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(1) Zen chuckles softly, his deep voice resonating in your ears. He pulls you close, allowing you to breathe in his familiar scent. "My dear... have I ever thanked you for all the love you've given me? For every moment you've thought of me... For every smile you've given me... For every minute of your life that you've dedicated to me..." He plants a kiss in each pause, from the tips of your fingers, to your shoulder, then to your lips...

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So I’m watching televised dog fandom (Crufts) and the thought hits me - what if Hannibal were a champion pedigree dog breeder at a show? Of the most pretentious kind of dog? And Will - who only adopts abandoned mongrels and doesn’t like breeders on principle - is only there to fundraise for his dog shelter? And, idk, their eyes meet over organic kibble or something, and it’s only later Will sees him prancing around the ring with his ridiculous blow-dried dog. Hilarity and romance ensues.

I don’t know who to direct this to so I’m just going to leave it here. But omg 10/10 would read

  • Me: Ahhh~ such a great day to be alive~
  • New Fandom: *a wild new gay fandom has appeared*
  • Me: ......Must...Resist...Urge....
  • New Fandom: *posts kawaii gay ship pics and gifs*
  • Me: ...Could just give it a small search~
  • ~20 years later~
  • Me: *still scrolling through the ship tag on Tumblr* Must... Find...More....

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Voltron Theory: Did Zarkon and Haggar Have a Thing? And What Happened to the Galra Females?

With the season 3 trailer released along with Lotor’s slight debut appearance, it’s practically made the fandom wild from the anti’s to the theories lots of fans are coming up with. As we all can assume, Prince Lotor is half galra, half altean (though, we could be wrong on this. After all, Galras have a range of shapes and sizes and was even confirmed to have long tails thanks to Antok. It was also confirmed that any alien race can convert to be apart of the galra empire (Haggar), though we don’t know the exact process of how they can gain such power). So with that sort of assumption in mind, it leads up to this one question in mind:

“Did Zarkon and Haggar have relations of any kind?”

Now, we’re not going to have a yes or no because we don’t know that for certain. But lets think in an analytical sense. We’ll be looking at a few pieces of the show, and afterwards, we’ll come up with two sorts of scenarios of how prince lotor came to be. After that, we’ll have another two scenario’s of where the females could be or what happened to them.

We are introduced to these two in the very beginning of season one. Haggar is simply telling Zarkon that the blue lion is active and Altean energy has reemerged. Now, at first, we don’t really think much of what could be Haggar and Zarkon’s current relationship, because I’m sure as soon as you saw them, you knew they were the bad guys and it didn’t really mattered much of what happened with them right? (Not saying you did, but it’s how I see it with the way they were introduced not to mention that not a lot of villains get much screen time or any look in the past sort of deal, so it kinda makes the viewers not care so much.)

Well, if we take a look with every scene we see of Zarkon

Haggar is always

Right next to him. But at a respectful distance.

Even in the opening she is right next to him.

Knowing that, it makes you wonder if something happened between Haggar and Zarkon that we as the fans of the show don’t know about.

What makes it more interesting, is the fact that Zarkon is keeping an Altean by his side. So what could be the story behind them? And how did Prince Lotor came to be as Zarkon’s heir? Well, there are two scenarios that could make it all seem possible.

Scenario 1:

We know bits and pieces, but we do know and understand that Zarkon was once in an alliance or on friendly terms with the Alteans and was the original black paladin before everything went to hell and Zarkon started the galra empire. King Alfor and Zarkon seemed to be getting along.

Poor Zarkon seemed pretty anti-social however and the Alteans were probably his first alliance since he started running the throne or he could be new to the throne as he has a neutral expression.

So, how does Haggar come to play?

Well, it’s likely Haggar was once one of the most beautiful altean’s to ever walk the planet. She was well respected, loved, and had a lot of admirer’s wanting to be with her. But when Haggar and Zarkon met, it was a sort of love at first sight. Though Zarkon was rather iffy on the relationship, Haggar went into it with full swing and wanted to be with him always.

Soon, Zarkon and Haggar started seeing each other more and more until it grew into an actual love affair.

At one point, Zarkon grew curious if the pure quintessence could ever be converted into negative energy, and since Haggar was one of the many alteans who knew quintessence more than anything, she decided to help Zarkon in proving his theory to which they succeeded. No one, not even Haggar knew how or why Zarkon turned evil, but he started using the information and power to convert pure quintessence into negative energy and started using that against the Alteans, which most likely lead to this in episode 1:

But wait, Zarkon’s eyes are purple than yellow which could mean something since this particular scene happened a few or several years after Zarkon left Voltron and converted himself to become a villain. So then, why is Zarkon’s eyes purple than yellow? Well it’s most likely because of Haggar.

Because of Haggar’s love towards Zarkon, she willingly helped him and even supported his ambitions of conquering the universe. She wanted to be with him always, and to be his support whenever he needed it.

However, her dreams of being with him were dashed when a certain conquer mission happened.

Voltron was still very strong back then, even without the leader, the paladins were well trained and knew what they were doing. As Coran once said: “the voltron paladins were like a pack of yellmors linked at the ears.” which was a way of saying that they trusted each other more than anything and cared about their team’s safety than their own which lead to a defeat of Zarkon after a distress beacon summoned them.

Haggar couldn’t take her lover’s death, so she took matters into her own hands and brought him back to life with pure, negative quintessence which also helped her discover the technology used to create robeasts. So in a way, Haggar made Zarkon a half robeast. She gave him a life force that somewhat made him immortal and kept him alive for 10,000 years. However, there was an incredible downside:

Zarkon didn’t remember a single thing about his relationship with Haggar, and the only thing he could remember was Voltron, how powerful it was, and how his only friend (King Alfor) had killed him with the voltron lions.

So when Zarkon asked Haggar who she was, what his purpose was, his own identity and so on, Haggar realized he lost his memory, and if she were to tell him the honest truth, it would not only get in the way of his ambition, but it’d also destroy his empire if she were to tell him their love affair. So she instead told Zarkon he was a powerful dictator of his empire, and that he had been asleep for a while to regain strength in order to conquer the universe. In fact, it’s very likely, that Haggar lied about her name as well and had given herself that title of being Zarkon’s adviser instead of his lover.

She never told him she was pregnant with his child and had to give birth to Prince Lotor in secret. He then told Zarkon that there was a chosen heir to the throne if Zarkon were to ever die and Zarkon has since then adopted Lotor as his son without a single thought that it was his child. However, Zarkon never gave Lotor any attention or care towards him and had a selected few females care for him, since Zarkon’s main focus was to capture voltron and conqure the universe which broke Haggar’s heart greatly.

She is so very careful and steps very lightly when it comes to talking with Zarkon because she feels that if she lets anything slip, it will ruin her chances of even being next to Zarkon.

Haggar, a once well respected and beautiful Altean gave up her dreams of being with Zarkon and her beauty (by using her chameleon-like ability) for his ambitions, because she loved him dearly and wanted what was best for her one-sided lover.

Scenario 2:

Zarkon had thought about an heir to take over his throne in the future, but there were no females but Haggar. So the two had relations and afterwards Prince Lotor was born. Of course, Zarkon never really gave a single care in the universe and had the druids take care of him since all he really wanted was Voltron. An heir was more of a troublesome matter than something important.

And now, the big question remains. What could’ve happened to the females?

Well, we do know one thing’s for certain. Zarkon is very cruel and finds emotions to be a weakness. So there are two possible reasons on why there are no females.

Reason 1:

Zarkon eradicated the females because he considers them weak and not very essential. He believes that the females will slow the empire down and will only ‘spread’ weakness. So he made sure to cut it all off before it could ‘spread’. 

However, it’s likely that there are a selected few females. Such as Haggar. Haggar is somehow an exception to Zarkon despite being an Altean and a female (it could be to help track altean energy and quintessence).

The females have to follow certain rules:

  • No talking.
  • No speaking of personal emotions.
  • Hide themselves behind heavy armor or light armor but helmet must be on at all times unless they are in their private quarters.
  • Will only perform missions if approved by Zarkon himself.
  • Cannot and will not participate in the fighting arena unless approved by Zarkon.
  • Any sort of disrespect will be instant beheading.

Reason 2 (warning, a little triggering):

The females are kept on a breeding ground.

The breeding ground is a full access to all galra who wish to empty themselves if they ever go into a ‘heat cycle’. The females live in horrible conditions, are given little food and hydration, and the father of the child they are baring is always unknown.

When a girl is born, it is a tragedy. In fact, all the females who are pregnant hope that they never give birth to a female because not only will they have to grow up watching their future, but they will also have to perform such acts at a certain young age. That, or they will be executed on the spot.

When a boy is born, it is a blessing. In fact, the females will celebrate when one gives birth and it’s a boy because it’s a sign that the boy will live on to be healthy and will carry on with their life of being loyal and strong to Zarkon or later become a powerful robeast if they are very very loyal to their emperor.

Any opinions? What do you think happened between Zarkon and Haggar? Where could the females be? Lets hope we know soon in the next upcoming seasons.

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Hello Check, Please! Fandom,

I am a 100% certified native french speaker from Québec City, and in our fight to end the reign of the awful google translate my friend Random Oranges already proposed to help translating things in French, so I thought I’d do the same!

So if you are in need of a translator for Check, Please fanfictions or others, just message me anytime and I’ll gladly help you. I can translate pretty much anything so don’t be shy and feel free to ask for my help as much as needed.

Thank you and have a nice day!


the year is 2020. square enix releases a promotional poster with nothing but a player pin symbol on it and a release date. a countdown website appears too. the fandom goes wild. the release date comes and square enix announces the release of a handful of shitty twewy keychains.

The statement on the picture above is one of the most stupid and irrelevant things i have ever seen. Comparing punk rock to pop punk is simply stupid, and if you do, means that you have never listened to both genres. Everyone here is like “It’s punk rock!” “That’s not very punk rock of you” Really? Listening to pop punk bands makes you punk rock? REALLY?

 I don’t care about the wikipedia statementes about pop punk, nor about “true punk”, everyone is free to listen to what they want, but i hate how music genres turned into “teenish lifestyle”. Grunge is a music genre, not adding a fucking filter to your oh so melancholic photos, or wearing “grunge outfits” or dying your hair pastel colours. Emo used to be a music genre before it turned into “depressed kid with shitty hair and tons of eyeliner” style. The same thing is happening to punk rock, now punk rock means listening to pop punk bands with cool singers covered in tattoos, dying your hair, wearing “"hardcore”“ outfits, getting your face pierced and yeah why not getting some tattoos too, so you can go outside and be "I’m puck rock! I’ve gone wild!” All this is just ridiculous.