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attention moana cosplayers and everyone who wants to cosplay moana (of all races)

So very recently I’ve talked to a various amount of people who have different opinions about if cosplaying Moana is something anyone should do, regardless of heritage or what they look like. Numerous amounts of debate has gone on about who should do what. The biggest one I’ve seen is “cosplay whoever you want, it’s cosplay!”

I’ve had a quite a few people tell me I would make a great Moana, which is why I decided to cosplay her. I do look like her, so it was nice to see a character I could identify with appearance wise in the Princess lineup. Once before I’ve been told by someone who was white that I shouldn’t cosplay Moana, so I dismissed it because the person was not Polynesian themselves. Obviously it isn’t in their place to decide.

However! @swampthing, who is Pasifika, has messaged me with concerns of making and wearing traditional garments of their culture offensively by wearing a culture that does not belong to me because I do not participate in it. I had discussed it in private with @swampthing, and had agreed that it was offensive. If you want #receipts I’ll gladly provide.

Retrospectively after this conversation, I shouldn’t have sought advice from anyone else afterwards in an effort to be able to keep a costume i had worked on. So after discussing it another friend who was part Hawaiian and actually complimented my costume, I posted a picture today of me wearing it, and @respectyoursister has called me out for posting another picture after having the conversation with @swampthing. in turn, i recognized that it was an idiotic and disrespectful move to ignore everything @swampthing said to me for one person’s opinion and for the sake of posting pictures in a cosplay.

you’re probably thinking I wouldn’t have made this post if I were not called out for it, and sure, I wouldn’t have, because I had thought I was in the okay, at least until someone came along to tell me once again that it wasn’t. so, ultimately, after being publicly called out for it on the picture itself, i’m posting this, because I made two mistakes, and it was in my error to hold one person’s opinion above someone else who is from the culture of the character you are cosplaying, who was actually concerned about the appropriative aspects of constructing and creating a traditional costume of a culture that does not belong to you, especially if that culture belongs to a people that is a small percentage of the population of the world.

No matter what hawaiian/polynesian/pacific islander friend you have that are okay with it, if one person from the culture does not want you to do it, listen to them, and don’t blow them off for one opinion.

Moving forward, I urge everyone: if you are NOT Polynesian, do NOT cosplay from Moana. She is wearing traditional garments. They should not be treated like a costume.

I know there are a lot of black cosplayers, latina cosplayers (like @momo-kurumi) and other people of color who are not Polynesian that identify with the way she looks, and I know representation matters, but this isn’t necessarily negotiable. And whether Disney Parks chooses to cast someone to wear the costume who is actually Polynesian has no relevance either, as their habit of white washing characters and using people who are ethnically ambiguous to be their people of color in their parks doesn’t seem to be breaking anytime soon.


A number of people who ARE Pacific Islanders such as @tokyogirlylove, @thylasam, @divinesdea, and @alt-ejinn have expressed to me that they are fine with me cosplaying Moana as long as it is respectful, and they see it as more of a cultural sharing rather than cultural appropriation. This doesn’t include the Hawaiian mutual who liked my costume and actually cosplayed Moana herself, and @nothingrolly, who is Tahitian, thought my moana cosplay was good, though is conscious of the traditional aspects of the outfit.

so i know made a tough call but since some people were voicing their concerns with me and I had to listen. They do not want their culture to be a costume and I respect that. At the same time I recognise that there are Pacific Islanders who don’t see it as cultural appropriation and see it as appreciation. They endorse the research and the respectful portrayal of Moana.

People have told me it wasn’t in my place to tell people who can and can’t cosplay a character and I suppose I have to agree with them. For this situation it’s tough and there needs to be more discussion about it.

So…perhaps the best thing to do for now is to use caution, if you are not Pacific Islander and would like to cosplay Moana. You are at the discretion of the people who Moana represents.

Unless a lot of people who were Pacific Islander came forth and said they were alright with me cosplaying Moana, I’m not going to cosplay her. 

caligurl32  asked:

Don't let the crazies get to you. That guys blog was full of sick hate and degradation. Inciting the insanity only fuels their fire. A wise person once told me, you cannot argue with crazy. (No, you lock that shit up lol j/k)

[ Yeah it really was, normally I wouldn’t allow that to affect me but the fact that his blog claims to be a “Ghost fan” and literally telling people to kill themselves is disgusting.

I just suggest blocking him though and letting fellow Ghost blogs to block him too. ]

A wise man once told me, ‘family don’t end in blood.’ But it doesn’t start there either. Family cares about you, not what you can do for them family’s there; for the good, bad, all of it. They got your back, even when it hurts. That’s family.

Dean Winchester

My note: I don’t care whose blood I’ve got in my body. Family isn’t about blood. I would die for a person who isn’t carrying my blood. Don’t misunderstand me I’m not in love. And I’m happy with it. I’m happy because I only care about people who deserves, not who got my blood in their body. I don’t (couldn’t) care even some of them would die. Is it my weak spot? I don’t think so… This feelings are making me stronger and stronger and stronger… 

Another Undertale PSA

After the recent drama that went down at the reawakening of The Discourse, it’s time for me to get on my soapbox again.

It seems that there has been an ongoing current of harassment and bullying towards people who gender their Chara or Frisk.  

To these bullies:

Stop it. Please.

On the matter of gendered Charas and Frisks, I think that the issue boils down to two opposing viewpoints:

1. Frisk and Chara going by they/them is an act of representation. The are nb characters.

2. Frisk and Chara going by they/them is an act of inclusion. They are blank slate characters that allow everybody to project onto them, INCLUDING nb players.

A very wise friend once told me that the reason fandoms like Undertale and Steven Universe are so vitriolic is because when something touches you on a personal level, others who criticize or interpret it differently come across as personal insults. 

Your discomfort and anger is understandable, especially when nb eraure is very real and very damaging.

However, Frisk and Chara are an interesting case, because there are two very legitimate interpretations to the pronouns.  As far as I can tell, neither interpretation is more correct than the other–the creators have left it ambiguous in all official documentation.  

Personally, I favor the first interpretation, because I can understand the need for and appreciate the beginning of representation of nb characters. 

However, that does not mean that the second interpretation is inherently damaging to nb perceptions and individuals.

Instead, it’s hopefully the beginning of a trend, where you are not automatically forced to assign a gender to a character.  Where you are not forced to choose male or female, and where ‘blank slate’ characters are for everybody, rather than a long running tradition of only appealing to binary players.

Discourse aside, we’re also forgetting the root of all this is Undertale–a game which encourages kindness in the face of great opposition.  A story that serves as a reminder that just because somebody has wronged you, just because they’ve hurt you intentionally or not, just because they’re wholly wrong–does not mean that they are without value. 

You don’t have to wait until you know somebody to treat them as though they are important enough for kindness.

Why I have problems with my mom.

Recently, I’ve just been becoming more and more frustrated with my parents, specifically my mom.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mom, but lately it seems nothing I do can impress her or be good enough for her. When I was younger, my mom always bragged about how smart I was or how much I knew and now that I’m in college and actually learning so much, and that there are things I’m excited to learn about, it’s like she just doesn’t care. She’ll make sly digs at me, like today, I was literally just telling her about how in times of Feudalism, sons would be sent to learn a trade at the guilds, and she said, “And those are the ones who become the snobby college students today.”

She said she was joking.

I felt attacked and appalled that my mom would say something like that to me. Now I’m forever going to be self-aware whenever I talk about things I learn because I’m now always going to be perceived as pretentious.

She also has this habit of being a hypocrite. She told me a joke that I didn’t find funny because the mechanics of it didn’t make sense. I told her, “Well, you have to see it from my side of the coin coming from educational–” she cut me off to say, “No, I don’t; it’s a joke.” After this, I showed her a couple of Bryan Lewis Saunders’s “Drugs” self-portraits and she starts saying, “It’s the Internet; you can’t believe everything on there.”

I just don’t know what’s gotten into her. I’m starting to feel like I don’t matter and that nothing I’ll do will ever fir into the image my mom clearly has for me anymore. I feel so sad after I have a conversation like that with my mom and I just don’t feel like my thoughts or ideas are appreciated anymore.

It almost feels like my mom has become bored with me.

Borne to Chant 
because you can’t have enough death jokes with this game.

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  • ESTJ: I'm going to wake up at 5.30am to pack my bag and do Physics.
  • ISTP: What
  • ISTP: Just stuff the shit in and go
  • ESTJ: I need to check
  • ISTP: A wise fat person once told me that sleeping is better than studying
  • ESTJ: Is that person you from the future?
  • ISTP: ...
  • ISTP: It was INFJ but ok.