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I can’t even begin to put in words how much tonight has meant to me. Laverne Cox’s speech at UConn tonight had me in tears almost the whole time. And getting into her private signing session, getting to tell her face-to-face how much she means to me…

She asked my name. She heard my story, and gave me the kindest smile while I struggled to hold back tears as I told her my story. She asked me why I cried during her speech. Hell, she complimented my hair and suspenders! Me, a person who she’ll likely never see again, and she had such extreme kindness.

I feel uniquely privileged for my fantastic experience tonight.


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In order: my Halloween costume from last year, me thanking the person who bought me an old yugioh card like I owned when I was young, ME WITH LONG HAIR PULLED RIGHT FROM THE FACEBOOKS, Sebastian Moran at CTcon, the first time I did Steve Carlsberg, and lastly me trying to figure out how to pose with a violin a couple weeks ago.

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