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If Stiles and Derek lived together, do you think they would have a garden and if so, what would they plant in it? Also, which one of them would work in the garden? If they would not have a garden, how do you imagine their home? (I am trying to think of questions to ask you and this is all that comes to mind lol boring.)

First of all, please let me freak out for a second because it’s actually the first kind of fandom ask I’ve ever received and I’m completely excited (I’m a real tumblr person guys! People ask me headcanons!! Loook!!!). Now that I’ve shown once again how uncool I am:

For me, neither Derek or Stiles has a single bone in his body gifted for interior design. I want them to buy an house in the wood, because they need the privacy with all the baby!werewolf transiting in their houses and also they kind of started a temporary foster home unintentionally (the kid was nine and a wolf and she cringed when people touched her. Derek looked sad, so Stiles kind of kidnapped her out of the system. Then it all went downhill). (Also, all the pets. Scott keep showing one legged Chihuahua or flightless parrots to Stiles, and he’s weak).

So they bought an old house in the wood, and they told everyone they were gonna make it all new and catalogue worthy. But they never did? Because kids, and pets, and honestly who care what colour the wallpaper is in the living room as long as they have the money to paint their kids ceiling with glowing-in-the-dark paint?

I want them to have a house weirdly put together, with the posh sofa that Lydia bought clashing violently with the old lover seat Allison practically moved in during her pregnancy. I want stairs where the wall is full of pastel drawings that they promised themselves they would erase one day but never did, and a bathroom where the showerhead glow and they use as a light saber. I want a kitchen where you have to pray a little before turning the oven on, because sometimes you make the whole house go dark, and a fridge you have to open cautiously because they are so many pictures, god guys, stop putting pictures on it they fall everytimes!  

I want them to always cut pieces of article for awesome, trendy furniture only to buy something because Boyd laughed out loud at the painting in the shop, the kid said the curtains looked like a boat sail, the Sheriff tried to do a table with his own hands and stopped before doing the fourth leg (but that’s what scary books are made for).

All in all, I want them in a house that is a mess but that is bits of pieces of everyone they love.

For the garden, I would say a huge patchwork of things.

Obviously, Stiles has somewhere a little garden with every kind of magic, healing plants he can find. Every wolfsbane strain existing, because nobody will ever poison the ones he loves under his watch. They are three locks, an alarm, magic wards, and huge signs to keep other out of it. Stiles knows his kids. Stiles knows Scott and Isaac when they are drunk.

There is a vegetable garden, that Melissa told them was really good would help their kids learn about responsibilities. It started with really perfectly drawn plans where every plant had it place, but it ended with one lonely plant of corn raises proudly in the middle of a bush of blackberries. There is a sunflower that, frankly, might be a minor pagan god, because it’s always blooming even during the winter. The bean plants have tried to strangle the pumpkins for years. They have stopped planting potatoes years ago but they still have dozens of them each year. One day Stiles will turn over the entire garden just to get rid of the fuckers.

And in the middle of the chaos, I see an old wooden bench under a tree. A little house. A pond with three fishes and a weird turtle that appeared one day and refused to leave. Wild flowers everywhere. A light string somewhere.

And a beehive. I want Stiles looking after his bees officially because he is saving the environment, dude. But really because it makes him calmer. He likes their order and the life they bring. He likes seeing them buzzing in the spring and pass in front of his eyes covered in bright yellow pollen.

(So yeah. That was longer than expected, I’m so sorry :p)