a winter poem

-,’ types of people ,’-

spring: bright smiles, poetry, festivals, keeping a journal, gentle touches, taking polaroid pictures, smiling at strangers

summer: loud music, roadtrips, making friends, sun-kissed skin, trying to make everyone happy, sunrises, one night stands

autumn: moonlight, dewy skin, messy hair, rosy cheeks, piercing gaze, ocean waves, rainy days, oversized shirts

winter: making promises, drinking black coffee, midnight conversations, dark hair, writing, sleepy eyes, collecting notebooks, stargazing

I live for chilly autumn afternoons. You’ve just walked home, the sky above is gray and there’s a chill in the air. With every step you take, your combat boots that are laced high to your knees, crunch upon leaves of orange, red, and yellow. On your way, you pass bales of hay and pumpkins that grin at your back. A black cat scurries past your feet and you slip inside your house. You put the kettle on and make yourself a cup of pumpkin spice hot chocolate. Your favorite halloween movie is on and you throw on your sweatpants and your favorite flannel. There’s a cinnamon scented candle burning on the coffee table and an untouched plate of apple cider donuts. Buried beneath the covers on the couch, your hands wrapped around a mug, you let out a sigh. This is what you live for. Outside, the wind howls and the moon reveals itself behind thin layers of fog. Just before you nod off, you’re sure you see a witch flying across the sky. Your dreams are full of swirling colors of gold and red and black cats that trail after cackling witches.

Winter is beautiful not because it is the end of everything but because it represents the start of something new, when everything is all the way back to zero, a fresh new start.
—  Lukas W. // Winter is zero
my favorite, lesser used winter words  ❄

algid (adj.) cold; chilly; freezing; frozen
benumbed (v.) deprived of physical or emotional feeling (like your fingers when it’s really cold!)
blustery (adj.) characterized by strong winds
boreal (adj.) arctic; frigid
brumal (adj.) characteristic of winter.
crystalline (adj.)  having the structure and form of a crystal (snowflakes)
frore (adj.) frosty; frozen
gelid (adj.) chilly; brisk
halcyon (adj.)  denoting a period of time in the past that was idyllically happy and peaceful. (originally meant to refer to calm winter weather)
hiemal (adj.) pertaining to winter; wintry
nippy (adj.) cold           yeah, it just means cold, but it’s cute