a with teuk

Boyfriend Johnny
  • It’s time for me to wreck myself
  • do you believe in communication through memes you better
  • meme texts can happen at any time of the day
  • also sends you texts to make sure you’re doing okay when he can’t see you
  • would also send you weird selfies captioned with shitty pickup lines
  • giant dork but he’s serious when he needs to be
  • your safety is one of his top priorities 
  • would probably fight anyone that hurts you
  • slightly biased fashion evaluations because he thinks you always look great
  • “You look great today, I mean you always look great but wOW”
  • you would do special things sometimes but most of your dates would just be hanging out together
  • whether it be at home cuddling, playing with dogs at the park, casual stuff
  • when you guys are alone he’d always be touching you in some way even if its just holding hands, or having his arm over your shoulder
  • lots of back hugs
  • and temple/face kisses
  • you can call him daddy
  • gets things off high shelves for you bless him
  • you have to give him a kiss in return though
  • so many couple selfies
  • cute selfies, silly selfies, just out of bed selfies
  • he just loves having pics of you guys together
  • car karaoke
  • even if you’re just going to the supermarket he’ll blast Beyonce or something and you’ll both scream sing along 
  • might get deep late at night
  • “babe when a poison goes past its expiration date does it get more or less toxic?” “idk johnny but I’m trying to sleep”
  • notices little things
  • like if you looked at something longingly while shopping he’d remember and try to buy it as a present for you later
  • tries to do things for you like cooking you breakfast
  • even if he fails sometimes it’s the thought that counts okay
  • if you try to kiss him his tall ass might not bend down 
  • he thinks it’s cute watching you try to reach his lips
  • he’d bend down and kiss you just when you’re about to give up 
  • in a messy conclusion: Johnny is a meme but he’s your lovely meme pls look after him

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If the members were female, whom would Teuk & Shindong choose to be with? :)

170121 Lotte Fan Meeting :

Q: If the members were female, whom would you choose to be with?

Shindong: Female?… I would choose Heechul then

Heechul: *kneels* ah XX!!

Shindong: I choose based on appearance. Heechul’s looks is my type.

Teuk was asked if he were a girl who he would choose to marry..

Leeteuk: First choice would be Siwon because he is rich, second choice would be Kyu because he is also rich.. Yesung? No was because he is NOT!   (c) (c)

Super Junior and Elements 🎶

Leeteuk ; Earth
Nurturing, Home

Heechul ; Lightning 
Blinding, Dazzling, Swift

Hangeng ; Fire
 Blazing, Heat

Yesung ; Air
 Ambient, Unpredictable, Pure 

Kangin ; Metal 
Strength, Underlying

  Shindong ; Wood 
Tough, Polished

Sungmin ; Sky
 Boundless, Filled

Eunhyuk ; Space 
Absolute, Dimensional

Zhou Mi ; Greenery
 Luxuriant, Eternal

Donghae ; Sand 
Warm, Free

Siwon ; Rock 
Progressive, Bearing

Ryeowook ; Water 
Influencing, Mystical

Kibum ; Light
 Distinct, Aureate

Kyuhyun ; Ice 
Unbroken, Amorphous

Henry ; Star 
Brilliant, Luminous


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