a wild beth in her natural habitat

okay but

AU with magic, but where it’s, like, low-key magic that manifests itself differently for everyone

Enjolras having a voice that makes people want to listen

Courfeyrac always finding the best parking spots and never missing the train/bus

Combeferre always having exactly enough money to buy books

Jehan having empathetic abilities off the charts (and always knows exactly what to say in any situation)

Cosette’s plants are always extra healthy and beautiful

Marius becoming fluent in entire languages at impossible speeds

Feuilly waking up at exactly the right time every day without an alarm clock, and never forgetting about commitments

Bahorel always posting things when everyone who will care is online to see it

Grantaire always stumbling upon the best restaurants and shops

Joly can tell someone/thing’s exact temperature from touch alone

Bossuet always coming up with the perfect pun for any situation

Musichetta making every recipe perfectly on the first try

Eponine effortlessly blending into the background and avoiding notice