a wild photoshop thing appears


it’s in the stars
it’s been written in the scars on our hearts


DJ Shindong: How many kids would L.Joe like to have?
L.Joe: I would like to have three.
Chunji: Really~! *laughs*
L.Joe: I want a son, a daughter, and a son. Chunji! Son, daughter, son.
DJ Shindong: Ah, yes. Have you perhaps thought of a name?
L.Joe: Well, since Chunji’s real name is Chanhee, and add Byung, so Byungchannie~♥  

happy 10th anniversary, super junior. leeteuk, thank you for being an amazing leader, an older brother and sometimes a mother to 14 other boys even when you were suffering. heechul, thank you for always being yourself and never taking anyone’s bullshit. han geng, thank you for being so patient and showing me that sometimes hard decisions lead to a better future. yesung, thank you for being so wonderfully weird and constantly making me happy with your instagram updates. kangin, thank you for being strong and always learning from your mistakes. shindong, thank you for showing me you don’t have to be thin to be funny and bright and loved. sungmin, thank you for openly loving pink clothes and cute things and not giving a fuck about gender roles. eunhyuk, thank you for fighting for your dreams so fiercely and never giving up. zhou mi, thank you for keeping your beautiful sunshine smile even on terrible days. donghae, thank you for having such an incredibly kind heart and loving the world so much. siwon, thank you for always having faith in all of your brothers and fans. ryeowook, thank you for taking care of sukira and always being adorable. kibum, thank you for never forgetting your brothers or fans, even when you realised your dream was different from theirs. kyuhyun, thank you for surviving and showing me that miracles can happen. henry, thank you for enduring all the hardships and not losing your happiness.

thank you, super junior, for all the beautiful songs that made me cry and all the ridiculous ones that made me laugh. thank you for being so incredibly talented but so humble. thank you for never giving up. thank you for paving the hallyu road for other kpop groups and artists. thank you for being role models. thank you for picking me up when i was down. thank you for existing. happy 10th anniversary. i love you all. 우리 사랑하는 슈주… 정말 고마워요. 사랑해요. 슈주 간다!!


Chulwoo after Jonghoon was eliminated. ;;


fic rec · I Draw Water, I Carry Fuel (The Conjuring AU) by ailurish

Paranormal investigation is a little easier when one half of the team can see and hear things even the cameras can’t pick up. Donghae is clairvoyant, and he and Hyukjae have always done this, nearly as far back as they’ve known each other. They happen upon a very interesting case - a house both haunted and infested by a demon.

cho kyuhyun, thank you for being the miracle that you are. thank you for teaching me that you can go through hell and still reach your dreams. thank you for being a constant light and inspiration. thank you for existing.