a wild ship appears

Yes yes I agree with you all Dwalin fed up of Thorin’s failed attempts at hobbit courting is great but have you considered Thorin muffling his laughter whenever Ori appears and Dwalin blushes like a tomato

Nicholas Wilde and Judy Hopps


  • Hanzo: When I was 12, I had a crush on a boy in my clan and I didn't know how to deal with it so I wrote him a letter that just said "Get out my clan".
  • Chojiro: ...
  • Enju: ...
  • Tokugawa: ...
  • Goemon: ...
  • Goemon: That was YOU?!
An Inquiry on the Viscosity of Water [1/20]

Still alive! Sorry for lack of recent updates. RL issues. Here have a small snippet that was written in the meantime. (Not that I suppose anyone will ever read this)(Does anyone even know what Kyoukai no Kanata is? Um…)


Title: An Inquiry on the Viscosity of Water

Category: Kyoukai no Kanata

Summary: Kuriyama Atsuya has a little sister. As far as he’s concerned, this means nothing. [Male!OC, slight AU]

The Chains of Blood: [Part 1] [Part 2]


His parents name him Atsuya, using the characters for ‘kindness’ and ‘to be.’ It’s a shame that he does not grow up the kindest of persons, but he supposes that’s what the ‘to be’ part in his name is for.

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Few Ships of Fall/Winter 2015 & 2016

Few Ships of Fall/Winter 2015 & 2016

1. TakeRiku (Prince of Stride)

I actually started this on Saturday and it’s hilarious, I was like, a new sports anime, w/ one of the favorite sports, and also very gay? Sign me the hell up! ALSO JUST LOOK AT THEM AND TELL ME THERE WAS SO EROTIC EYE CONNECTION. FIGHT ME.

2. KyouHaba (Haikyuu 2nd season)

These two are my precious angst couple, I mean just look at the angry marshmellowpuff getting mad at his bara boyfriend. GUESS WHO‘S BEEN ANIMATED *SCREECHING* (they just need to hurry and be animated in the same frame though shhh)

3. GureShin (Owari no Seraph and Owari No Seraph: Battle in Nagoya)

I have a weakness for childhood friends as you can tell from my blog ._.’ But no, this ship gave me an emotional roller coaster during the 2nd season i screeched my feeling to my friends every time a new episode came out, plus they trust each other with every aspect of their being which is ship fuel. (THOUGH WHERE DID SHINYA GO IN THE SECOND SEASON LAST EPISODE HE’S NOT THERE IN THE MANGA EITHER HELP ME)

They go from this:


4. KazuBisha (Noragami and Noragmai Aragoto)

A wild rare Heterosexual ship has appeared,


You know some deep part of you ships it too if you don’t already