a wild sherlock appears

  • Sherlock: *knocks furiously*
  • Molly: Coming!
  • Sherlock: *continues knocking* *door opens* wTF MOLLY, y r u so smol?!
  • Millie: m not. 'm Millie
  • Sherlock: wTF
  • Molly: Niece, Sherlock.*Wild Molly Appears*
  • Sherlock: OMG WTF
  • Millie: hi? *being like a cute smol Molly*
  • Sherlock: *PICKS THEM BOTH UP* WTF *takes them home*
  • Doyle: "You may murder him, marry him, do whatever the fuck you want with him, Sherlock Holmes can suck my balls."
  • Gatiss: "Great! So Sherlock has this evil sister."
  • Doyle: "Okay."
  • Gatiss: "And she's kept on an island, in a fortress, but she can break out anytime."
  • Doyle: "Okay..."
  • Gatiss: "And Sherlock is going to rescue her from herself. John Watson is going to be chained in a well, on the verge of drowning, but Sherlock will ignore him in favor of consoling his new sister."
  • Doyle: "..."
  • Gatiss: "Oh, and also all the villains are queer and Oscar Wilde makes an appearance."
  • Doyle: "Now you've gone TOO FAR."

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It's like Moffat came up with a bunch of ideas: "lizard woman... ninja maid... lesbians... Victorian era... Sherlock Holmes..." and went "yup, is cool" without researching or putting any thought into how any of these factors would interplay. Seriously. I've put more research and consideration into my Steampunk-themed Sims neighbourhood.

We’ll have a… *spins wheel* lizard woman with… *rolls die* a human wife, in… *flips coin* Victorian London, and… *throws dart* they’re similar to Sherlock and John. Brilliant!

The Fallen Woman has been replaced by The Gay Man

[kind of a long literary critical rant – I’ll put most of it behind a cut]

I had a conversation with a friend the other day that utterly puzzled me. I consider her to be bright, commonsensical, and at least somewhat open-minded. But here’s the thing, we were talking about BBC’s Sherlock, and she expressed a vehement dislike for its heavy emphasis on what she termed the “bromance” between Sherlock and John, particularly in the recent special and in season 3. She believed that it was not “in the spirit” of the original Doyle stories. It clearly made her very uncomfortable.

I thought this was particularly odd, because the source of her discomfort didn’t really seem to stem from the show’s lack of authenticity, but the affection between the two men. Yet this was the same woman who had wildly praised The Imitation Game – a film whose main character (arguably) is pretty similar to Sherlock – emotionally stunted, brilliant, played by Benedict Cumberbatch. What was the difference?

The big difference, I have concluded, is that Alan Turning dies.

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  • me: (watches the Sherlock Special with John and Sherlock wandering through Victorian London)
  • me: (sees a wild TARDIS appear)
  • me: "I knew it! Those wonderful lying bastards! I knew they would make it a Wholock crossover story!"
  • me: (watches Sherlock and John kiss)
  • me: "Oh my god Johnlock is go! Johnlock is-"
  • me: (wakes up and blinks at the bedroom ceiling)
  • me: "GODDAMMIT!!!!"
When you think of the fact that what Sherlock told Anderson is the most likely way he survived The Fall

And you realize that this:

And this:

Were just simple theories made up by two fangirls in The Empty Hearse Fanclub,

Remember that Sherlock told John this:

And also because of these:

And this:

It’s not that farfetched to think that one/both of the two Fanclub theories are the correct versions, of course, without all the dramatics of course with Moriarty/Sherlock being all smiley and kissy, and Sherlock being all James Bond and kissing Molly breathless, those details are kind of over the top don’t you think?

(a fabulous Janeway appears)

(You guys’ reaction to that last bit)

(“What would we, The Sherlock Fandom, know about ‘over the top’?”)

(This is what I mean by 'over the top’)

(BTW if this is not how they handle the Adlock/Sherlolly deal, than what would be the point of bringing Irene back if you’re going to reduce Adlock/Sherlolly to a petty love triangle? I mean, honestly, why fight when we can share? We learned this in kindergarten! *love this gif tho not mine i’m not talented enough*)

This post has deviated from my original point, but without the tangent I would have no reason to use that last gif, so deal with it (my brother just walked in while i was typing that last sentence, saw that gif, muttered 'crazy’ and hurried out again)

Back on point, the way Sherlock told Anderson he survived the fall from Barts’ rooftop, I don’t buy it. Why? Again:

Anderson’s Theory:

Goth Fangirl’s Theory:

(Yes, I have multiple gifs of this kiss)

^Me (a wild Thor gif appears)

The Rest of The Sherlock Fandom:

(^In which I am Anderson, and The Rest of The Sherlock Fandom is Sherlock)

Everyone following me not in The Sherlock Fandom: