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Just a quick story time of my own… Last night I went out drinking with friends (I don’t drink, I was DD) and they were all trying to order me a virgin somethin so I had something pretty to drink.

3 Friends: They don’t drink, can they get something pretty?
Bar tender: Okay but what’s with “they”??
Friends: Wren.. that’s them (all point at me)
Me: *crickets and shifty eyes*
Bar tender: *rolls eyes* Oh you are kidding me with that. Not they. *walks away to start drink*
Friends: YES, THEY. WE will tell you all about THEM!!

I love when cis friends use their cis privilege to stick up for trans people without even realizing what they’re doing. Made my whole night :)


Ok ok… Dave Chappelle, Bill Murray and Norman Reedus walk in to a bar right.. door gets locked behind them and the 5 people inside gets to stay and hangout for the whole night… there is no punch line it’s just an excerpt from our life last night. (The selfie is actually Daves idea and Norman is probably the nicest guy ever and bought our drinks and greeted us like old friends.. wtf was my life last night?) ps thankyou to the bar manager Sam at PROOF for being super cool and letting stay and hang. ||   joe_nicol  [IG]

Dont ever put Jimmy Kimmel ass on my dash again tho unless you draggin him. His “I think everyone should get Oscars” comments were fucking bullshit. I get it, you wanna calm the tension but it’s bullshit. He was an ass the whole night and this whole “everyone’s a winner” thing is hella wack.

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what happened to Dominique's secret admirer?


Dominique decided to attend the romantic festival, to meet the mysterious person owner of the letter and also of Dominique’s heart. 

He spent the whole night waiting for anyone at the festival to come and confess their love feelings. ❤️

But nobody showed up … Dominique bought the last and cold ramen and then he went to sleep. He no longer believes in love or trusts anyone.


They’re lounging on the couch when he feels it. A tickle of fingers on his arm that send the hairs jumping straight up.

“Daaannn, I don’t think I’m gonna make it through the night. Can you let me know who wins?” Phil’s voice is barely above a whisper, his ice blue eyes drooping more and more with each passing second.

“Aww come on, you spork. You told the whole world you were gonna stay up the whole night. Anyway, I need someone to hold me when Moonlight inevitably loses to La La Land and I lose what little faith I have left in humanity. Please? For me?” contrary to Phil, Dan’s entire body is buzzing. This time of night, when the whole world is asleep, is when he feels the most energized. There’s just something about the twilight that fills him with endless possibilities.

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Mc texting, the Aftermath: Jumin

Mc woke up the next morning peacefully, completely unaware of the shock she caused the whole of RFA last night in the chat room while she was sleep texting, completely unaware she made her inner feelings known to them and to the object of her affection.

She started the day as normal and entered the chatroom, completely oblivious.

-Mc has entered the chatroom-

There was a pause, which was odd, since they usually eagerly greeted her. She shrugged it off since it didn’t matter too much.

Mc: Morning~ ^^

Yoosung: Omg

Yoosung: Hi hi Mc! :D

Mc smiled, there was the usual chipper Yoosung she’d usually catch in the morning before he went to school.

Zen: Morning babe

Zen: Did you… sleep well?

Mc: Yes, of course. How about you Zen?

-707 entered the chatroom-

Seven: Hey hey!

Yoosung: hey!

Mc: Defender of Justice, Seven Zero Seven has arrived!

Zen: Oh great..

Zen: *unimpressed emoji* 

Seven: *lifting glasses emoji*

Seven: Ah always a great thing to be greeted by my admirer!

Seven: But you may not be my admirer per say, but definitely someone’s admirer~! 

Yoosung: *unimpressed emoji*

Zen: Dude don’t start this already

Mc: Huh? What do you mean, Seven?

Seven: WELL

Seven: You may have become honest with your feelings last night!


Yoosung: Well, it was kind of romantic

Yoosung: *star eye emoji* 

Mc: What? Zen, what are they talking about?

Zen: Nothing, nothing

Zen: they’re just being immature

Seven: Well my dear oblivious Mc~!

Mc: …

Seven: You may or may not have popped in here late at night, and confessed your undying love for our one and only

Seven: Trust fund kid!

Mc: ????

Mc: What?!

Zen: She was sleep texting you idiot! No need to fluster her!

Zen: angry emoji

Yoosung: It was so cute though~ 

Yoosung: *happy emoji*

Mc: S-Sleep texting..?

Seven: Mhmm~!

Mc stared at her phone in shock, no, no no no, not again! She’s had a history of this, maybe an incident once or twice.

Confessed her undying love…

Oh no

-Jumin Han has entered the chatroom- 

Seven: Oooh perfect timing!

Zen: Ugh, as if we need this now.

Jumin: ? 

Jumin: Hello.

Yoosung: Hi Jumin! Mc’s here

Jumin: Oh.

Jumin: I see.

Oh god, Oh god oh god 

Jumin: Hello, Mc. 

Jumin: I suspect Seven is teasing you.

Yoosung: Yup~!

Seven: Yoosung!

Seven: *gasp emoji*

Seven: I am not! I’m just making her aware of her feelings~ 

Seven: So that love can bloom :D

Yoosung: *sigh emoji*

Zen: *unimpressed emoji*

Zen: Knock it off Seven! 

Yoosung: Mc, are you alright? You haven’t said anything

Mc: I’m…

Mc: I-I’m fine, just surprised that’s all…

Zen: Look at her Seven, you can’t just pounce on her and put her on the spot like that! 

Seven: *>_< shaking hands emoji*

Seven: I’m sorry!

Yoosung: are you really.

Mc: Uh, Jumin..

Mc: Sorry about what I might have said, I’ve had.. a history of doing this.

Jumin: It’s alright, Mc, no need to feel flustered.

Jumin: I’m well aware you were asleep, I do not judge you for what you said last night, but I am flattered to have received your affection.

Jumin: *cat chat bubble* Besides, it was fun seeing Zen get all jealous of me.


Mc let out a little giggle of relief, at least Jumin was understanding about it, but her heart did flutter when he said he was flattered. 

Jumin, meanwhile, was smirking a bit at how flustered Mc seemed to be, as well as amused as he teased Zen. He did feel his face warm up last night when Mc revealed her affection to him, but he did understand the circumstance, regardless though, when he saw her in the chat this morning he did feel something.. he felt, happy to see her. Excited? Interesting…

This to me looks like Cait….ring matches, hair colour, dress, flawless face…..could be T beside her, same glasses & know from another pic he was there BUT I’m sorry…but yeah not sorry….they look sooooo bored….they’re not even looking at one another….like it’s the same thing at EVERY event, it’s like they’ve been set up on a blind date & hardly know each other & are just waiting for the night to be over!! I find it so odd that there’s not one candid caught off guard pic of them at events but there’s so many with Sam behind the scenes….do they not touch LIKE EVER 🤔 Not tryin to be mean…I’m just tryin to get my brain to understand & I know this is one snippet from the whole night but it’s the same old same old!!

Plus who knew glasses could actually change the appearance of someone soooo much, this dude changes appearances from each event to the nxt, looks lik the older brother of the dude at OW….I’m just lik confused as hell right now 😝🙈🙄🤔😳💩👎🏻 Source: Gettyimages.com

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Pleaseee can we have more Fenrys?

Okay so Aelin is holding a ball celebrating one thing or another or maybe she was just bored. And Fenrys HATES being stuffed into such a tight suit and its so formal and he only likes loose tunics and trousers. And you’re in this huge dress thats really just not practical. You can tell he’s not comfortable so you stay by him the whole night and then a song plays and you tug him onto the dance floor. And the cadre/ex-cadre?? Just kind of ushers everyone off the dance floor and you guys just dance silently together and he finally gets used to the tight clothes and people staring at him and he just breathes in your scent and whispers a small “Thank you” and it warms your heart SO MUCH 

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Do you believe in the whole eating late at night or before bed will lead to weight gain?

Well eating then sleeping isn’t that great for your metabolism to burn it off but then again if im hungry I’ll eat something haha.

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My solution is to just skip the Oscars entirely and hopefully watch Smallville or something the whole night...

My conscience is telling me to skip but my mind is telling me ‘no; you gotta watch all 4 hours of this anti-trump protest’


Couple: Betty x Archie

Summary: Anon asked: Archie finally realizes that Betty has always had his back and only ever wants the best for him…even if it hurt her…

Archie can’t sleep the whole night. Sure, he manages to get some shut eye, but every time he does, he either dreams of everything that happened the night before, or he hears Betty’s words running in a loop.

By morning he can’t think about anything else. He opens his phone to Betty’s message thread and stares at her apology. He swallows thickly, before typing out an invitation to come to over to his new soundproofed garage.

Archie: hey are u awake? want to come see my new soundproof garage?

He runs a hand tiredly through his face sighing, before he looks back at her text to him.

She had done nothing wrong. In fact, she went so far and beyond to help him even if it meant destroying and sabotaging her and her family’s reputation.

Archie really didn’t deserve being friends with Betty, he was so stupid, and so incredibly selfish.

Not ten minutes later as he’s in the garage, Betty walks enters smiling softly at him, before her eyes alight with wonder as she looked around the newly improved garage.

“I’ve been here more times than I can count, but it really feels like the place you’re going to create your amazing songs.” She beams at him and he hates himself so much right then. Her smile slowly falls. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” He gives her a smile and takes her hand gently leading her to a chair and sitting down himself.

“Listen, Archie, you don’t have to talk about what happened, but are you okay? I’m really sorry about everything.”

Archie quickly shakes his head, “No, Betty, you have absolutely nothing to apologize for, but…” He trails off, not sure if he wants to talk about this. But he knows he has to do right for Betty.

Betty grows concerned and he shoots her a smile, trying to ease her mind. Archie always knew she was loyal, and kind, but had he been so blind before?

He takes a deep breath, “I want you to promise me that you will never do anything to hurt yourself for me.”

Betty is quick to argue about this. “Archie-”

“Betty, you’ve always been here for me, you’ve supported me, you have always believed in me.” Betty’s expression softens as she waits for him to continue. “But I don’t want you to hurt yourself for me.”

“My reputation would hardly hurt me.” She jokes softly, but it only stabs at his heart.

He chuckles dryly. “You really deserve so much better than me.”

Betty stares at him seriously, “No, this is about what you and Mom said last night. Don’t believe any of this, Arch.” She sighs, smiling sadly at him. “I knew that was going to bother you.”

“Of course it bothers me. I’m not a good friend to you. All I do is hurt you.”

Betty shakes her head no. “I know it feels like that because of everything that’s happened, but I know you, Archie. You would never hurt me on purpose.”

Archie releases a shaky breath, swallowing dryly, and ready to keep trying to make her see that she was loyal and considerate, and he only caused her pain.

“Archie, before anything else, you’re my best friend. I care about you and you care about me, and that’s all that matters.” Betty looks at him earnestly and Archie wants to say ‘Yes, that’s true’, but it wouldn’t make what he’s done better, it wouldn’t erase what she had been willing to do for his sake.

“Promise me you’ll never take the fall for me again.”

“That’s my job as your friend.”

“Not in this friendship. Promise me, Betty, please.” He searches her face, trying to guess what her thought process could be, but then she gives him another soft, sad smile.

“Only if you play me a song.”

Archie stares at her for a moment, before looking at her adoringly. “Anything you want.” As he gets his guitar, he catches her eyes and hopes he can make it up to her one day.