?” Steve asked you once the violent scene had quieted down. 

“He apologized,” you grumbled. 

Steve sighed. “It’s harder than you thought it would be isn’t it?”

The confused look you gave him made it clear he would have to elaborate. 

“To live with us and hide how you feel.”

You shouldn’t be surprised that Steve knew about your feelings for Bucky. Steve and you had been friends for years and he knew you so well, it was like he always knew what was inside your head. 

“I just- he shouldn’t be hooking up with all these girls, ya know? It’s not good for him.” You practically whispered. 

Steve threw his arm around you. “He’ll figure that out.”

You sighed into his touch and leaned on his shoulder. The rest of the movie went by quietly until you both picked up and went to bed. 

The next day you went to the gym to blow off some steam and by the time you got back, Bucky was finally out of bed and making some coffee. He was standing in the kitchen, his long hair pulled into a messy bun, black tank top clinging to his chest and shoulders above thin, grey sweatpants. He was a sight to behold if you weren’t so angry with him for bailing on you and Steve the night before. 

“Good morning,” he said sleepily, sensing your presence as he focused on pouring his drink.

“Morning,” you answered quietly as you squeezed by his large body to grab a plum from the bowl on the other side of the counter. You bit into it as silence hung in the air.

Bucky finally cleared his throat. “How was the movie night?”

“Great,” you shortly declared as you reached to the top cupboard for a glass. Bucky’s eyes fell to your waist as your workout tank rose off your hips and your pale skin peeked out for a moment. You closed the cupboard with a slam and asked, “How was your night?”

“Fine,” he said, side stepping out of your way as you filled the glass with water.

“So you’ll be moving on rather quickly then.”

He sputtered and coughed as he choked on his sip of coffee. “What?”

“If your night was only fine, I’m sure you dumped her this morning and you’ll be moving on to someone new tonight, right?” you spat before taking a sip of your water, grabbing a napkin for your plum and heading out of the kitchen. 

“Hey! You can’t just say something like that and then walk away,” he said, grabbing your elbow and spinning you around.

“Well, it’s true, isn’t it?”

“That-that’s none of your business,” he stammered. When you scoffed, it sent him over the edge. “Is this all because I missed your stupid movie night?” he shouted.

“Well, that was quite the cherry on top, Buck! Since when are your hookups more important than me and Steve?”

“They’re not just hookups, (Y/N)! What kind of a guy do you think I am?” He yelled, ripping his fingers through his long hair.

“I don’t even know anymore! All the sudden you’re going through girls faster than you go through freaking underwear! What the hell happened to you? What are you trying to make up for?”

He pressed his lips together and refused to answer you. You shook your head and put your glass and plum down on the counter with a bang and stalked out of the room. 

“(Y/N)!” he called after you.

You spun around in the doorway. “What, Buck? What do you want?”

“I wanna be yours.” It was soft like a prayer, but you were sure you heard it. 

His words pulled at you, made your hands fall to your sides from their strong position on your hips, your jaw relaxed from its clenched position, the air pulled right from your lungs. But your heart soared as he continued.

“I really care about you, (Y/N). I try to be everything that you need- I try to give you everything you deserve, but I know I’m-Jesus you’re way out of my league and I know that, but I just- I don’t know.” The words flew out of his mouth like they were on fire. When he ran out of steam he sighed and stared at his bare feet on the kitchen floor.

“Bucky-” you started but he interrupted you.

“Ju-just forget it, okay?” He mumbled like a kicked puppy. With his head down, he crossed in front of you and got out of the kitchen as fast as he could before you could stop him.

The next day you laid out on your bed waiting for the sign from F.R.I.D.A.Y., but it never came. 

Later that night you asked her, “F.R.I.D.A.Y., do you remember the plan?”

“Yes, Miss (Y/L/N). But Mr. Barnes hasn’t left his room today.”

“He hasn’t?” you knew an AI couldn’t lie, but you were amazed at her answer. Maybe something else was bothering him or he was busy with paperwork from missions, he always let that stiff pile up. Surely he wasn’t that upset about what happened between you two in the kitchen yesterday.

You waited for her signal for hours before you finally let yourself fall asleep. He would have to come out sometime, you thought.

F.R.I.D.A.Y.’s voice startled you when she woke you up in the middle of the night. “Miss (Y/L/N), Mr. Barnes is in the kitchen.”

You rolled over and sat up too quickly, your head reeling from your sudden movement. You grumbled, “What time is it?” and though you weren’t really expecting an answer, the AI announced that it was 3AM. 

Throwing a sweatshirt over your head you asked F.R.I.D.A.Y. to follow through with her part of the plan. “This better freaking work,” you mumbled in a sleepy fog.

The elevator doors opened and butterflies flooded your stomach when you heard the slow guitar strums coming from the speakers in the kitchen. You sneaked down the hall and peeked your head around the door frame and you couldn’t help but giggle at what you saw. 

Bucky was frantically running around the joined kitchen and living room, pressing just about every button on every remote to try and turn the loud music off.  

You swallowed your fear and a little bit of your pride and stepped into the dim light in front of the refrigerator.  You took a deep breath and started to sing softly to the song and you ignored the heat running through your system when Bucky froze in his pace and stared at you.

“I wanna be your vacuum cleaner, breathing in your dust. I wanna be your Ford Cortina. I will never rust. If you like-”

Your soft singing was cut off by Bucky’s chuckles. “You wanna be my what? My vacuum cleaner?”

“God, Bucky, shut up! Listen!” you shouted, holding a finger up to the speaker as the song rolled on and the most important lyrics were about to be sung. You let the record sing for you because your voice was stolen by your nerves. 

“You call the shots, babe. I just wanna be yours. Secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought.” 

Bucky’s smirk fell as he listened to the lyrics booming from the speakers. When he practically ran toward you, you involuntarily took a step back and ran into the cabinets. 

“Maybe I just wanna be yours, I wanna be yours, I wanna be yours,” it sang.

As the music swelled Bucky’s hands cupped your jaw and pulled your lips to his. You fervently kissed him back and when he was sure you weren’t going to run away, his hands fell to your waist and his arms wrapped tightly around your body, pulling you closer to him. 

The four words repeated over and over as he wrapped himself around you and you hid from the world in his long, thick limbs. Every breath was in sync as you ran your fingers through his hair and he fisted the back of your sweatshirt in his rough hands. 

The song ended seemingly as soon as it began and you pulled away from Bucky, his face still only inches from yours. 

“So, you had to wake the whole team up just so you could tell me you liked me back?” He said with a smirk.

“That’s your fault for eating dinner at three in the morning.”

“I was hungry,” he said, playfully pinching the skin on your back. “And where the heck did you find this song?”

“Youtube,” you said, as if it was obvious. “Do you get it? The song’s called I Wanna Be Yours and that’s what you said to me? Do you get it? I spent a lot of time on this, Buck, please acknowledge-” 

“Yes, I get it,” he groaned before stopping your sarcastic rambling with another kiss. You laughed against his lips and thanked Youtube for introducing you to the Arctic Monkeys. 



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can you post 10 facts about Helena? :)

I can indeed!

I’m not sure what kind of facts you’re looking for, so I’ll do a mix of professional and personal facts about her that I can think of off the top of my head. This will probably end up being very long, but here we go:


1. Helena Bonham Carter is a Gemini (born May 26th 1966).

2. She is the 4th highest grossing actress in the world according to Box Office Mojo, with a total gross of $2,822,000.

3. She has a very rich ancestry. As well as the Englishness, she is also part Spanish, French, Austrian, Czech and Russian on her mother’s side. Through her father, she is the great-granddaughter of former Prime Minister Herbert H. Asquith. Her maternal grandfather was the Spanish diplomat Eduardo Propper de Callejón, who saved thousands of Jews from the Holocaust during World War II. Other distant relations include Kate Middleton, Florence Nightingale and the Rothschild family.

4. She practices Bikram yoga regularly. Apparently she goes to classes in her pyjamas when everyone else is in Lycra and is said to be “very flexible and has great balance, particularly at some of the difficult moves".

5. At 51, she holds 90+ acting credits to her name.

6. She describes her London home as “a bit of a Wonderland”, and though we’ve never seen inside it properly, we’ve gotten glimpses and descriptions of some of the wonders it holds. These include a shepherd’s caravan in
the garden, a profusion of clocks and pictures on the walls, outsize film props and tiny mannikins, a red pillar box which her children use to post ‘suggestions and complaints’ to her and a doorway disguised in a cupboard like the entrance to Narnia.

7. Despite her various career achievements, including two Academy Award nominations and a CBE from Queen Elizabeth II for services to Drama, she’s never had any formal acting training.  

8. She speaks English, French and Spanish.

9. She’s an ambassador for several charities including Save The Children, for whom she hosts themed parties every year for at the Roundhouse in Camden to raise money. The last one was the Night of Country party which raised £1,000,000.

10. She usually has three drinks together, as you can usually see during her talk show appearances. These are usually Diet Coke, coffee and water.


hi heres a wittle bit about lambs ambiguous past with his momma!! this took me a little…while to do. thank yew for over 12k subs !!

AN: Oh my goodness I would totally date Elizabeth in a heartbeat XD Anyway, here is my *first ever* Wanda imagine. YAYYYY! Thank you for the anon that requested this.

Pairing: Wanda X  Reader (And a teeny, tiny, wittle bit of Pietro bC I CAN AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME)

Prompt: Hi! I know requests are closed and all, so you don’t need to write this right now. But could you do a Wanda x reader? There’s none of those and I think it would be sweet(: It could be something like everyone thinks that the reader has a crush on Pietro because she keeps dropping hints about loving accents or something but then it ends up being about Wanda? thank you! xx


“The Other One”

You didn’t understand. Yes, Pietro Maximoff was attractive, but his sister was where the real beauty was. Her long, brown hair and deep, red eyes were enough to make your knees weak.

Yet, somehow Pietro was always being called the ‘heartthrob’ and such, whereas Wanda just sat on the sidelines without much of that kind of attention.

You had been crushing on Wanda for a few weeks now, you realized that you liked her when the two of you began to be friends. She would come over to your room and vent about her brother’s childish behavior, or sometimes admit to you how much she misses her old home. You were glad that she came to you in times like that, but you were still worried that one day she would decided to go inside your minds and she would see your true feelings for her.

Today you sat on the couch with a Maximoff twin on either side of you and the rest of the team scattered along the living room. All of you had just gotten back from a mission, one that drained any and all energy from the team.

“Does anyone want something to drink, lemonade?” Steve offered from the other side of the room. Something you learned about Steve was no matter how tired or drained he was, he still did anything he could for the team. Even something as small as getting everyone drinks.

A few of the teammates nodded, and Tony said, “Why don’t you have Pietro go and get them, Cap? It’ll be faster.”

You could tell that Tony was just picking on Pietro from the way that he was smiling over at the white-haired Avenger.

“My legs hurt to much to move.” Pietro moaned. “I ran way to much in that last mission.”

“Pft.” Tony snorted. “Isn’t that all you do? What use are you if you can’t run?”

You knew Tony was begging extra rude because he was still tense from the mission, but that didn’t really make it okay. Pietro was still a close friend of yours and you didn’t like that Stark was calling him useless.

“Lay off, Tony.” You snapped at him. “Pietro saved your ass more than a few times during the mission, you should be thanking him.”

“My suit fell apart during the battle, all he did was cover for me while I repaired it.” Tony huffed, annoyed.

Pietro grinned at him, then rested his head on your shoulder. His ability, especially when it is over used, is completely energy consuming. It heavily taxes his physical stamina.

Wanda looked over at her brother, and you noticed her eyes get just a little darker when she saw his head on you. The butterflies in your stomach began to flutter their wings.

“You’re just jealous that I am better at fighting than you are, Stark.” Pietro quipped as he rested his eyes.

“Shut up, Pietro.” Tony growled, turning to face a different direction like a little child. “No one wants to hear your dumb accent any more.”

“I happen to love their accents, than you very much.” You said, hoping and praying that Wanda would catch on.

Tony rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest.

“FRIDAY, can you get Tony a binky and a diaper? Because he is acting like a child.” You heard Steve say when he came back with two armfuls of glasses. Wanda–being the amazing, kindhearted, impossibly caring– person that she was, got up and took some of the drinks out of his arms and began to distribute them out to the team with him.

Wanda handed you a glass of lemonade and your fingers brushed by hers, and her hand lingered under yours for a minute. You felt a steady blush crawl up your neck as you grabbed the glass from her.

You couldn’t see, but Pietro smiled seeing the interaction between you and his sister.

Tony, who was blatantly ignoring Steve’s jab, turned to look at the three of you again. With his eyebrow cocked up, he gestured between you and Pietro.

“Pietro, when are you going to ask her out?”

Pietro lifted his head just a little bit. “Ask who?”

Tony threw his hands up in the air dramatically as the rest of the team snickered. What were you missing?

“Y/N!” They all shouted.

What?” You nearly spat your lemonade out. Wanda tensed next to you.

“What do you mean? You like him!” Clint said as he laughed at both Pietro and you reactions. “You are always saying stuff about how much you love their accents, or–”

“You people are idiots.” Pietro groaned. “She doesn’t like me, she likes my sister!”

Your eyes widened and your cheeks flushed a bright red color.

“Wh…what?” Tony stuttered.

“You didn’t notice the way that she stared at Wanda, or how they were always together? I saw her crush right away.”

Seeing you getting flustered, Pietro grabbed your hand softly and smiled. “If it makes you feel any better, I approve.”

Wanda poked your arm and drew your attention over to her. A small yet noticeable smile was played out on her perfect, crimson lips. “You…you like me?”

You looked down and nodded, you felt so exposed. You were so going to get back at Pietro later.

Wanda’s fingers captured your chin and tugged you over to her, only to have her lips press against yours. For a moment, your eyes were wide, but then they fluttered shut as you gave into the kiss.

The rest of the team was silent in shock, Pietro snorted. “What? You didn’t see that coming?”

((Sorry it was short butt OMG I LOVE WANDAAAAA XD))

this only just a tinsy wittle bit peek of what i wanted to do to celebrate my 800++ followers.you guys have to wait.i want this to be perfect.but don’t expect too much alright?hopefully you will love it when i post it >A<’’

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Try to make you blush? Is this a challenge you really wanna throw down? How about we start with pinning your arms back and painting your neck with aww manner of kisses and nibbwes, hm? Oh your stammering and begging so much already~ What about a raspberry there, would that make you squeal? I bet it woooould~ Or go to the other end of your body, and tease those sensitive wittle feet? Such tickwish wittle feet, you can't even stand a wittle bit of teasing. What a tickwish wittle baby.

@danmiller I know it’s you….this is completely unfair

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mom is it okay to share here that i ... like a fictional guy character? bcs i just see you all being cute gays and as much as i'd like to join i havent found yet my gayness ... i mean i am a tiny wittle bit for a female character too bcs i share so much shit i love with her, but... idk i havent found decent peeps for me in rl yet... nearby i mean. # just a smol demi hetero non who feels a bit intimidated and doesnt know what to do...

I mean you can talk about guys it just isn’t a super popular topic bc most of the girls here are wanting to flaunt their sapphic selves or they’re guys that follow and talk about their gfs

Tzilar is Dolan’s Imprinted Weapon (his sword). ^^ I’m gonna have to edit it’s design a little bit, cause he’s too wittle to handle it the way I have it drawn currently. lmao. 

Things become so much more difficult if your Warrior uses a claymore but he’s only 5′4″ and the sword itself is about 5′1″ XD  

( @the-devils-pet-cat )

Too Good to Turn Down

 Jess Faux!

Hello hello hello! I have to say, I don’t even do a very good metamorph impression of Jonathan. But once I tossed on some glasses and sulked around everybody just assumed it was him.

Sorry about giving out a bit of info on ‘wittle’ Jonathan from the good old days. Emily gave me a call, and it was too good of an offer to turn down. We are old prank buddies after all.

Next time you’re on East Carson I’ll buy you a round of arcade Mario Kart at Victory Pointe. Just don’t get upset when I kick your butt at it!

- \_/ -

Temporary Gaurdian - Brett Talbot imagine

Request: hey! i love your imagines so much and i get so excited when you post a new one! could you do an imagine where scott has a younger sister who has been kept in the dark about the supernatural stuff until the dread doctors plan to go after her and scott and everyone tries to protect her while they’re at a party where she sees brett who she’s had a crush on and he helps protect her and it just gets kind of emotional/fluffy? i hope that made sense, lol

[A/n]: There’s not actually any smut, guys. That preview was just to mislead you. *insert laughing in emoji for sake of my entertainment* Anyway, for those of you who are uncomfortable with smut, it doesn’t actually go that far. The whole ‘scene’ just sort of fit with the writing, so I wrote it. Also, I changed the plot just a wittle bit because I was almost done when I realized some of the story was different. And sorry for the long wait)!

Link to preview here

Word Count: 980

Keep reading

音轨 06

theory-of-beauty, looking for this?

TRACK 06: After Sports, It’s…

MAKOTO: Haru. I made it for you in this thermos. Here.

HARUKA: Oh, thanks. NAGISA: What’s that? REI: A sports drink or something?

MAKOTO: What are you talking about, Rei? After you’ve done sports, you need curry.

REI: Huh?

NAGISA: Aw, I’m so envious! I get parched after some hardcore exercising. I want to drink some, too!

REI: HUH?! What are you guys talking about?! Curry is a meal! If you drink that during practice breaks, there will be dreadful consequences later!

HARUKA: Curry is a drink. [drinking] Ahh. That was good. REI: ?!?!!! Not you too, Haruka-senpai…

RIN: What are you guys doing? Aren’t you gonna swim?

REI: Ri–Rin-san! Everyone’s acting strangely! They’re all drinking curry or saying they want to drink curry!

RIN: Hey, you have curry! Haru, let me have some after practice is over. REI: My last line of defense… has crumbled!!!!!

HARUKA: What’s the matter, Rei? You’re being weird.

NAGISA: I know! You want curry too, don’t you!

REI: No, I would never want something so inane!

MAKOTO: …!! “Inane”? But I… I worked so hard on it…

RIN: Rei! You’re horrible!

REI: No, I… It’s not that I dislike what you made, Makoto-senpai, I’m just saying that I dislike it because curry isn’t a drink in the first place…

RIN: [gasps] Do you have any idea what you’re saying?!

REI: Eh?

MAKOTO: My homemade cooking doesn’t even count as a drink…

REI: Eh?! Ehhh?!

HARUKA: Rei! Are you feeling okay? (*While Rin is being super defensive of Makoto, Haru just…*)

NAGISA: Rei-chan? Did the heat go to your head?

REI: Ehhhh?!!!! Is it me who’s wrong?! Have I been living with the wrong information all this time?!!!

x x x

REI: …And that was the dream I had.

MAKOTO: R–Rei… [pats REI’s shoulder] If there’s something troubling you, you can talk to me.

Track 14 and 16 too have a wittle bit of MakoRin, but not as obvious as this one. I think it’s obvious enough or just a ship bias. It was on Free! Illustrations Drama CD. Alright, miss-asuka! I thought I was the only one happy for it..

Calum wasn’t necessarily SingleDad!Calum, but you were in a very popular band and were touring more than you were home. Whenever baby boy Hood, who was actually almost five, was sad and missed his mom, he would play some of your music, pick him up and spin him around. Calum missed you too, of course, but he knew that he had to let you live your dream too. But he never thought that it would feel this awful. If he would have known that this is how awful it felt to not be able to see the world with him, he would have changed some things. You didn’t even have your son to keep you happy like Calum was. Your son always kept him happy though, but there was still that ache for you three to be together again and have another baby Hood. One day, it got really bad. “Daddy! It’s okay, mommy will be home soon.” Your son would have said with his hands on Calum’s cheeks, that were wet with tears. “I know buddy, but I miss her so much.” Cal would have said as he wiped his tears quickly. “Daaaadddddd! It’s okay! Really! I miss mommy a lot too, but you gotta be tough a wittle bit longer.” Your son would have insisted. Calum would have smiled sadly and nodded then pulled your son up from the couch. He would have brought your son to the room where he would have played, ‘Beside you’. He wanted nothing more than to be beside you and your son at the same time.

For blurb night! spaghettiluek cakesofficial

Marauders: Reminiscing about meeting, for anon

James glanced around the dormitory, his room for the past seven years of his life, and after today he would never see it again. The others were lolling around the dorm, Remus and James already finished packing whilst Sirius had barely started and Peter was searching frantically for something under his bed. “This is weird,” he finally blurted out, leaning against the post of his bed. “I mean, this-” He gestured around the room “-leaving. It’s weird that’s all,” James said.

Sirius scoffed at him “Getting sentimental Prongs?” he asked, taking down the posters of motorbikes and whatever else rubbish he kept up there. “Nothing’s changing though, is it? I mean, we’re all just moving from here to that flat. With the addition of Evans,” he added as an after thought.

James just shrugged in reply, pushing his glasses straight. “I guess.”

Remus however wasn’t hiding his nostalgia like Sirius was (they all knew he was the one saddest to be leaving) “Remember when we first met?” he said with a grin, and immediately James grinned.

“I remember you lot stole my food before you’d even met me, bastards,” Peter quipped up from under the bed, making Sirius bark a single laugh.

“Shouldn’t have left it all out on your bed then,” he answered, tossing bits and pieces into the trunk. “Oh, and remember ‘wittle Prongsy here had labeled clothes,” he added with a smirk. James scowled at the memory of the others making fun of him for it.

“Yeah, well at least I didn’t go up to the girls dormitory by accident,” he said quickly - he knew from experience that if you left Sirius after he’d insulted you he considered that a win.

“Arse. Whoever said it was an accident anyway?” he added with a wink.

“Sirius, you were eleven,” Remus said plainly

The  dark haired boy shrugged. “I was a fast developer.”

James just rolled his eyes as Sirius returned to packing, Peter coming back with whatever he was searching for (looked like a book). A while passed, as James remembered meeting all three of the Marauders, right here in this room. “I’m glad I met you lot,” he said, the sentiment coming out before he could stop it, “Even if you are a bunch of tossers.”

Random Daddy Drabble

AN: idk


“Papa! Papa!” Hikari tugged on her father’s much, much large hand. “Papa, its a puddy!” She pointed to the large puddle of water that gathered at the side of the street.

“So what?” He asked.

“Can I play? Mama lets me and Pie-kun play!” She looked up at him with pouted lips. “Peeeeeas, can I? Can I?”

Sasuke let go of her hand and watched his girl go running towards the puddle. She jumped and splashed dirty water all over her rain boots. She squeaked in joy. Her dimples and little teeth showed smiled at her father. Sasuke crossed his arms. “Be careful.” He muttered at the adorable scene.

Hikari jumped more and kicked the water. “Puddy! Puddy, Papa!” Ebony pigtails bounced on either sides on her head. She ran ahead to the second one. Sasuke watched the hyper girl. “Spaashh!” She jumped in.

“Come on, Hikari.” Sasuke looked at the rolling dark clouds. “Mama will be worried.”

She frowned. “But papa, I wanna play - play at the pay-grounds!”

“Playgrounds,” he corrected.

Hikari nodded. “That’s what I say!” She shook her head like he was the wrong one. “Can I? Just for a wittle bit,” she barely left any room between her index finger and thumb. “For this much!” She smiled at her father, her front two teeth missing proudly.

Sasuke didn’t like picking Hikari up from school. The girl was persuasive in a simplistic way. He much rather walk Daisuke home. His son would sum up his day in five minutes, ask about Sasuke’s day and they would enjoy the peace and quiet. He could say ‘No’ to Daisuke but Hikari…

“Not for long,” he managed to get out before Hikari ran onto the grass. “Stay close!” He shouted. The sun had been trying to dry up majority of the land but it seemed another storm was coming through. Sasuke sat on one of the nearby benches and watched his daughter interact with other children.

Hikari was different. Having the dark eyes didn’t necessarily mean she would hold the Sharingan and the way her chakra system was set up…

“Look, it’s her…” They whispered as Hikari ran up to them. “Weirdo…”

“Can I play?” She asked cheerfully, oblivious to their faces of disinterest.

The slightly older girl, maybe six, but apparently the leader scoffed. “We’re playing ninja.”

Hikari still grinned. “Yes. I like that.”

They laughed. Hikari felt her cheeks burn. Why? What’s was so funny? “You can’t even keep up.” The girl pointed.

“Yes I can! I’m four and a half!” She showed her four fingers. “I can!”

The second girl shook her head and whispered to a boy. “My mama says she’s just a normal person. No chakra or whatever.”

“You should go play in the dirt or something?” The boy teased.

Onyx eyes widened momentarily then fell. Her hands clasped together in her front. “I…I s-sowwy.” She turned away.

Sasuke watched Hikari run back to him crying. He stood when she tackled his leg. “What happened?”

She just sobbed. Sasuke picked the little thing up. Hikari hide in his shoulder. “Why I’m no n-ninja too, Papa?”

Sasuke looked up at the children at the playground. “Stay right here,” he sat her down.


“You know, Lee-san?” Sasuke asked the sniffled girl. She nodded. “You’re just like him.”

“He’s strong,” Hikari gasped.

“I fought him when we were younger.”

Hikari squealed. “Papa won?”

“No.” He replied. “Don’t let anyone call you weak. Strongest four year, I know.”

“Four and a half!” Hikari corrected as he opened the front door. Hinata was helping Daisuke do homework on the floor. “Pie-kun! Mama! Guess what?” She took off her rain boots.

Hinata smiled and beckoned the girl to come over. “What baby?”

“Papa put some - some bad kids in a tree! All the way at that top, top, top!” She lifted her hands.

Hinata looked up at her husband. “What?”

“They wanted to play ninja,” he sat next to Daisuke. “I just helped.”

Hikari thumped her brother in the nose. “Papa says I’m strong like Lee!” Daisuke rolled over (over-dramatically) clutching his nose.

“Sunny-chan! Ouch!” He whined. The girl jumped on him. “Sunny-chan, you win!”

Hinata smiled at her children. Sasuke closed his eyes. “You want me to go get those kids, huh?”

Opal eyes looked at him with surprise. “Oh no,” she picked her daughter up. “Leave them.”

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you ever do fic prompts (completely fine if not!) but I adore your writing style so if there's any chance you do I was wondering if you could maybe write a little something from Daryl's pov about the last few days he spent with Carol at the start of season 4? With the sweet little moments we saw they had together, but sort of true to current canon with them not actually being 'together' (yet) just still good friends & what was going on in his headspace? If that makes any sense?

I took some license here and it got hella long, but I apologize for none of it! Thanks for the prompt, nonnie! :)

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